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“Η γοητευτική ροκ μελωδία μας γεμίζει ενέργεια. Η ήρεμη δύναμη της μας κάνει τόσο αισιόδοξους. Τα φωνητικά έρχονται για να απογειώσουν το κομμάτι με την μοναδική χροιά τους, που είναι τόσο καθαρή, γλυκιά και αρμονική. Είναι πραγματική απόλαυση να τα ακούς, καθώς μιλούν κατευθείαν στην καρδιά. Ο ρυθμός ρέει ομαλά και σταθερά προσφέροντας μας ηρεμία.”

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“The charming rock melody fills us with energy. Her calm strength makes us so optimistic. The vocals come to lift the track with their unique timbre, which is so clean, sweet and harmonious. They are a real treat to listen to as they speak straight to the heart. The rhythm flows smoothly and steadily offering us peace.”

“La encantadora melodía del rock nos llena de energía. Su fuerza tranquila nos hace muy optimistas. Las voces vienen a realzar la pista con su timbre único, que es muy limpio, dulce y armonioso. Es un verdadero placer escucharlos, ya que hablan directamente al corazón. El ritmo fluye suave y constantemente ofreciéndonos paz.”

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Lyrics of Annie Bacon & her Oshen – Mist

When you’re the one lost in the mist
But you’re the one you’re looking for
And you keep thinking you see yourself
But you’re not sure
You end up haunted by apparitions
Of what you thought was true
You end up wondering which one of these
Is really you

And you start naming each ghost
As she comes into partial view.
And you start wondering out loud
Am I the villain too?

I’ve stopped wishing for one future or another
Cause all of them bring someone grief
I’m sitting in uncertainty
Gave up on relief

This is what it feels like to miss someone
This is how loneliness hits
This is the swell of compassion
Blooming in the heart of bitterness

I keep saying, I wanna be good
I wanna be unafraid
But I’m always shoulder-watching
Just waiting to be betrayed

They say when you’re lost you should sit down,
Let the rescue come to you ||
Then you learn it’s the clarity of sitting still
That’s the real saving crew

That mist is gonna burn off
You just gotta give it time to

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