Ezoman – Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE) | Hip Hop music review

Ezoman – Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE) | Hip Hop music review

“Interesting vocals, good overall feel, well performed with a great vibe. Very reminding of old school vibe from the 90’s, but with modern sound and even with that, nostalgic and serene. Nice beats and groove makes to songs drive very dynamic and rhythmic. ”


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“Ενδιαφέροντα φωνητικά, καλή συνολική αίσθηση, καλή απόδοση με εξαιρετική ατμόσφαιρα. Θυμίζει πολύ παλιά σχολική ατμόσφαιρα από τη δεκαετία του ’90, αλλά με μοντέρνο ήχο και μάλιστα με αυτό, νοσταλγικό και γαλήνιο. Ωραία beats και groove τα τραγούδια οδηγούν πολύ δυναμικά και ρυθμικά.”


“Voces interesantes, buena sensación general, bien interpretada y con una gran vibra. Recuerda mucho al ambiente de la vieja escuela de los años 90, pero con un sonido moderno e incluso con eso, nostálgico y sereno. Los buenos ritmos y ritmos hacen que las canciones sean muy dinámicas y rítmicas.”


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Nagamag discovered a musical masterpiece entitled “Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE)” crafted by the gifted artist of “Ezoman “. This Hip Hop composition, has resonated deeply with our curators as they embarked on an immersive listening journey with “Ezoman – Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE)”. The song as well offers an intriguing exploration of Alternative Hip-Hop, French Hip-Hop music. Nagamag, as an international music magazine, is pleased to share with you this music review, lovingly written by one of our experienced reviewers of Hip Hop compositions. A successful result of our mission to continually discover and review captivating Hip Hop songs from all corners of the globe, to the global audience of Hip Hop music enthusiasts!

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Lyrics of Ezoman – Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE)

What you wanna be,
What you wanna see
You can try be me
But you’ll never will
Till you kill that ego
Like all my amigos
I stay on the clock
Take it to the top
Got fire like a soldier
Go to battle like a warrior
Don’t pretend to be a killer
If you want to be a hero.
Maybe some one should’ve told you
That the enemy is ego
All you want ‘s for your self
Money, p***, cars and fame
Yea , that’s selfish …
This is not a game ……that’s selfish …
All you want is fame?….. that’s selfish
Now you wanna cheat………That’s selfish
fly like bird, amdhoulihilah
If you wanna be the greatest,
Then you gotta have an essence,
Speaking facts, nothing endless
Like Rihanna not Designer
Only way to be the greatest
Till the niggas can’t replace you,
Like a phoenix from the ashes X2

Kill the ego…… take it down today
Kill the beast then you can be at peace
You can still be anything you wanna be
Punch ! one two like Muhamad alie
Kill the ego…… take it down today
Kill the beast then you can be at peace
You can still be anything you wanna be
Punch ! one two like Muhamad alie

Vers 2:
La nuit sublime l’heure du crime rend les muets volubiles.
L’âme féline fixant l’abime les étoiles illuminent.
Ce que le crépuscule bouscule se manie tout bas.
Mes nuits toubab vagabondent dans le Manitoba.
Coeur Kevlar mon esprit se dévoile et s’efface.
La démence ce qu’elle attise entre les canines, un shlach.
Les visages miroir des sentiments reflètent leurs tourments.
L’éternité d’un instant autant n’en emporte l’argent.
Compte les jours qui s’effilochent sur une muse lugubre.
Fertilise au pilori quand ça pilonne au mètre cube.
Qui sont ces maitres qu’ont adulent encore crédules.
Ils sont fauchés d’être Crésus coke dans l’angélus.
L’âme est noire jazz-Mingus d’un invincible négus
Ezo-Théorique terre-mère rhésus + plus
Ce que nous sommes c’est la résurrection d’un continent.
Si tu sais que tu es petit, tu deviendras grand.
Vers 3:
To all the homies living on a lie
To all the heroes that’ll never die
To all the ladies, come on get it now
To all my fellas come on listen up
For all we know we could be running out of time
You gotta seize the moment try to carpe diem
Don’t ever try to settle, even for a dime
You never feed the beast or you’ll just be the feast

If you let it,.. it will bring you down
And your life ……will begin to drown
When you think …..you can do it all
Over time you…… can lose it all
Remember that you gotta keep it on the low
Or all that s**t you own is gonna start to blow
Don’t let that dirty beast grow in your soul
You gotta kill that beast and put it in the grave

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The song “Ezoman – Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE)” is released by Creative Side Entertainment Group

Song Sources for “Ezoman – Kill the Beast (feat. BLADE ALIMBAYE)”:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/2gEe6PrsBHNvqHxFebonZf
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj4UBinBMQU
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/kill-the-beast-feat-blade-alimbaye/1723470684?i=1723470689
Deezer: www.deezer.com/track/2602960642
Pandora: www.pandora.com/TR:113580221

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Reviewed by Nagamag on March 24, 2024