RockCityMehDehYah (Video)

“Simeon ” CushAra” Emmanuel Thompson steps straight into the dub reggae point from first seconds with his new single -RockCityMehDehYah-. Through its simplicity manages to deliver a melancholic vibe and gently warm grooves which engage you a daydreaming for a more peacefully world. ”

The song is from the EP, Jah Know. It’s called, RockCityMehDehYah. It deals with The Most-High’s protection and love even though we have all the gun violence around us. At the same time it shows our children that using a gun for violence is not a game: “You no have no (game) controls.”, like the song says. Meaning: once you take a life you cannot press a button and bring that life back.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 8, 2020