Vorpal Blade – POC19TIVE (Spotify)

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“What do you expect from PSYTRANCE? Pronounced and rectifying bassline, beautiful and melodic rhythmic pattern, diverse and harmonic synthesis, and crazy pits! -Poc19TIVE- is a clear and expression representative on a psychedelic scene, ready to blow up any dance floor!”

“Чего вы ожидаете от Psytrance? Выраженная и отчётливая бас линия, красивый и мелодичный ритмический рисунок, разнообразный и гармонический синтез и сумасшедшие ямы! -POC19TIVE- явный и экспрессивный представитель на психоделической сцене, готовый взорвать любой танцпол!”


Progressive-Fullon Psytrance track. Very melodic and uplifting.


Vorpal Blade a.k.a Alon Ashkenazi is a talented Psytrance producer with roots in classical music, deep understanding in sound design and a passion for almost every electronic genre.

Every track aims to tell a different story that could be seen in various ways, all somewhat dark.