Alta Falls – Trust Me

“Hope and dreams with a wide angled view of emotions. Broad harmonic landscape with modern twists that embrace a forward movement in music. Rich in tonal complexity with top notch production. The layering is very mature and well balanced. ”

‘Trust Me’ combines masterful lyricism packed with double entendres with a newfound sense of conviction, building on Alta Falls’ debut EP, ‘The Fire’. The track takes you through a narrative of its own, not just through the lyrics but with the instrumentals which rise and fall with the peaks of the story — eventually culminating to a frenetic yet flawless keyboard line.

The lyrics on ‘Trust Me’ were inspired after a bittersweet trip to the 2017 AFL Grand Final. “My team, the Adelaide Crows, were in their first grand final after almost 20 years, and my hopes were riding high to achieve a childhood dream of watching them win a flag,” explains lead singer, Nathanael. “Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. And although it was a heartbreaking result there are still plenty of fond memories, including taking in the post-match The Killers concert along with the other half of Alta Falls, Matt.”

The duo has continued working with producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy) for the new single, as well as Sebastian 'Baz' Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums.

Alta Falls may have released their debut EP only a matter of months ago, but they aren’t slowing down any time soon. Rumour has it a new EP is already in the works, and if ‘Trust Me’ is anything to go by, it’s bound to be an electro-pop delight, packed with that Alta Falls synthy charm.

AD Eternal x Yung Shannon – ’87 Vampires

“Sweeping us gently into its memories of simpler times. Soothing synth riffs that built themselves a tempo of slow pleasure. Steady and climbing in its own way to the sky. We really enjoyed the effects applied to the vocals, it really enriched the experience. ”

his is a 80s inspired track with a modernized spin to it. The lyrics and vibe of the track are stemming completely off “The Lost Boys” movie made in 1987. The main lyrical motivation for the song is pulled from a idea of living a life of a vampire in the 1980s searching and finding his true love.

A.J. DAMOUR – Souvenirs d’été 2084

“For the fans of retro synth sound, "A.J. DAMOUR" from France presents something special, sincere and personal. Warm electronic patterns are ready to satisfy your ears in a mix decorated with French lyrics. Wear your headphones, hit play and feel those nostalghic vibrations all around you.”

FR :

1er single du projet tout frais A.J. DAMOUR.

Un générique de fin de film, série, ou de vacances d’été.Un jeune garçon qui pour la 1e fois tombe amoureux pendant ses vacances d’été. Ce morceau sonne comme une rêverie nostalgique, puissante et entraînante.

Les synthés 80's se mêlent aux batteries modernes pour donner un sentiment de renouveau.

Se servir du passé pour faire le futur.

Mixé par Etienne Caylou (C. Luciani, M. Lavoine, Woodkid)

Editeur Alter-K.

EN :

First release of the brand new project A.J. DAMOUR.

An exit music for a movie, a series, or for your last summer holidays. It's about a young boy who fell in love for the first time during his holidays.

This track sounds like a nostalgic reverie, powerful and dancing.

The 80s synths are mixed with modern drums and give the felling of a renewal. Use the past, to create the futur.

Mix : Etienne Caylou (known for notable french artists like Woodkid)

Editor : Alter k

Man from Space – Endless Summer Nights (feat. Huong Su)

“A ride through the retro future we all desired. Classic echoed out drums build an atmosphere that is elevated by all the other components of the program. Her voice is alluring and takes us by the hand as the story of the endless summer nights is told. ”

Everybody had a perfect summer that will never come back. When friends were true friends and things could last forever. This is a song to say goodbye to that perfect moment in life.

Dolly Dolores – Night Time

“The melody sounds great in unison with a measured, calm and very emotional vocal. The track will be a real discovery for admirers of mental music, whose main goal is to give you sincere and genuine pleasure! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия прекрасно звучит в унисон с размеренным, спокойным и очень эмоциональным вокалом. Трек станет настоящим открытием для почитателей душевной музыки, чья главная цель — доставить вам искреннее и неподдельное удовольствие!”

"Night time" is a heart break anthem for the dance floor. This is not a song about being strong and getting over the one that broke your heart. It is about the desperation one can only feel when being hurt by the one you love.

Dolly Dolores wrote the song when she bought her first recording equipment. It was her first attempt in trying to produce her own music and "Night time" was the first song created. She was inspired by modern electronic house music but also more analogue sounds from 70's soul and disco. In the song she blends analogue unusual synths like the Omnichord and Ondes Martenot with more conventional instruments such as horns. This is a timeless piece for broken hearts out there!

"I always dreamt of creating a really depressing song but that also works on a dance floor. Those kinds of songs are my favorites!" - Dolly Dolores

Dakoda Rollins – Like I Need You

“Its majestic from a minimal perspective. Not too much and just enough. A bit retro and well thought out rhythmic spaces. The voice climbs the soothing beat as if on a mountain with fresh coat of snow. Smooth and romantic in its own echoed way. ”

"Like I Need You" is a lush ballad with synthpop landscapes. A slightly more adventurous follow up to "Dreaming Of You", the song stands strong with sultry vocals, an e-piano and guitar solo, and is bookended with a nice vocoded outro

Cold Connection – Burning Love

“Set yourself to the right wave, feel that everything is going on as usual, life is easy and relaxed. This is much more than just a pleasant Synthpop melody, it is a sip of pure, healing strength and energy. Cut it to the bottom! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Настройте себя на нужную волну, почувствуйте, что всё идёт своим чередом, жизнь легка и непринуждённа. Это намного больше, чем просто приятная мелодия Synthpop, это глоток чистой, целительной силы и энергии. Испейте его до дна!”

Burning Love is a track taken from Cold Connection's debut album Seconds Of Solitude, released through Town And Towers Records on October 15, on all digital platforms. Burning Love is an electronic up-tempo pop song, that flirts with the 80's Modern Talking and today's new wave/electro pop where unconditional love prevails. In today's hard and cold society, it can be nice to just give in and throw yourself into someone else's arms. It's you and your loved one, at night, in the dance.

Hills And Valleys – CONTACT

“High -quality Synthwave, which is a real process of outpouring one’s own feelings and emotions using sound design. Inexhaustible portion of highly concentrated ecstasy at your disposal. Are you ready to catch a wave and get a charge of positive? Then don’t lose time! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качественный Synthwave, представляющий собой настоящий процесс излияния собственных чувств и эмоций с помощью звукового дизайна. Неисчерпаемая порция высококонцентрированного экстаза в вашем распоряжении. Вы готовы поймать волну и получить заряд позитива? Тогда не теряйте времени!”

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