Asora – For Alex

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“If you are a fan of Rhys Fulber's work, then the project of the project -ASORA- will have very helpful. This is a gloomy, heavy and very atmospheric techno for everyone who loves the dark side of their soul. The light goes out, the night eats the last rays of a sunny day and dark times come. Do not miss your chance.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы являетесь поклонником творчества Rhys Fulber, то трек проекта -Asora- вам придётся очень кстати. Это мрачное, тяжёлое и очень атмосферное Techno для всех, кто любит тёмную сторону своей души. Гаснет свет, ночь съедает последние лучи солнечного дня и наступают тёмные времена. Не упустите свой шанс.”

Marcel van Houte – Can You Dance To My Beat (Spotify)

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“It's time for some real music experience with this Techno dynamite. Shaking beat, bold percussion, dynamic progression and super effects are waiting for your selection. Very difficult to not put this on repeat too! Boom!”

SAINT – Endless (Spotify)

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“Endless search for new worlds in our limitless universe with SAINT. Dark in its own way, but such an alluring, attractive melody.”

“Бесконечные поиски новых миров в нашей безграничной вселенной вместе с SAINT. По своему мрачная, но такая манящая за собой, притягательная мелодия.”

SAINT returns with “Endless,” his newest melodic techno single set to mesmerize listeners from the press of play. The production is led with a driving kick and bassline that will take anyone on a dark and elegant musical journey. The infectious synths and pads with the hard-hitting kick will have listeners wanting more from this talented producer. Through “Endless,” SAINT showcases his talent and versatility as a musician. This track will infuse energy into any crowd, no matter the setting as it evokes pure euphoria. “Endless” delivers a fusion of melodic techno and house that will have electronic aficionados hooked. The intricately crafted production of “Endless” will have listeners engaged as the energy-heavy drums and bassline will guide you with groove. With constant energy flowing, “Endless” is a certified dancefloor tool that will have audiences captivated. Make sure to check out the new release and add it to your daily rotation! The track will be available on all digital streaming platforms on January 1st.

SAINT is a rising electronic artist and producer originating from Switzerland. Fueled by his life experiences, SAINT seeks to create music that will connect and uplift listeners around the world. SAINT delivers an uninhibited aura as his sound is driven by raw emotions through melodies. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and powerful style. The electronic artist delivers pure energy with a unique combination of talent, passion, and emotions that will radiate onto the listeners. With every release, the Switzerland-bred artist will have listeners hooked into the world he creates with his eclectic style and sound. SAINT is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.

Alex Banks – Siren Call (Spotify)

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“Through a brilliant modular sound design witch rise from the depths of abyss, dark, hypnotic, with enormous driving energy, - Siren Call - from Alex Banks is a warning through frequencies. Top Notch concept! ”

Siren Call is Nagamag pick from Tephra EP

The ideas emerged from two months in the rugged, black volcanic surroundings of the Canary Islands, Spain. Banks armed himself with a restricted set of equipment taken from his studio in Brighton and set about focusing on the core of his musical expression.

The 5 track EP draws an abrasive array of intertwined melodic structures - one that could only be formed by an adept sound designers’ skillset. The title track and single ‘Tephra’, is woundingly brash, jagged and skull reverberating, it paints a mental landscape appropriate to where the tracks were born, in the context of a melodic hook line.

Following on from his second studio album, Beneath the Surface which was released on Mesh in 2019. Banks’ reimagines a different story, one of which was sculpted by his time witnessing unearthly volcanic landscapes. The change in scenery he recalls brought a welcomed ‘change of mindset’ than the earlier intense period of locking himself away in his Brighton studio with intermittent bursts of time spent by the coast to foster creative thought. It brought a different intensity to Banks’ sound, one that impressively finds a line between home listening and club-focussed dance-floor bangers.

Luigi Tozzi x Claudio PRC – Lyra II (Spotify)

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“Lyra II is our pick from the collaboration EP of Luigi Tozzi and Claudio PRC on 012 imprint.
4/4 minimal hypnotic assets layering with moving ambient textures and gently acid modular lines, delicate mixed in a sound production that tickles your ear senses and re-invites you to repeat the listening. ”

ROMAN CIGI – Venom (Video)

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“Here comes “Venom”. A cool and fresh creation in classic techno mood. This track combines old with new sound ideas. The artist’s personal touch is clear and the result is strongly impressive.”

It’s a combination of Techno, Deep, Dark & Acid music. Song is quite short on techno, just something above 3 minutes, but it meant to be. Three minutes is enough time to show everything that Venom is all about. Primary tempo was set up at 125 bpm. Venom will definitely find a group of techno lovers who will enjoy the quality and uniqueness of the song and also a group of people with opposite opinions.

DJ/Producer born in Slovakia, but now resides in London, UK when he’s playing electrifying live shows throughout Ibiza at the iconic Ministry Of Sound, Itica, Santos, Paradiso & more. ROMAN CIGI has long ago stepped out of the box as a music maker and mixer. Works across multiple genres of music, setting him apart from other artists with his flexibility and experienced approach. He can re-contextualize any music in a creative and novel way and has a breadth & depth of knowledge, of different genres through which he can flow effectively. He collaborated with mastering engineers like Ted Jensen, Henri Hurtig or songwriter Bailey Jehl.

biskuwi – Veil – Edit (Spotify)

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“A neon palette of multi-colored lights of the night city, a play of shadows and light, where two minds unite - yours and mine. We feel the attraction that brings us closer; you and me. biskuwi with new track, Veil on Two Minds EP deliver us a top notch atmospheric melodic techno. ”

“Неоновая палитра разноцветных огней ночного города, игра теней и света, где соединяются два разума - твой и мой. Мы чувствуем притяжение, которое сближает нас; тебя и меня.”

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