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Fransoafran – A Wish (Spotify)

“What you want, when night falls over the horizon? Composer and talented violinist -Fransoafran- answers this question in his new work -A Wish-. Bright, distinctive sound, gentle melody, which connect the soul desires.”

“Чего желаете вы, когда вечер опускается за горизонт? Композитор и талантливый скрипач -Fransoafran- отвечает на этот вопрос в своём новом произведение -A Wish-. Яркий, выразительный звук, нежная мелодия, в котором происходите соединение желаний с душой.”

A contemporary classical composition for piano, violin and cello, with a musical motif developing to tell the story of someone barely daring to express a wish, then overcoming their inner fears to transform this secret dream into a firm resolve.

Roman Wróblewski – Big Hug (Video)

“The pronounced expression and collection of the artist’s intention and classical performance -Roman Wróblewski-. Emotions that can not be hidden. -Big Hug- is the expressive power of feelings and thoughts.”

“Ярко выраженная экспрессия и совокупность авторского замысла и классического исполнения -Roman Wróblewski-. Эмоции, которые невозможно скрыть. -Big Hug- это сила проявления чувств и переживаний.”

Longing for closeness intimacy during the pandemic – a new music video by Roman

The video was produced in the post-industrial setting of the Companhia União
Fabril (CUF) industrial park in Barreiro, Portugal. The preparation process, including shooting, took
more than a year and was interrupted twice by restrictions caused by the prevailing Covid_19

Lucília Raimundo, a Mozambican-born dancer and choreographer who has worked with many
theatres in Portugal and Europe for over 15 years, is responsible for the choreography. The second
dancer in the video is Carolina Carloto, a talented Portuguese artist of the young generation.
Initially, the movements and gestures were meant to tell a story about love and the fear of losing
someone close. However, with the proliferation of Covid_19, and the resulting increasing
restrictions on social distance and uncertainty, the idea for the choreography naturally evolved into
a story about the uniqueness of the times in which we live.

The video was directed and shot by Andre Abrantini, a Portuguese director who is also the author
of the second video clip to Roman Wróblewski’s music, “Jump”. While working on “Big Hug”, Andre
decided to use black and white imagery, emphasising the opposition of the main characters. This
apt artistic move also highlighted the contrasts and shapes of the unique post-industrial setting and
works wonderfully with the poignant melody played in the low register of the piano.

The location of the video also plays an extremely important role in the image. With the help of the
Pada Studios residency centre and courtesy of Baia do Tejo company, the artists had the unique
grounds of an industrial park in Barreiro at their disposal. This park, closed after the 1974
revolution, was one of the largest complexes of its kind in early 20th century Europe, employing
nearly 10,000 people in its heyday. The dilapidated buildings and vast areas of factory waste,
together with Lucília Raimundo’s emotive choreography, complement Roman Wróblewski’s music
to create a moving work that tells a story, full of longing for a simple hug.

Peter Aries – Christmas (Spotify)

“Did you miss the bright colours of the past childhood? The magician -Peter Aries- decorate your mood with warm vibrations from his neoclassical work -Christmas-. The magic world of music, directly at your doorstep. Enjoy!”

“Соскучились по ярким краскам ушедшего детства? Маг и волшебник -Peter Aries- разукрасит ваше настроение тёплыми вибрациями своего неоклассического произведения -Christmas-. Волшебство в мире музыки у вашего порога. Наслаждайтесь!”

Peter Aries shared few words with us about his new release "

" The "Stories" EP is my first attempt at a purely classical themed release. The song Christmas is a tribute to my granddad who passed away in a tragic accident in 2016. It symbolizes the feelings connected to holidays (Christmas in particular) and how nothing is, or ever will be, like it was before. But the memories remains. "

David Bertok – Monaco (Spotify)

“-David Bertok- proves himself a unique composer and incredibly talented artist. His composition -Monaco- from the album -Botero- sticks out from this charming waltz violin and piano. Dance of the two moons on the melting horizon. Work which worths your attention.”

“-David Bertok- уникальный композитор и невероятно талантливый художник своих произведений. Его композиция -Monaco- с альбома -Botero- это обаятельный вальс скрипки и пиано. Танец двух лун на тающем горизонте. Поразительные ассоциации. Достойное вашего внимания произведение.”

From the Soundtrack to the documentary film "Botero" - about the famous artist's life.

David was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and grew up in Munich, Germany where he studied classical piano.

As a Fulbright Scholar, David relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 to complete the SMPTV program at the University of Southern California. Since graduating he has been composing and orchestrating for feature films, documentaries and television in the United States and Europe.

His stirring melodic sensitivity along with his creative production approach give his scores a unique voice.

Recent credits include music for the feature films “Botero”, “For the Love of George” (starring Rosanna Arquette), the award winning “The Wedding Invitation” and the Netflix TV show Chef’s Table.

Alex Marchisone – Spores, Pt. 2: The Circle (Spotify)

“Cinematic piano piece single from the hands of Alex Marchisone. Dedicated to our natural environment and the endless circle of nature. Discover the infinity as it is captured from the strike of the first tinkering notes. Balanced harmony resulting from high creativity skills.”

Alex's new single 'Spores, Pt. 2: The Circle' is the second and last part of a mini suite inspired by nature and the environmental crisis. This track represents the infinite circle of nature from microscopic through macroscopic to cosmic and universal.

A short film for the entire suite is in the making.

Ron Eisner – Perfect Lover (Spotify)

“True Retro Soul single with plenty of acoustic sounds and relaxing slow pace. Sit on your cozy couch with a glass of wine and raise a bit your speakers' volume. Concentrate on the passionate singing of Ron Eisner and forget everything else.”

"Perfect Lover" is about love & disillusionment, desire & tragedy, the lengths we go & the masks we wear to feel passion... The song was written on acoustic guitar then later recorded in a studio with 4 of us in a room for basic tracks with overdubs added later and strings added at my home studio.

While Ron Eisner’s music is deeply rooted in traditional American songwriting, his unique life experiences and genre hopping tendencies give him a sound all his own. Music was originally just a hobby for the Miami based singer/songwriter, as he spent much of his life traveling the world. When his life was turned upside down by a catastrophic car accident on a surf trip to Costa Rica, Ron turned to songwriting as a coping mechanism. Music soon became his sole outlet for expression. He started his career as a member of the ten piece reggae band The Resolvers, which earned him recognition around his home state. As he sharpened his craft, he set out on his own, developing a deeply personal yet universally relatable style, rooted in poetic lyrics and instantly memorable melodies. With the release of his first official tracks in 2021, Ron aims to connect with like minded audiences around the globe.

MEARA – Blackbird (Spotify)

“When listening to the new single -Blackbird- it reveals its invisible wings, fly away somewhere up high and swings between air flows. Melodic, and also representative of the creativity of -MEARA-.”

“Слушая новый сингл -Blackbird- раскрываешь свои невидимые крылья, улетаешь куда-то вверх, ввысь и вибрируешь там между потоками воздуха. Мелодичное, но от этого не растерявшее свою энергетику творение -MEARA-.”

Life is a dance of shadows and light. MEARA, with stories of passion and power, healing and womanhood, creates the soundtrack. Blessed with synaesthesia, the British/ American songstress was born, literally into a world where music is colour. Her work dances delicately between cinematic, ethereal and indie music. Life’s unfolding stories are told here with a voice that will put a shine on your soul and guide you through the darkness. The tones are pure, the sensation one of stealing a glimpse into heaven.

MEARA has created a sophisticated tale of independence, told as a mother, a storyteller and a friend to our vulnerabilities. Flying from the ashes, the smoke still warm on her wings, MEARA has a voice like no other. She sings with the purpose of an addict and the touch of a maestro. Cinematic and vast like the call of a bird, suddenly free from its cage, her music will lift you away while her writing, her vision and her stories will keep you afloat in a space of light and empathy where your own voice can now be heard.

"Blackbird", the first in a string of singles culminating in an album, speaks of awakening, reconnection and embracing the dark like a long-lost friend. The artist confides “I’ve always sung other people’s music yet dreamed of writing my own. I wanted to step out of that box. I want to inspire people to discover their own story and pursue their dreams. Our journeys are never a straight line.” The stunning music video was filmed at the historic Holloway Sanitorium (a former sanitorium which was also used as a location for Inspector Morse). It’s a symbolic location for the song as it represents the artist’s subconscious mind, in which she wakes up and finds “Blackbird” there.

While the seeds of Florence and the Machine, Aurora and Lana Del Rey, and many other musical icons are evident in their influence, the flowers that have bloomed are all MEARA. MEARA’s vocal range will send shivers down your spine, while bold, thumping drum and soaring string arrangements awaken a feeling deep inside yourself. Both soft and threatening, warm and cold, earthy and digital MEARA brings her influences of baroque pop and folk into the present and gives an edgy, futuristic twist, taking the listener on a journey.

MEARA's creativity will shock you in its finesse and take your hand with a powerful grip wrapped in a silk glove. This is a music of love, redemption and dreams of light and life.

Written with the collaboration of world-beating talents Norma Jean Martine (known for viral hits “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and “When We Were Young" and Max Mostley (Jones, Norma Jean Martine, Tomine Harket).

MEARA has previously performed on Broadway as well as on NBC’s Today Show and at Madison Square Garden. She sings in 7 languages. Unveiling the first chapter to this compelling story, “Blackbird” is set currently available worldwide.

Kirsten Agresta Copely – Flow (Spotify)

“The Neoclassical composition -Flow- resembles a projection of fantastic dreams of past childhood. Gorgeous, charming harp sounds that can't be imagined. Crystal, clear and harmonic sound.”

“Неоклассическая композиция -Flow- это проекция сказочных снов из далёкого детства. Великолепные, чарующие звуки арфы которые только можно себе представить. Кристальный, чистый и гармоничный звук.”

“Flow” is a state of mind that allows one to fully immerse themselves in life’s moments. Enjoy and thanks for listening/considering! ~ Kirsten

Check also our nagamag interview with the artist:

Paul Cousins – Assemblage (Video)

“The experimental sounds give birth to new ideas, which end up conquering the hearts of most listeners. -Assemblage- explores the horizons of ambient music, which boldly uses analog synthesizer patterns converted into digital audio.”

“Экспериментальные жанры рождают новые идеи, которые по итогам покоряют сердца своих слушателей. -Assemblage- исследует горизонты эмбиента, в котором смело использует аналоговые синтезаторы преобразованные в цифровой звук. ”

Assemblage’ is a study of reconstructing analog formats in the digital realm. The track is composed of 36 individual 1/4″ tape loops created on a 1965 Akai reel-to-reel. The video is animated from 1000 frames of 35mm film, shot using a Lomokino camera. Physical editing was applied to both formats before digital reassembly. Sonic and visual artifacts have been preserved to highlight the process.

Track artwork by digital artist Signalstar

Paul Cousins is a producer & composer based in London. Recently featured in FACT magazine’s ‘Patch Notes’ series, he creates ambient soundscapes using analog synthesizers, samples & field recordings. In addition to producing for a diverse range of artists such as Muck Spreader, August Child & Night Games, his other studio credits include Luke Evans, FOURS and Makeup & Vanity Set.

Leila Milki – Fall Asleep (Spotify)

“The composition titled -Fall Asleep- has a unique feature; it opens the door to parallel worlds, where a heart beats in the rhythm of classical music and the inimitable voice of -Leila Milki- make us feel like Alice in Wonderland.”

“Композиция -Fall Asleep- обладает уникальным свойством, - она открывает двери в параллельные миры, где фонтаном в грудь бьёт классическая музыка, а неподражаемый голос -Leila Milki- даёт почувствовать себя Алисой в Стране Чудес.”

This song plays out like an orchestral dreamscape, a hazy lullaby. I created it as an extension of Women's History Month (with a team of women), as a daughter of Lebanese immigrants navigating my independence in a new world. It showcases my vocal + classical-piano performance, along with an unfurling string quartet. It's meditative, romantic, and mysterious, with dark-meets-light + Arab-fusion influences.

"Fall Asleep" explores the vulnerable push-and-pull of asserting our femininity and confronting danger for the first time, when we've been taught to stay silent + keep the peace. Through this cinematic ballad, my hope is to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies our experience of early adulthood.

Leila Milki is a Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and classical-pop pianist living in Los Angeles. She strives to translate her dynamic, eclectic, and multilingual artistry into a healing platform for emotional and cultural empowerment. Most recently featured on Disney Junior's Emmy-nominated series "The Rocketeer," her music explores rich dualities in a contemporary pop-alternative setting, and her live performances showcase a diverse, cross-genre repertoire in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Leila's new original single, “Fall Asleep,” is now available worldwide - honoring Women’s History Month, elevating vulnerability as strength, and capturing the hazy push-and-pull of asserting our femininity in a world that teaches us to keep the peace. Through this cinematic, orchestral ballad, she hopes to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies their experience of early adulthood.

Leila's music has earned her the Lennon Award and Grand Prize in the World Category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Grand Prize in the Adult Contemporary Category of the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest, and an Honor Finalist recognition in the Singer-Songwriter category of the Great American Song Contest. She is currently producing her next full-length record, a quest to find beauty in the complex spaces between

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