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Codefendants – Fast Ones

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“The “Codefendants” raise the bar even higher in the Hip-Hop scene and here’s the proof! Tight loops, killer bass and catchy chorus are the elements of success in this exlposive new entry. If you’re not a fan of Rap, “Fast Ones” can change your mind!”

“Τα “κωδικοποιητικά” ανυψώνουν ακόμα το μπαρ στη σκηνή του hip-hop και εδώ είναι η απόδειξη! Οι σφιχτοί βρόχοι, το μπάσο δολοφόνων και η πιασάρικη χορωδία είναι τα στοιχεία της επιτυχίας σε αυτή τη νέα είσοδο. Εάν δεν είστε οπαδός του ραπ, τα “γρήγορα” μπορούν να αλλάξουν γνώμη!” *

“Los “Codefendientes” elevan el listón aún más alto en la escena del hip-hop y ¡aquí está la prueba! Los bucles ajustados, el bajo asesino y el coro pegadizo son los elementos del éxito en esta nueva entrada exlposiva. ¡Si no eres fanático del rap, “Fast Ones” puede cambiar de opinión!” *

The song “Codefendants – Fast Ones” is released by Bottles to the Ground

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“Мрачная, глубокая и резонирующая атмосфера жанров Horrorcore, Cloud Hop и Hip-Hop. Тяжёлая ритм-секция с очень погружающей в себя мелодией, томный и тягучий вокал, наслоение разнообразных эффектов и переходы, которые просто сводят с ума!”

IGR, Immortal Youth – A Thousand Branches (Spotify)

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“Plenty of great worked packed in to the 2:11 of this track. Really feeling the feeling instilled by the guitar loops on a fresh organic beat. This dude spits fire and we see big things in his future. ”

Psychedelic Hip Hop Track Guitar Based Dark Hip Hop with Powerfull Lyrics


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“N.E.W. METAL by HOLY FIELD goes epic from the first second, solid sound and performance with 2 vocalists giving their own signature character to the mood of the track, like a critical battle that is taking place, music that boils the blood in your veins. ”

In March 2020, the majority of the world population where required by law to self-isolate and comply with social distancing rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike in other countries, the Swiss were allowed to go out to get some fresh air and exercise, but in like most countries social distancing of 2 meters was required and gatherings of only five people were permitted.

In compliance with all the WHO guidelines and local swiss rules, the band “HOLY FIELD” produced and released their first promotional single “N.E.W. METAL” for free.

On May the 11th 2020, which became a highly symbolic date for the Swiss people because the Federal Council decided to ease further the measures introduced to protect the population against the coronavirus.

It is also on that symbolic date that “HOLY FIELD” released “N.E.W. METAL”, against all the odds and with the sheer passion for their music, the Band succeed in creating an original piece of visual content filmed in the stunning Swiss landscape.

It is critical to state that “HOLY FIELD – N.E.W. METAL” became one of the worlds best music videos filmed and produced during the pandemic.

HOLY FIELD stands at the vanguard of the Nu Metal revival that’s currently conquering the world. Influenced by genre icons Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Jedi Mind Tricks, HOLY FIELD has developed its original style built on huge guitars, cutting lyrics performed by a pair of lead vocalists, and cinematic production and sound design. The lineup of Sub Killah (Producer/ Rhythm Guitar), Plug 5 (Bass Guitar), Loudiny (Drums), 56 K (Lead Guitar), Grey (Vocals), and Lucky (MC) rocks like a force of nature on HOLY FIELD’S new single “Looking Back,” which is set to drop on October 1st, 2020. The cut delivers everything that’s still great about Nu Metal, including brutally heavy riffs, outstanding production, and amazing grooves.

Together since 2018, HOLY FIELD is a society of true believers united by the goal of revitalising the popular Nu Metal genre of the early 21st Century. The group reinterprets the big beats and raging energy that first launched Nu Metal and incorporates its own creative vision meant to evolve the music and bring it to the attention of a new worldwide audience. HOLY FIELD has become a leader in the metal community and has the power and drive to help reshape heavy music. Fans who remember Nu Metal’s glory days and want them to return need to hear HOLY FIELD immediately and understand that its best days are happening right now.

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