Justy – Letting Loose (Spotify)

“"Justy" presents an interesting tune with innovative ideas. "Letting Loose" has the structure of House matched with Hip-Hop style lyrics. Remarkable is the bass and beat part which function like a connecting ingredient between the two music genres.”


"Letting Loose" is the first single where I've really experimented with house elements and song structure. When I first heard the beat I knew I wanted to incorporate some of that house-hip hop vibes in my delivery. The musiciality in the song felt like stepping out of my comfort zone and I wanted to write a song that also touched on that feeling of letting loose. The song is about unwinding and liberating yourself for yourself.


Nick AG – Just Love (Spotify)

“Ride on the track of the track -Just Love- and lose yourself at least for a moment, in the rhythms of House music. After 5 minutes, think about it - is it necessary to return? Hands stretch to the play button, the heartbeat gets faster and the next wave takes you with it!”

“Прокатитесь на волне драйва трека -Just Love- и потеряйтесь хотя бы на мгновение в ритмах House музыки. Спустя 5 минут задумайтесь - а нужно ли возвращаться? Руки сами тянутся к кнопке воспроизведения, сердцебиение учащается и очередная волна забирает вас с собой!”



Senssual Records presents Nick AG : Debut release in the Ibiza based imprint by the talented Canadian artist, Nick AG. “Just Love” is the name of the single: perfect house music vibe, great groove, solid bass-line, cool piano riff and epic vocals. Amazing mix and arrangement by Nick AG. Perfect sound for your dj sets. A must on your playlists. Don’t miss it !


Born and raised in Sparta, Greece, Nick AG had always had a special feeling about music. After his music studies, he became interested in the art of DJing and started mixing in bars and later in clubs. His Dj sets are known for the energy they have and the memories they recall.
 Nick thinks that music is the tool to control your feelings. In his productions , he always tries to add that special thing that will give goosebumps to the listeners and make them feel music the way he feels it.

Mazoulew – Ditto (Spotify)

“Imagine yourself lying on a hill with flowers, while a little cool breeze slightly eases the head and fingertips. That general condition is comparable to full and controlled bliss. Such sensations appeard when we first heard -Ditto-. We ended up in our rule of majesty, melody and rhythm.”

“Представьте, что вы парите в вакууме. Вам немного прохладно, слегка немеет затылок и кончики пальцев, а общее состояние сравнимо с полным и подконтрольным блаженством. Именно такие ощущения нас не покидали, когда мы впервые услышали -Ditto-. Мы оказались во властвовании её величества мелодии и ритма.”


Ditto is the debut single from Mazoulew's 'Movements EP'. A collection of works that transcend genre from Downtempo-Electronica to Ambient-Neo Classical.


Sam Blacky – No More (Spotify)

“A fairly simple, but very clinging arrangement with the god-like vocals of -Samantha Black and magnificent harmonic rhythms of House music. -No More- drives listeners to feel the easy atmosphere of carelessness, which is so necessary for each of us.”

“Достаточно простая, но очень цепляющая аранжировка, богоподобный вокал -Samantha Black- и великолепной гармоникой ритмов house музыки. -No More- даёт слушателям почувствовать лёгкую атмосферу беззаботности, которая так необходима каждому из нас.”



Multitalented Sam Blacky returns with her newest single "No More," the perfect track to be your anthem to turning a new page and living it up this summer. It bears her signature tech-house style, running on a deep, driving bassline that incorporates plenty of rhythmic shakers and synths, complete with soulful and captivating vocals. Like most of Blacky's music, "No More" feels right at home being played at clubs or festivals in some of the world's most beautiful venues, since she draws most of her inspiration from her worldwide travels. Out on her own imprint Stabby Records, the single follows up Sam's latest "Paradise." With the pandemic rapidly receding in many areas of the world, keep an eye out for where Sam might be making appearances in the coming months.

"'No More' is super special to me not only because of the message in the lyrics, but also because this song can empower those who hear it and sing along in an almost cathartic way, saying goodbye to past negativity. It's all about moving forward and realizing what you're worth. I definitely feel "No More" being played out in clubs and festivals this summer as a sort of 'f*ck you' anthem to anyone or anything that has hurt you." - Sam Blacky

Samantha Black is a multitalented DJ/producer, model, and influencer professionally known as Sam Blacky. Originally from San Diego, Sam spent several years in Australia, where she first fell in love with producing music and performing live. Since moving back to Los Angeles, music and performing have taken a front seat in her life. In addition to her hectic modeling schedule, Sam has performed live across the world from 2017 to 2021, from Mexico to Ibiza to Bali, racking up over 120 gigs a year at some of the premier electronic festivals and clubs on the planet. With the global pandemic in 2020, Sam released a series of videos on Youtube called "A New World," where she streamed live sets from some of her favorite places in Mexico, giving viewers a taste of vacation vibes even while staying safe at home. Before all the music, her modeling portfolio included brands such as Nike, L'Oréal, Galore, Marie Claire, Superdry, Guess, Sports Illustrated, Malibu, and Playboy, giving her a unique creative perspective to all types of cultures and styles to bring to her music. With the launch of Sam Blacky's label, Stabby Records, and her first releases, 2021 is set to be a breakout year for Sam as she expands her artistic brand.

More info on Sam Blacky:


musclecars – She Raised Us in Sunset Park (Spotify)

“When different music genres meet, quite interesting results may occur. This is the case here with "Musclecars" fast track. Plenty of acoustic loops are combined in a mix with soft keys, wild guitar chords and many more instrumental sounds. The result lies somewhere between House and Indie Electronic magic!”



musclecars, composed of Craig Handfield & Brandon Weems, are staples in NYC’s House scene and beyond through their party-turned-label Coloring Lessons, effervescent sets on The Lot Radio, and increasingly acclaimed productions. Expanding on their debut EP ‘Street Dreams’, the duo returns to toucan sounds with ‘Street Dreams (Deluxe)’, bringing together remixes from London’s K15 and Tokyo’s Dazzle Drums alongside original cuts.

Leading the release, ‘She Raised Us In Sunset Park’ sees the duo offer a fresh take on ‘The Man Who Kept Bedstuy Warm’, bringing a flurry of dense live percussion alongside soaring guitar licks, vibrant horns, and smooth keys. K15 brings wildlife ambiance and gorgeous, soft chords for his take on ‘Sol’, burying the vocals under a bed of dreamy house.

Dazzle Drums takes ‘Sun Track I’ into downtempo territory, reworking Tiff Ortiz’s vocal performance into a delicate and organic affair. Offering two parts to the release, ‘Street Dreams (Deluxe)’ includes a digital three-track release of brand new material alongside a 12” vinyl including the latest works alongside tracks from their 2020 debut.


Native to New York, musclecars is a DJ / Producer duo consisting of Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield. As musicians, they equally share an admiration for the art form. Their desire to blend genres and express their appreciation for music is focused around their community- the end goal is to bring people together. Through a regular stream of high quality mixes, they have begun to turn heads in underground circles.

In 2018 they launched ‘Coloring Lessons’, a party that was aimed to add value to their city’s nightlife culture. While the party and sound is not genre specific, it is heavily focused around house, disco, jazz, and soul, embracing the musical elements of their black and brown ancestors. The monthly party's intention is to bring New York City's dance music scene back to what it was during the golden era of NY nightlife. They aim to spread the music that has been influential to them, and share it with a younger generation of their peers.


Isaiah Saturn, Hugo Villanova – The Sea (Hugo Villanova Mix) (Spotify)

“-The Sea- has an atmospheric scale. A composition that introduces into ecstasy, into something abstract and weightless. Mysterious space sounds cause a persistent effect of intoxication. Energetic music impregnated with a very bright living atmosphere, possesing something light, good and eternal.”

“-The Sea- это масштаб и атмосфера. Композиция, которая вводит в экстаз, в нечто абстрактное и невесомое. Таинственные звуки витающие в пространстве вызывают стойкий эффект опьянения. Энергичная музыка, пропитанная очень яркой, живой атмосферой нечто светлого, доброго и вечного.”


The Sea is an enchanting house record that explores infatuation and confusion when feeling the onslaught of what is believed to be love. The production and vocals consist of the contrast of whimsical elements with a heavy bass, coinciding with the melodic verses and bold choruses.


BERWALD – Eso (Video)

“”BERWALD” is here with a dancing bomb for our Summer nights. Successful combination of House and Latin elements, which lift the mood and transfer positive energy. It’s time to adjust your speakers’ volume and …start the dance!”


Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind this song:

“During my past year at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam the song Eso was created. It is a House and Latin like dance track.

Due to the pandemic I longed for the freedom like we had before. The traveling, going to festivals with friends and enjoying the summer days is something we took for granted. From this nostalgia the song came about. I made it with another student/artist from Puerto Rico, he was the perfect match because he knows the Latin culture better than I do. He played the guitar and did the vocals on it. These two elements gave energy and soul to the song and later became the whole theme for this project.

When people listen to this single. I want them to feel free, energetic, positive and get summer feelings.

The song got played on Sublime FM the biggest soul, funk and jazz radio in the Netherlands. Where they do crossovers on Sundays with soul and electronic music.

This is also the single of the upcoming EP. The EP consists of 4 songs. These songs are about my love for soul music and the music I grew up with. It is a mixture of house, soul and big band music, the stuff I want to make more of in the future. ”



Trip Tease, Kris Berle – Monkey (Spotify)

“Who can say no to a Lo-fi House track? Carlos Salame works with Kris Berle for "Monkey". Prototypical vocal effects go along with some old style synth samples. Characteristic warm loops and a friendly, cozy feeling can be found in this absolutely entertaining tune.”



Trip Tease is Mexican producer Carlos Salame, born in 1991. With mainly Electronic sounds and melodic structures. Trip Tease is influenced by genres like pop, techno, lo-fi house and synthwave. He's collaborated with many artists like rhye, Alejandro molinari, Kris Berle, Olafur Arnalds, polo & pan, photay, And more.

Saxongroove – Open Doors (Spotify)

“Very interesting release in the House scene with a bit of jazzy taste. When the acoustic meets the electronic, you have "Open Doors". Needless to say that to produce such a track is not an easy job for every artist, but a piece of cake for some old masters like "Saxongroove". Don't skip this!”


Open Doors' is a laidback, deep jazzy house track that is as smooth as they come. Featuring a mix of organic percussions, a groovy bassline, a melodic piano topline and a saxophonic surprise, 'Open Doors' will definitely take you back to the jazzy, soulful sounds of late 1990s/early 2000s deep house.


Saxongroove are Jason Guest and Richard Kerry, long-term stalwarts of British dance music who have been producing together since 1997. Both started DJ-ing in the mid-90's, playing parties within the UK and as far as Tenerife and Barbados, championing the classic house and electronic music sound before turning to production. Despite the latter's move to Los Angeles in 2016, the duo has continued to work together, with more releases to follow.


Adibanti – The Overflow (Spotify)

“"The Overflow" is a mix of House with Garage influences. The artist has combined his soft, elusive voice with some catchy synth loops. A very nice example of personal creation, which has nothing to do with typical music patterns.”



With the world finally starting to slowly recover from a year of a global pandemic, raging protests, and toppling economies, 2020’s silver-lining was that it gave people time to reflect on what is truly important for the future. For Adibanti, aka Rory J Nelson, he took the time to double down on himself musically and craft some of the best records of his career. One of those recordings, entitled “The Overflow”, is set to come out on June 18th and is a layered composition built on a garage beat but contains thoughtful songwriting that muses about the volatile nature of our current world.

’This tune has been on a real journey and is about living in the modern era. With so much difference of opinion, 2021 is a notoriously tricky age to navigate. Express and love’

- Adibanti


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