D4WN – Groove | Hip Hop music review

D4WN – Groove | Hip Hop music review

“Old school vibe that hit you instantly with the first sounds, this song creates wonderful world of nostalgia. Marvelous vocals, lead and background ones are blissful and amazing as they can be. Beautiful depth and emotions within this song feels like a time machine to the last century.”


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“Old school vibe που σε χτύπησε αμέσως με τους πρώτους ήχους, αυτό το τραγούδι δημιουργεί υπέροχο κόσμο νοσταλγίας. Τα θαυμάσια φωνητικά, τα κύρια και τα παρασκήνια είναι χαρούμενα και εκπληκτικά όσο μπορούν. Όμορφο βάθος και συναισθήματα μέσα σε αυτό το τραγούδι μοιάζει με μια χρονομηχανή του περασμένου αιώνα.”


“Con un ambiente de la vieja escuela que te impacta instantáneamente con los primeros sonidos, esta canción crea un maravilloso mundo de nostalgia. Las maravillosas voces, principales y de fondo, son tan maravillosas y sorprendentes como pueden ser. La hermosa profundidad y emociones dentro de esta canción se siente como una máquina del tiempo del siglo pasado.”


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Lyrics of D4WN – Groove

I’m in a good mood and it’s obvious
They said he came through like Optimus
They made the same moves that’s consequential I took time now my shit glorious
Never been afraid of no one
Said you got the money need to show us
Cuz you low you don’t get no love
You only get the money when you show up
What you saying
I could tell you bout how I grew up
Ain’t did much but you see Allah chose us
Back then I ain’t really had no fun
Now I drop tracks and I do it like so what
Yeah I write when I’m in my zone
When I drop mehn the shit like tycoon
Lemme put you on this west side tune
Even if you try you can’t fill my shoes
She like when I’m in my bag
You see the money long and it’s like times two She know that my jet don’t lag
That’s why she wanna see my room
Groove Hold up groove
I’m trying to get that groove what’s up
Groove I wanna see you groove
It’s only right we made the night
Controlling that’s what they be like
I’m unlocked and now I make it right
Home alone how I turn out the light
What you saying
you cross my line first time I’m like calm if it happens twice get ready like prom Take your time and you decide
If you choose with sense you skip the Napalm
Its like lunch time when I hop in the stu If it feels right then I’m talking to you
I play the fifth when we talking political I made moves I ain’t waiting for you Game time know I do it like this
I ain’t playing no games don’t fuck up my spliff I’m gone shine when gone shine
I know you like when I do it like this
She tryna get some shisha

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Reviewed by Nagamag on May 20, 2024