Studio 22 (feat. Dre the Monarch) (Video)

“They throw punches, they challenge you to a conversation, but this is a friendly meeting with broken beats and a droning bass that pushes your spine! Time has big power, it keeps move on, you drink tea enjoying good music and living the moment, and the whole world cannot stop it!”

“Они кидают панчи, они вызывают вас на разговор, но это дружеская встреча под ломаные биты и гудящий бас пробирающий вас до позвоночника! Вы двигаете время, вы пьете чай, и целый мир не в силах прекратить это!”

Artists shared with us few words about this song:
Created by two college students – an African American and Indian American – this track’s aim is to address recent events in the sociocultural landscape of America. I wanted to really hone in lyrically on a variety of topics that are on everyone’s radar these days, while maintaining an enjoyable mic presence that didn’t come off as preachy. We wanted to keep an old-school, vintage Hip Hop vibe in the track, so we made sure to formulate each component of the song to sound like late 90s/early 00s conscious rap. Dre is the first verse; I (Lil Brick) am the second.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 8, 2020