Atomic – Hip Hop Til We Die (feat. Queen Azurine) (Video)

“Atomic and Queen Azurine present “Hip Hop Til We Die”. Obviously dedicated to the Rap scene and fans outhere, this dancefloor hit can surely bring in mind the 90’s gold sound.”

18 year old rapper’s heartfelt tribute to 90s Hip Hop

Jean~Baptiste – Better Off (Spotify)

“Jean-Baptiste on his new single - Better Off - , please us with a warm soulful groove and a bright atmosphere with his signature vocal style and a layering of sweet funky elements. ”

“Better Off” depicts the mental & emotional hardship that a toxic relationship can cause someone. Many are often unsure of what they want regarding companionship. At one point you may think you’re better off with someone, until you realize that you’re better off without them. Jean~Baptiste takes a personal approach and depicts a time in which he fell for someone who he thought was the one, when reality she’s far from it. He’s aware that the relationship isn’t going well, but blindly denies its deterioration due to denial and familiarity. Throughout the track you can hear his inner conscious continuously warning him to leave, but to no avail. Jean proceeds to ignore his intuition and is rather misled by his irrational fear of being without this person. All signs point to ending it, but he’s become so attached & mentally detached that he is unable to let go despite all the damage that has been done.

In short this is an experience that many inexperienced lovers go through. You fall hard for someone, invest so much of yourself, ignore the warning signs, and then ultimately face the repercussions. But no matter what you are always better off.

Born Allah & Zpu-Zilla (feat. DJ Nu-Mark) – Dedication – YouTube (Video)

“DJ Nu-Mark joins Born Allah & Zpu-Zilla to their new release -Dedication- , a top notch production of beats and vocal performances that invite you to listen loud as is insanely dope, groove and rhymes which stick together with the listener from start to end. ”

L.A. rap veteran Born Allah shares the visuals for, “Dedication” taken from his new EP, Analog Baby which is produced entirely by German beatsmith, Zpu-Zilla. The engaging video directed by GuapCityProductions captures the bravado of the track and the rapper himself, who cruises through DTLA as he spits his bars at the camera and celebrates with his crew. This six-track EP which features Rakaa (of Dilated Peoples), DJ Nu-Mark and DJ Mark Luv is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms via The Church of Hip Hop & Financial Prosperity.

Sense Offence – Stay Moving (Spotify)

“We had pick the - Stay Moving - , the opener of - Sense Offence - new ep - Nomad-. 3:30 of groove rap bliss. A solid vocal performance with very good story line and solid beats, mixed top notch. The flow here is brilliant, keeping on the listening pleasure from the 1st second to the end. Music which invite you volume up, move your head and learn the lyrics. ”

"Stay Moving" is a song about fighting mental health issues / addiction and coming out on top over an old school boom-bap style beat. The bars are deep, insightful and full of wordplay and intricate multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, while the hook is catchy and uplifting. "Stay Moving" is the first track on "Nomad", the debut EP from New Zealand hip hop artist Sense Offence.

Sense Offence is a New Zealand hip-hop artist and genre fluid rapper.

His music covers topics such as mental health, drug addiction, relationship difficulties and suicide, tackling these heavy topics with a brutal realism about their realities balanced with a strong belief that recovery is possible and offering encouragement to anyone battling these demons to keep fighting.

He is an extremely versatile artist often incorporating elements from different genres and a highly technical rapper with a mastery of complex flow patterns, strong delivery, powerful story telling and intricate multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.

Cam Be x Neak x Sam Trump – Right Now (Video)

“Another Hip-Hop diamond, that catches the listener’s attention right away. Time to make a short brake, sit back and relax “Right now” with Cam Be of course!”

Channelling the historic soul of Chicago greats Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway with lyrics that could easily be found among the best of Common and Kanye West catalog. Chicago emcees Cam Be and Neak, with the help of Sam Trump, provide a convincing plea to people in these times “Right Now.”

Produced by Cam Be & INTLMC
Lyrics by Cam Be, Neak, Sam Trump
Lead Vocals by Cam Be, Neak, Sam Trump
Backup Vocals by Sam Trump
Drum Programming by INTLMC
Rhodes by Charlie Coffin
Trumpet by Sam Trump
Bass by Joshua Griffin
Conga & Percussion by Chris Paquette
Snaps by Cam Be
Mixed by Sean Owens

Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne – Plush Illy Down (Featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq) (Video)

“Beats, a melodic line and hip hop vocals above, true, many can do this in a same many can cook with same ingredients. But what the difference? Of course the taste, and how each can handle this simple elements in a way to give a magic flavor. Here is what Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne with Shabaam Sahdeeq does. The know how to cook beats.”

Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne drop the latest smooth banger in single and music video format from their upcoming joint album “Slim & Mickens”. This new record known as “Plush Illy Down” featuring the legendary O.G. Shabaam Sahdeeq. Taking the time to drop gems on this piece of art. It’s perfect the mesh of similar and different eras coming together in the name of the “Real Hip-Hop”. This record is the perfect representation and example of “this is what New York sounds like”. The video compliments the records so perfectly featuring the legendary New York crew the “Lo-Life’s” in classic Ralph Lauren Polo freshness. A true testament of excellence and authenticity radiates all through this video.

Kowan – Best Of The Worst (Video)

“Kowan with -Best Of Worst- takes the right groove and melodic elements of trending styles of instrumental hip hop and lofi chill hop and vocals above with the the good old school style, which warms up our heart instantly, at least us which we have been in these days of music history. Yet with contemplative lyrics invite us to get the best of the worst, a valued message for these weird days. ”

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