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Nagamag proudly presents the song with title “Amazing” by the talented “Merv pinny”. A unique Rock composition that captured the attention of Nagamag’s curators, who were deeply moved by the emotions awakened during their listening experience of “Merv pinny – Amazing”. The song expresses Adult Contemporary, Alt Country, Indie Rock music genre details that worth to be enjoyed by listening the full production!
Nagamag music magazine gladfully shares with you the following music review that one of our experienced Rock reviewers motivated to write about “Merv pinny – Amazing”. Nagamag, as an international music magazine, reviews Rock songs that discovers around the globe, for Rock listeners of all over the world! The original review of “Merv pinny – Amazing” is written in the native language that is spoken by the dedicated Nagamag’s Rock reviewer and followed by two translations, of which the first one depends from the origin of the artist “Merv pinny” (New Zealand) and the other is translated in English/Spanish/Greek depended by the original music review as well as the first translation.

“Η ενθουσιώδης και δυναμική μελωδία ανεβάζει την διασκέδαση στα ύψη. Μια μοναδική γιορτή ξεκινά και τα πληθωρικά φωνητικά ξεδιπλώνουν το ταλέντο τους κάνοντας τη μέρα ακόμη καλύτερη. Ο ξέφρενος ρυθμός σε ξεσηκώνει και σε παραδίδει σε μια χαρούμενη χορευτική δύνη. Ένα κομμάτι που σίγουρα θα επέλεγες για ένα πάρτι με αγαπημένους φίλους.”

“The enthusiastic and dynamic melody raises the fun. A unique celebration begins and the exuberant vocals unfold their talent making the day even better. The frantic rhythm raises you and delivers you to a happy dance. A piece that you would definitely choose for a party with dear friends.” *

“La melodía entusiasta y dinámica plantea la diversión. Comienza una celebración única y las voces exuberantes desarrollan su talento que hace que el día sea aún mejor. El ritmo frenético te plantea y te ofrece a un baile feliz. Una pieza que definitivamente elegirías para una fiesta con queridos amigos.” *

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