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Total music posts:2,578 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,578
Total artist interviews:111

Rxtherapper – BLACK ROSES (Video)

“The track is very rhythmic and attractive. It is distinguished by the balance between the drums, piano and the Bass part. It is this hip-hop that creates a mood and shakes your columns in the confusion of our endless everyday life. Wonderful job!”

“Трек очень ритмичный и привлекательный. Его выделяет сбалансированность ритма ударных с пиано и басовой партией. Именно такой hip-hop создаёт настроение и раскачивает ваши колонки в суматохе наших бесконечных будней. Великолепная работа!”

Rxtherapper once again shows us why he is respected amongst the greats with his unique an versatile & lyrical abilities he isn’t missing 2021

Bleary – Life Isn’t Here to Make You Happy (Spotify)

“"Bleary" fresh release, which worths listening. clear Rap style with interesting flow, melodic character and slow pace. All enjoyed in a mix with dominant lyrics as it should be. Take a deep breath and adjust the volume higher this time. ”

Vainis – En Tarvii Mitään (Spotify)

“An excellent hip-hop tune of an old school style. Virtuoso execution in a wild mix. The main musical theme is deployed and also available to the sophisticated listener. Energetic rhythm, excellent gradation and many bold musical moves.”

“Превосходный hip-hop старой школы. Виртуозное исполнение, трек пестрит масштабом, главная музыкальная тема развёрнута и доступна даже искушённому слушателю. Энергичный ритм, отличная градация и много смелых музыкальных ходов.”

Milky – I Miss You Mum (Spotify)

“Big musical enjoyment coming from such a mental name. -I Miss You Mum- sounds so deep inside and also creates an ideal combination of sounds among themselves. Like an elite drink of balm, which you try with small sips and enjoy its taste.”

“Настоящее наслаждение музыкальным напиткам под таким душевным названием. -I Miss You Mum- звучит так глубоко внутри, что создаёт идеальную комбинацию и сочетание звуков между собой. Словно бальзам из элитного напитка, который вы пьёте маленькими глотками и наслаждаетесь его вкусом.”

Up and coming rap artist Milky is using his unique musical talents to reach out to anyone who has lost a parent with his new, emotional debut song ‘I Miss You Mum’, releasing on Monday 7th June.

In his new track, Milky shares a heartfelt insight into life without his mum. His impactful lyrics describe the grief and pain that he has dealt with since losing her, but also the warmth and protection he has felt from her presence in difficult times, particularly during his recovery from a long-term battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

“I’ve always wanted to write a song for my mum after losing her when I was seven years old,” says Milky, “but I never even started until after I got out of rehab.

“Now I’m clean and sober, I’ve dealt with it for the first time in my life, emotionally. I didn’t get counseling when I was a kid and maybe I should have had that. My life spiraled out of control, I was pushed and pulled from pillar to post by family members. It was a hard time and all I wanted was that one person to give me a hug, and that was my mum.”

Milky is passionate about reaching out to people who have been through the same struggles as him. His eclectic and free-flowing style pairs perfectly with the range of stories he tells in his music, taking inspiration from the things he’s seen and the things he’s been through. He calls ‘I Miss You Mum’ the most powerful song he’s ever written.

“This song is for anyone that’s lost a parent, or someone close to them, that needed that guidance.” Says Milky.

“When your parents pass, they will always be with you everywhere you go and I know that now. I lost my dad as well when I was in rehab and I can feel him with me all the time, especially during the dark times when I’m alone. I can feel something there.

“This song has helped me turn negative to positive and I just want to let the world know about my mum and make her as proud as I possibly can. Through this song and this video, my mum will be seen.”

‘I Miss You Mum’ is out now through We Are Not Saints - a record label working exclusively with artists in recovery - and available on over 150 streaming platforms including Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music, Youtube, and Deezer.

Edo. G & Insight Innovates – Choose Your Path (Video)

“Grab this chance to experience a true Hip-Hop tune, made with care and original style. Rhymes packed with energy, selected lyrics and… scientific approach! Don’t waste time and prepare yourself for the ultimate; “Choose Your Path”.”

Edo. G & Insight Innovates bring their meditative and jazzy single, “Choose Your Path,” to life in this new video that transports you to their hometown of Boston.

The track stems from the duo’s recently released self-titled album and it showcases exactly what you can expect from the entire project. You get one cut after another of expertly crafted rhymes from Edo and Insight, with the latter also providing every beautifully produced instrumental.

“Choose Your Path” is a welcome dose of timeless hip-hop from the Boston-based duo. And in this video that’s directed and edited by DoomDaWiz (for Wiz Craft Productions), Edo and Insight post up at the Boston Museum of Science’s Charles Hayden Planetarium. It makes for a slightly psychedelic viewing experience that suits the vibes from the two emcees.

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support the duo’s debut collab LP, Edo. G & Insight Innovates which is also available on vinyl and CD via Brick Records.

Bobby JaGGerJacK – The Bad Guy (Spotify)

“-The Bad Guy- sounds just perfect. No bulging tools and good general track arrangement. This is a truly titanic work of sound producer -Robert Earl Austin-, which leaves a lasting impression... within the best forms of hip-hop sound!”

“-The Bad Guy- звучит просто идеально, нет выпирающих инструментов, общая аранжировка всего трека радует слух. Это поистине титанический труд саунд-продюсера -Robert Earl Austin-, который оставляет неизгладимое впечатление. В лучших традициях hip-hop звучания!”

Imagine if John Wick woke up one day and said to himself “You know what, I want to be a rapper today!”

Alias Molombo, A-F-R-O – All About… (Spotify)

“This is an incredibly attractive hip-hop hit. Live rhythm and mix that drags new listeners and draws its slowness. All of the above give rise to a large, deep picture. All components embody that ultimate atmosphere of "All About...".”

“Это невероятно притягательный хип-хоп. Живая ритмика и читка увлекает за собой неравнодушных слушателей и притягивает своей неспешностью. Всё вышеперечисленное рождает крупную и глубокую картину. Все составляющие воплощают в себе то, что в итоге дарит эта работа - атмосферу.”

US-Heavyweight-Rap-Champion A-F-R-O teams up with producer Alias Molombo from Germany for this collabo "All About..."

A-F-R-O, known for his work with R.A. Rugged Man, Jedi Mind Tricks etc. delivers top notch lyrics to a sample based classic Rap-Beat, that bumps your head.

Loxy & Ink – Manifested Visions (Video)

“A real old-school hip-hop track exists in the world, hitting its depth and performance. Soulful lyrics coupled with excellent performance, give the artistic impression of genuine sincerity. Real talent of pronounced sensuality.”

“Есть ещё в мире настоящий old-school hip-hop поражающий своей глубиной и исполнением. Душевная лирика в купе с превосходным исполнением создают впечатление неподдельной искренности исполнителя. Настоящий талант выраженный чувственностью.”

Authenticity & Consistency, two key words that immediately come to mind when we’re talking about Loxy and Ink.
As music and creative culture at large hurtles towards an abyss of ‘likes’ as currency and vacuous validity, the job of musicians who stand for authenticity and consistency has become ever more important and it is at this juncture where Loxy and Ink become indispensable.

Two titans in UK breakbeat culture, Loxy & Ink were both present at the inception at the birth of UK dance music culture and continue to be torchbearers. One glance at the CV of both artists will show you everything you need to know. They were both residents & recording artists at three incredibly important clubs & record labels: Metalheadz at Blue Note, Speed at Mars Bar and Renegade Hardware at The End. These three clubs and associated labels are important to mention as they innovated, pushed and later came to define drum & bass culture. Loxy and Ink were, in part, responsible for that.
It’s not an accident that Loxy and Ink were linked to these behemoths. Between the aforementioned camps and our protagonists, there was a mutual understanding for the need to push the envelope and there was a shared love of reinterpreting musical genres- a free form approach to music that changed the landscape of what is possible creatively, Loxy & Ink have always implicitly understood this way of thinking and have exercised this thought process to this day via their own record labels, Cylon (Loxy) and Architecture (Ink).

Throughout their careers, as collaborators and individuals, Loxy & Ink continued to make and play music that connected with them on a deeper level rather than just for the sake of functionality, they both saw success as rappers and individually played and made music that stretched from dub techno to hip hop to house.
The journey outlined above, the understanding of cultural innovation and the pledge to authenticity & consistency as mentioned leads us to the Manifested Visions EP on R&S Records. A five-track release that traverses genres with ease, a release that speaks to Loxy & Ink’s love for collaboration- we’re presented with multiple vocal contributions from Tha Lion, Jody Lulati, Miriam Safo and Loxy & Ink themselves. Finnish producer Resound continues his long-standing production partnership with Loxy on ‘Give Me a Dubplate’. Genre wise we’re given hip hop, dubwise roots reggae and drum & bass.
R&S continues to show that it’s a force to be reckoned with by releasing this EP, a project that crosses countries as well as genres, a project from Loxy and Ink that feels like it was always going to come to pass since the pair found common ground way back when.

After considering all of this, it comes as no surprise that the EP is titled ‘Manifested Visions.’


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Eon MC Etc. – Legitimate Hustler (Spotify)

“Legitimate Hustler from Eon MC Etc. in his new album Westside, Bitch!, released under United Statements, is a melodious, balanced and varied song with thought-provoking lyrics and an expressive vocal perfomance. Chorus is very memorable. ”

This is a song about trying to come up but stay out if trouble

‘Eon MC Etc.’ was born and raised in Lawton, OK and began singing in the church choir at the tender age of 8. Shortly thereafter, Eon began to appreciate secular music in the form of hip-hop and became a student of the craft, writing and reciting his own lyrics. All throughout his life, he firmly believed he would pave a way for himself in the entertainment industry. Like his partner on the track ‘Lady Liberty,’ the young emcee fell in love with acting and pursued his stage career in NYC, where he eventually met his long time friend and partner in lyricism, Adduci...

Jessie Spartano – Visionaire (Spotify)

“Music that form a unique background and leave a light taste of something very familiar. No words can be said about the vocals and lyrics that stuck in my head like prickly needles, causing a genuine pleasure.”

“Музыка здесь выступает в качестве фона и после прослушивания оставляет лёгкий привкус чего-то очень знакомого. Чего нельзя сказать о вокале и текстах, которые, словно колючие иголки, застревают в голове, вызывая неподдельное наслаждение.”

jessie spartano, has been building hype w A&R's, and artists for quite a while, and she is finally releasing some of her singles shes been making the last few years! Visionaire showcases the unique side of what she has got coming!

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