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Jakob Lindhagen – Here, Before

“Just love the production on this piece, all the details it have, noises, fx, but the heart, the heart is that lush piano with an amazing cello, that is so moving, sad and at the same time full of hope. Amazing how it captures all emotions you can feel at the same time, like a remembrance, images of the past you will have forever.”

Joris Holtackers – Qaanaaq (feat. Johan Olof and Bart Soeters) [version for Lemon Sharks trio]

“There's music that can be always suitable and welcome from the vast majority of listeners. Here's a representative example of Cinematic sound, based on simple, minimal elements with deep influence to your ears. A peaceful production which will touch your soul in the most gentle way.”

Peter Drew x Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra – Symphony No. 1 “Reminiscence”: II. Pictures in an Album

“A beautiful symphonic journey into the illusory world of the authors of this excellent musical work. Beautiful transmission of form and mood, the depth of the narrative and a chic immersion in your atmosphere. Such music was created exclusively for one thing - to make you understand how beautiful the world around us is.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивое симфоническое путешествие в иллюзорный мир авторов этого превосходного музыкального произведения. Красивая передача формы и настроения, глубина повествования и шикарное погружение в свою атмосферу. Подобная музыка создана исключительно для одного — чтобы дать вам понять, как прекрасен окружающий нас мир.”

Peter Drew’s SYMPHONY NO. 1 “REMINISCENCE” is a pastiche of sorts; it gathers up the musical moments that have touched the composer throughout his life. These musical reminiscences recall his excitement as a very young boy, listening to the works of the great western composers through the speaker of a portable radio, and musically encapsulate his discovery of jazz and popular music. The symphony eventually carries listeners well beyond the shores of America to Africa, Australia, Brazil, throughout Europe, India, and Mongolia. Those who follow Drew along this symphonic journey are sure to reap the rewards of the composer’s lifelong dedication to music in all its forms.

Lily Talmers – Hope, You Whore

“Music -Lily Talmers - gives light and pleasant notes of irony, immersing in its history slowly and gradually. Bossa nova meditative rhythms, deep and burning vocals and crying melodies drive crazy. Incredible wyb capable of pulling you out of your own comfort zone and captivate your atmosphere.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка -Lily Talmers- дарит лёгкие и приятные нотки иронии, погружая в свою историю медленно и постепенно. Медитативные ритмы Bossa Nova, глубокий и обжигающий вокал и плачущая мелодия сводят с ума. Невероятный вайб способный вытащить вас из собственной зоны комфорта и пленить своей атмосферой.”

Imagine hope appearing as a human being – this definitive Samba track tangos with potential love and performs a pas-de-deux with two competing modes of Hope’s offerings. A brassy vamp with lamenting trumpets converge with threatening strings as the repeated, even disgusted delivery of “Hope you whore, hope you whore” reveals the titular character’s sinister duplicity.

someofw – Movement

“This piece of music is one of the best I've heard in a while. Beautiful themes, strings sections, lush piano, arranged perfectly. I hope that this would feature in some movie soundtrack one day. Something that I played in a loop for an hour, just amazing, pure musical art.”

The Aquaerials – Frost

“Cinematographic music with elements of the gloomy and rainy Post Rock, which incites fire inside you. Emotions and atmosphere are very well conveyed something distant, but so close to your heart. The melody of the soul, the melody of life, the melody of sincere experiences.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Кинематографическая музыка с элементами мрачного и дождливого Post Rock, который разжигает внутри вас огонь. Очень хорошо переданы эмоции и атмосфера нечто далёкого, но такого близкого вашему сердцу. Мелодия души, мелодия жизни, мелодия искренних переживаний.”

Frost' is a cinematic piece incorporating elements of Orchestral, Ambient and Post-Rock music, creating a moody atmosphere that underscores a desperate, despondent piano melody. Heavy on texture, it evokes a blustery day in the dead of winter.

Gifts From Crows – A Persistent Dream

“The neoclassical melody that arouses sincere emotions inside, it is able to bring to tears and wake up all the most beautiful that is in your heart. A beautiful sequence of chords and an all -consuming atmosphere that affects its energy!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Неоклассическая мелодия, которая пробуждает внутри искренние эмоции, она способна довести до слёз и разбудить всё самое прекрасное, что есть в вашем сердце. Красивая последовательность аккордов и всепоглощающая атмосфера, поражающая своей энергетикой!”

This piece was originally composed for solo piano and explores the way in which our subconscious minds influence our waking lives. A persistent dream can be a positive hope but also a fear or an omen. This version was arranged for 2 cellos, piano and double bass and tends towards the latter mood.

In many cultures across the world, birds of the corvid family such as ravens and crows have long been signifiers of loss and foreboding, and yet their symbolism is complex. As talking birds they can also represent prophecy and insight connecting the material world with that of the spirits.

This is the first track from the new album Etudes of the Crow and each piece will be presented in piano, orchestral and ambient versions, a concept that encourages innovation from the composer. The other 2 versions will be released in the coming weeks.

Pawl D Beats – Hero

“Epic music from -Pawl d beats- in the genre of Cinematic, which is able to arouse inside your body of a beast that can fight for his shelter. Bright and rich drums, a male choir and a huge orchestra - all this to help you plunge with your head in this amazing and meaningful idea!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эпическая музыка от -Pawl D Beats- в жанре Cinematic, которая способна пробудить внутри вашего тела зверя, способного сражаться за свой кров. Яркие и насыщенные барабаны, мужской хор и огромный оркестр — всё это для того, чтобы помочь вам погрузиться с головой в это потрясающее и многозначительное представление!”

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