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Total music posts:2,578 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,578
Total artist interviews:111

Riccardo Pietri – Luminous Island (Spotify)

“Imagine how the glowing island is picked from its edges... ice pillars are poured with waterfalls, while shaggy hats lay among scattered trees with yellow flake-like leaves. -Luminous Island- will bring closer to yourself, in your endless, but such obvious dreams.”

“Представьте, как над вами парит светящийся остров. С его краёв водопадами льются ледяные столбы, а с мохнатых шапок деревьев рассыпаются жёлтыми хлопьями листья. -Luminous Island- заберёт вас к себе, в свои бесконечные, но такие явные сны.”

Pianist and composer born and raised in Milan. Music inspired by nature and human condition with a purpose of delivering peace to whoever listens.

Luis Paul – A Magical Journey (Spotify)

“-A Magical Journey- flows like water from the spring itself. Envelops you with coolness, raises up to heaven and soars with you among white, cotton-like clouds. Magic Neoclassical work with a magnificent rhythm section.”

“- A Magical Journey- льётся студёной водой из самого источника. Обволакивает вас своей прохладой, поднимает ввысь, к небесам и парит вместе с вами среди белых, словно ватные диски облаков. Волшебное неоклассическое произведение, с великолепной ритм-секцией. ”

This song takes you on a magical journey through the power and beauty of nature. While writing it I imagined beautiful landscapes, the wildlife and a wonderful sunrise in the early morning. As the song progresses, it becomes more dense and intense with percussion and strings. I hope it triggers your fantasy and imagination so it can become your soundtrack of life.

derek muro – rove feat. Daisy Press (Video)

“Do you prefer Ambient & Drone tracks? Then “Derek Muro” should be among your best choices. His latest work “Rove” can easily prove what we mean. All you have to do is click play and within four minutes you’ll have an unforgetable sound experience. Respect!”

rove is apart of derek muro’s debut album, ‘cues’ his spectacular debut as a solo musician, connecting the dots between ambient, jazz, and more.

“The video for ‘rove’ uses a combination of textural footage displaying the weathering and corrosion of discarded industrial relics, and more prominently, found footage from antidepressant television commercials spanning the last decade. Of particular interest to me in these ads is how there isn’t much physical “product” to display but merely an abstract sense of “ease” or “happiness.” The actors’ intentionally broad emotional reactions (as well as the filler footage needed to cover the discussion of side effects) were fascinating when isolated, repeated, slowed down and layered. While the music evokes distinctly ancient “spiritual” associations (sampling a few Medieval compositions), I found a weird kind of transcendence pairing that with the mundane disposable commercial surface of everyday people feeling fulfilled over and over again.” -derek muro

derek muro is a creator of music that embraces concepts of emotion, memory, and perception. Beginning his career from an art space in Bushwick while working weekend shifts as a church organist, he is now an award-winning composer for film and interactive media, having a diverse career that has wound through the studios of Hans Zimmer, performances at BAM and the Yale Institute for Music Theatre.

Raised in a wholly musical family (his mother a church music director, his father pioneering electronic musician Don Muro) a world of disparate genres existed all under the same roof, ultimately setting him on a journey through the Juilliard Pre-College program and a composition degree at Manhattan School of Music. Following school, leading his way through various DIY circles in Brooklyn (including the band Love Like Deloreans), a trip to Los Angeles for several years honing the craft of scoring to picture ultimately brought him back to New York as partner and creative director at YouTooCanWoo.

Recent work has developed from a fluid blend of composition and improvisation integrating saxophone, keyboard instruments and found sound with live electronics – combining strains of ambient, new classical, drone & balearic music with lo-fi minimalism.

Kindred Connection – Some Kind of Dream (Spotify)

“This brand new "Kindred Connection" heartwarming creation can directly affect its listeners. Expressive singing with piano background and electronic patterns create a sad atmosphere. A story about losing someone, but in the end the pain goes away.”

"Some Kind of Dream" is about the loss of a loved one, the pain of loosing someone seems to be insurmountable for the main character of the song until somehow he manages to overcome it. The attenuation of grief and the acceptance of death are represented by the orchestral ending of the track.

Kindred Connection is a duo born from the friendship between Gabriele and Mattia. As the relationship was going deeper, so was their will to unite their passion for music and their backgrounds: in their songs the sounds whispered by Gabriele’s voice are joining hands with Mattia’s electronic arrangements. Their debut single ''Secret Places'' has been released the 27th of November 2020.

Tewksbury – Sitaantaago Elegy (Spotify)

“The traditional feature of neoclassical music has always been that it is able to awaken the most hidden feelings while we stayed for the dark stubs. -Sitaantaago Elegy- is interesting, multifaceted and memorable music, which should certainly be included in the playlist of each one.”

“Традиционной чертой неоклассической музыки всегда было то, что она способна пробудить самые скрытые чувства, пока мы оставались за тёмной ширмой суеты. -Sitaantaago Elegy- интересная, многогранная и запоминающаяся музыка, которая непременно должна быть в плейлисте каждого из нас.”

Artist shared with Nagamag few words behind this inspiration:

"This track is one track off 'Paths, a musical work of original compositions for piano and electronic instruments, which turns to look directly at climate change, trying to find hope in these dark times for our planet. It is inspired by my travels to glaciers, tundra, and ice-covered lands, including Norway, Newfoundland, Alaska, Sweden, Ontario, and elsewhere.

In these places, I was witnessing such impossible beauty in the ice, the stillness of objective time, the slow beauty of nature. These were places so remarkable that I could barely believe they existed. Yet there was a sadness hovering over each of these experiences, that these things will soon be lost. And maybe we, as a species, will be lost, too..."

A DREAM THAT NEVER ENDS – Jordi Forniés (Video)

“Never stop dreaming and believe in miracles. On this path, music will be a guide star and the best friend throughout your life. -A Dream That Never Ends- as if dictates with invisible pages of its history, that everything will certainly be in your favor. Dream safe and without regret.”

“Никогда не прекращайте мечтать и верить в чудеса. Музыка на данном пути станет для вас путеводной звездой и лучшим другом на протяжение всей вашей жизни. -A DREAM THAT NEVER ENDS- словно диктует с невидимых страниц своей истории, что всё непременно сложится в вашу пользу. Мечтайте смело и без сожаления.”

Jordi Forniés is a Spanish musician, composer, and visual artist based in Singapore. His works are characterised by a continuum between tender overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum.

Always contemplative and expansive in nature, his compositions draw on neoclassical and ambient electronic music. Forniés composes for piano, strings, and small ensembles, working with studio recordings alongside electronic elements.

His first album Loudly Quiet will be released in 2021 together with his forthcoming solo exhibition under the same name. The album is a hopeful and poignant collection of compositions for piano and strings which each focus around an individual story or transient moment.

He has often worked in collaboration with others including Bouvaque with photographer and filmmaker Han Sungpil for which Forniés’ created a piano and string quartet score. He has composed for films including Caroline Fink’s epic documentary about the receding of the largest glacier in Switzerland, Aletsch: Of Ice and Men, 2016, and made music for documentaries and video installations with Gitta Gsell. He also worked on Yan Wang Preston’s major project Mother River, which was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

A classically trained pianist since childhood, educated at Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Vila-seca in Spain, Forniés returned to music study in 2017 gaining an MFA in Music Composition and Orchestration at Chichester University in the UK. He is a member of the Composers Society of Singapore.

To check Jordi’s visual work please visit

Harmoni Jones – Perspectives (Spotify)

“Consider listening "Perspectives" if you feel lost in anxiety from our everyday routine. when night comes we all have to relax and this Classic piano gem could not miss from our sound preferences. Remarkably melodic and very balanced piece too.”

Perspectives is the fourth release from American piano / Ambient composer Harmony Jones.

Harmoni Jones is a piano player and composer from Philadelphia in the USA. She is member of the Piano Collective, a group of like minded composers who produce Peaceful Piano Music.

Kiki Cubb – The Lark (Spotify)

“We can't deny that some Classical creations have the ability to touch our soul. "The Lark" can transfer all the magic from the hands of "Kiki Cubb" into our inner self. Soft, etherial and slightly melancholic melodies are ready to fill the air around and cuddle us with care.”

Kiki Cubb is an international composer who began studying piano in France at the age of nine. She continued to study music until her late teens. She moved to the United States and due to the day to day demands of life, she was distracted from her passion for composing music for some years. More recently, a tragedy prevented her from playing on her 100 year old Steinway for 3 years. After resuming playing and as a healing process, she discovered a new found passion for composing again.

Vincent Boot – Out Of The Box (Spotify)

“The wounded heart is easy to heal with music, especially if it is a gentle piano touch to our tired soul. -Out of the box- is clean, natural dopamine for your body capable of healing every wound.”

“Раненое сердце легко излечить музыкой, в особенности, если это нежнейшие прикосновения фортепиано нашей утомлённой души. -Out Of The Box- это чистый, природный дофамин для вашего тела, способный затянуть любую рану.”

Thomas Hewitt Jones – Wonder (Spotify)

“The sound that can leave breathless... press in your chest and force the lungs empty from air. Yes, these sensations arise when we play the neoclassical composition -Wonder-. Emotions are poured across the edge of a raging icy river. Do not be afraid, because each second worths the listening.”

“Дыхание перехватывает от кома в горле, давит в груди, воздуха не хватает и в глазах пелена. Да. Именно такие ощущения возникают, стоит лишь включить неоклассическую композицию -Wonder-. Эмоции через край льются бурлящей ледяной рекой. Не бойтесь, каждая секунда того стоит.”

Wonder' explores hope and optimism for the future, attributes which I feel the world needs right now. It is intended to be hopeful, mystic and ultimately uplifting. Thank you for listening.

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