Sound Kodz – “Open Your Eyes”

“A very warm, chamber sound and plexus of such genres as Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop made this track a real source of inspiration for all romantics. -Sound kodz- they know how to recreate the sound capable of driving you crazy.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень тёплое, камерное звучание и сплетение таких жанров, как Neo-Soul и Hip-Hop сделали этот трек настоящим источником вдохновения для всех романтиков. -Sound Kodz- знают, как воссоздать звук способный свести вас с ума.”


"The time we wrote this particular song, the world was stepping into unfortunate major changes.

We were really inspired by keeping a positive mindset and messaging that through this song. People were and are really feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders and need something uplifting. When we first heard the instrumental, we knew what needed to be said.

We recorded at Earthworks, a popular studio in Newark Ohio. We were all there vibing. Sound kodz, Mik Moli Music and Brandon Bankes spreading positive vibes throughout the session. We ended up with a product that we are proud and pleased with. This song OPEN YOUR EYES has perfect timing. We just want to keep people inspired, uplifted and happy."


Sound Kodz are a breath of fresh air and positivity in a world that is currently full of turmoil and negativity. The groups message of unity, peace, and love is more needed in 2022 than ever before. Sound Kodz’s music channels positive energy that produces uplifting sensations simply missing from today’s music.

It is never derogatory and loved by fans of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. It’s bringing the fun, the poeticism, lyricism and the sustenance back to hip-hop, returning to the genres core values. In their own individual households as young kids, they were all exposed to great music. Which contributed to their desires to one day become musical artists.

Each member of Sound Kodz started their love of music between the ages of 8 & 9 years old. They began singing and/or dabbling in Hip Hop. The members of Sound Kodz are inspired by 80s and 90s artists like MC Lyte, Nas, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Since their passion was ignited they have continued their musical journey into Hip Hop.

Thomas Tempest – Golden (feat. Scotty Stacks)

“This track conducted excellent work on sampling of many lamp sounds that formed a good melodic union with each other. High-quality UK HIP-Hop with a very rhythmic and tasty filling!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом треке проведена отличная работа над сэмплированием множества ламповых звуков, которые образовали между собой хороший мелодический союз. Качественный UK Hip-Hop с очень ритмичной и вкусной начинкой!”

Featuring Scotty Stacks from the highly successful UK rap group 'The Manor' - 'Golden' is a throwback to that classic 90's hip hop sound with Scotty adding a modern twist with his clever cultural/social lyrical references

Coconut Wolf – Krohmeconut Wolf

“Classic in its manifestation of RAP, in which the era of the old school is felt. You can hear how the authors know what they do and are able to show all fans of the genre what they are capable of. A chic track for real experts!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Классический в своём проявлении Rap, в котором чувствуется эпоха старой школы. Слышно, как авторы знают то, что делают и способны показать всем поклонникам жанра, на что они способны. Шикарный трек для настоящих знатоков!”

Schama Noel – The Last Dragons (feat. Masta Ace)

“The hip-hop rhythm, a diverse melodic line and multi-layer vocal, where the children's choir, beautiful recitative and other sound samples decorating this high-quality track is heard. This work should taste the most ardent fans of the work of the old era.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Ритм Hip-Hop, разнообразная мелодическая линия и многослойность вокальной, где слышен детский хор, красивый речитатив и прочие звуковые семплы украшающие это качественный трек. Эта работа должна прийтись по вкусу самых ярым фанатам творчества старой эпохи.”

Chase Soundz – Blooming Through Flames

“The pleasant rhythms of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, in the framing of the warm vocals -Chase soundz-, which gives a feeling of love. Just listen and enjoy, just listen and fall in love with music, people and to life.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Приятные ритмы Lo-fi Hip-Hop, в обрамление тёплого вокала -Chase Soundz-, который дарит ощущение любви. Просто слушайте и получайте удовольствие, просто слушайте и влюбляйтесь в музыку, в людей и в жизнь.”

Produced by NK Music, Chase Soundz is in a grateful mood here as he reflects on his life so far. He’s thankful for not only making it this far, but what he has been through, what has worked, pointing out some of his low moments, but he has been blessed with the gift of life, and a lot more. Chase Soundz shows that he can make music for any situation, and he is consistently growing as an Artist. If you haven’t been familiar with him, make that change today.

James An – Sweet Truth

“The experienced rap artist James An provides food for thought via his fresh single. Straight words about life facts and society issues, expressed with a loose background of clear sounds. Now is your chance to focus on quality Hip-Hop music.”

“Maybe there are forces in this universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles.”

-Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

Growing up in Korea, Canada, and the United States, James An is a rapper who writes lyrics in both Korean and English about topics ranging from racism and societal norms to daily life and conversation. James’ introduction to rap started when he received the CDs of rappers like Drunken Tiger and Dynamic Duo, Korean rappers who successfully confronted stereotypes about hip hop in Korea in the early 2000’s. As a teenager, James frequently immersed himself in the work of artists who he could see as role models, people who shared backgrounds, experiences, or point of views that James found relatable. This inspired him to start penning his own songs in college, fostering community through rap with student groups and outreach programs in the communities he lived. After studying for his masters degree in Arts in Education at Harvard, he tightened his focus on telling authentic stories of himself and his peers’ lived experiences through rap, acknowledging aspects of privilege as well as racism, the weight of expectations, and at times turning a critical lens on societal norms. Currently, James continues to write and rap in Korea, and will be releasing an upcoming double single on June 28. He is also preparing to enter another season of the wildly popular Korean rap competition show “Show Me the Money” for its 11th season this fall. With diverse influences, experiences, and identities all represented in James’ music, he is above all a rapper who tells his own stories, never afraid to veer away from any topic as he makes sense of his world through rap.

Ev Malone – The Journey

“You simply have to take this track with you on the road so that it decorates your journey with your bright rhythm of HIP-hop, beautifully and professional selected seeds and, of course, the voice -ev Malone-. His manner of execution is worthy of a separate praise!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек вы просто обязана взять с собой в дорогу, чтобы он украсил ваше путешествие своим ярким ритмом hip-hop, красиво и профессиональном подобранными семплами и, конечно же, голосом -Ev Malone-. Его манера исполнения достойна отдельной похвалы!”

Navitas – Dead Inside

“The melody and rhythm affect the mood and worldview enormously. Many believe that movement is life, and a stop is death. The new single -navitas- will make you move under the rhythms of HIP-hop and read the main lines of the track without stopping and pauses! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия и ритм воздействуют колоссальным образом на настроение и мировосприятие. Многие полагают, что движение – это жизнь, а остановка – смерть. Новый сингл -Navitas- заставит вас двигаться под ритмы hip-hop и зачитывать главные строчки трека без остановки и пауз!”

The instrumental evokes a lot of melancholic reflection. The concept of the lyrics is feeling exhausted & broken from betrayal, lying & cheating. Hence the title 'Dead Inside' denotes feeling burnt out from untrustworthy people. This is incredibly relatable for many worldwide. Although detailing this in the first 2 verses, I chose to end with an upswing of hope in the final verse, to show that it's possible to learn to identify red flags and protect oneself from this. Bittersweet but helpful!

cosni1800 – Génération PLM

“The lyrical work of the duo -cosni1800 & emma mrg- in the genre of HIP-hop, in which the feelings and beauty of the melody prevail. The rhythm is soft, very even and without sharp differences. The mood is conveyed very warm, listen to it! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лирическая работа дуэта -Cosni1800 & Emma MRG- в жанре Hip-Hop, в которой преобладают чувства и красота мелодии. Ритм мягкий, очень ровный и без резких перепадов. Настроение передано очень тёплое, слушать одно удовольствие!”

Alonzo Fibonacci x Kool G Rap x First Name Shayne x Left Lane Didon – What You Want

“HIP-Hop track with his unique energy, which undoubtedly greatly pleases and distinguishes it against the backdrop of the like. Deep bass lines, multifaceted transitions, very good vocals, skill performed and its own charisma. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Hip-Hop трек со своей уникальной энергетикой, что, несомненно, очень радует и выделяет его на фоне ему подобных. Глубокие басовые линии, многоплановые переходы, очень хороший вокал, мастерство в исполнении и своя харизма.”

3rd single from production duo's upcoming "3" EP. This time they recruited Kool G Rap, Left Lane Didon and First Name Shayne over a smooth jazzy vibe.

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