I.M YONI & Sarah Maison – Déjà Vu (Video)

“A well balanced & dynamic production that because of the care given to stereo placement & definition, the wearing of headphones is compulsory. The track never stops moving forward as layer upon layer of fresh ideas are added. The vocals seamlessly knit together, cascading through a range of styles & creativity, with many interesting timing variations.”


I.M YONI (Independent Musicians of Yoni) is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who are united to address gender equality through art. The collective was formed as a musical group that produces original songs in multiple languages, within the genres of Funk, R&B, Dance, and Pop among others.

Sarah Maison has transported her magnetism and multifaceted creativity within multiple and varied musical universes: with Lenparrot (in their duet on “Paladines”); in the “Hommage à Léo Ferré” project with La Souterraine, alongside Pépite (for “Sensations” Remix); or even in the company of Anoraak with whom she offered in 2020 the seductive electro-disco song : “Gang” and its unstoppable widely welcomed groove.

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Follow Sarah Maison :: instagram.com/sarahvmaison
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Turbo Knight, Edictum – Andromeda (Spotify)

“Here on ‘Andromeda’ there is creativity in abundance. Turbo Knight & Edictum are positively exploding with imagination. This track is bursting with a huge variety of emotion, melody,rhythmic percussion, evolving sequences & dynamic variance. A massive Synthwave meets Trance anthem. Big thumbs up for the B side too.”


Turbo Knight & Edictum are blending Trance with Synthwave to create a 100 % Spacewave EP.


Sissysocks – Augsburg (Video)

“”Augsburg” is real anti-nightopia in the world of music. It is clearly intertwined by Indie Electronic elements, which are accompanied by a measured rhythm and barely invisible, but very memorable synthesizer melody. 100% dive!”

“-Augsburg- это настоящая антиутопия в мире музыки. В ней отчётливо переплетаются элементы indie electronic, которые сопровождаются размеренным ритмом и едва незаметными, но очень запоминающимися нотами мелодии синтезатора. 100% погружение!”


This song is about looking for things in the wrong places, and making the same mistakes again.


Odd Beholder – Accept Nature (Video)

“Do you feel anxious and stressed? Trapped into a destructive routine. Find your chance to escape from maddness with this nice Synthwave song. Popping beat, dreamy melodies and Daniela’s charming voice won’t let you down!”


Odd Beholder, the Electronica / Art Pop project from Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann releases the video for the recent single “Accept Nature“.

“Accept Nature” is a song about anxieties caused by unrealistic and, often, meaningless work goals. Weinmann details the track as well as the video:

The song «Accept Nature» tells the story of an insomniac that watches funny animal videos on her phone at night. She’s chronically stressed out because she feels that she has to compete with machines at work – so she wishes she would either become a machine, too, or survive like an animal in the wild, where her instincts / feelings would be an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

In the videoclip, the protagonist has transformed the trauma of her chronic stress into a cathartic object love. She falls for her exercise machine. To live her relationship or her kink she has to break into a gym at night.

Ironically, the wish to fit in into a merciless competitive work environment ultimately makes her drop out of the mainstream (sexuality). She explores a passion more interesting than productivity and conformity – and this exciting exploration helps her deal with the anxiousness she feels every night. I mean if you can’t sleep anyway – you might aswell break into a gym and seduce an exercise machine, right?

One night, she is discovered by a cleaner. This woman observes her quietly and doesn’t interfere for quite a while. Like the dancer, the cleaner breaks a few rules: She brings her dog to work and she spends the night in the gym, prying on the intimate moment between the woman and the exercise machine.

When she finally decides to step forward by switching on the light, she doesn’t call her out. Instead, she signals that she would like to join in.

I interpret this as a second step in the personal development of the two women: After turning to dogs and machines in search of love, comfort and warmth, they finally see each other. They finally discover solidarity and get curios about each other. Happy end: The stressed and singled out employee finds an unexpected ally after she dares to live out her wildest and weirdest feelings.

Odd Beholder’s sophomore album “Sunny Bay” will be released on Sept. 10th, 2021.





March and June , Indra – Love Lies (Video)

“A new star has dropped down from heavens and is called; “Love Lies”. Prepare for a fascinating trip in space with “March and June”. Hot Electronic waves with some old-style touch and the super voice of “Indra” are capable to blow up your mind.”


Nothing is lost. Nothing is created. Everything is transformed. Love turns into bubbly electro pop-dance synths, tears of happiness morph into stardust and discoball reflections. Riding along the dusty guitar riffs we found Indra’s sensual tones.

Love Lies is March & June’s newest journey into the outer space, following the same musical path back into the glorious 80s’ decade. He doesn’t travel by himself: Indra, one for Romania’s up-and-coming musical talents joined the mysterious astronaut, bringing smooth, sensual colours to the mix.


Kebu – Fleeting Lights (Video)

“Synthwave melody that is deeply inspired from a forgotten era. Organically pleasant keyboards sound and pleasant whisper of nostalgia. -Fleeting Lights- is the time to dream about the past.”

“Мелодия synthwave сильно окунает с головой в ушедшую, но так и не погасшую эпоху. Приятный проигрыш, органично звучащие клавишные и приятный шепот ностальгии. -Fleeting Lights- самое время для того, чтобы пофантазировать о былом. ”


The synthesizer wizard Kebu is back with a second single from his upcoming third studio album “Urban Dreams”. Conceived during a time of lock-downs and people living in isolation in confined spaces, this instrumental album is exploring dreams – both those occurring during sleep and daydreams.

“Fleeting Lights” is a celebration of power ballads and soft rock beats from the eighties – essentially music that surrounded and influenced Kebu when he was young. Instead of being nostalgic or witty about it, Kebu executes the uplifting and optimistic track like the world never moved on past that decade. Again, Kebu is pushing the limits of what can be done with analog synthesizers – similar to Kebu’s earlier releases, this track – and his upcoming album – consist of a sound universe made only with analog synthesizers and analog drum machines. The synths used on “Fleeting Lights” are also featured in the music video. In addition to the original mix, the single contains also a shorter radio edit.


Ambientcloud – Drifter (Spotify)

“Good music has always a great impact to us and we all have to do is just spot and listen to it. Here is a bright example from "Ambientcloud", simply too nice to resist and also mind soothing. The artist proves his talent in a single based on Chillwave synth waveforms with gradual progression and excellent build up.”



Arena – Fever (Spotify)

“This will be a huge track that will be on every radio station and on every dance hall DJ’s playlist this summer. Superbly produced, expertly arranged, and full of beautifully symphonious vocal harmonies & orchestration, that blend seamlessly with the punchy, percussive makes you want to dance beat. ‘Fever’ by Arena is a well-balanced winner.”


After picking up his first guitar at the age of 10, Joey Arena knew there was no “Plan B,” music is his purpose. Making friends with the road at the age of 17 and living one night at a time, the stages grew bigger as did the fans along the way. Arena grew up in a city of arts, Rochester, NY. The home to household names such as Lou Gramm and Steve Gadd; a geographical foundation in which he’d build a music career.


Mental Minority – Frontier (Video)

“Where are we going and where are we now? Significant questions which we can’t easily answer. “Mental Minority” is calling for a journey in the depths of our existence. Are you ready to reach the frontier of your inner self? Just follow this sound and you’ll get one step closer to the divine.”



Mental Minority is a one-man electronic music project from Bremen, Germany. I´m creating music under this name for more than 20 years now, for the last nine years mostly in the Synthwave/Retrowave genre – often melancholic, sometimes light-hearted and sometimes dark, always trying to avoid the too obvious cliches of the genre but keeping it more…personal.

My music was featured by almost all the influential Synthwave channels on the web like New Retro Wave, The Prime Thanatos, Luigi Donatello, The 80s Guy…


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