Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s | Afrobeats music review

Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s | Afrobeats music review

“Afro-pop и Afro-fusion композиция, которая наполнена яркими ритмами, мелодичными вокальными партиями и атмосферой 90-ых годов. -Dr Soul- пленит вас своей красивой и завораживающей мелодией, которая с первых нот вызывает чувство ностальгии и романтики. Ритмичные ударные и сочные басы создают гармоничное звучание и уже ничто и никто вас не остановит на пути к танцу!”


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“Afro-pop and Afro-fusion composition, which is filled with bright rhythms, melodic vocal parts and the atmosphere of the 90s. -Dr Soul- will captivate you with its beautiful and mesmerizing melody, which from the first notes evokes a feeling of nostalgia and romance. Rhythmic drums and rich bass create a harmonious sound and nothing and no one will stop you on your way to dancing!”


“Afro-pop και Afro-fusion σύνθεση, η οποία είναι γεμάτη με λαμπερούς ρυθμούς, μελωδικά φωνητικά μέρη και την ατμόσφαιρα των 90s. Το -Dr Soul- θα σας συνεπάρει με την όμορφη και μαγευτική μελωδία του, που από τις πρώτες νότες προκαλεί ένα αίσθημα νοσταλγίας και ρομαντισμού. Τα ρυθμικά ντραμς και το πλούσιο μπάσο δημιουργούν έναν αρμονικό ήχο και τίποτα και κανείς δεν θα σας σταματήσει στο δρόμο σας για χορό!”


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Nagamag strongly suggests you to listen to the song “Love in the 90’s” by the remarkable “Dr Soul”. A captivating Afrobeats music composition that upraised the difficulty for our curators to gather and write down and describe through a music review, their feelings due to their listening experience of “Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s.” The song manages to take you on a journey through the world of Afrobeats / Afro-pop / Afro-fusion music, offering a delightful experience for all music enthusiasts.

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Lyrics of Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s

For primary school I no carry last
I remeber for class I dey sit fit back
Where my eye and your eye Jan together
then I wink and you smile
Ma true love be that

Make your pinafor touch my short knicker
When you sit by me you burst my medulla when my toes and your toes jam together
With my hands on your lap
You look at me and smile

Love in the 90’s
You know say na then love dey sweet pass
Love in the 90s
All I gotta do is text you back
Love in the 90s
You know say nobody badder pass
Take me back
Take me back

Love In the 90’s
You know say nobody holy pass
Love in the 90’s
If you no text me back I go cry
Love in 90’s
I no need to go break bank
Love In the 90’s

I Remember when popsi buy mumsi mango
She dey jump like say they buy brand new Volvo
She go tell everybody
For the yard wey we dey live
Come see, Wetin my man buy for me

That’s the kind of love I’m looking
New age girls too dey form
Me no get time for for cunny love
If you don’t want me, just say so

She tell everybody
Come see Wetin my

Take me back

Additional information/sources for Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s

The song “Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s” is released by Soul Music Entertainment

Song Sources for “Dr Soul – Love in the 90’s”:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/2U7VoHQpb5Zb0KiWRaytFy
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC9-mrNvkuw
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/love-in-the-90s/1729860396?i=1729860397
Deezer: www.deezer.com/track/2656595242
Pandora: www.pandora.com/TR:116183239

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Reviewed by Nagamag on April 16, 2024