A-Dyad – Brainquake (Spotify)

“Only furious loops of pure Psytrance and synth madness can cause a "Brainquake". Prepare yourself for a different sound, full of dynamic changes and energetic shifts. This is the world of "A-Dyad".”


Brainquake is a song designed to make the listener travel between electronic and fairy-tale sounds, robotic voices, aticles between atmospheric and heavenly moments of calm and aggressive moments full of energy.


A-Dyad is a producer duo specialized in psytrance, a genre full of energy that finds the maximum expression for the two artists.

They have released a tracks in Waveskin Records and Artrance Records , supported by DJMag Italy

The Duo is certified from 2 music accademies : MAT Academy & MUSIC ALLIANCE By Luca Pretolesi.

Bionic Pulse – Martian (Spotify)

“Stunning new arrival from "Bionic Pulse"! Make sure you receive the vibrating space frequencies just in time. Cosmic soundscapes, crystal samples and powerful basslines can instantly lift you up in the sky. Are you ready to enter the stargate to Mars?”


Cary Caves AKA Bionic Pulse is 29 year old music producer from AU.


Deftick – Defchord (Original Mix) (Video)

“Deftick Psydub new delivery. Balanced pattern progression, which guarantee the satisfaction even of the most demanding listener. Characteristic leads, strong pads and airy effects can justify the success of “Defchord”. So raise the volume level and forget everything else for the following seven minutes.”


DEFTICK is a Techno/Electro/Experimental project by Rafael Wiederkehr (Suncollector) and André Huwiler (DJ Dex) from Switzerland. With their combined skills, they drive us through a world of powerful-groovy soundscapes – always very well balanced to activate our mind and feet.

After playing at psytrance parties for more than 20 years and creating more and more songs in the studio that didn’t fit into the concept, they decided to start the side project DEFTICK.

This is where all the songs that have been created over the years find their place.

The result is a sound that doesn’t like to fit into concepts. From Techno over Electro up to Downtempo everything is represented.


LESTESIE – Dark Matter from Shimani (Spotify)

“Lestesie is here to shake your brain with one more ultrasonic track. Keeping the pure Psytrance style it starts with a meditating intro and goes on building up with acidic elements at the full speed of 142 Bpm. Fasten your seatbelts and navigate!”



Lestesie is an acoustic and electronic music composer and producer based in Geneva in Switzerland.

After a lot of releases, tracks, remixes, ghost stuffs, Lestesie is actually working on new tracks with the goal to always produced some kind of Hybrid dance Music.


Madwave & Drival – Square One (Video)

“Energy booster work from Madware & Drival. Full of light Psytrance with strong melodic elements, which wake up the senses and stimulate the mind. Don’t skip this!”


Madwave & Drival team up and bring us a fresh melodic trance record on FSOE Fables.

Premiered by Ferry Tayle on his Luminosity and Transmission Festival Live Streams, ‘Square One’ was also supported by Aly & Fila (the legendary trance duo from Egypt) and was ‘Tune Of The Week’ on the Fables Radio Show (episode 178).


Considered to be one of the pillars of the Swiss trance scene, Madwave is more than a professional artist who captivates the crowd behind the decks! A visionary young man of its time in an evolutionary musical world, his dreams are synonymous of projects where only the action will give them birth. A Swiss DJ who dares!

Madwave has scoured all the clubs & festivals of the country and now travels well beyond the Swiss borders. Born in Lausanne, it’s from a young age that he got interested in vinyl and made his first mixes. He then made an impressive career and can nowadays claim to be the Swiss leader of the new trance generation.

His energy doesn’t stop moving around and he imposes his rhythm all around the globe through his productions, played by the biggest international trance artists like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk or Aly & Fila, only to name but a few.

Madwave sets the tone and his musical ambitions sound like a breath of freedom transmitted by its unique sound!


Hypnotic Peafowl – Understand the Universe (Spotify)

“Another twisting creation from Hypnotic Peafowl. The title "Understand the Universe" make us wonder how it all began while listening the craftfully composed sound vibrations.”



Aurélien Dornier, sound designer, musician and composer, releases his first album "Logorrhia" on the Hadra Records label with his Hypnotic Peafowl project: 8 new exclusive tracks, resolutely eclectic, which reflect the artist's advanced musical research. Hypnotic Peafowl breathes new life into his experiments and explores different soundscapes with a quality sound design. Always in a work of advanced hybridization, he brilliantly mixes his multiple influences: orchestral music, jazz, funk, bass music. In this opus, some sweet piano bar melodies and retro inserts with stoner rock influences, dominated by hypnotic, repetitive rhythms, accompanied by a very heavy bass with a warm envelope. A work that is at once colourful, festive and dynamic, enriched by collaborations with artists such as Bendja or the emerging French group Version Bizar.

Chapter 3 of a cleverly orchestrated narration, Hypnotic Peafowl transcends the simple sound production and has been working on a work that has been a common thread in "Pandora's Box" since its first independent release "Enygma". A work of intention where nothing is left to chance: from the visual aesthetics of each piece of work to the choice of sampling, Hypnotic Peafowl produces each release as a chapter in its history. After releasing its second release "The Mirror" on Zenon Records in early 2020, Hypnotic Peafowl is now laying the third stone of its building "La Boite de Pandore".


Aurélien Dornier is a French sound designer, musician and composer. Lovers of Jazz and orchestral music he also enjoys psychedelic electronic music.

In 2015 he decided to create his project Hypnotic Peafowl, a highly psychedelic project with jazzy influences, funky and bass music.

Music with heavy and tortuous atmospheres that he will seek in the depths of his subconscious, it is with great dexterity that he works his grooves and textures ...

It is in 2018 that he will play his first date and very quickly his project this remark of the general public, with a summer spent in the four corners of France to play in festivals with artists like Halfred, Sumiruna, Hypogeo, Tribone...

His passage in the south of France did not go unnoticed. And because of his energetic performances have allowed him to attract the attention of some French programmers allowing him to regularly perform in parties in Paris, Lyon, Besançon, Grenoble, Nantes, Avignon ...

2019 will mark for him the release of his first album "Enygma" a self-produced album But not that!

He continues to be noticed by his musical eclecticism, in fact mastering himself Peafowl is not content to produce music Psygressive intended for the dancefloor, lover of alternative musical culture he has another facet to his credit.

He likes to produce songs where he gives free rein to all his imagination where the words of others would not be only dancefloor but also musicality, subtlety and travel. Music where he likes to take the time and embark with him in another world ... always accompanied by Jazz sound he loves so much.

You will understand, Aurelien did not stop surprising us that it is on the dancefloor and on an alternative scene there is a good chance for you to meet him in the course of this year 2019!

Disorder & Nikki S- Towards the Light (Spotify)

“Prepare to head "Towards the light" via the twisting effects, strong kick and rich basslines of this special track. The successful team up of Disorder and Nikki S will travel you into another dimension!”


Alchemy Records is proud to present the brand new EP from Mexican maestro, Disorder.

2 massive new classics, including the brand new collaboration with Alchemy's own psychedelic diva, Nikki S.

Alchemy Records

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