A Winged Victory For The Sullen – ‘Desires Are Already Memories’ (Invisible Cities, 2021) (Video)

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“Ambient is an amazing journey through the endless expanses of the world around us. When, instead of a thousand words, there is only the exceptional magic of sound and vibration in your hearts. Turn off the lights, take a deep breath, and relax. ”

“Ambient – удивительное путешествие по бескрайним просторам окружающего нас с вами мира. Когда вместо тысячи слов лишь исключительная магия звука и вибрации в ваших сердцах. Погасите свет, глубоко вздохните и расслабьтесь.”


A Winged Victory for the Sullen, the composer collaboration between Stars of the Lid founder Adam Wiltzie and L.A. composer Dustin O’Halloran, are set to release new album ‘Invisible Cities’ on February 26th 2021, the stunning score to the critically acclaimed theatre production directed by London Olympics ceremony video designer Leo Warner. Released on their own Artificial Pinearch Manufacturing label, the album comes as part of an agreement with A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s current label, Ninja Tune.

On the album, the music is distilled into a 45-minute version that draws on expansive worlds, hopeful compositions, and ominous soundscapes. “Desires Are Already Memories” is a steady unraveling, with heartbeat ambient synths slowly building on and overtaking the track’s choral ambience.


Zenon Marko – Esse (Video)

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“Highly emotional creation with a characteristic calm and peaceful inpact. Smooth and gradual progression of sounds. This beauty can surely touch your soul in a simple and direct way!”


“Esse” (Latin, infinitive, “to be, to exist”) is the centerpiece of the “Symmetry” album. The entire album is symmetrical, and “Esse” itself is completely symmetrical and reversible in time, both musically and visually in this video.


“Symmetry” is the musically symmetrical soundtrack of a journey, whether physical, intellectual, imaginative, emotional, philosophical, psychological, or spiritual. The music expresses progressive ascent towards a goal, arrival at an apex, descent, and return. The structure of the music reflects and embodies philosophy, mathematics, sacred geometry, harmony and dissonance, and psychoacoustics. This electronic arrangement of the composition is inspired by early, baroque, classical and neoclassical music, as well as electronic music and minimalism.


Zenon Marko is an artist, composer, producer, electronic musician, DJ, drummer, studio owner, and philosopher, residing in New York City. Marko produces, composes, and performs in genres ranging from rock, classical, ambient, progressive, electronic, techno, house, world, neoclassical, downtempo, and improvisational. His work has been released and on the charts internationally. He works under his own name as well as under various project names including that of his collaboration Metasonica. Marko owns Disreality, a music production company, studio, and label in TriBeCa in downtown NYC.

9ICK x Andrew Black – Effervescence (Spotify)

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“Step outside, look at the starry sky, close your eyes and seek beyond of what you consider as reality. 9ICK through his latest album Sunday Morning Petrichor and more specific on track #12, called Effervescence , a collaboration with Andrew Black, reminds us life is not what simple moves in our eyes, but something deeper and beyond. With lush atmosphere and harmonies in this ambient hymn manages to awake us and rest our mind. ”


Selsom – Eiter (Spotify)

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“Imagine flying into a new untouched land as a free bird, seeing the beauty of pure nature, the clean cool air tickling your skin, your eyes hypnotized into this majestic view. Selsom with Eiter through his wonderful harmonies manage to provide us a daydreaming of hope.”


Eiter, meaning "small hail stones" in Norwegian, is part of a one-track-a-month ode to snow concept. It is an electronic neo-classical single with a piano solo B-side. The A-side is lead by an intimate pacy piano rhythm, covered by ambient strings, arpeggiator synths and vocal chops reminiscent of Ólafur Arnalds.


Selsom is the composer alias of songwriter and producer Stian Vedøy. Hailing from a windswept west coast island in Norway, with not much else to do other than playing music, Vedøy started having piano lessons as a 6 year old. Having given most of his adult years too his indie folk pop project, Firewoodisland, he has now decided that it is time create an outlet for his piano lead compositions. With hints of misty and organic sounding synths and other sonic nuances, Selsom takes you to an atmospheric and cinematic state of deep focus.


MDJ Matthias De Jaeger – Fading Soul (Spotify)

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“If you are too sensitive with melancholic music, not step in as this goes deep. If you are from those that melancholic music works in a cathartic way for their soul, their mood, cleaning the whole inside, then step in and let yourself flow. Fading Soul by MDJ Matthias De Jaeger is very emotional solo piano track which performed with clearly passion, erupting to strong harmonies which work as razor in your heart. Beautiful! ”


This track is an easy listening moving and peaceful piano song expressing feelings like tenderness, regret and melancholi

Paul Cousins – An Abstract Place (Video)

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“Receiving an ocean of music variety, and in beatless ambient styles like what Paul Cousins offers here sometimes is hard to define what worked more or less to catch your attention. Usually is the blend of harmonies, the story line which blended in a brilliant way together with a secret recipe from the artist. Same as many can follow the guidelines of a cooking recipe, yet few will reach the right taste. Here we feel that mesmerizing taste. A story line which through way and at end, left us with clean thoughts, total relaxed and a warm feeling about life. This is what a good ambient story can manage! ”


An Abstract Place’ is inspired by the spaces we’re taken to during immersive listening. The track was produced with analog synthesizers, half speed 1/4″ tape effects and digital samples. It’s designed for reflective moments, walking alone or soundtracking a journey.

The accompanying video by director Edward Harber is an atmospheric study of the eroding coastline at Happisburgh, Norfolk. The historic area has undergone a process of coastal erosion in recent years, leaving a familiar place hard to recognise for residents. As more homes surrender to the sea, the sense of abandonment through elemental change weighs upon the landscape. The film takes this displacement further, by contorting the environment into something wholly unfamiliar. Sand flats merge with water intertwined in rock and tide motions are reversed. As the track unfolds the fragility of the landscape becomes fluid, echoing the ocean’s relentless pull upon the cliffs.

The track’s artwork is a collaboration with digital artist Signalstarr, and inspired by Russian abstract minimalist Kazimir Malevich.


Paul Cousins is a producer & composer based in London. Recently featured in FACT magazine’s ‘Patch Notes’ series, he creates ambient soundscapes using analog synthesizers, samples & field recordings. In addition to producing for a diverse range of artists such as Muck Spreader, August Child & Night Games, his other studio credits include Luke Evans, FOURS and Makeup & Vanity Set.


Tristan Welch – Family Stress (Spotify)

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“-Family Stress- is our pick and the #2 track from the new album of Tristan Welch -Ambient Distress-, those that are parenthood may connected here faster, but not worry, it has the opposite effect. Rich pad atmospheres, into a nostalgic emotional stage and gently harmonic layers which progressing slowly, it comes to rest the speed you live in your daily routine and stay to the beautiful moments between. Beautiful ambient! ”


"The songs on Tristan Welch’s new album, Ambient Distress, are texture rich songs that act as both a diagnosis and a cure to the problems labeled in the titles of the tunes. With tracks like “Economic Fear,” “Social Hopelessness,” and “Family Stress,” you’d imagine tracks that are dark and unsettling, especially with Welch’s mastery at eliciting emotions with electronic sound. But this album is mostly beautiful and could be used as a meditation tool to help you process and find relief from these very real world woes."


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