Tomboyz – Fauda

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“The vocal samples and the pulsating rhythm open the portal into the amazing world of Techno, with a dense and rich bass, a hypnotizing melody and a peculiar state in which you soar above the ground, disappearing further behind the horizon.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вокальные семплы и пульсирующий ритм открывают портал в удивительный мир Techno, с густым и насыщенным басом, гипнотизирующей мелодией и своеобразным состоянием, в котором вы парите над землёй, исчезая всё дальше за линией горизонта.”

Genuim – Acid Reign

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“-Genuim- sends you to the expanses of his acid kingdom, taking you further and further from the world familiar to you. The rhythm of Psytrance burns from the inside, the earth underfoot begins to melt and you fall into the melodic abyss of this crazy track. Hold on stronger!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Genuim- отправляет вас на просторы своего кислотного королевства, унося всё дальше и дальше от привычного вам мира. Ритм Psytrance обжигает изнутри, земля под ногами начинает плавиться и вы падаете в мелодическую бездну этого сумасшедшего трека. Держитесь крепче!”

Prime Punk – Cyberland

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“It is interesting to observe how the melodic line of this PsyTrance track develops. The rhythmic pattern slowly inserts into a state of trance, only sometimes making a short pause, and then again immerses you in a psychedelic, viscous atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Интересно наблюдать, как развивается мелодичная линия этого Psytrance трека. Ритмический рисунок медленно вводит в состояние транса, лишь иногда делая непродолжительную паузу, а потом вновь погружает вас в психоделическую, вязкую атмосферу.”

After the successful "Stoned" single the Prime Punk return with another wicked weapon. This epic progressive techno, as you may guess from it's title, is going to simply blast the room at any event it is going to be played at! Save your nozzle - Future is almost here!

Shadow Remington – Melancholia

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“The melancholy mood will not leave you throughout the track, but a similar approach to creating the atmosphere in the PsyTrance genre is very important. The ability to immerse in a traction atmosphere, which combines a deep bass party, a frantic rhythm and a crazy melody is a key feature of this track. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Меланхоличное настроение не покинет вас на протяжении всего трека, но подобный подход к созданию атмосферы в жанре Psytrance очень важен. Способность погрузить в тягучую атмосферу, в которой сочетаются глубокая басовая партия, бешеный ритм и сумасшедшая мелодия является ключевой особенностью этого трека.”

Rebirth EP depicts the emotions crossed during the cycles of life, leading us to evolve and reborn.

While "Melancholia" evoke emotions such as melancholy, sadness or even nostalgia, "Krishna" refers to periods of doubt, introspection, and questioning. Following this, "Vida Loca" symbolizes the return of joy, sunny days, encounters and new projects. "The Flute Song" concludes the EP on a happier tone, with freshness and lightness.

Are you ready to reborn ?

Forest Little – Zombie Apocalypse

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“The theme of the zombie apocalypse is relevant at all times and understanding this -Forest Little-created a stressed, energetic and very bright track in the PsyTrance genre. Wake your imagination to feel all the fiery power of the new single! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Тема зомби-апокалипсиса актуальна во все времена и понимая это -Forest Little- создал напряжённый, энергичный и очень яркий трек в жанре Psytrance. Разбуди своё воображение, чтобы прочувствовать на себе всю огненную мощь нового сингла!”

Beat Controllers – You and Me (Spotify)

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“Prepare your ears for this strong Psytrance kick. After a smooth, vocal driven intro, "You and Me" reveals its strong character. Fast, fat and groovy electronic loops directly hit you in the brain and steal your attention. Interesting track with catchy progression and also a final melodic shift, which can make you hit "play" once more.”

Beat Controllers It is a Project of Electronic Music with 10 years of trajectory, with a style of experimental psytrance and live electric guitar, they have managed to cross borders in stages in Mexico, United States, Rumania and Israel.

Hardcoaler – Hybrid Warfare (Spotify)

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“Hardcoaler has another dynamite for his Psytrance fans. Increadibly fast, influensive and addictive mix. Dive into those deep electronic patterns, 3D effects and vocal vibrations. Let this kick synchronize with your heartbeat and the bassline shake your mind. Boom!”

Bastian Basic – Drowning Out – Radio Edit (Spotify)

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“The old master "Bastian Basic" strikes with his mind-blowing release. Psytrance track with plenty of bright melodies, fast kick and some female vocal samples. Excellent mix and flow too. A great surprice for all the electronic geeks outhere.”

Bastian Basic started his career in 1999 as a DJ! First smaller gigs and later in the Tunnel Club came the bigger bookings! His first release came 10 years later. Among other things, a successful cover version of "Castles in the sky". Now he is starting again and has devel- oped a lot further in sound with some psy trance influences.

Enzil – Between Nothing and Everything (Spotify)

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“Get ready for this fast, mind tripping and mysterious Psytrance dynamite from "Enzil". Fierce loops with acidic touch are just a click away to blast out of your speakers. Are you strong enough to survive this procedure? If not, then choose something typical to listen again!”

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