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myks – Storm

“A most fitting title for a deeply emotional song that carries you with faith and virtuosity through the vision of passing storms and tribulations. A haunting, repetitive piano, a heart gripping, lamenting trumpet with accents of hope, distant nature like effects, together they create a strong, cinematic, memorable experience.”

We have all been trough a few storms during our lifetime. Standing in the midst of difficult things does occasionally make it difficult to put words to describe your feelings and this track is a result of such circumstances. This song tells a story, from the first breath of wind, through the storm and out on the other side. With the amazing Espen Westbye on trumpet this track tries to tell this story in an interesting way that makes the listener come back for more.

Wilson Trouvé – Moving Slowly

“A dancing creature hopping across a meadow into a lush green forest filled with natures magic. The sun rises behind it as the ray shine on the treetops awaking all the creatures. A new dawn is upon us, fresh and magnificent in her glory. This beautiful composure can truly relax one to the core. ”

Elia Lombardini – Gallop

“Full of vivid instrumental chords, quick shifts in flow and somehow unpredictable progression, "Gallop" will lift your confidence and bring you a kind of joy. An Epic touch from a real artist being capable to lead us free into the wilderness. Highly recommended sound.”

2nd single from Finnish-Italian producer/composer/violinist Elia Lombardini. His debut album "In Death and the Hunger for a Thousand Lives" will be out on Paris based Left Bank Recordings on May 13th.

Elia Lombardini is a finnish-italian composer, producer and violinist. His music fluctuates between classical and electronic music, cathartic harmony and atonal breakdowns. The Helsinki based artists music has drawn comparisons to works by other contemporary composers such as Nils Frahm, Max Richter and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Elia has previously played with esteemed Finnish groups such as The Holy, Karina and Ruusut. Elia Lombardini’s debut album "In Death and the Hunger for a Thousand Lives" will be out on May 13th, 2022.

Arrowsmith – Repelled

“It is amazing how, in such a minimalist, piano, the work is such a huge number of feelings and emotions, embedded by the author in every note. Sometimes a few words are enough to express their thoughts and -arrowsmith - this is well aware of this. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Удивительно, как в таком минималистичном, фортепианном произведение такое огромное количество чувств и эмоций, вложенные автором в каждую ноту. Иногда для выражения своих мыслей достаточно нескольких слов и -Arrowsmith- прекрасно это осознаёт.”

Soar is the latest release in a series of pieces composed around the modern relationships beginning, middle and increasingly common end. With the third release ‘Soar’ depicting the beginning of the end, Repelled is composed around the end of a relationship.

Repelled is a quiet piece that plays with the structure of ‘Charmed’, but forces an unnatural change in the tonality. It is a solemn and dark creation aimed to reflect a relationships unhappy ending.

Luca Patrone – Cardano

“Exclusively melodic and active work from a real artist in the scene. As its title reveals, "Cardano" leaves an impression of movement and continuous flow. Like crystal water in a pond, full of harmony and fragile balance. Listen to this sound and let your imagination create wonderful images.”

Cardano is a gear that allows to transfert the motion from one rotating part to and other on a different axis , without the cardano they not transfer the motion, with the cardano both the motion is transmitted and they turn faster.

the same is in human relations. Using the cardano approach in our life make a great difference. Means going in the other people needs and life and help them, so we can start the cardano rotation. As the cardano start rotating, we can expect to find someone who is supporting and helping us. If many people would use this approach We would live better, in a smarter way

Fort Cabin – CALIGO – Instrumental Version

“Dive in the extraordinary waves of "CALIGO" and become part of its wide dreamscapes. The hookiest Cinematic sound, this time decorated with instrumental elements is just ready to fill your moments with plenty of action.”

High energy indie/electronic/pop instrumental with big dynamic moments throughout.

Sorrot – Winter

“"Sorrot" from Finland unfolds his artistry in a mesmerizing Ambient piece. Deep electronic soundscapes evolving slowly but steadily into a vivid melody towards the unexpected finale. Discover a personal approach in production, inspired by nature and its powers.”

Beautiful instrumental with elements of ambient, post-classical and electronica. This song was inspired by a snowstorm in Winter 2021 and it developes slowly like falling snowflakes. One can sense the inspiration of nature in all of Sorrot's music. This will be part of upcoming 4 song EP that is dedicated to the seasons of nature.

Julia Thomsen – Precious

“The neoclassical composition from -julia thomsen- is something intimate, in the atmosphere of which you can realize your most daring thoughts, ideas and fantasies. The unimaginable beauty of the melody of the piano will forever remain in your heart and in your memory. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Неоклассическая композиция от -Julia Thomsen-, это нечто сокровенное, в атмосфере которой можно реализовать свои самые смелые мысли, идеи и фантазии. Невообразимой красоты мелодия пиано навсегда останется в вашем сердце и в вашей памяти.”

Part of the Wonderness collection ‘Precious’ takes you away from the stresses of modern day life with its beautiful textures and gliding piano hooks, 'Precious', the perfect composition for relaxing and introspection, opens the door to a cosmos filled only with peaceful pulses. Also, it reminds us of the planet's inherent value. There are two versions felt noire and grand piano versions giving the listener a preference in sound.

Gianni Brezzo – Rising Of My Mind

“Pretty measured Rhythm Nu Jazz, which merges into a single palette of sounds - live tools, pulsation of deep bass, soft melody and the state of complete calm. There is everything you need for a good pastime. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Довольно размеренный ритм Nu Jazz, который сливается в единую палитру звуков – живой инструментарий, пульсации глубоких басов, мягкая мелодия и состояние полного спокойствия. Здесь есть всё, что нужно для хорошего времяпрепровождения.”

Third single from Gianni Brezzo LP “Tutto Passa” is the stunning, swirling, thematic track “Rising Of My Mind”.

Layers of harmonized brass, flutes, percussion ebb & flow, bubbling up to the acoustic surface like sonic ripples effortlessly bursting from Gianni’s auditory palette. Only crescendoing more than 2 minutes in, “Rising Of My Mind” is on that finest jazz tip, raising Gianni’s musical caliber into the skies.

"Tutto Passa" is a promising album with a sonic wave similar to some Matthew Halsall, Surprise Chef, El Michels Affair and BadBadNotGood all rolled into a beautifully luscious, career-defining work.

Stream / Pre-order:

Full album available May 6 via Jakarta Records.

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