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Markus Homm, Brad Brunner, AG Swifty – The Big Con

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“Bass line steals the show with this track. It is very funky and so groovy, perfect fit with the groove and a driving force behind the track. Subtle synth house themes are perfectly placed within the arrangement, creating some smooth atmosphere. ”

This song released by: Sublease Music

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HNTR – Oh Please

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“A subversive and mind-shaking piece of Techno art has just arrived to break silence and monotony. By using the absolutely basic elements, “HNTR” manages to create a pleasant melodic atmosphere which will easily stick in our minds. One listen is obviously not enough though!”

This song released by: Factory 93 Records

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Aalson – Sataturation Control

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“Great synth use, just great, love how they are edited, setting the mood just right. With layering them just perfectly until the break theme/arp comes and it is so well arranged. Reminded me of Stephan Bodzin and his trade mark sound, love that sound. ”

Just after his releases on Spectrum, Joris Voorn label, Aalson, the most productive Sinners artist offers us a new a strong EP.
‘Saturation Control’ immediatly starts with a heavy and scary atmosphere. Like an idea stuck in a mind, the looped melody turns and becomes more and more present and distressing, until the pressure makes everything around explode. Thanks to the break and the melancholic orchestra, it is with more wisdom and reason that the track will continue to evolve towards a positive and beautiful end.
‘Night Glitches’ comes after and even if it quickly asserts a more stable world, the glitches we use to hear in Aalson’s music come to sow the doubt. Between nervous breakdowns and nightmares, his soft and bright pads bring a pleasant wave of hope. With this second and last track of the EP, Aalson reveals an even darker and more cinematic side of his work.

Marco V & Vision 20/20 – ME/AN

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“A track that exists immediately in four dimensions, so during listening there is a feeling of immersion in the abyss. This is an endless fall into a black hole in which the Techno rhythm and its poisonous melody sounds from all sides.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который существует сразу в четырёх измерениях, поэтому во время прослушивания возникает ощущение погружения в бездну. Это бесконечное падение в чёрную дыру, в которой со всех сторон звучит ритм Techno и его ядовитая мелодия.”

Mr. V & Vision 20/20 presents his new festival banger ME/AN on In Charge. V continues his fantastic year with a brand new track under his Vision 20/20 alias. The drums roll again and even the biggest festival crowd is sure to be swept away by ME/AN. Hope you are ready.

Decantes – Mimosa

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“Very unusual sensations from the track, in which deep vocals and rhythm of Minimal Techno are so interesting. In music, it is very important complete immersion in the atmosphere and at -decantes- this in perfect order! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень необычные ощущения от трека, в котором так интересно переплетены глубокий вокал и ритм Minimal Techno. В музыке очень важно полное погружение в атмосферу и у -Decantes- с этим в полном порядке!”

Driving mood gives a great track Mimosa with its true techno sounds and excellent male vocals. Enjoy your listening with young talent Decantes!

Baramuk – Omicron

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“Imagine that you were divorced from the ground, your consciousness soars somewhere in the layers of the stratosphere, and soon you will leave the orbit of the Earth. There, on the way to other universes, Techno hypnotic rhythms will sound in your head, which I will cover your path on the way home. But are you ready to return? (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Представьте себе, что вы оказались оторваны от земли, ваше сознание парит где-то в слоях стратосферы, и уже скоро вы покинете орбиту земли. Там, на пути к другим вселенным, в вашей голове зазвучат гипнотические ритмы Techno, которые буду освещать вам путь по дороге домой. Но готовы ли вы вернуться?”

Adam Tauber – Aither

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“You are waiting for Minimal Techno meditative vibrations with a light melancholy shade and an amazing serve. A rich, such multifaceted sound, a musical stream pours a river through your veins. Deep work, which must be listened to and pass through yourself. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вас ждут медитативные звуковые вибрации Minimal Techno с лёгким меланхоличным оттенком и потрясающей подачей. Насыщенный, такой многогранный звук, музыкальный поток льётся рекой по вашим венам. Глубокая работа, в которую надо вслушаться и пропустить через себя.”

Aither is a deep, rolling tune with hypotonic drum programming and the sort of deft synths that really capture your mind's eye. It's warm, atmospheric and packed with evocative and cinematic designs.

Avro Arvo – Treasure Hunt

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“"Avro Arvo" calls you to find out his treasure in sound. Minimal style, based on Techno and House ideas. On top of all lies the artist's calm voice, which guides you on this magnificent trip. Don't lose time and press play!”

UK born Avro Arvo, is a Melbourne based artist and producer who became inspired by the coastline and beaches of Australia, alongside its way of life. Originally part of indie-pop duo Fool Child, he decided to move towards electronic sounds combined with delicate guitar licks, and funky basslines undertoned by synths. Over the span of 2 years, this became somewhat of a passion project - to create a chilled and inspired soundscape reflective of his new Australian life.

The music is best suited to complimenting your roadtrip - or to relax to by the beach - attributing musical influence from Phoenix, Polo & Pan, Foals and HONNE,

Avro's debut single, 'Thrill Seeker', is out 21st August and depicts a previous relationship that lacked meaning and purpose, to the point in which he had to end it. 'Thrill Seeker' was realised from the epiphanous (this might not actually be a word, but you get it) desire to find a real connection with someone, in contrast to meaningless partying and settling for someone who can only spare a fraction of their week with you.

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