The Freedom Warriors – Dance Away (Video)

“The groove and harmonic chemistry between THE FREEDOM WARRIORS and Kim Cooper is amazing, through a quality performance and a brilliant mix, top notch sound production deliver us their full funkiest magic which tickles our listening radars. Pushing out any black thoughts like wind the clouds from the atmosphere. Total good mood here!”

Total exploitation & destruction of our only planet and idiots in power everywhere free of empathy where it would really need wise people to steer in the right direction: climate change, racism, refugee misery, corona fear … In order not to despair it is a positive force – dancing to ecstasy can be such a force – “Dance Away”

Totale Ausbeutung & Zerstörung unseres einzigen Planeten und dabei überall empathiebefreite Idioten an der Macht wo es doch nun wirklich weise Menschen brauchen würde um in die richtige Richtung zu steuern.Klimawandel,Rassismus,Flüchtlingselend,Corona Angst,…Um daran nicht zu verzweifeln braucht es eine positive Kraft – tanzen bis zur Ekstase kann so eine Kraft sein – “Dance Away”

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 30, 2020