INEZ ”In a Minute” (Official music Video) (Video)

“The new composition -In a Minute- by INEZ is unique and draws into the imagination of her listeners a huge, inimitable world. Intoxicating rhythm like a glass of wine, languid, penetrating into the very depths of the soul and heart of the vocal performer with an amazing story that can be laid down in the infinity of time.”

“Композиция In a Minute от INEZ уникальна тем, когда всего один сингл рисует в воображение его слушателей огромный, неподражаемый мир автора. Опьяняющий словно бокал вина ритм, томный, проникающий в самую глубь души и сердца вокал исполнительницы и удивительная история, которую можно уложить в бесконечность неповторимых минут.”

In some instances all it takes is one moment before you don’t recognize yourself. You’re riding a horse trough the desert of Arizona and suddenly you find yourself sitting opposite a stranger that is yourself. With their song “In a Minute” INEZ look closer at the crossroads as live presents them to us. Front woman Ines Brodbeck wishes herself to “another place without time” and takes a dive into a pool (of sound and water, that is).

In the water pomegranates float around, a symbol of fertility, and in the music itself reverbchambers open up to new dimensions. “My time will be mine” sings Brodbeck and sounds as timeless as sublime. In the jangly guitars we catch an earful of Ennio Morricone and in the crimson cloak a glimpse of David Lynch. And then she inserts a jack cable into the pomegranate – and there goes an explosion of sound and colour.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 8, 2020