Kishu Kenny – Fly the Flag

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“DarkSynth rhythm magic and Cyberpunk melodies, a real gift for everyone who loves maximum immersion in a deep, dark atmosphere. Vaib pours the river and pleases with every sound and variety of effects!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Магия ритма Darksynth и мелодии Cyberpunk, настоящий подарок для всех, кто любит максимальное погружение в глубокую, тёмную атмосферу. Вайб льётся рекой и радует слух каждым звуком и разнообразием эффектов!”

Milt0n – Distance

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“A soaring Dark Wave banger by "Milt0n" is out to spread electronic energy and shake the universe. The talented dj and producer combines nostalgic leads, acidic basslines and a powerful kick in a mix that hits directly in the head. From the first seconds you can feel the adrenaline rush conquering your body and goosebumps all over your skin!”

Synthwave sleeper agent code-named: "Milt0n" has been activated to bring you his first self-released ep: "Dimension Jump" - A bass driven, groovy, dark soundscape which unfolds over 4 tracks deploying nostalgic leads, crushing low end, and tight production.

AD Eternal x Yung Shannon – ’87 Vampires

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“Sweeping us gently into its memories of simpler times. Soothing synth riffs that built themselves a tempo of slow pleasure. Steady and climbing in its own way to the sky. We really enjoyed the effects applied to the vocals, it really enriched the experience. ”

his is a 80s inspired track with a modernized spin to it. The lyrics and vibe of the track are stemming completely off “The Lost Boys” movie made in 1987. The main lyrical motivation for the song is pulled from a idea of living a life of a vampire in the 1980s searching and finding his true love.

Marza Panther – Falln Angel (Spotify)

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“Marza Panther strikes with her unreal synth patterns, offering a track full of mystery. Discover a sound with plenty of electronic effects and hypnotizing vocals... get ready to explore a hidden wild beauty.”

Marza Panther is a cellist, composer and songwriter in Los Angeles. Her music is tethered to the natural world, yet also draws from the dark synthetic sounds found in a mechanical heart. She performs the daily ritual of trying to make something beautiful out of the sorrow-void.

Wallners – Dracula (Spotify)

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“The bright title of track -Dracula- can instantly cause attention. It traces a clear thread of narration, style and integrity. Probably one of the few works where Indie & Dream Pop are so competently matched. Valuable sound and professional mix!”

“Яркое название трека -Dracula- моментально акцентирует на себе внимание. В нём прослеживается чёткая нить повествования, стиль и целостность. Наверное, одна из немногих работ, в которой так грамотно подана энергетика жанров Indie & Dream Pop. Выверенный звук и профессиональная подача материала!”

Wallners are back with their new single "Dracula" and dive even deeper into their mysterious dream pop world. Not quite a year ago as one of the most important newcomer bands from Austria, the success of the four siblings has long since exceeded that. Wallners are a band with an international stature that continues to write, record and produce its music on its own at home. With "Dracula" Wallners take a step further in their development and also in the expansion of their unmistakable, mystical-wonderful sound. The music video is once again provided by the award-winning director Rupert Höller, who most recently won the Austrian Music Video Prize with the video for Wallner's single "All Again" was nominated.

Wallners sind zurück mit ihrer neuen Single „Dracula“ und tauchen noch tiefer ein in ihre geheimnisvolle Dreampop Welt. Vor nicht ganz einem Jahr als eine der wichtigsten Newcomerbands aus Österreich gehandelt, geht der Erfolg der vier Geschwisterschon längst darüber hinaus. Wallners sind eine Band mit internationalem Format, die ihre Musik nach wie vor im Alleingang zuhause schreibt, aufnimmt und produziert. Mit „Dracula“ gehen Wallnerseinen Schritt weiter in ihrer Entwicklung und auch im Ausbau ihres unverkennbaren, mystisch-wunderbaren Sounds.Das Musikvideo liefert einmal mehr der preisgekrönte Regisseur Rupert Höller, der zuletzt mit dem Video zur Wallners Single „All Again“ für den österreichischen Musikvideopreis nominiert wurde.

The newcomers Wallners - four young siblings from Vienna - feel comfortable while dreaming and playing with thoughts. The story of Nino (20), Max (23) and the twins Anna and Laurenz (25) almost sounds like a dream itself: After years of tinkering in the living room, they sent demos to various labels without any great expectations. Never ever would they have imagined that they would land straight at Universal Music. But you can hear why: The quartet's debut single compares to a gaze into an enchanted kaleidoscope, presenting itselfas an unmistakable and highly polished sound. Wallners’ hypnotic dream pop will take theirlisteners on an exciting journey somewhere between illusion and reality.

OVRGRWN – The Riders – Instrumental (Spotify)

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“Retro never sounded so good. Synth me up baby this is the way. Instrumentals as this really make the 80’s vibe pop. ”

Blending the synthscapes of ‘80s film scores with contemporary indie pop, San Francisco-based duo OVRGRWN has developed a remarkable creative formula that is richly atmospheric, sweetly melodic, and frequently willing to tap into its dark side. Balancing a seriousness in the music with genuine enthusiasm, the group’s songs captivate listeners with immersive production techniques and a serene singing style.

OVRGRWN consists of Brandon and Danae, two California natives who met in 2012 when Brandon answered a “drummer wanted” ad on Craigslist to be part of a garage/surf rock project Danae was organizing. The two formed a creative synergy over six years of playing together in the band before branching out into new musical territory with OVRGRWN.

The group’s debut EP, O Well, landed in 2019 and immediately resonated with fans of synthwave and indie pop music. The early success of the album put them on the radar of retro synth label FiXT Neon, which signed the group to a deal in 2020. O Well was re-packaged and re-released through the label later that same year, and OVRGRWN has new material scheduled with FiXT Neon for early 2021.

Olexandr Ignatov – Arrival (Spotify)

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“The Synthwave music style is unique, because it acts as a time machine and sends its listeners into their own unique universe. The sound in -Arrival- is saturated with lamp analog synthesizers, light rhythm and excellent dynamics.”

“Жанр Synthwave уникален тем, что он действует как Машина Времени и отправляет своего слушателя в свою, уникальную вселенную. Звук в -Arrival- насыщен ламповыми аналоговыми синтезаторами, лёгким ритмом и прекрасной динамикой.”

Born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine. Started playing piano at an early age, Olexandr quickly adopted the love for music and everything connected to it. Years later - and unlike most artists that work in one specific genre, Olexandr finds himself comfortable in many, dominant of which are inspiring piano music, epic and powerful epic orchestral compositions, heavy-hitting rock and metal pieces, ambient, and a little bit of electronic music too. So there is a high chance you might find something you like by listening to Olexandr’s discography.

The biggest reward for him as a composer is changing people’s lives for the better through music. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to embark on a journey!

March and June , Indra – Love Lies (Video)

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“A new star has dropped down from heavens and is called; “Love Lies”. Prepare for a fascinating trip in space with “March and June”. Hot Electronic waves with some old-style touch and the super voice of “Indra” are capable to blow up your mind.”

Nothing is lost. Nothing is created. Everything is transformed. Love turns into bubbly electro pop-dance synths, tears of happiness morph into stardust and discoball reflections. Riding along the dusty guitar riffs we found Indra’s sensual tones.

Love Lies is March & June’s newest journey into the outer space, following the same musical path back into the glorious 80s’ decade. He doesn’t travel by himself: Indra, one for Romania’s up-and-coming musical talents joined the mysterious astronaut, bringing smooth, sensual colours to the mix.

Arena – Fever (Spotify)

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“This will be a huge track that will be on every radio station and on every dance hall DJ’s playlist this summer. Superbly produced, expertly arranged, and full of beautifully symphonious vocal harmonies & orchestration, that blend seamlessly with the punchy, percussive makes you want to dance beat. ‘Fever’ by Arena is a well-balanced winner.”

After picking up his first guitar at the age of 10, Joey Arena knew there was no “Plan B,” music is his purpose. Making friends with the road at the age of 17 and living one night at a time, the stages grew bigger as did the fans along the way. Arena grew up in a city of arts, Rochester, NY. The home to household names such as Lou Gramm and Steve Gadd; a geographical foundation in which he’d build a music career.

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