HarveyDent, Ev Thompson, Kurlz – Feel It (Spotify)

“‘Feel It’ is the first track on the debut EP by Canadian rap duo HarveyDent. Namely, EV Thompson, & Kurlz. Grimy, hard hitting with high energy, ‘Feel It’ is a bold & unashamed shout-out to the golden era of rap. An underground vibe that cuts across & balances the divide between old school & currently relevant.”


This is the first song from the first ep released by HarveyDent. We formed the group throughout the pandemic and since we couldn't attend our usual studio we recorded the entire project DIY. It's a grimy, lyrically brazen collection of songs. Lots of mic passing, and draws comparisons to golden era rap groups with a flavour that works in 2021.


HarveyDent is a Canadian rap duo with a lyrical style reminiscent of underground rap from both coasts, and transcends eras with an old school vibe in a relevant style.

The group is comprised of internationally touring artist Ev Thompson, and his crew mate Kurlz who has played shows across 4 Canadian provinces. Together they bring a high energy style that's refreshing to hip-hop purists.

C.Norris, Jonetta – Count Your Chips (Spotify)

“Count Your Chips is a Hip-Hop melodic trip back to the rhythmic, chilled & soulful R&B vibes of the late 90’s. This collaboration between C.Norris & Jonetta Grant, tells a story of fame, fortune & photography. The overall feel is both thought provoking & mellow, yet with just enough edge to keep it real.”


Count Your Chips is nostalgic single that brings us back to an era where hip-hop was soulful, thoughtful, and groovy. The mesmerizing production complements the eccentric voice and flow of C.Norris & Jonetta Grant. The detailed verses touch on rapper C.Norris' adventures of fame and fortune while highlighting his quirky obsession with photography equipment. Guest collaborator Jonetta Grant does an excellent job of capturing the R&B flavor that was present in 90s and early 2000s hip-hop. The pairing of these two powerful black voices show a chemistry to rival the great hip-hop duets of years past. This is the opening track of C.Norris April 2021 project "Uncut Gems".


Born Christopher Norris Chavannes in Long Island, New York. Rapper C.Norris fell in love with creating music in the early 2000s. He relocated to Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a youth, where he became familiar with the gritty surroundings that were then a part of his daily life. The toughness of his experiences abroad have left a lasting impact on who he is today.

Hip-Hop & Rap have always been a medium of expression for C.Norris. He finds inspiration from various influential East Coast artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Nas & Mobb Deep. This collection of artists and the soundscapes of his travels set up the emerging rapper to further express himself during his time at Florida A&M University, where he studied Graphic Design while refining his creative abilities.

In 2021 he is preparing for his upcoming March release of "Uncut Gems", a 10 track full-length project. This upcoming release is a culmination of his ongoing love for music, film, and clever storytelling.


Holy Moe x Kash Verrazano – Who Get Ya Love (Video)

“-Who Get Ya Love- is the result of a lively and colourful music technique, accompanied by rich sound and rhythms. It uses extended percussion breaks, professional mixing and expressive scratching.”

“-Who Get Ya Love- это живая и яркая техника исполнения в сопровождающей музыке и ритмах. Использование расширенных перкуссионных брейков, профессиональное микширование и выразительный скретчинг.”


“Who Get Ya Love” Is consider one of Holy Moe’s most lyrical records in recent time. He shares the stage with long time friend Kash Verrazano who does nothing but elevate the record with great delivery and elite word play.


Holy Moe, well known figure in the Staten Island Community for his charitable ways, Athletics ability and as of late his music talents. The artist has been given back to inner city youth since 2008. Holy Moe has also made his way through the music industry over the years. He’s been featured on Hot97, Power 105.1, and also had his Single “Where I’m From” featured on BET Jams. New Realest Single “No Beef” has also made it to radio with a New, New York sound. Stay tuned as Holy prepares to drop more new music this year.


The Urban Jungle – Sunday Snooze (Spotify)

“Nothing pleases more than the eve of the day off. -Sunday Snooze - is a real relaxation in the territory of your mood. A cocktail of good mood, midday sun and the salty scent of the sea.”

“Ни что так не радует, как преддверие выходного дня. -Sunday Snooze- это настоящий релакс на территории вашего настроения. Коктейль из хорошего настроения, полуденного солнца и солоноватого запаха моря.”


ROCHESTER – Perseverance (Video)

“Here comes the blast of Rochester. Not the typical Hip-Hop, but some short of teaching experience. Those lyrics of wisdom can give you back the lost courage to fight and overcome every obstacle in life. “Keep going”!”


Toronto-based artist ROCHESTER has releeased “Perseverance” off his 2020 album Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines. The music video is a photo album flipping through the highs and lows of the rapper’s life as he gets personal and reflects. It opens with a young ROCHESTER, happy and smiling as he’s being interviewed, followed by footage throughout his career including a flick with Grammy Award-Winning producer Scott Storch. As it continues, ROCHESTER raps “I wish my daughter could walk, she wasn’t stuck in a chair” paired with footage of his young daughter, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just 6 months old. Throughout the video, there is a message within the song to keep going no matter your situation; persevere. He closes by encouraging the viewers to follow their dreams no matter what.

ROCHESTER has accomplished a lot as a young emcee, but he ensures he has a lot more in store.


Marcus M-Positive Parker – I Choose Happy (Spotify)

“Have you ever thought about how often you are happy? -Marcus M-Positive Parker- and his new single -I Choose Happy- will certainly remind you this clear rule; rather than any external circumstances, someone can be unhappy only because of his thoughts. By controlling his thoughts, he achieves his happiness.”

“Задумывались ли вы о том, как часто вы бываете счастливы? -Marcus M-Positive Parker- и его новый сингл -I Choose Happy- непременно напомнит вам о незыблемом правиле; несчастным человека делают только его мысли, а не внешние обстоятельства. Управляя своими мыслями, он управляет своим счастьем.”


This song is about choosing to be happy, no matter what obstacles come in your way. It is a motivational rap song, and has an international appeal.


dom champ – slow (Video)

“The title “Slow” seems to be tricky for this fast progressing Rap piece. Discover the high energy amount hidden carefully among the tripping loops of the fantastic Dom Champ. Unique style music performance that’s going to become viral.”


Music Video by dom champ and Singularity Digital
Director – Dan O’Driscoll
Video/Editing – Singularity Digital
Video Effects – AGR Productions

dom champ is a rap/spoken word artist recording in Brighton, England.
Instagram – www.instagram.com/domchamp/​
Facebook – www.facebook.com/mrdomchamp​
Twitter – twitter.com/dom_champ​

Bleary – Long Gone (Spotify)

“Bleary with his new 9 tracks album BAD DAYS invite us to a beautiful atmospheric world. We picked the 7th installment , the track - Long Gone -. A track which quickly comes to warm the atmosphere with the hookiest qualities that genre has to offer us, soulful vocals, solid soft beats and a gently addictive piano keys harmony, all together come to hug your ear senses.”



"I wrote this song the night I arrived in California, after realizing I was losing my girl and my best friend had betrayed me. It's about being who you are, unsure of your direction but also unable to change course. This is just me, sitting down after an 18 drive and packing my essentials into my new place, pulling out a notebook, and writing. This is one of my only tracks that I wrote down prior to recording. I hope it means something to someone." Bleary

More Links - blearymusic.com/
Lyrics - blearymusic.bandcamp.com/track/long-gone
Clean Version - blearymusic.com/epk/

Canna Man x Filuka x Kaser – Atshitshi (Spotify)

“Atshitshi is a delightful song of like minded artists who share their love on music through the sound qualities delivered here. Canna Man, Dark Matter, Filuka and Kaser warm with a soulful way the cold days of winter. A beautiful new hip hop single from Camarilla label. ”



Domingo Guyton – Judas and the Black Messiah (Spotify)

“Domingo Guyton - Judas and the Black Messiah is a brilliant hip hop which brings up on surface the value and qualities of genre that has been faded out last years. Carefully crafted beats, addictive harmonies and "getting goosebumps" vocal performance, set all right ingredients as a top notch production! ”


Judas and the Black Messiah produced by Legendary Boston producer Chris Theodat was inspired by the work of Jesus Christ and His Disciples, along with having a respect for Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers. Then came the birth of this song, which plays off both entities and the one and only Messiah.


Domingo Guyton was born and raised in Boston, MA where he developed a profound understanding of urban culture from his every day encounters. The early years of his life are documented in two books: Teens With The Courage To Give (featured on the Oprah Show in 2000) by Jackie Waldman and Passionaries by Barbara Metzler. Domingo’s ability to translate his life lessons are documented in the following ways:

• Music placements on national TV shows and films, including CBS Televisions’ – 90210, MTV and Paramount Pictures’ - Spring Break Lawyer, NBC’s - Just Deal and ABC’s – Lincoln Heights.

• Drummer for 6 years for Grammy Award winners Tavares.

• Producer, Director, Writer, YTF- 5 Awards in US Film Festivals.

• Co-Producer, Lest We Forget: The Black Holocaust, Best Documentary, HBO films- 2007 Martha Vineyard African American Film Festival.

• Co-Producer, My Slave Sister Myself- Best Documentary, 2011 NYC’s Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and Best Documentary, 2009 Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival.

• Producer, Director, Writer, Footprints in the Concrete, Nominated- Best Documentary at the 2016 Bronzelens Film Festival of Atlanta. • Song Producer- over 100% songs, 26 music videos and 12 CD’s.

• Music Producer- over 100% songs and over 30 music videos


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