Tristan Welch – Family Stress (Spotify)

“-Family Stress- is our pick and the #2 track from the new album of Tristan Welch -Ambient Distress-, those that are parenthood may connected here faster, but not worry, it has the opposite effect. Rich pad atmospheres, into a nostalgic emotional stage and gently harmonic layers which progressing slowly, it comes to rest the speed you live in your daily routine and stay to the beautiful moments between. Beautiful ambient! ”

"The songs on Tristan Welch’s new album, Ambient Distress, are texture rich songs that act as both a diagnosis and a cure to the problems labeled in the titles of the tunes. With tracks like “Economic Fear,” “Social Hopelessness,” and “Family Stress,” you’d imagine tracks that are dark and unsettling, especially with Welch’s mastery at eliciting emotions with electronic sound. But this album is mostly beautiful and could be used as a meditation tool to help you process and find relief from these very real world woes."

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 30, 2020