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Joshua Moshier, United States Army Field Band, Jim Keen – A Portrait of Honor – song by Joshua Moshier, United States Army Field Band, Jim Keene | Spotify (Spotify)

“This soundtrack is for everyone who loves to meet the evening at the TV screen, enjoying their favourite movie. It also creates a special aftertaste. Just listen and it may become an excellent part of your music collection for a long time!”

“Этот саундтрек понравится всем, кто любит встречать вечера у экрана телевизора, наслаждаясь любимым фильмом. Бывает, что хочется насладиться послевкусием, послушать понравившийся саундтрек и эта композиция станет отличным подарком и частью вашей коллекции на долгие времена!”

Navona Records presents SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, an album of contemporary works for wind band performed by The United States Army Field Band. Led by Colonel Jim R Keene, the Army Field Band is the U.S. Army’s premier touring musical organization. In SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, the Army Field Band presents music of classic American films and video games, and in doing so celebrates the stories they portray and the men and women who inspired them. Monitored and mixed in IMMERSIVE DOLBY ATMOS® (5.1.4), SURROUND (5.1), and STEREO, the album immerses the listener in a multi-dimensional soundscape that creates a deeply meaningful connection to the music and the stories it portrays.

Teaming up with some of the most-heralded composers in Hollywood—including Laura Karpman, Joshua Moshier, and Jeff Beal—the Army Field Band performs fresh arrangements of music from the 1941 Gary Cooper classic Sergeant York, the legendary Electronic Arts video game Medal of Honor, and everything in between. SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER begins with Brass Ceiling: The Journey of General Ann Dunwoody, honoring the life and work of Four Star General Ann Dunwoody who was the first woman to achieve the rank of four star general. The music is meticulously crafted with latent symbolism, such as a fanfare that portrays the movement of “supply lines” like those Dunwoody oversaw when she was in charge of the Army’s logistics.

Later we hear an arrangement of the 1917 classic, “Over There,” which became a hugely-popular anthem during both world wars; this time, it is reimagined by the Army Field Band as only they can. March from 1941,written by film-scoring legend John Williams, captures this Spielberg film’s lighthearted humor and underlying emotional gravitas. The album concludes with an unexpected treat and homage to the Skywalker Ranch, home of Skywalker Sound where the album was recorded: “The Jedi Steps and Finale” From Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER is both a moving tribute to military heroes and a fresh look at stories and sounds of struggle and ultimate triumph. SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER is a unique and deeply memorable recording that is not to be missed.

George David Kieffer x City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra x Vincent Gillioz – The Wonder of All Things (Arr. G. Kieffer & V. Gillioz) (Spotify)

“Lively and realistic sound picture, where the music plot is accurately understood. Minimalistic neoclassic, with pronounced details and juicy samples! Beautiful execution that adds some mystery to this piece.”

“Реалистичная, почти что живая звуковая картина, в которой точно и понятно отображён музыкальный сюжет. Минималистичная неоклассика, с ярко выраженными деталями и сочной подачей материала! Красивое исполнение, которое добавляет этому произведению таинственности.”

Composer George Kieffer and Navona Records are proud to present THE AMBASSADOR’S WIFE, a collection of stories and dialectical thought conveyed through the sounds of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Featured on this album is Kieffer’s Fanfare for the Olympics, a piece dedicated to the sacrifices made and triumph achieved by athletes, which premiered at the 2015 Special Olympics. Additionally, this album features tunes inspired by various timestamps in Kieffer’s life, from vivid dreams to exposure to great literature, and encounters with distinctive individuals and their powerful stories. Explore themes of aspiration, duality, survival, forgiveness, love, and many more in this multifaceted work.

Fragile – Carlos Maya – Neoclassical piano (Video)

“With Fragile, Carlos Maya provides the listener with delicate solo piano stylings and Melodys to ponder. The piece builds in intensity as the track progresses revealing the complex nature of human fragility. ”

“Fragile” is a piece written from an emotional perspective, my music creates an emotive atmosphere that evokes in the listener a path for his own imagination.



Listen to the album “Isolation Songs for Piano” of Carlos Maya here:

“Waiting” by Young Shadow OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (Video)

“Carefully composed creation full of meanings and ideas. “Young Shadow” reveals his personal talent and style, based on guitar melodies and etherial vocals which pull you like a huge magnet. Enjoy this four-minute masterpiece and don’t miss the clip too!”

Creating the music video for “Waiting” was a wonderful journey. The visual concept for the video was inspired by the different parts of the psyche and connecting through the collective unconscious. Creating art that has meaning is crucial to me. I packed my video with symbolism and was very intentional about every creative decision. Instead of unpacking the many personal meanings embedded into the imagery, I’m much more interested in hearing your own interpretation. The choreography you see is actually a very poetic translation of my lyrics into American Sign Language. Special thanks to Nicole Bajorek for creating that element of the video. To see the full thing, follow the link in my bio! I hope that the messages within my art resonate with you and uplift you. Thanks for your love and support.

Director/Producer/Videography/Editing/Costume Design: Caroline Cirone
Director and Camera Grip for Guitar Studio: Ulf Bjorlin
American Sign Language Choreographer: Nicole Bajorek
Guitar Performance: Woody Aplanalp
Violin Performance: Jazzly Mone
Songwriting and American Sign Language Performance by: Young Shadow

Romain Dagnan – Blue (Spotify)

“Blue is the colour of planet Earth. Strongly connected with the sky and deep sea, it brings feelings of endless freedom and infinite space. "Romain Dagnan" offers his dreamy Cinematic track, inspired by the beauty of untouched nature. Selected work for sensitive listeners.”

Blue was written near the sea, while observing this beautiful landscape with a deep feeling of freedom.

The idea is to help your mind travel with this very emotional melody, and to let your dreams set sail as you listen to the piano notes.

Melany Thompson – A Different Place (Spotify)

“"Melany Thompson" opens a new door in the classical scene. Her peaceful composition can highly affect our mood and bring inner balance in just a few minutes of melodic relaxation. Worthy work, from a true artist.”

A Different Place' is an emotive and peaceful piano piece featuring on a beautiful compilation album with 20 other artists from around the world. We can often feel like we are in a different place to where we thought we would be, this can be a good thing. Everything changes, people change. This track was written with this in mind.

Gifts From Crows – The Unimaginable Brightness of Summer (Spotify)

“-The Unimaginable Brightness of Summer- will become for you not only a pleasant pastime, but also a pass to a new world of neoclassical music that you have not yet known. The vocals betray a share of mystical charm, inviting the listener to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this beautiful work.”

“-The Unimaginable Brightness of Summer- станет для вас не только приятным времяпровождением, но и пропуском в новый, ещё не изведанный вами мир неоклассической музыки. Вокал предаёт долю мистического шарма, взывая слушателя всецело погрузиться в атмосферу этого прекрасного произведения.”

This piece is the start of a new song-cycle for Gifts From Crows that will eventually make up an album called, 'Stories in Slow Light'.

Ever since I was a child I have always been profoundly aware of the changing of the seasons. Each one has its own unique characteristic that is completely elusive until you are actually there experiencing it.

Whilst we might talk about the golden colours of autumn, it still takes our breath away when October comes around. But summer too is shocking in its intensity and seemingly even more so as we get older.

I have mostly written for voices over the years and find the melding of words to melodies an exquisite combination. The human voice is the instrument that we most readily respond to, most deeply feel its emotional charge and this piece seemed the perfect setting to re-introduce that dimension to my musical palette.

The music of Gifts From Crows has been featured in Headphone Commute, Stationary Travels and CutCommon Magazine. It has also been played on Classic FM, Scala Radio, Jorvik Radio and featured on the official Spotify playlist, Classical New Releases.

Aqeel Aadam, Six Missing – Drexciya, 1619 (Spotify)

“If you are a Downtempo fan, you shouldn't miss this. "Aqeel Aadam" unfolds his artistry with a high level of production that blossoms like a colourful flower in a mystic atmosphere. Feel the soft synth patterns progressing gradually to reach peak with that guitar dynamic touch, in some kind of dreamy experience.”

Cinematic and driving electronic track. We merged hard-hitting drums and a surreal soundscape to form a narrative, with a breakdown featuring a guitar leading an orchestra in modern Hollywood fashion.

Gregory Golubev – Freedom On Water Video (Video)

“A summer breeze lifting a feather and carrying it to the tops of a mature pine tree living on the dunes of the Baltic coast. Soft claps and smooth strings highlight the easy flowing nature of this masterpiece. ”

OST for short film Freedom On The Water directed by Olya Denyaeva

Luis Paul – Eternal (Spotify)

“It is felt like the charming track -Eternal- is written with the flow of feelings from the very depths of the soul, in which the released artist's imagination and his illusory fantastic worlds find a point of contact. The touching piano melody makes you think about the most important things... immerses and doesn't let you go.”

“Чувствуется, как обаятельная -Eternal- написана с потоком чувств из самой глубины души, в которой освобождённое воображение автора и его иллюзорные фантастические миры находят точку соприкосновения. Трогательная мелодия фортепиано заставляет задуматься о самых важных вещах. Погружает и не отпускает.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration on this song"

"With this song I tried to capture 2 sides of humanity. One is more mundane: our small, individual life with all the many events, strokes of fate and people we have learned to love and let go. We think we are so important and yet everything is temporary. So big and yet so small.

The second side in us is our striving to find or bequeath something for eternity, even though we may never be able to do it. It is our longing for something or someone to remain.

Something "Eternal""

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