Suchy Sha – Laylow (Video)

“Get explode through a full funky mediterranean vibe, an endless groove which uplift you thanks to the strong voice character of Suchy Sha which sings with passion, music layering with clarity and while you think you have get enough, it comes on 01:54, to push you up and dance in full energy. We enjoyed every second here and especially that music here stands equally in same high quality with vocals performance.”

Phenomenal up & coming talent Suchy released her brand new single ‘Laylow’. Filled with soulful emotion & a diverse mix of instruments, the track also contains important messaging around the often overlooked topic of coercive control – a subject matter gathering real momentum both in the news & entertainment via key storylines in a number of high profile UK soaps.

Suchy’s soul-filled and alternative R&B infused vocals glide across a soundscape drenched in Latino strings and Ska inspired horns. The track uncovers Suchy’s real life experience watching someone close to her become embroiled in a toxic relationship fuelled by mental abuse – ‘Laylow’ is a powerful warning to the man, calling him out for all he has done and warning him that he better lay low. It carries a powerful sentiment of loving & respecting yourself enough to leave and also for those who know a potential victim to step in & help them get out from dangerous situations. The messaging is perfectly summarised in the key lyric: ‘She’s gold tipped and you’re brass bassed’ – a confident and cutting sentiment that the people who inflict this pain will never be good enough for Suchy’s circle.

Enriched by the rich musical culture of Bristol and the city’s distinctive flair, ‘LayLow’ comes to a head with a drum and bass breakdown that perfectly encapsulates Suchy’s ability to draw from all aspects of her life.

“Sounds like an old American soul singer. Walked in like an English rock star” – Craig Charles, BBC Radio 6 Soul & Funk Show.

“Suchy is a refreshing new artist whose independent attitude and insightful lyrics sets her apart from the crowd. Her sound is one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.” – Sadia Akhtar, Presenter/Producer BBC 1Xtra & BBC Asian Network.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 26, 2020