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Studio 22 (feat. Dre the Monarch) (Video)

“They throw punches, they challenge you to a conversation, but this is a friendly meeting with broken beats and a droning bass that pushes your spine! Time has big power, it keeps move on, you drink tea enjoying good music and living the moment, and the whole world cannot stop it!”

“Они кидают панчи, они вызывают вас на разговор, но это дружеская встреча под ломаные биты и гудящий бас пробирающий вас до позвоночника! Вы двигаете время, вы пьете чай, и целый мир не в силах прекратить это!”

Artists shared with us few words about this song:
Created by two college students – an African American and Indian American – this track’s aim is to address recent events in the sociocultural landscape of America. I wanted to really hone in lyrically on a variety of topics that are on everyone’s radar these days, while maintaining an enjoyable mic presence that didn’t come off as preachy. We wanted to keep an old-school, vintage Hip Hop vibe in the track, so we made sure to formulate each component of the song to sound like late 90s/early 00s conscious rap. Dre is the first verse; I (Lil Brick) am the second.

Lo Boii – Save Us (Spotify)

“A soft and gentle voice with a touch of jazz, it's like a cream pie with cinnamon, perfect and luscious. A song which will help you to relax in the late evening. Now let's close our eyes and feel like sail along a calm river like a paper boat. ”

“Мягкий и нежный голос с нотками джаза, это как - кремовый пирог с корицей. И он идеальный, не приторный. Это то, что поможет расслабиться поздним вечером, возможно вдвоем. А теперь закроем глаза и плывем по спокойной реке пытаясь спасти нас.”

With instrumentally brilliant production from Aalias —co-producer of the Grammy-winning Eminem and Rihanna single "The Monster" —and shining falsetto runs from Corey Latif —a two-time Grammy-nominated songwriter who’s written for Usher, Musiq Soulchild, Faith Evans, and more— Lo Boii is a project made with soul from the ground up.

Lo Boii’s previously released singles “Floor Seats” and “Sweeter,” which blend faithful nods to the pair's influences with a distinct, surprising new flavor. Tracks like “Chakra” shine a light on the pair’s blend of old-school funk licks and soulful vocal runs with a wholly original take on modern electronica. Layered sheets of sound combine with an underlying steadiness to form a masterfully crafted mosaic, and gems like their electrofunk cover of “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals put Latif’s falsetto chops on full display.

Suchy Sha – Laylow (Video)

“Get explode through a full funky mediterranean vibe, an endless groove which uplift you thanks to the strong voice character of Suchy Sha which sings with passion, music layering with clarity and while you think you have get enough, it comes on 01:54, to push you up and dance in full energy. We enjoyed every second here and especially that music here stands equally in same high quality with vocals performance.”

Phenomenal up & coming talent Suchy released her brand new single ‘Laylow’. Filled with soulful emotion & a diverse mix of instruments, the track also contains important messaging around the often overlooked topic of coercive control – a subject matter gathering real momentum both in the news & entertainment via key storylines in a number of high profile UK soaps.

Suchy’s soul-filled and alternative R&B infused vocals glide across a soundscape drenched in Latino strings and Ska inspired horns. The track uncovers Suchy’s real life experience watching someone close to her become embroiled in a toxic relationship fuelled by mental abuse – ‘Laylow’ is a powerful warning to the man, calling him out for all he has done and warning him that he better lay low. It carries a powerful sentiment of loving & respecting yourself enough to leave and also for those who know a potential victim to step in & help them get out from dangerous situations. The messaging is perfectly summarised in the key lyric: ‘She’s gold tipped and you’re brass bassed’ – a confident and cutting sentiment that the people who inflict this pain will never be good enough for Suchy’s circle.

Enriched by the rich musical culture of Bristol and the city’s distinctive flair, ‘LayLow’ comes to a head with a drum and bass breakdown that perfectly encapsulates Suchy’s ability to draw from all aspects of her life.

“Sounds like an old American soul singer. Walked in like an English rock star” – Craig Charles, BBC Radio 6 Soul & Funk Show.

“Suchy is a refreshing new artist whose independent attitude and insightful lyrics sets her apart from the crowd. Her sound is one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.” – Sadia Akhtar, Presenter/Producer BBC 1Xtra & BBC Asian Network.

Moglii – Face 2 Face (Spotify)

Mesmerises with new soul-pop jam ‘Face to Face’ featuring Joel Montagud of Lion Sphere

Fast rising Cologne based producer / singer / composer Moglii (Simon Ebener-Holscher) is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Face To Face’, tantalisingly, intricate soul-pop gem laced with infectious vocal harmonies courtesy of Joel Montagud, singer of Berlin’s future-soul outfit, Lion Sphere.

Moglii says: "We wrote this song about our expectations towards a modern romance. A call for honesty especially in the fragility of a long-distance relationship. The promise that technology gives us nowadays is to bridge the gap between places and bring us closer together. Video calls or messaging can quickly create misunderstandings when this is the only form of communication. In the end nothing can substitute a face to face conversation.”

A classically trained jazz pianist whose characteristic production style comes from the mix of warm beats, analogue synthesisers and soulful vocal samples; Moglii complements his modern

electronic compositions with acoustic instruments and an organic sound design comprising of samples he created himself and these together give birth to futuristic pop music. His music is influenced by Mura Masa, James Blake, Bon Iver and Flume.

Lauded by tastemaker press and peers alike, Moglii’s previous release ‘Flow’ was described by Complex Magazine as 'filled with spontaneity and charm’ and made his indelible debut on the scene with a spirited performance with fellow Berlin artist Novaa on COLORS.

'Face to Face' featuring Lion Sphere is out now through NEUBAU Music.

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Justy – Cool (Spotify)

“Don't feel pretty cool? We have the solution just play the new song "Cool" from Justy which incorporates traditional jazz elemements and instrumental hip grooves, all blened together with soft soulful vocals and an elegant atmosphere around. A bright song which make you breath and cool down.”

Rising jazz-hop R&B artist JUSTY joins the Village and brings her new single "Cool" to the table.

The Brooklyn-born, Staten Island-raised creator began writing music at 12 years old. Fast forward 10 years and the transparent singer/songwriter has blossomed into a unique and promising force. Inspired by the works of artists such as J Dilla, Amy Winehouse, NoName, Anderson Paak, and Lauryn Hill, Justy's style and sound continues to evolve while incorporating traditional jazz elements into her music.

In 2018, Justy's refreshing sound caught the eye of British music powerhead Kwame Kwaten (also of D-Influence) who brought her on for a two single project where she penned the notable tracks "Try"(2018) and "L8R" (2019). Her debut project Soul Food, the Precede blends genres to deliver a lyrically impactful portrayal of love, loss, insecurities, and ambition. She's seen praise from notable publications like Mixcloud, Earmilk, The 405 and more.

This self proclaimed "old soul" continues to showcase her maturity and growth as an independent artist with an enlightening new project. Upcoming single "Cool" follows her most recent release "Expectations," and will be part of a forthcoming album due out next year.

"nothing but cool positive vibes" - Earmilk

"late night joint that blends soulful vocals with hip-hop sounding bits and pieces"- Sign This Kid

New single "Cool" is a refreshing acoustic led track that features jazz trumpet, R&B style percussion, and stylistically layered vocals that draw you in instantly. "Cool" is exactly how it sounds - it's low-key in all the right ways and effortlessly composed. This single serves as a reminder to stay true to who you are.

On the single JUSTY shares, "'Cool' is a record that embodies a sense of acceptance despite the facade the world may present to you. When actress Eartha Kitt noted that compromising would in turn mean to lose one's own sense of self, she hit on this feeling of choosing reality over false pretenses. For me, "Cool" represents just that. No matter how much we outwardly portray things or how they're portrayed to us, reality will always be reality, and that's cool."

Jacelyn, Asha – Kaleidoscope (Spotify)

Jacelyn, Asha – Kaleidoscope

Neo Soul

Jazzy, soft, chill. Irresistible new song from one of Canada's most hyped new voices featuring rapper Asha. JACELYN was inspired by what happens to the mind of a young woman when her circumstances take a toll on her mental health. Written and produced with Amina Figarova, in New York City, they borrowed from the growing popularity of the underground Jazz Hop scene, and went further with the riddle structured lyrics (like in a Caryl Churchill's theatrical production of Skriker) and then inviting a rapper, Asha, to explore the vibe with them. Kaleidoscope was born.

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