91islands – Nervous (Spotify)

“A choice of Chillwave with plenty of acoustic sounds and some vintage touch. Original production from "91islands"; one man project that also offers a fascinating singing. Out of the ordinary, personal overall result.”


This song is about overcoming the fears of every day life that many people experience


Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water (Spotify)

“Do you feel lazy today? Not willing to do much? Explore this new chilling work from "Kowloon"; a Californian musician and filmmaker. Dive into the cool seawater coming out from the electronic loops that lead you through a world of fantasy.”


Hollywood is Underwater is a funky, feel-good indie rock transmission from the Post-Apocalypse. Part "Sledgehammer"-era Peter Gabriel and Part "Once In a- Lifetime" Talking Heads, this track slots nicely between Wild Nothing and Mac Demarco. The song is told by a lovelorn survivor on the sunken west coast of America. The bass line bounces, the synths bubble, and the relaxed vocal makes the End of The World sound like an ok place to be.


Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His debut album, ‘Come Over’, was written, performed, recorded and mixed in his home-studio in the industrial outskirts of the city. Blending vintage synths, drum machines, and bubbling bass lines with vocals inspired equally by The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and Sly Stone, ‘Come Over’ is 35 minutes of danceable love songs - albeit love songs set in a time of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe, with anxious, dread-filled lyrics that are as timely as they are post-apocalyptic.

The Curfew – Playin’ with Fire (Official Audio) (Video)

“”Playin’ with Fire”! How many times you have cought yourself doing something very risky? And suddenly, when you realize this truth, you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. Unfortunately, with this exciting track we obviously have the control.”


The Curfew is a pop band from Miami.


Jaelee Small – All The Time (Video)

“It’s true that we don’t realize the value of certain persons in our life, until we lose someone. A loss is a loss, but the good memories remain forever and give the courage to go on. This is the message that we should get from Jaelee Small.”


Jaelee Small has written down her collection of roaming thoughts, short stories and soulful vocal harmony drenched monologues.

Memoirs (part ii) is part of a harmony-soaked concept album through a timeline of a teenage youth.

Painting a picture of her memories through catchy choruses and memorable melodies containing personal influences ranging from the well played vinyl of The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and The Who to Aretha Franklin, Emeli Sandé and Haim.

A wide ‘Mixtape of Emotion’ resulting in a delightful blend of emotive pop and soulful rock.

With such diverse influences, her music transcends genres and has a unique sound and feel which is instantly recognisable, leaving a lasting impression. The impressive vocal arrangements add an extra level of sophistication to her songwriting.

Jaelee’s musical journey guides the listener through the process of her self-discovery and the search for her own identity.

Maybe we find out who she is.


Anthon Jean-Paul – Nitedrive (Retro 80’s Music) (Spotify)

“Nostalgic, sentimental, original retro music for your time travelling experience. The happy memories from the past return to renew your life. Hit the play button, close your eyes and live your dream with "Anthon Jean-Paul".”


Nitedrive (Retro 80's Music)' is a vapourware / synthwave track by Anthon Jean-Paul. Hi latest single channels the feelings of nostalgia by tapping into the retro sounds of the 80's. Picture yourself on a long drive down Miami Beach or in a throwback video game of the classic era in music.


Anthon Jean-Paul is a French / Swiss composer who hovers on the fine line on beauty and abstraction with his artful compositions. His initial releases have combined classical music with new age and even avant-garde. Let this maestro's music take you on an outstanding journey through space and time.

Abc Dialect – You (Spotify)

“"You" can be seen as a sound elixir and maybe among those we usually look for a long time. Focusing on Chillwave synth soundscapes, offers that lost inner peace and balance. For "Abc Dialect" there are no limitations in production and this becomes obvious in this track.”


March 24 — Abc Dialect share their latest single "You" out now on Casablanca Sunset.

Stream: smarturl.it/AbcDialectYou

"You" is the second release from the group’s forthcoming debut LP titled 'Out Here.' The album was co-produced by Daniel Nentwig of The Whitest Boy Alive and Kings of Convenience at Butterama Studios in Berlin and is slotted for release later in 2021.

Out Here's 6th track,"You" feels like an introspective daydream. The song is accompanied by warm whimsical falsetto vocals, glistening guitar chords, swooning synthesizers and rhythm subtly influenced by aspects of Samba and Latin jazz. It’s a unique offering that at moments is also reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s R&B (think Sade) meets some of the modern-day elements of indie/bedroom pop. Lyrically the song is about looking up into the sky at night feeling heartbroken but also hopeful of the future.

Abc Dialect is comprised of Argentinian songwriters Luca Oliva Knight and Tomas Susevich. Together the young beatmakers draw on their diverse musical influences (90s house, 70s funk, soulful jazz, R&B, & more) to craft original thought-provoking melodies that evoke a sense of emotions including nostalgia, euphoria, empathy, sorrow and more. Previous releases have received support from a variety of music outlets online like Delicieuse Musique, Indie Shuffle, Acid Stag, Noon Pacific, Tensnake, Disco Naïveté, Bristol Funk and more.


Jeni Schapire – Libby (Spotify)

“Very interesting low Bpm Dark wave release from Jeni Schapire. The track "Libby" starts with a smooth intro and goes on with some unexpected elusive vocals. Sometimes, great music appears all of a sudden, but in fact it was always present.”


Tennessee-based Jeni Schapire shares her story through song and is ready to share the gorgeous, cinematic single "Libby." Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, Jeni now calls Tennessee home –a fitting place for the rising artist and producer whose sound is a unique blend of folk-pop that leans into the electronic and cinematic sphere.


Jeni caught Billboard's attention with her self-produced single "Casual" (2020) from her What's In A Name EP, released last year. Billboard wrote, "There's something heart-rending about Jeni Schapire's voice as she sings...The incisive songwriting only stands to bolster Schapire's stunning vocals, as she emotes through every syllable of the heart-breaking song."


In her new self-produced single "Libby," dark, echoing synths and gorgeous reverberating vocals make you feel some type of way. "Libby" is a slow burner with understated but impactful production, which leans into a moody, cinematic space. The low-key nature of the soundscape paves a way for Jeni's beautiful words about the memories of her grandmother.


She shares, "When I was 15, I took a flight by myself for the very first time and visited my grandparents for a magical Minnesota summer. As she aged, my grandmother lost her sight. So, during this trip I sat on their couch and read Their Eyes Were Watching God aloud to her. In the novel, the protagonist begins to discover her hopes and dreams while lying under a pear tree. When I think about my grandma, Libby, many years after she died, I come back to this memory over and over. I’ve memorized every detail of us sitting in that living room. The lyrics to 'Libby' are all those details. I wrote them down after a dream where I was back there, reading about coming of age under a pear tree. It felt so real that the song shaped itself almost immediately. And all these years later, I think of their couch as my pear tree. Helping me grow and find out who I was supposed to be."

"she emotes through every syllable of the heart-breaking song." - Billboard

"one of our favorite new discoveries this year" - Bsides & Badlands

"textured and atmospheric" - AudioFemme

"melodies that gently soar across sonic space" - Imperfect Fifth

Jeni began performing when she was 15 under the moniker, Jennifer Rae. However, she soon came to realize that name didn’t truly reflect who she was as a songwriter. To step into her authentic identity as an artist meant a reclamation of her name: Jeni Schapire. From this reflection, her EP, What's In A Name, was born. The EP was crafted out of necessity and stepping into her own identity. Jeni shares, "It's been a long journey. Like a lot of queer folks, it took a long time to even be honest with myself. Learning to embrace my queerness has been crucial to feeling like my truest self and is weaved into the storytelling in these songs."


"Name is identity—an often subconscious influence into how you perceive your place in the world. So what is in a name—if it’s not yours?" she adds. "What is your place in the world—if it’s not an authentic reflection of who you really are?" As Jeni powerfully steps into her artistry, her own story, her own name, and her own identity, you are invited to do the same.


Bjorn Rydhog – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone (Spotify)

“There are moments we feel boredom and loneliness in a totally decaying world. This is the right time to pick some fine music and give ourselves a breath of hope. Bjorn Rydhog is here to offer his best work for this purpose. Don't miss his new single "I Don't Wanna Be Alone".”


Together with producer Johan Sigerud (JRSS) and co-writer Olof Gråhamn, Bjorn Rydhog continues to take his melodic indie pop into an electronic and beat-based realm. Melancholic progressions are blended with a modern retro sound inspired by M83 and The Weeknd. A logical continuation of their previous collaboration, the single ‘Just to Be with You’, which was released in 2020 and was picked up by Swedish radio.

"The single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ shows an electronic direction I’m currently exploring. The tracks of the song were recorded separately at our different homes. I guess the creation process, as well as the theme of the song, reflect the distant and lonely, but also creative times we currently live in”.


MV Dusk Crisis – Your life will never be the same (Video)

“Unexpected trip to the past with “Mv”! An excellent oportunity for the retro-maniacs, emulating the ’80s synthesizers with inspiration from old video games. Very valuable work that brings back our nostalgic moments.”



“Your Life will never be the same” is the first single by Mv based on the cyberpunk retro-futuristic graphic novel DUSK CRISIS. It is based in the sense of hope and dreams in the midst of despairing circumstances, which encourages the listener to face its life like an adventure to live rather than a problem to sort out.


Manuel David Vasquez, also dubbed as Mv among his friends and followers, is a fantastic musician, songwriter, and artist. While he lives in Melbourne, Australia, he was born and lived a significant part of his life in Colombia. Earlier as a child, he learned to play the violin when he was hardly five years old. Later as he grew older, he learned to play guitar and piano as well. Ideally, he mastered these instruments during his teenage years. But he understood the need to transition and that it was a crucial time to bring some significant change in life to make his work known. He decided to pack up and leave Colombia and migrated to Australia .

He is also an avid reader of Sci-Fi and CyberPunk and on a lazy day. Hence, he has recently started working on a Graphic Novel, Dusk Crisis. He has also combined Synthwave music that complements the genre of the novel.

In addition to these hobbies he pursues, Mv likes to travel and visits the historic and landmarks of each country. While touring new countries, he also explores history and culture of the music and observes the contemporary shift in music trends.

Amongst his all-time favorite artists are Gloria Estefan & Miami sound machine, Al Jarreau, Giorgio Moroder, Luis Miguel, Juan Luis Guerra & 440, Vangelis, and Eros Ramazzotti. His modest personality, cheerful demeanor, soul-stirring voice, and creative music assures he has a long way to go, and he will captivate his audiences with his work.

The imaginary of DUSK CRISIS depicts the darkest environment for the main character of the story. Still, he has to endure the pain and frustration in order to accomplish his core purpose in life.


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