Nicky Romero x LINNEY x TELYKast – Desire | EDM music review

Nicky Romero x LINNEY x TELYKast – Desire | EDM music review

“Nicky Romero joined forces with two more artistic minds for an ultimate dancefloor banger. The hottest vocals alternate turns with fast EDM rhythm patterns that promise to keep your adrenaline in high levels. Increase the volume, hit “play” and let the music speak for itself.”

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“Ο Nicky Romero ένωσε τις δυνάμεις του με δύο ακόμη καλλιτεχνικά μυαλά για ένα τελικό banger dancefloor. Τα πιο καυτά φωνητικά εναλλάσσονται στροφές με γρήγορο ρυθμό EDM που υπόσχονται να διατηρήσουν την αδρεναλίνη σας σε υψηλά επίπεδα. Αυξήστε τον όγκο, χτυπήστε το “Play” και αφήστε τη μουσική να μιλήσει για τον εαυτό της.”

“Nicky Romero unió fuerzas con dos mentes más artísticas para un golpe de la pista de baile. Las voces más populares alternan giros con patrones de ritmo EDM rápidos que prometen mantener su adrenalina en altos niveles. Aumente el volumen, visite “reproducir” y deje que la música hable por sí misma.”

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Nagamag introducing you to “Desire”. a collaborative perfection of “Nicky Romero x LINNEY x TELYKast”. This creation in the terrain of EDM, has touched the hearts of our curators, who really enjoyed listening to “Nicky Romero x LINNEY x TELYKast – Desire”. It’s more than just a song; it’s a product that combines the composition power of more than just one artist. it’s a music built that also defines EDM, Big Room, Netherlands music. The Melody and rhythm of this piece is a treasure for your ears, waiting to be discovered. Nagamag is delighted to share this music review by one of our EDM reviewers, who musically joined the meaning of this collaboration “Nicky Romero x LINNEY x TELYKast – Desire”. Our tireless mission to explore EDM songs from all over the world brought this offering as a share point to the global community of EDM enthusiasts in their love for this kind of music.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on October 20, 2023