Nagamag wishes to you a Happy New Year full of Amazing Harmonies!

Peter Aries – Electric Mirage (Video)

“Light and cheerful track with balanced and carefully chosen melodies. A truly “Electric Mirage” from Peter to welcome the new year with the best Synthwave experience.”

Peter is a Swedish producer with main focus on electronic genres such as synthwave, trance and more.

His first official release was the EP “Finally” which was released in 2006, on CD only. Since then he has released +100 tracks and has continued to confuse his fans by switching style/genres back and forth, never stopping to experiment and following his passion – the simple joy of creating music. He has been working as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists, such as MarsTv, Social Ambitions and Karin My.

Ryan Flynn – Outside (Spotify)

“Step by step, beyond the thresholds of our borders, where from year to year we return again and again, collecting particles of our memories at the end of the earth. Outside is the harmonic beautiful synthpop new single of Ryan Flynn. ”

“Шаг за шагом, за пороги твоих и моих границ, куда из года в год мы возвращаемся вновь и вновь, собирая на краю земли частицы наших воспоминаний.”

Outside is the third single from Ryan Flynn released with DI Records.

Originally begun as an experimental side project while in film school, ryan flynn has since evolved into a perpetual orb-praising space pop venture.

It was in Rochester, NY that ryan flynn established his signature funky synth pop sound, solidified by the release of an eponymous EP in 2019 with widespread praise from the local community.

In 2020, ryan flynn took to the road with his Moog synthesizer, writing and performing improvisational pieces inspired by the scenery across the country.

Currently, ryan flynn is focusing on writing and releasing new tunes to accompany the most recent releases "Seems Like Yesterday" and "Pressure," alongside tasteful visuals.

Veinmelter – All the Waves (Spotify)

“Waves so serene, soothing in their depth. From end to end, from dusk to dawn, we dissolve into the oblivion of our horizons with you. The new single of Veinmelter, All the Waves is mesmerizing! ”

“Волны, такие безмятежные, убаюкивающие своей глубиной. От края до края, от заката и до самого рассвета мы растворяемся в небытие наших с тобой горизонтов.”

The Nomad Project – Miami Escape (Spotify)

“The Nomad Project delivers his new ep on Emerald & Doreen imprint, called Midnight Run. Here in nagamag, we picked Miami Escape, a synthwave track with wonderful harmonies and gentle groove which is offered for night thoughts for your long night drives. Which offers the escape you want from your daily routine. Beautiful layering of melodies which playing in your head, even when has stop to listen. ”

The Nomad project was created in late 2018/early 2019 by the Bassist of Rock band Tanoi. It's an exploration of 80s retro sounds and classic bass vibes.

naun – jump (Spotify)

“naun sure will make you jump with their lush synthpop vibes and their top notch sound quality. Crunchy synths, warm vocals, stomping beats and a groove that keeps you on and on. Not shamed to share we had a bit aerobic workout with this in the office and was the perfect theme! ”

An insisting arpeggiator wakes a sphere of delayed female vocals, tight beats and electrifying synths, all steadily building to the climax: “jump!”, she orders. the song’s applauding great courage – to jump straight into life, out of safety, prejudice and expectations and making room for dreams to come true. live a little – or a lot, life is now.

naun is electronic sounds and organic female vocals in a tight, dynamic atmosphere. a fusion of soft and hard, reality and dream, pain and passion, minimalism and abundance is played out among moody synthesizers and dancing beats. these contrasts are led by a voice whispering with elegacy and singing with honesty, melodies ranging from the lowest of low to the highest of high on a female scale. from a selfish mixture of hardcore irony and deep truth, lyrical portrays of interpersonal relationships and correlations between individuals and society arise. danish singer/songwriter amy horn and german producer/artist tom sue are the makers of this happy madness. stylistically influenced by the 80s, from techno to synthpop, naun creates a new, modern sound.

Evripidis and His Tragedies (featuring Rachel Kenedy)-Your Dreams (Official Video) (Video)

“With a minimal asset of positive melodic lines and soft beats, mixed gently along with beautiful vocal stories which engage your daydreaming needs. Your need to make your life more happy and beautiful. An entrancing song which make you smile. ”

Your Dreams is an ode to one’s particular longings coming from a place of starry-eyed purity. In Evripidis’ words: “This is a song about yearning, sleepless nights and most of all, hope, about trying to overcome your fears and hesitations, struggling to leave a suffocating situation be it a family, a relationship, a job, a city, and move on, although you might not even know what exactly you are aiming for.”

Conceived as a piano ballad, it was later transformed by Evripidis, his boyfriend Marc Ribera and producer Sergio Perez, into an indie dance pop anthem, full of analogue synth sounds, complete with an ecstatic instrumental coda. It features Rachel Kenedy (from indie pop darlings Flowers and experimental pop group Fuse Box City) as a guest vocalist

Evripidis and His Tragedies is the handsome and goofy alter-ego of Evripidis Sabatis (born and raised in Athens, based in Barcelona). Through his devastating, confesional and darkly humorous pop songs he tries to dissect and ultimately own the vicissitudes of life, invoking a pop sensibility featuring quirky lyrics as he takes us for a bumpy, dancy ride across the fine line between tragedy and joie de vivre. He draws influences from the vast spectre of pop music of the last 60 years, adding his classical piano training.

He has released four full-length LPs to the day, three of them sung mostly in English and the last one sung entirely in Greek while he is about to release a fifth one, featuring a shift towards a synthetic sound

Weland – Killed by My Love (Video)

“Take your polished 1969 Dodge for a ride out on the night, throw this in, and drive through the city lights. The synth pop vibes here will make you breath for life, while you enjoy the nowadays life, never forget the retro life of the good things, where people knew how to spent valuable their time out of screens. ”

The song is about a guy who is loosing the love he though he had.

It was written, recorded, and mixed by me in my basement home studio using real hardware vintage synths like Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7. I use a few VST instrument for stuff like drums and bass and additional keyboard roles.

The lead vocal is sung by Chris Cron who lives in Nashville. We never actually met in person, but worked together via the internet. I sent him a demo with me singing poorly, and he then did it brilliantly in return.

Few words about Weland

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Synthpop songwriter and producer Weland started releasing music in 2019 after trying to write a catchy pop song for 30 years.

“Every time I tried to write or sing something, my critical inner panel of judges rolled their eyes and shook their heads in despair. I always loved pop music, but the inner judges had agreed that I should know better. They had also emphasized that as an adult student at the Music Conservatory, I should focus on far more challenging music genres and skills.

I believed that my attraction to pop would pass and one day I would ‘grow up’ musically. But it just never happened – I still like a good pop song.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours recording, mixing, and fine-tuning completely finalized pop productions, except without any melody or lyrics. Those elements were a mystery to me, like a special superpower that only a few people had, and I was not one of them.

But then one day something changed. Maybe it was the realization that we don’t live forever, and if you, like me, are struggling with inner judges, that stops you from doing things you really want, you need to tell them to put a sock in it and ignore it.”

Weland was originally a rock drummer playing professionally in bands signed on EMI and Sony Music, but has always been fascinated by synthesizers and studio equipment.

“The whole process of making it sound like a record was magical for me. I wanted to crawl into that stereo universe of a well-produced pop song and stay there for much longer than the three minutes it lasted. I could listen to the same song again and again and again…

I was a teenager in the 80s and I guess the soundtrack of my life originates from that era, so I keep drawing inspiration from that period. Luckily the 80s vibe is kind of in fashion right now, so I’m just enjoying the ride. In a few years it will be over, and nobody will want to hear a synth or reverb on anything again.”

Rik Rivera – Welcome Back (Spotify)

“Rik Rivera with his new single Welcome Back under his synthpop flavors push us into wonderful grooves and beautiful synthwave vocal chorus. Warm sound for your ears and heart!”

A collaboration between Rik Rivera (Sweden) and Eugene Golobokin (Lithuania), Welcome Back attempts to describe the longing for some resemblance of peace in a turbulent time, be it lockdown, a broken relationship or just the general mess we call our life. Tinged with 80's synth flavours, it merges contemporary pop sentiments with those of a bygone era.

Matan Arkin – Violet Hour (Spotify)

“Matan Arkin offers us an hour to visit the purple (Violet Hour), released on OIOI Recordings, an hour which so far was a mystery, an enigma. With his soft beats and vocals we step into unknown territories. Where we are now? Listen and find the answer.”

“Matan Arkin предлагает нам посетить фиолетовый час, в котором есть таинственность и загадка. Мы шагаем в такт его голоса по неизвестным ранее местам. Куда мы придем? Послушайте и найдите ответ.”

Matan Arkin is a producer that creates magical music that not just moves bones and feet but also touches heart and soul.

Mystical sound landscapes merging with earthy beats from all over the world, of all kinds and genres.

There are no boundaries in his music which makes the listener be deeply touched and go on a mediate journey.

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