Indigo Maya – Angel of Annihilation (Spotify)

“Angel of Annihilation from Indigo Maya is a fine indie electronica with wonderful post rock influences and solid groove. Her signature vocals sit perfect on the mix and gives you an epic feeling overall, an elecrop pop with lot of diversity.”

Angel of Annihilation is a genre-bending Electropop/Industrial Metal song depicting the day-to-day disorientation that comes with chronic pain, and the constant fluctuation between haziness in waking life and the raw carnage of nightmares more vivid than life itself. In these nightmares, the angel of annihilation is both Indigo's alter ego and her illness made manifest, a reckless warlord inspired by sumerian mythology and demonology. Indigo depicts the duality of her daytime and nighttime lives by jumping between dreamy verses with erratic, glitchy drums and sharp, chaotic choruses driven by layers of harsh synths and thrasher guitars.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 25, 2020