Zenon Marko – Esse (Video)

“Highly emotional creation with a characteristic calm and peaceful inpact. Smooth and gradual progression of sounds. This beauty can surely touch your soul in a simple and direct way!”


“Esse” (Latin, infinitive, “to be, to exist”) is the centerpiece of the “Symmetry” album. The entire album is symmetrical, and “Esse” itself is completely symmetrical and reversible in time, both musically and visually in this video.


“Symmetry” is the musically symmetrical soundtrack of a journey, whether physical, intellectual, imaginative, emotional, philosophical, psychological, or spiritual. The music expresses progressive ascent towards a goal, arrival at an apex, descent, and return. The structure of the music reflects and embodies philosophy, mathematics, sacred geometry, harmony and dissonance, and psychoacoustics. This electronic arrangement of the composition is inspired by early, baroque, classical and neoclassical music, as well as electronic music and minimalism.


Zenon Marko is an artist, composer, producer, electronic musician, DJ, drummer, studio owner, and philosopher, residing in New York City. Marko produces, composes, and performs in genres ranging from rock, classical, ambient, progressive, electronic, techno, house, world, neoclassical, downtempo, and improvisational. His work has been released and on the charts internationally. He works under his own name as well as under various project names including that of his collaboration Metasonica. Marko owns Disreality, a music production company, studio, and label in TriBeCa in downtown NYC.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 8, 2020