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Shunichi Komazu, Zoe – Too Late (Spotify)

“There's always give-and-take in relationships with others and timing plays crucial role in this. The single "Too late" was made to emphasize the importance of being able to react on time. Brighten up your dark side with a shinny EDM track. Only two minutes could be enough to regain happiness.”

Shunichi Komazu - Too Late ft. Zoe is a themed dance track with elements inspired by Future House. This song has an energetic lead sound and will be perfect for when you need some excitement and joy for the day. It's distributed by Metanoia Music.

Pre55ure – Love Back (feat. Vlera) (Lyrics) (Video)

“-Love Back- is an extremely successful mix of modern deep house and EDM. Pulsating rhythm, pronounced bass line and saturated gospel vocals.”

“-Love Back- это крайне удачный симбиоз deep house и современного EDM. Пульсирующий ритм, выраженная басовая линия и насыщенный госпельный вокал.”

The London-based, up and coming production duo PRE55URE are back on the chart-topping Perfect Havoc label with new house single, ‘Love Back’ released on 19th March. The vocal-led, piano tinged ‘Love Back’ marks only the third outing for this young production outfit who sit in the illustrious company of fellow Perfect Havoc signees, including UK No.1 artist Joel Corry, double platinum selling Swedish producer Tobtok, PS1, Kokiri, Karen Harding and more. With more singles lined up for release in 2021, the future for PRE55URE looks to be an exciting one, indeed. Stream the new single here:

The mysterious PRE55URE came about after a meeting of creative minds at Miami Music Week in 2019. Fuelled by a shared love of house music, the two producers instantly hit it off, and one impromptu studio session later saw them produce three solid records, and PRE55URE was born.

Soon after, the label heads at the London-based indie, Perfect Havoc; Adam Griffin and Robert Davies, clocked onto the potential sounds of PRE55URE. Those fresh vibes created in that fruitful studio session in Miami were signed to Perfect Havoc and became PRE55URE’s first officially released body of work.

PRE55URE arrived with debut single ‘It’s All Good’, achieving a stirring 164,000 streams on Spotify alone. That was instantly followed up by ‘Through the Knight (Ft. Haley Williams)’, a showcase of PRE55URE’s perfect blend of strong hooks, addictive bass lines and quality vocals; the now common thread throughout all PRE55URE productions.

Perfect Havoc have signed more house grooves cooked up by PRE55URE during the pandemic in the form of another radio-ready release, ‘The Way It Is (TWII)’ which will land in April 2021.

The A&R team at Perfect Havoc have an acute ear for both underground and mainstream hits, licencing cool house cuts to Toolroom Records and Kitsune, and the commercially appealing to majors like Atlantic and Columbia. Perfect Havoc has a fast-rising status underlined by earning four UK Top 10s and platinum certified records, including Joel Corry’s Sorry (No. 8), Lonely (No. 4), Head & Heart (No. 1) and a Top 20 hit with PS1 ft Alex Hosking ‘Fake Friends’.

Now with the accessible sounds of PRE55URE in its armoury, both label and artists, including the fresh face of vocalist Vlera on this latest single, might just be looking at another hit single.

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Burak Bacio – Take My Hand (Spotify)

“Striking result from a passionate producer and DJ. Burak Bacio gives his best in this fresh release for the House scene. suggested for the clarity of mix and the extended variety of sound effects. Amazing, exuberant and balanced.”

With a deep passion for house music, DJ and music producer Burak Bacio has been sharing his taste in music with the world for years. While Burak has been into music since childhood, he started his professional DJing career in Boston, where he played at several major nightclubs and held many residencies. After moving to San Francisco, he continued his career at some of the biggest nightclubs in the city. He has played alongside many world-renowned DJ's such as Chris Lake, Kryder, Julian Jordan and Richard Grey. His recent releases, When The Love Goes, Get It Right, Cobalt and Halcyon have all received critical acclaim from many DJ's, producers and music critics worldwide.

Klangkarussell – Plastic (Video)

“Plastic boldly tells the story of our world in which we humans like never far apart. Klangkarussell found the perfect balance between melody and dynamics, so in a manner peculiar to reflect its vision of current reality.”

“Plastic смело повествует о нашем мире, в котором мы, люди, как никогда далеки друг от друга. Klangkarussell нашёл отличный баланс между мелодией и динамикой, чтобы в свойственной ему манере отразить его видение нынешней реальности.”

Klangkarussell begin 2021 with ‘Plastic’, a synth-heavy piece of emotive electronic music released via their Bias Beach imprint. ‘Plastic’ is a commentary on consumerism. The poignant vocal and the video created by the band tell of a world – Earth – where people are more disconnected than ever from each other, from themselves, and from the planet that they live on. And, as it fills with plastic from their endless appetite for consumption and convenience, how humans have begun to take that form and become ‘plastic’ themselves.

Klangkarussell launched Bias Beach with ‘Comoros’, their first single away from a major label deal that spawned hit singles ‘Sonnentanz’ and ‘Time’, and their debut album, ‘Netzwerk’. Creating their own label has proven to be a winning strategy: Klangkarussell’s releases on Bias Beach alone totalled over 25 million in 2020, spurred by the huge success of a run of singles. The label has now become home to GIVVEN (‘Ghostkeeper’) which comprises Klang’s Adrian alongside Jordan and Nico; and SIN, whoselatest release ‘Neon’ is out now.

Adrian and Tobi’s previous single, ‘My World’ (feat. Kyle Pearce), and the accompanying short film, portrayed environmental issues that Klangkarussell now continue with ‘Plastic’. This single joined ‘Shipwreck’ as a two-track release. Ahead of this came ‘Ghostkeeper’, their previous collaboration with GIVVEN, which now has over 9 million streams.

Following the outbreak of the current covid 19 pandemic, Klangkarussell put all touring on hold. Their last shows were in the UK for a sold out Night Tales London, Europe (including taking the Saturday night honours at Benicassim), Beirut and South America.

Klangkarussell, which translates to English as “Sound Carousel”, were formed in Salzburg, Austria by Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Both respected producers in their own right, they first broke through with the jazz-tinged instrumental club record ‘Sonnentanz’, which reached the Top 10 in 6 different countries, including No.1 in The Netherlands. Unexpectedly, a record they’d written for their own DJ sets had taken on a life of it’s own, and when a vocal version – retitled ‘Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine)’ and featuring British soul singer Will Heard – was released the following summer, it became a global hit and went on to become one of the biggest dance records of that decade (despite the pair shunning all publicity).

Following the success of ‘Sonnentanz’, the duo then released their second single, ‘Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)’, featuring vocalist Tom Havelock, and which also became a hit. Klangkarussell’s debut album, ‘Netzwerk’, appeared soon after and sporting the singles ‘Hey Maria’ and ‘In the Crowd Alone’ appeared in 2016, followed by ‘Time’, ‘Circuits’, and ‘Good to Go’ in 2017. Musically, and with the type of creative freedom they had during their initial rise to fame, both Tobi and Adrian have entered a new decade exactly where they want to be.

Chad Harrison – Missed Calls (Spotify)

“Chad Harrison on his new single -Missed Calls- blends all the elements we love into house music. Mixed together in a bright atmosphere which works in 2 directions, can groove you on or work as background atmosphere to laid back. Sound clarity and beautiful minimal house harmonies for fix your mood.”

Elio Deejay – Cruel Intentions (Spotify)

“A new single from Elio Deejay and EMIAH fair enough to prove their talent in Future House. Light and beautiful with high quality mix and interesting vocal FX. Feel the positive energy and listen again too!”

Cruel Intentions, the brand new single by Elio Deejay and EMIAH is an up tempo future house club track about emotional manipulation and being led on by a romantic partner. The dark subject and storyline of the song gives reference to the 1998 film of the same title and has echoes of late 90’s eurodance as well as nods to current dance titans such as Jax Jones and Meduza. The new release comes straight off EMIAH’s latest single, ‘Future Self’ which debuted to No.1 on Submithub’s Worldwide Charts.

Scottish Pop/R&B vocalist and songwriter EMIAH has teamed up with fellow Scottish songwriter and producer Stuart McInnes (known professionally as Esdaile State) to create a powerhouse duo who have been working together on worldwide collaborations including Adios Amigo (Nexeri & ConKi), Fall In Love (Nexeri), Lovin' Me (Edward Skera), 'Siren' by Panuma and Tokyo Project (which reach #1 in several countries across the world on iTunes) and 'Casual' (Tom Hall & Nalesar) which now has over 2,700,000 million streams on Spotify.

In the past 12 months alone, EMIAH's music has seen support from such industry giants as Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Timmy Trumpet as well as massive placements on official playlists by Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Ministry Of Sound.

The rising artist is now back with her latest release - 'Cruel Intentions' with Elio Deejay. The song is an up tempo future house club track about emotional manipulation and being led on by a romantic partner. The dark subject and storyline of the song gives reference to the 1998 film of the same title and has echoes of late 90’s eurodance as well as nods to current dance titans such as Jax Jones and Meduza. The new release comes straight off EMIAH’s latest single, ‘Future Self’ which debuted to No.1 on Submithub’s Worldwide Charts

Alvin Whitte – Feeling Good (Spotify)

“Smash Deep, a division of Smash The House releases the new single of Alving Good, named - Feeling Good - A solid house groove which gathers all the fine blend of sounds in the layering, mixed with a dance floor direction to erupt your energy towards the good mood. ”

TWINCIDI – One More Time (Spotify)

“A fresh House hit full of twisting sounds and energy blasts. The time has come for a short break... so sit back, turn up the volume and N-joy!”

"One more time" is a futuristic and powerful house track. A groovy and catchy bass, with a percussive lead.
A powerful and inspiring break with an efficient vocal.This is the recipe for Twincidi's latest track.

Otosan – Nowhere feat. Julia Lostrom (Video)

“Endlessly fascinating groove that rumbles with a thunderous boom, and soulful vocal capabilities through a top notch sound and visuals production which allow us to enjoy this loud! ”

Like everyone else during the lockdown, Otosan’s lives were lived out online. But there’s always a silver lining…

This is where they discovered emerging Melbourne singer-songwriter Julia Lostrom on triple j Unearthed and knew they had to get her in on a session.

“We started scouring through triple j Unearthed for some amazing vocal talent, which is always our first go-to when looking for collaborators,” explain Otosan, aka Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke. “From the moment we heard Julia’s voice we knew she would be a perfect fit for the track. The first takes were recorded with Julia remotely in the first wave lockdowns in April and streamed on Instagram Live, then completed with a couple of real-life socially distanced recording sessions during a brief lifting of harsh restrictions in Melbourne.”

Vocalist Julia said, “I had just released my single ‘Walls’ on Unearthed and the Otosan guys thought my voice would suit their track, so they reached out and I loved it so much! It was so funny recording it virtually in the first lockdown and then we met up in the in-between stage between Melbourne’s strict lockdowns to record some parts and just got to hang out a bit. They’re such lovely guys.”

OTÔSAN are a multi talented New Zealand based duo who specialise in electronic music production, song writing and DJing.

After spending years perfecting their own individual talents, the newly formed duo linked up in 2017 and have hit the ground running, notching up critical acclaim and worldwide radio play from the very start.

Riding high on the back of a series of successful bootlegs and remixes, you can now catch them playing at some the biggest festivals across Australasia.

Arlø – Fall (Spotify)

“Clear sound with energetic mood that gets directly into your mind. A short break trip away from the everyday's routine. Quite possible that you 'll listen more than once!”

Arlø of Tik Tok’s Cameo Club Goes Solo With Release of “Fall”

Dillon Scheel, the Deep House producer behind Cameo Club’s 2020 success, “Castaway,”

is launching a new solo project under the name Arlø. The track “Castaway” gained

momentum on Tik Tok last summer when it was featured in over 500 videos receiving

more than 8 million total views. It also amassed 2 Million Spotify Streams.

Arlø’s new track, “Fall,” carries the same dancefloor energy as “Castaway,” but contains

more of Dillon’s personal character. The song features Dillon’s own vocals, which are

honest and engaging, as well as soulful melodies and harmonies. As for his production,

Arlø offers tastefully crafted sounds that stand out from generic house production. “Fall”

makes you dance, but it also has real feeling. Its uplifting energy will elevate any party,

club, or event.

Arlø is using the COVID-19 lockdown as an opportunity to finish as much music as

possible. “It’s been kind of freeing to have no pressure on timing. I have been able to lock

into my creativity without feeling rushed.” “Fall” is the first of a string of singles he plans

to release in the coming months to establish his new Deep House brand.


Arlø is the stage name of singer/songwrtiter,

guitarist, and producer Dillon Scheel. Dillon is based

out of San Fransisco, California, where he grew up.

He is in his fourth and final year studying music

production at the Berklee College of Music.

Dillon trained as a jazz guitarist from the age of 10.

Then, while in high school, he developed a passion

for songwriting. He took inspiration from 70s pop

and disco artists that his parents were always

playing in the background. He really developed an

appreciation for the hits of artists like Stevie Wonder

and Earth Wind & Fire. Finally, at the age of 16, Dillon

fell in love with Electronic Dance Music after going to

the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco.

Dillon brings his knowledge of jazz harmony and

his love for old school tunes to the modern dance

music scene. There’s a richness in harmony and

melody in every one of his tracks. His deep bass

production is a welcome contrast to offset the

catchy songwriting and it satisfies the listener’s

desire for that extra edge. The resulting

combination is addictive.

Arlø’s use of simplicity emphasizes the most

important elements of his productions: clear

vocal hooks and bass drops. There is a moment in

every Arlø track where the listener will stop and

ask “What song is that?”

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