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Joshua Carlton – Her grand arrival (Video)

“Another perfection arrives from Joshua Carlton: “Her grand arrival”. Gently strong (Neo) Classical piece created for the rainy Winter days. A must for your ears and mood control.”

Oregon instrumentalist Joshua Carlton toured the world with post rock band This Patch of Sky for the last decade. This lead him to compose music for television and film such as ‘Brand, a Second Coming’ (a documentary film on actor Russell Brand and his battle with drug addiction), and the Vice channel. He has also been featured in the McDonald’s Ramadan commercial, as well as large brands such as Petco. Joshua’s excited to share his new solo project. “This is an album that I absolutely had to write” he says of 2021 debut ‘Moonlight Under the Black Flag’. Joshua was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February of 2020 and found solace in purging his emotions through the music he was composing. “This music is truly my heart, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it”.

Innocenzo Genna – Dreams (keep me awake) (Spotify)

“Post Quarantine Piano from Innocenzo Genna can be easily compared to icy raindrops flowing unevenly down a fogged window and loudly falling on the windowsill. Music works wonders, and Innocenzo Genna is one of the wizards of the emerald city of freezing rains.”

“Post Quarantine Piano от Innocenzo Genna можно легко сравнить с ледяными каплями дождя, неравномерно стекающими по запотевшему окну и звонко падающими на подоконник. Музыка творит чудеса, а Innocenzo Genna один из волшебников изумрудного города ледяных дождей. ”

Innocenzo Genna, called also Inno, has always lived music in multiple dimensions: as a musician, firstly performer and entertainer, and then composer, but also as a technology scholar. His interest in music is not only artistic and emotional, but also professional, because for years Inno has been working in the Internet and technology sector as a lawyer and policy expert, so as to be involved in the major political debates concerning music and technology: from P2P to online piracy, from online platforms to the liberalization of collecting societies, up to the recent European copyright reform.

Such an intense professional activity enriched Inno’s musical vocation, while adapting his classical practice with modern and pop piano, blues and jazz, so as arranging the various genres into a personal compositional style. The many trips in Italy and abroad have contributed to creating the context of images, memories and fantasies from which his compositions are born.

In 2007 Inno settled in Brussels where it found new creative inspiration through the contact with the dynamism and the international ésprit of both capital city and European institutions, the creative Belgian surrealism, and also because of the rainy and melancholy climate of the place. In 2016 he completed his first collection of piano compositions "Brussels Stories", while a second CD is scheduled to be released in 2020.

The piano compositions of Innocenzo Genna fall within the categories of minimalism and modern classic, with frequent combinations into blues and jazz. He is similarly conservative as a composer, for his music drawing heavily on harmonic and melodic practices found in 18th and 19th-century European compositions. His repertoire is freely accessible through his website and social networks such as Youtube and Soundcloud, while being available also on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer.

Luminem – Back Home (Spotify)

“Frienly piano melodies just arrived from Luminem. The ideal choice to calm you down from the daily rush. Surely effective and one of the best for all the (Neo)classical fans.”

Luminem’s first release Back Home captures the feeling of returning to Melbourne after living in London, and being back in her family home. After adventuring overseas there’s a bittersweet appreciation after returning and seeing familiar things in a new light.

Emotive piano with subtle pauses, Back Home flows naturally with expressive tempo and dynamics.

A tender and nostalgic piece, the final chord hangs in your head, and leaves you wanting more.

Back Home is the title track from Luminem's debut EP set to release early 2021.

Luminem plays from the heart to bring more light, love and harmony into the world.

Inspired by composers like Erik Satie and Ludovico Einaudi, Luminem creates soundscapes to evoke feeling and reflection in the listener.

Emotive piano, with occasional accompaniment, combines gently undulating tempo and elements of space. Music that creates a background ambience or reveals intricacies on closer listening. Fragments of Luminem melodies often linger in the mind.

Florejan – The Second Fall (Spotify)

“All the beauty and lightness of a classical piano piece in the new single by maestro Florejan - The Second Fall. Everything you and your soul need in one composition.”

“Вся красота и лёгкость классического фортепианного произведения в новом сингле маэстро Florejan - The Second Fall. Всё, что нужно вам и вашей душе в одной композиции.”

Florejan Verschueren (°1978) lives in Belgium together with his wife and their four children. He has been passionate about music ever since he was knee-high to a grashopper, and has been roaming the city and Belgium with numerous musical projects, in different styles.

At home he finds peace in his music room. The grand piano - a gift from his granddad to his father - adds a dash of grandeur to the room. This is Florejan’s musical sanctuary, a place that allows him to submerge himself into reverie. The trees outside follow the rhythm of the seasons, and set the pace at which Florejan composes new music. Harmony and balance. This has led to 'Piano Piano', an album that embraces rest and contemplation. It is process of growth, part of the cycle of life. It should not surprise anyone that the working title for 'Piano Piano' was 'WINTER', a season that breathes resourcing and reflection.

Florejan has stripped every composition to the bone, to the bare essence of the song. It has been an exercise in letting go and a quest for finding beauty and purity. Seemingly easy listening, the melodies conceal a profound richness. Each song is a trip, telling a story with many layers.

Who else but illustrator Sassafras De Bruyn could provide this album with the right images? It was a match made in heaven: beautiful drawings as a perfect answer to the multi-layered music.

'Piano Piano' is a very personal record and shows a part of Florejan that not many people have already discovered. The album will be released end of november 2019

Omar Raafat – Infinity (Spotify)

“Out of all the beautiful, cinematic productions, Omar Raafat created a real miracle for us. His new work, -Infinity- confirms that. Wonderful emotional melodic lines and wise story telling here. ”

“Одно из самых красивых, кинематографичных произведений, которое стало для нас истинным откровением в начале 2021 года. Omar Raafat сотворил настоящее чудо. Его новая работа Infinity тому подтверждение.”

New Contemporary Classical Track that features piano, string quartet and electronic beats and synthesizers.

Lola Astanova & David Aaron Carpenter – Tango (Scent of a Woman) (Video)

“Immortal, thrilling and inimitable Tango. Lola Astanova & David Aaron Carpenter once again breathed life into this great, classic piece. Bravo!”

“Бессмертное, волнующее и неподражаемое Tango. Lola Astanova & David Aaron Carpenter в очередной раз вдохнули жизнь в это великое, классическое произведение. Браво!”

Lola Astanova’s arrangement of the famed tango by Carlos Gardel performed by Lola Astanova and David Aaron Carpenter. It captures the heart and soul of Argentinian tango and is filled with fire, passion, and virtuosity. Let’s tango through 2021!

Tyufyakin Konstantin – Je Peux Entendre Ta Musique a Travers la Porte (Spotify)

“Do you feel tired of stress and anxiety? Here is a selected piece, which will dissapear most of the day's tension. Simple and effective, with a dominating piano melody ...definetely reveals a better aspect of life.”

Emma Paunil – Falcon of the Almighty (Spotify)

“Each note that radiates its warmth with such trepidation carries the sounds of a charming piano for thousands of kilometers. Spirit Animal: Transformative Piano is an amazing gift for all of us from Emma Paunil.”

“Каждая нота, которая с таким трепетом излучает свою теплоту, разносит на тысячи километров звуки очаровательного пиано. Spirit Animal: Transformative Piano - это удивительный подарок всем нам от Emma Paunil.”

"Falcon of the Almighty" was improvised from the inspiration of Baháʼu'lláh and his statement, "...I am the royal Falcon on the arm of the Almighty. I unfold the drooping wings of every broken bird and start it on its flight.”

Almaghoot – Deep Blue (Spotify)

“Deep blue Sea. Icy sadness and carpets of fog over the water. Almaghoot invites all of us to plunge into the atmosphere of a light, cool Ambient & Drone in his new work Deep Blue.”

“Глубокое синее море. Ледяная печаль и ковры туманов над водой. Almaghoot предлагает всем нам окунуться в атмосферу лёгкого, прохладного Ambient & Drone в его новой работе Deep Blue.”

Wonderful meditative acoustically recorded piece by Almaghoot, build around the duduk.

Kepa Lehtinen – Nowhere (Spotify)

“Let yourself and your thoughts flow out of the endless stream of daily worries. The wounds will be healed, the heartbeat slows down, let the river of life take you on its waves. Kepa Lehtinen knows how to sound design a cinematic story, where the emotions fly around on all sides, to nowhere, like feathers in the wind and the bond of piano keys and theremin seems like a couple of angels who dance in the rhythm of wind.”

“Отпусти себя и свои мысли в бесконечном потоке наших повседневных забот. Раны затягиваются, биение сердца замедляется, пусть река жизни уносит вас на своих волнах.”

The Maestro of the Theramin is out with a brand new song “NOwhere”... there is more to the instrument made famous by Scifi films from 50's.

The theremin, comes to life under the direction of the rising Finnish composer, Kepa Lehtinen on his new dark andante Nowhere.“The way i use theremin is quite unique. Together with double bass the theremin completes the piano like cello and violin does in classical piano trio.” The theremin is a electronic instrument which produces sound when your hands interact with the electro-magnetic field it emits without actually touching the device itself. It was invented in the labs of KGB by Russian engineer Leon Theremin in the early 1920s.

Strumming through the invisible electronic waves the Tonality play is unnoticeable. While harmonies are modern and complex; the overall feel seems to be nonetheless easily approachable and primitively hypnotic.

Insight to the world of the Theremin from Kepa….On the sound ”Retro but ultra hifi sound has been my goal at studio. Sound of sadness and past.” “Everybody wonders at my instrument,” ”but after all it is the most organic musical instrument there is. The sound is in direct contact with my breathing and the slightest movements of my body. I played the theremin part with a sore hand that I had hurt in a small skate accident i can feel the pain in my hand every time i listen to this track - lol”

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