DEE – Disco Lights

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“Techno track with a lot of old school elements in modern production. Bass line is stomper, with some big drum section on top of it. Vocal sample is making you repeating it while dancing to this track, perfect hook for remembering it instantly. ”

This song released by: Nervous Records

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Space 92 – Colonia

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“Dark and groove, perfect kick drum and rhythm section. Makes you wanna dance instantly. Loving the synth theme on the break with low pad synth that is giving me chills. Every sequence are detailed perfectly, bringing the whole atmosphere you can hear as one”

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Asora – For Alex

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“If you are a fan of Rhys Fulber's work, then the project of the project -ASORA- will have very helpful. This is a gloomy, heavy and very atmospheric techno for everyone who loves the dark side of their soul. The light goes out, the night eats the last rays of a sunny day and dark times come. Do not miss your chance.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы являетесь поклонником творчества Rhys Fulber, то трек проекта -Asora- вам придётся очень кстати. Это мрачное, тяжёлое и очень атмосферное Techno для всех, кто любит тёмную сторону своей души. Гаснет свет, ночь съедает последние лучи солнечного дня и наступают тёмные времена. Не упустите свой шанс.”

Charles Oliver – Charisma

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“Working with effects is just gorgeous! The rhythm seems to drive you and screams - come on, do not lag behind! The name is very true, the work is charismatic, original and very bright! Genre elements of Hard and Acid Techno are beautifully built into a common mix and you are not leaving that the track has quickly ended and it is again to be repaired. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Работа с эффектами просто шикарная! Ритм словно подгоняет вас и кричит — давай, не отставай! Название очень верно подобрано, работа харизматичная, оригинальная и очень яркая! Жанровые элементы Hard и Acid Techno красиво встроены в общий микс и вас не покидает мысль, что трек быстро закончился и его снова приходиться ставить на повтор.”

Charles Oliver is back with cinematic & big-room techno sounds releasing his single ‘Charisma’. Following along from his remix of ‘Hivemind’ hitting 200k+ Spotify streams + gathering live DJ support from artists such as Jon Hopkins, HAAi, Maceo Plex. Charisma focuses on heavy, progressive ravey-rhythms backed with ‘filmscore’ style pads gathering influence from his passion in video games.

ROMAN CIGI – Take Off (Video)

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“A track that seems to hypnotize us in the rhythm. We lose our self in the buildup and transform into something different. A clean slick creature that travels the worlds of bass drums and fractals. ”

It’s a combination of Melodic House, Techno & Progressive House music with 125 bpm. In the track you can hear a rising melody with elements symbolizing power & energy.

Enzo Muller – Independent (Spotify)

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“Meet "Enzo Muller" via this supersonic Techno track. Breathtaking mix with dominating popping beat, vibrating bass, elusive leads and a few vocal effects. Hit the play button and let yourself be guided through a cosmic trip with unexpected progression. Truly fascinating work!”

Enzo Machado Ferreira Mirocha, or Enzo Muller, with 19 years old, born in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, and has been playing and producing since 2011. In 2016, he won a full scholarship for the DJ Ban music production course, where he further improved his techniques.

Of humble origin, the boy in love with music and reached the age of 15 playing more than 20 instruments. Today, he is attached to "Hard Techno" and "Peak Time Techno" and produces inspired by that genre

Released with Eclipse Records, Black Square Records, Dolme Records, Techno Never Dies Records, Phouse Tracks, Toca Records

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