Setlo – Eat F Sleep

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“Our whole life is music, and we are just actors on the dance floor in the rays of its spotlights. And there is no better medicine than the atmosphere of Techno music, especially if it is created in such poisonous shades as the new single -Setlo-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вся наша жизнь — музыка, а мы в лучах её прожекторов всего лишь актёры на танцполе. И нет лучшего лекарства, чем атмосфера Techno музыки, особенно, если она создана в таких ядовитых оттенках, как новый сингл -Setlo-.”

zarr. – Zone

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“Do you know the boundaries of your comfort zone? The time has come to break them, take a step forward and go to another dimension where Acid Techno rules the world, and the remote control has -Zarr. - and remember - the former world will no longer be different, such music completely changes your perception of reality.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы знаете границы своей зоны комфорта? Пришло время нарушить их, сделать шаг вперёд и отправиться в другое измерение, где миром правит Acid Techno, а у пульта стоит -zarr.- И помните — прежний мир уже не будет другим, подобная музыка полностью меняет ваше восприятие реальности.”

Genuim – Acid Reign

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“-Genuim- sends you to the expanses of his acid kingdom, taking you further and further from the world familiar to you. The rhythm of Psytrance burns from the inside, the earth underfoot begins to melt and you fall into the melodic abyss of this crazy track. Hold on stronger!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Genuim- отправляет вас на просторы своего кислотного королевства, унося всё дальше и дальше от привычного вам мира. Ритм Psytrance обжигает изнутри, земля под ногами начинает плавиться и вы падаете в мелодическую бездну этого сумасшедшего трека. Держитесь крепче!”

Asora – For Alex

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“If you are a fan of Rhys Fulber's work, then the project of the project -ASORA- will have very helpful. This is a gloomy, heavy and very atmospheric techno for everyone who loves the dark side of their soul. The light goes out, the night eats the last rays of a sunny day and dark times come. Do not miss your chance.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы являетесь поклонником творчества Rhys Fulber, то трек проекта -Asora- вам придётся очень кстати. Это мрачное, тяжёлое и очень атмосферное Techno для всех, кто любит тёмную сторону своей души. Гаснет свет, ночь съедает последние лучи солнечного дня и наступают тёмные времена. Не упустите свой шанс.”

D3fai – Bio Weapon

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“An interesting state of endless movement is created, as if you are inside a complex, extraterrestrial mechanism. The TechNO rhythm is so organically synchronized with the beating of your heart that you feel like one as one.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Создаётся интересное состояние бесконечного движения, словно вы внутри сложного, внеземного механизма. Ритм techno настолько органично синхронизируется с биением вашего сердца, что вы ощущаете себя с ним как одно целое.”

Charles Oliver – Charisma

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“Working with effects is just gorgeous! The rhythm seems to drive you and screams - come on, do not lag behind! The name is very true, the work is charismatic, original and very bright! Genre elements of Hard and Acid Techno are beautifully built into a common mix and you are not leaving that the track has quickly ended and it is again to be repaired. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Работа с эффектами просто шикарная! Ритм словно подгоняет вас и кричит — давай, не отставай! Название очень верно подобрано, работа харизматичная, оригинальная и очень яркая! Жанровые элементы Hard и Acid Techno красиво встроены в общий микс и вас не покидает мысль, что трек быстро закончился и его снова приходиться ставить на повтор.”

Charles Oliver is back with cinematic & big-room techno sounds releasing his single ‘Charisma’. Following along from his remix of ‘Hivemind’ hitting 200k+ Spotify streams + gathering live DJ support from artists such as Jon Hopkins, HAAi, Maceo Plex. Charisma focuses on heavy, progressive ravey-rhythms backed with ‘filmscore’ style pads gathering influence from his passion in video games.

Decantes – Mimosa

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“Very unusual sensations from the track, in which deep vocals and rhythm of Minimal Techno are so interesting. In music, it is very important complete immersion in the atmosphere and at -decantes- this in perfect order! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень необычные ощущения от трека, в котором так интересно переплетены глубокий вокал и ритм Minimal Techno. В музыке очень важно полное погружение в атмосферу и у -Decantes- с этим в полном порядке!”

Driving mood gives a great track Mimosa with its true techno sounds and excellent male vocals. Enjoy your listening with young talent Decantes!

Komfortrauschen – Gym

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“Feel the speed of this furious Techno banger as it starts strong and goes on with acidic ideas. Characteristic percussive patterns gradually build up lines of deafening properties. "Komfortrauschen" truly knows how to activate your ears.”

This acclaimed live outfit of Laurenz Karsten, Phillip Oertel and Tim Sarhan describe themselves as "three precision-obsessed control freaks that have honed their craft to a German industrial perfection." They have an uncompromising sound that welds together propulsive drums, unrepentant bass lines and searing guitars that cut through like acid. Their hedonistic live techno is crafted in analogue fashion with traditional instruments filtered through an impressive array of pedals and effects. Since forming in 2014, Komfortrauschen has played regularly at cult venues like Sisyphos, Kantine am Berghain and Kater Blau as well as all over Europe and beyond. Now they are ready for the world stage as they drop this vital debut album.

Powerful opener 'Bock' is an immediate banger, with taught, bouncing drums and rugged synth sequences permeated with flashes of acid. The visceral 'Tank' then layers up a knotted bassline and bright, searing stabs while 'Gym' is a surging and linear techno roller with scintillating percussion and sleek synth work. Lead single, 'Kapital' explores gritty broken beats and skewed pads as soulful vocal layers bring warm human emotion.

The excellent 'Da Hurt' is a prime slice of characterful techno with hooky synth motifs, slamming drums and swing in the kicks that draws you in deep. The robust Komfortrauschen sound continues with the lashing acid and hammering drums of 'Reload,' and 'KR#01' heads off into a more expansive world of cosmic melody with surging drums and widescreen chords. Finally, 'Zero' ends this most arresting record with a deeper, more undulating techno offering filled with raw percussion and well-crafted guitar lines.

‘K’ is a superb live techno album that showcases Komfortrauschen's unique sound in explosive fashion.


Flug – The Punisher

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“"Flug" is back with a kicking Techno production and plenty of energy flow. The track strikes hard from the beggining and kept us stimulated for its full six-minute influensive touch. Loops of fire and resonated frequencies will guide you through an amuzing trip.”

After a successful collaboration with Dubfire on 'Rampart' Flug returns to Drumcode's imprint DCLTD for another heady trip into the deep with 'Altered Existence I' that is a chugging slice of techno, that kicks with plenty of dancefloor-sparking personality.

DJ support: Adam Beyer, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Monika Kruse, Joseph Capriati, Ilario Alicante, Sam Paganini

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