Scrapp Deleon – No Lie (Spotify)

“Two minutes of Gangsta Rap are enough to stimulate your mind. Scrapp Deleon has made his best try to receive some nice critics and he deserves it. That fat kick and the mystic underground atmosphere raise further up the overall track level.”


“Making music has always been my number one goal in life. I’ve been working in the studio for so long now, and being able to share it with my fans now is really exciting, after all the support and love they’ve given me through the years,” said DeLeon. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than dropping ‘No Lie’ and performing shows in my city during NBA All-Star Weekend.”

Scrapp DeLeon made his formal debut in the music space as a member of the early 2000s rap group Da Razkalz Cru. DeLeon – along with his brother Sas and his cousin, the late rapper Dolla – worked alongside artists like Diddy, Missy Elliot, BattleCat, Akon and Jazzie Pha, and later went on tour with the hip-hop group B2K.

After Da Razkalz Cru disbanded, DeLeon continued to work on music, featuring on “The World Is Mine” in 2010 off of Lloyd’s album, Southern Xposure 8. He also featured as a recurring, then main, cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which showcased him building his career, working on unreleased music in the studio and working for SAS as his manager.

In recent years, DeLeon has become an outspoken champion for prison reform due to his own experiences, having been sentenced to five years in prison and fifteen years of probation for marijuana trafficking charges. In 2019 he partnered with fellow Atlanta rapper T.I. to post bail for 23 people who would have spent Easter behind bars and has spoken on panels alongside prominent activists including Cynthia Brown on the importance of helping those released from prison transition back into the workforce.


Hip-hop artist Scrapp DeLeon announced the release of his brand-new single, “No Lie.” The track, produced by Mykemadedetbeat, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s career as he gears up to release new music this year.


Matthew Cuban, Finnie Stax, J. Jones – Art of War (Spotify)

“It is said that the song's title reflects its essence. With -Art of War- things are different. The output we get is an excellent opportunity to raise your mood and shake your body due to the poet and orator -Matthew Cuban-.”

“Говорят, что название песни отражает её сущность. С -Art of War- это не работает и на выходе мы получаем отличную возможность поднять своё настроение и раскачать свои динамики благодаря поэту и оратору -Matthew Cuban-.”

Domingo Guyton – Judas and the Black Messiah (Spotify)

“Domingo Guyton - Judas and the Black Messiah is a brilliant hip hop which brings up on surface the value and qualities of genre that has been faded out last years. Carefully crafted beats, addictive harmonies and "getting goosebumps" vocal performance, set all right ingredients as a top notch production! ”

Judas and the Black Messiah produced by Legendary Boston producer Chris Theodat was inspired by the work of Jesus Christ and His Disciples, along with having a respect for Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers. Then came the birth of this song, which plays off both entities and the one and only Messiah.

Domingo Guyton was born and raised in Boston, MA where he developed a profound understanding of urban culture from his every day encounters. The early years of his life are documented in two books: Teens With The Courage To Give (featured on the Oprah Show in 2000) by Jackie Waldman and Passionaries by Barbara Metzler. Domingo’s ability to translate his life lessons are documented in the following ways:

• Music placements on national TV shows and films, including CBS Televisions’ – 90210, MTV and Paramount Pictures’ - Spring Break Lawyer, NBC’s - Just Deal and ABC’s – Lincoln Heights.

• Drummer for 6 years for Grammy Award winners Tavares.

• Producer, Director, Writer, YTF- 5 Awards in US Film Festivals.

• Co-Producer, Lest We Forget: The Black Holocaust, Best Documentary, HBO films- 2007 Martha Vineyard African American Film Festival.

• Co-Producer, My Slave Sister Myself- Best Documentary, 2011 NYC’s Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and Best Documentary, 2009 Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival.

• Producer, Director, Writer, Footprints in the Concrete, Nominated- Best Documentary at the 2016 Bronzelens Film Festival of Atlanta. • Song Producer- over 100% songs, 26 music videos and 12 CD’s.

• Music Producer- over 100% songs and over 30 music videos

Amaru Cloud – Meant For feat. G Herbo (Spotify)

“Amaru Gold teams up with G Herbo for their new single - Meant For - under Slang Music imprint and quickly understand the great bond have together. Through a minimal beat and melodic line which are mixed with clarity and quality, perform with passion their vocal qualities knowing exactly how to step into the rhymes and beats. The mastering quality here lets you enjoy it also in louder volumes without fear of hurt your system or your ears. ”

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