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LHĒON – I Hate The Way That I Love You (Spotify)

“-I Hate The Way That I Love You- was produced as very atmospheric, regarding the whole composition and its mood. There is a clear feeling that the author introduces her listener into a strong conceptual canvas. -Lhēon- vocals sound organically in the frame of the musical concept invented by her.”

“-I Hate The Way That I Love You- выдался весьма атмосферным, как по композиции в целом, так и по настроению. Создаётся явное ощущение, что автор вводит своего слушателя в сильное концептуальное полотно. Вокал -LHĒON- органично звучит в рамках придуманной автором музыкальной концепции.”

Sweedish born, Melbourne based Neo-Soul singer-songwriter LHĒON has unveiled her brand new track, “I Hate The Way That I Love You”. Fiercely powerful, LHĒON is reaching new heights with her latest funk-tinged offering.

In striking contrast to her previous releases, the electrifying “I Hate The Way That I Love You” is jam packed with a stylish Motown inspired soundscape, topped off by the endlessly powerful and distinctive vocals of LHĒON. Written and produced by Lee Bradshaw, LHĒON brings her commanding presence to the expertly written track. Led by the constant drum beat, sassy hooks and a groove fuelled organ instrumentation, the vibrant anthemic nature of this offering has culminates in a punchy and exhilarating listen.

When asked about her new release LHĒON shared:

“IHTWILY is about the conflicting feelings of knowing someone is bad for you but still being unable to let go.”

Often compared to Adele, LHĒON’s unrelenting talent for conveying the most delicate of emotions in the most relatable yet aspirational way is what has helped her stand out. After the warm welcome to her debut EP, Full Disclosure Pt. I, and the release of the unforgettable “elique” and “pretend”, “I Hate The Way That I Love You” marks the beginning of a new sound with a new EP, Full Disclosure Pt. II.

Joy Frost – Do What You Love (Video)

“Balance as a source of life, being in a forgotten and immersed in an incredibly malleable and penetrating musical world of -Do What You Love-. It makes a strong impression. Not so much for its charming lyrics as for the overall sound approach.”

“Баланс, как источник жизни, оказавшись в котором забываешься и погружаешься в невероятно тягучий и пронизывающий музыкальный мир композиции -Do What You Love-. Производит очень сильное впечатление. Не столько своей очаровательной лирикой, сколько подходом к звуку в целом.”

Artist said about this song: “This is a song about what it’s really like doing what you love, the good and the bad. It was inspired by carrying my heavy gear everywhere as a busker in Dublin”

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