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Safran Safari – Night Call (Spotify)

“Surprisingly atmospheric sound in which a competent sound reverb, emotional Deep Vocal House, and the presence of ambient light in the background creates the right mood.”

“На удивление атмосферное звучание, в котором грамотная звуковая реверберация, эмоциональный Deep Vocal House и наличие лёгкого эмбиента на фоне создаёт нужное настроение.”

Safran Safari is a Berlin-based producer duo made of Daniel Rünzi and Riccardo Destratis. With club concerts all over the world, productions for artists like Ostblockschlampen and releases on well-known labels like Spinnin’ Records they have a long-lasting experience in electronic music. After their first release as Safran Safari called "Read My Mind" got the attention of hundreds of tastemaker playlists they now release their second track "Night Call". A moody and deep chill house track that features the signature sound of the duo.

Messergeist Interview on Nagamag

Progressive House


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Dark Melodic Techno and Progressive House

Few words about your musical background and career?

I’m a full time music producer and musician since 1998. Mainly working in the metal and rock scene, I’ve always had a deep love of mixing organic music with electronics elements, my former band Sybreed is a perfect example. Currently guitarist of the band Samael, I’ve started working on full electronic music during the 2020’s lockdown when I’ve initiated the project Messergeist.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

My dad was a musician, both my parents are music lovers so I’ve bathed into music since my very first breath. I’ve always wanted to be a musician, I remember a Depeche Mode concert in 1993 that gave me chills, but maybe my need of becoming a music artist was when I've heard the track "Mouth For War" from Pantera in the early 90's

What are your plans with Messergeist in a close future ?

I have a few more tracks ready that I’ll release as singles. The next one will be called « Dawnopolis » and will be released in April with a video by the artist Fractually who already worked with me on my previous single « Blurred »
I also have a remix of Kiephil’s track « Tunnel Vision » coming out on March 27th, remix with whom I won a contest in the Metapop community earlier this year.
Also working on a hard techno project with my friend Pseudo Pulse. The first EP will be out somewhere this spring.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Depeche Mode "In Your Room"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Boris Brejcha "Future"

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Entel – Eyes – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“Entel's new ep of radio edits is out now on Deep State Recordings. Under a carefully craft of arp layering and atmospheric touches, Entel manages to give life through a pleasureful groove that initiates your daydreaming. A beautiful melodic progressive house. ”

Eyes is progressive house song. It's the lead track of Entel EP, out now on Deep State Recordings.

Dardust x Benny Benassi – WITHIN ME (Radio Edit) (Video)

“Enjoy the fresh work of Dardust, which has all you need to relax while staying active at the same time. Progressive, electronic, soft and mesmerizing melodies form the basic core of this stunning result. Congratulations!”

– “Within Me” unites two very different Italian artists whose combined talents have created something even greater than the sum of their parts. Dardust collides the worlds of minimalist piano composition and ambient electronica, a mix that simultaneously echoes Max Richter, Philip Glass and Aphex Twin. Meanwhile, no introduction is needed for Grammy award-winner Benny Benassi, the electro house pioneer who regularly packs festivals and amasses millions of streams all over the world.

The result is something refreshingly different yet entirely in tune with their backgrounds. “Within Me” opens with Dardust’s captivating piano, which captures a melody as immediately infectious as anything from the world of pop while expressing an atmosphere both beautiful and evocative. Set alone, it’s serene, but Benny Benassi’s dynamic drops and restless beats fire it into the dancefloor. What follows is two artists challenging each other to reach new heights, both weaving between and complementing each other’s creativity. Listen HERE.

Dardust commented, ““Within me” is the opposite side of “Without You”, the most intimate and romantic track of the latest album “Storm and Drugs”. When I met Benny, we decided to contaminate it with his own world, looking out for something that would create an even stronger contrast with the original version. The song that came out of that could be considered as “Melodic Techno”, a romantic and magical club track that exasperates the simplicity and outrightness of the original version.”

Benny Benassi added, “I’ve always appreciated Dardust’s magical touch as a pianist and as a producer, so when the idea of making a progressive track together with a melodic piano part came about I was really excited to do it. It was amazing we were able to film it in the empty Verona Arena during the lockdown, too. That was a crazy experience!”

Dardust always wanted to push boundaries in music. Classically trained from a young age, his passion for music was equally inspired by everything from Kraftwerk to Underworld. He became a sought-after producer, scoring countless Platinum records and 500 million streams for his work with internationally successful Italian artists such as Mahmood, Sfera Ebbasta, Jovanotti and Ghali.

Throughout this era, one idea remained constant: could he reinvent classical music with an intergalactic vibe in a similar way to how David Bowie reimagined pop? It’s something he’s strived to achieve, from his debut album 7 in 2015 to last year’s ambitious S.A.D. Storm And Drugs (Artist First/Sony Music Masterworks), which set 18th-century classical piano within the 90s Manchester club scene.

In a career spanning thirty years, the iconic Benny Benassi has risen from an underground club DJ to a multi-million-selling producer. He shot to international success in 2003 with “Satisfaction”, a global hit that peaked at #2 in the UK with the help of an unforgettable video. That star status was confirmed with the release of his debut album, “Hypnotica”.

Since then, Benassi has accomplished countless major achievements. His tracks, such as the Chris Brown collab “Beautiful People” and “Cinema” (with Gary Go) reached huge audiences as he became a major attraction at Coachella, EDC, Ultra, Tomorrowland and countless others. He earned a Grammy for his remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise” and another when Skrillex remixed “Cinema”. He remains an in-demand collaborator and remixer for a new wave of major artists, including Lil Yachty, Yxng Bane and Jeremih.

Max Maxwell – Harbour Master (Spotify)

“Get ready for the ultimate twisting experience from Max Maxwell. A selected track from his recent album. "Harbour Master" is characterized by its dynamic intro, fat bassline and rich percussion. Attractive elements of a House hit that can cause endless dancing.”

Max Maxwell has been quietly making noise in the New Zealand music scene since everything smelled like Teen Spirit.

Running the aural gamut from downbeat to progressive, Max borrows dancefloor elements, dubs them out with chunky bass lines, and adds a sprinkle of melodic electronica tempered with sonorous vocals to create a rich patina of soundscapes which is at once dynamic and uplifting; reflective and deep.

Born and bred in the wild coastal town of Westport in New Zealand’s South Island, Max tutu’d with music as a teenager, learning classical guitar and playing in live bands.

The rubber hit the road In the early 1990’s when he travelled to the UK and discovered the wondersome world of electronic music.

Curiosity piqued, Max harnessed his background skills as a computer programmer, and studied music technology and production at Tai Poutini Polytechnic in the wild coastal town of Greymouth.

After one term, he picked up the call to travel more, landing in Japan where he cut his teeth busking, and Goa, where he soaked up the psytrance scene.

Several moons later, Max returned to Golden Bay, New Zealand, teaming up with pals Bluey and Col to form Matipo Pyramid, a psytrance band which quickly garnered a reputation for a damn good sound, releasing their self-titled album in 1997.

Fast forward to 2001, when Max, based out of Golden Bay, released his first solo album ‘Continuous Play’, which was nominated for the Best Downbeat Album Award at the BFM NZ Music Awards.

The album catalysed a shift: with much of Max’s new direction and inspiration flowing from the people he worked alongside on the album, including Ron Valente, Jules Evans and Bluey, who exposed him to fresh sounds, new ways to make beats, and sound engineering.

Moving to Wellington in 2007 and shifting gears to a funkier, more soulful tip, Max started a live act, playing with Carmel Courtney, renowned saxophonist player and vocalist from Christchurch, New Zealand. Together, they have played most of the festivals in New Zealand over the years, predominantly with Sam Hopley on guitar.

Always evolving, Max collaborated with his son Sol for the first time on Spirit Level to incorporate live elements (Sol’s drumming) into his music production.

In May, the duo produced “Can U Feel It” together during the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand, which is hopefully the beginning of many more collaborations.

Always evolving, Max collaborates with his son Sol to incorporate live elements into his music production.

At home in the windy cultural capital of New Zealand, Max has found his niche, beaming out his hearty, wholesome sound from the tiny windswept isles of New Zealand.

Wilborn – Lost (Spotify)

“Wilborn clearly understood when the bass creates the right mood and light, but this obsessive melody simply dissolves a listener. We're taking the new EP Wilborn - Lost in our collection! you?”

“Wilborn отчётливо понимает, когда бас создаёт нужное настроение, а лёгкая, но такая навязчивая мелодия просто растворяет слушателя в себе. Мы забираем новый EP Wilborn - Lost в свою коллекцию! А вы?”

Blending Deep with Lofi House, Wilborn joins the RER fam with a unique sound that fits well in our catelog.

One Rock State – New Way (Spotify)

“One Rock State is a project of musician and producer Vyacheslav Kudryashov, familiar to many of you from the famous Fast Foot. This is not surprising, because his endless energy is enough for the endless realization of his talents in two worlds. New Way consumed us. Are you ready for this? Click start.”

“One Rock State - проект музыканта и продюсера Вячеслава Кудряшова, знакомый многим из вас по знаменитому Fast Foot. Это и неудивительно, ведь его нескончаемой энергетики хватает на бесконечную реализацию его талантов в двух мирах. New Way нас поглотил. А вы готовы к этому? Нажмите старт.”

One Rock State - it is a project founded in late 2011.

The project was founded by a young and ambitious DJ,
musician and promoter Vyacheslav Kudryashov, one of the founders of the Fast Foot project, as
well as his partner Kirill Kozlov (qeereell).

After some time, Vyacheslav left the project and Kirill kept the project until the time when his level of writing music reached a good sound.

And a few years later, he released a new track the New way. It can be considered a rebirth of the project and the beginning of a new Techno movement!

The release also includes an outstanding Remix by popular musician Stan Kolev.

Klangkarussell – Plastic (Video)

“Plastic boldly tells the story of our world in which we humans like never far apart. Klangkarussell found the perfect balance between melody and dynamics, so in a manner peculiar to reflect its vision of current reality.”

“Plastic смело повествует о нашем мире, в котором мы, люди, как никогда далеки друг от друга. Klangkarussell нашёл отличный баланс между мелодией и динамикой, чтобы в свойственной ему манере отразить его видение нынешней реальности.”

Klangkarussell begin 2021 with ‘Plastic’, a synth-heavy piece of emotive electronic music released via their Bias Beach imprint. ‘Plastic’ is a commentary on consumerism. The poignant vocal and the video created by the band tell of a world – Earth – where people are more disconnected than ever from each other, from themselves, and from the planet that they live on. And, as it fills with plastic from their endless appetite for consumption and convenience, how humans have begun to take that form and become ‘plastic’ themselves.

Klangkarussell launched Bias Beach with ‘Comoros’, their first single away from a major label deal that spawned hit singles ‘Sonnentanz’ and ‘Time’, and their debut album, ‘Netzwerk’. Creating their own label has proven to be a winning strategy: Klangkarussell’s releases on Bias Beach alone totalled over 25 million in 2020, spurred by the huge success of a run of singles. The label has now become home to GIVVEN (‘Ghostkeeper’) which comprises Klang’s Adrian alongside Jordan and Nico; and SIN, whoselatest release ‘Neon’ is out now.

Adrian and Tobi’s previous single, ‘My World’ (feat. Kyle Pearce), and the accompanying short film, portrayed environmental issues that Klangkarussell now continue with ‘Plastic’. This single joined ‘Shipwreck’ as a two-track release. Ahead of this came ‘Ghostkeeper’, their previous collaboration with GIVVEN, which now has over 9 million streams.

Following the outbreak of the current covid 19 pandemic, Klangkarussell put all touring on hold. Their last shows were in the UK for a sold out Night Tales London, Europe (including taking the Saturday night honours at Benicassim), Beirut and South America.

Klangkarussell, which translates to English as “Sound Carousel”, were formed in Salzburg, Austria by Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Both respected producers in their own right, they first broke through with the jazz-tinged instrumental club record ‘Sonnentanz’, which reached the Top 10 in 6 different countries, including No.1 in The Netherlands. Unexpectedly, a record they’d written for their own DJ sets had taken on a life of it’s own, and when a vocal version – retitled ‘Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine)’ and featuring British soul singer Will Heard – was released the following summer, it became a global hit and went on to become one of the biggest dance records of that decade (despite the pair shunning all publicity).

Following the success of ‘Sonnentanz’, the duo then released their second single, ‘Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)’, featuring vocalist Tom Havelock, and which also became a hit. Klangkarussell’s debut album, ‘Netzwerk’, appeared soon after and sporting the singles ‘Hey Maria’ and ‘In the Crowd Alone’ appeared in 2016, followed by ‘Time’, ‘Circuits’, and ‘Good to Go’ in 2017. Musically, and with the type of creative freedom they had during their initial rise to fame, both Tobi and Adrian have entered a new decade exactly where they want to be.

Abadesa – Lucid Dream (Spotify)

“Feel the magic of "Lucid Dream" flowing in the air all around you. Soul-touching, soft and steady creation from another dimension. Something unique to remember for a long time and surely one of those which you won't regret listening.”

Abadesa's second release on Routine Espresso continues where his first one left off. Beautiful and moving house.

08 Pulse – Ozone (Spotify)

“Let the colourful Progressive patterns lift you up in the sky and experience a higher dimension in music. A fabulus release from 08 Pulse full of unique elements that will keep playing in your mind, vibrating your inner self.”

Niclas Lundqvist aka 08 Pulse is a Swedish producer based in Stockholm. He's passionate about all electronic music making his work sophisticated, mixing electronic sounds ranging from Ambient, Electronic, Progressive, House and Trance creating beautiful melodies and harmonies. The 08 Pulse journey started late 2020 so stay tuned for many more original releases in 2021!

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