Sacha Hoedemaker – Circular

“This one goes deep as it can, lower notes filled with a beautiful reverb, gives you space you need to breathe within the notes that are walking by you like rain drops while you walk the empty city streets at night. ”

The title track of the long-awaited EP ‘Circular’ by Sacha Hoedemaker. A collection of peaceful piano pieces inspired by the circularity of life.

Jakob Lindhagen – Here, Before

“Just love the production on this piece, all the details it have, noises, fx, but the heart, the heart is that lush piano with an amazing cello, that is so moving, sad and at the same time full of hope. Amazing how it captures all emotions you can feel at the same time, like a remembrance, images of the past you will have forever.”

Joris Holtackers – Qaanaaq (feat. Johan Olof and Bart Soeters) [version for Lemon Sharks trio]

“There's music that can be always suitable and welcome from the vast majority of listeners. Here's a representative example of Cinematic sound, based on simple, minimal elements with deep influence to your ears. A peaceful production which will touch your soul in the most gentle way.”

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