Kit Kido – Bonnie & Clyde (Spotify)

“Stringy pace, clearly standing rhythm patterns and bass sound. A strong overall view of depression and melancholy shown by -Bonnie & Clyde- while having some weight of trip-hop sound. A distinct voice with synth sounds create the perfect backdrop for the most discerning listeners.”

“Тягучий темп, отчётливые партии ритм-блока и баса. Характерная общая картина депрессивности и меланхолии лишь выделают -Bonnie & Clyde- из общей массы trip-hop звучания. Приглушённый голос и звуки синтезаторов создают идеальный фон неповторимого настроения для самых искушенных слушателей.”

Kit Kido is a contemporary torch singer that blends lyrical storytelling with digital soundscapes. Noir synth sounds, loops, guitars and a touch of 90s nostalgia create the perfect backdrop for her dystopian love stories. Between the present and the future, Kit Kido finds herself in that thin line where reality meets fantasy.

Vocalizer – Overthinking It (Video)

“It’s not always easy to make decisions and we tend to overthink many different things. A truth that is mentioned via Vocalizer’s new song. The Electro Pop hit that can change the way you face reality and give you the power to go on.”

Vocalizer is an exciting new pop project that sees four Music Industry friends teaming up to create massive, engaging records. With emotional, hook-drenched songs that instantly resonate with audiences worldwide, the power of their writing and production is undeniable. Vocalizer is Paul Visser, Ria Jaggard, Peter Ruppert, and Hugh Goldsmith, one of the world’s most successful A&R executives, credited with over 20 number one records with artists as Take That, Blue, Atomic Kitten, and Billie Piper

Paul Cook & The Chronicles Interview on Nagamag

Pop Features


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Folk, alt. Country, Indie Pop

Few words about your musical background and career?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Grew up listening to 50s/60s music, along with whatever was in the charts at the time. Started playing guitar aged 11. My first proper band got signed to BMG, the second band to EMI, then I went solo as PC&TC, and my first solo album was Rough Trade Stores Album Of The Week.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
As soon as I heard The Beatles I knew I wanted to be in music. And then I used to see The Monkees TV programme as a kid and wanted to be in a band.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Solange "Cranes in the sky"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Phoebe Bridgers Garden Song

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du0 – Come Home feat. Emily Coulston (Acoustic) (Video)

“From where to start and where to end for this blissful song? Wins your attention from the first milliseconds! The sound layering and atmosphere here is brilliant, Emily Coulston impressive vocal capabilities comes to give the secret spice of a wonderful recipe that has been cooked here. This is a memorable song, which invites you to listen again and again on repeat! ”

The track had an unlikely birth. du0 tells the story: “The three of us were among nine musicians invited to attend AMPLIFY, QMusic’s Songwriting Retreat at Heliport Studios in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. It was amazing and incredibly hectic. We were rotated in groups of three and had to come up with a song from scratch, and produce and record it in 4 hours. We did this five times in three days.”

The result, Come Home, has had 1,107,000 streams on Spotify, but little radio play so far. And now the acoustic video is going off on YouTube. There may be something in this, we don’t know. Hopefully you can help us find out what it is.

Tania Vinokur Interview on Nagamag

Pop Features

Photo by Oded Levent

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Tania Vinokur:
Crossover, electronica, pop, world, fusion, ethnic

Few words about your musical background and career?

Tania Vinokur:
Tania Vinokur, Virtuoso Violinist is all over the globe and has created a sound signature second to none.
Born in Moldova, Tania started life in music at age of 5. Moving to Israel young Tania found a world of musical flavours. Israel is a cultural melting pot.
Tania's mesmerising performance draws the inspiration for her music from Sephardic, Ethnic, Classical, Electronic and Pop music. As a trained dancer, vocalist and a drummer, at first note Tania raises her energy to heaven in a unique performance, a violin virtuoso is revealed, alongside a charismatic, captivating and magnetic theatrical presence.
In recent years, Tania has performed in Europe, North and Latin America, Thailand and Cuba, and recently at the TEDx Jaffa event where she received an ovation for the most original performance that simultaneously combines dancing and violin playing.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Tania Vinokur:
I was born to a musical family and my first love moment with music was when i took my moms violin and tried to make sounds. Shortly after I started learning the violin craft and dancing- when i was 3 years old, and a few years later to invent my own melodies. This was love at first sight...Finding my own unique sound, artistry and voice, and bringing it to the world the way i wan to took some time and i think it will always be a part of my journey.

what style is your music?

Tania Vinokur:
I've been asked this question whole my life, but since i'm a violinist, composer, dancers, was born in Moldova, immigrated to Israel when i was 8 , but then traveled the world - I find inspiration in every style of music. I don't see the boundaries, the opposite, I look for the fusion point of styles, to bring something new to the sound and composition that haven't been combined yet. Ive released songs, instrumental music, electronic tracks and i keep enjoying more more new combinations.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Tania Vinokur:
Prince "Purple rain"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Tania Vinokur:
Lindsey Stirling Roundtable Rival

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CARDS & SITA – Blue Automobile (Spotify)

New CARDS & SITA collab, "Blue Automobile," is a chill, beachy indie-soul song with lush arrangements reminiscent of 70s era Philly Soul & Bossa Nova. Wah-wah guitar solos and orchestral sections weave in and out of the space between the vocals and the drums to create a dreamy atmosphere that leaves the listener feeling transported to whatever world they feel like going to in their mind.

Titi Woo – To All Who’s Out There (Video)

“Одно из самых необычных и трогательных произведений, которые нам удалось услышать. Эта песня своеобразный авторский реквием, которая была написана Девидом за несколько месяцев до его кончины. To All Who’s Out There навсегда останется в наших сердцах.”

After releasing his debut album “Pollywogs”
which he wrote and recorded with his twin brother David.
Titi Woo returns with a brand new song – a farewell song
that’s been written by his twin brother – David and was recorded
and musically produced by Ori Shlezinger in Newtone studios.

David knew that he was terminally ill and felt the need to farewell
and say his final words.

This song is dedicated to all the people who exist on planet earth and
therefore comes the name : “To All Who’s Out There”.

Furthermore, he asked from his twin brother Jody that the lyrics
from the first verse of the song would be engraved on his gravestone
and so it was.

The animation for the music video was created by Anastasia Miasnikova
as it brings to life the paintings David created while staying at the hospital
prior to his death.

This is his voice and those are his final words.

Estella Dawn – Petty (Spotify)

“Estella Dawn has a voice timbre, unique for its genre. Its modulation amazes and delights at the same time! Bright, transparent sound and beautiful melody complement each other.”

“Estella Dawn обладает уникальным для своего жанра тембром голоса. Его модуляция поражает и восхищает одновременно! Яркий, прозрачный звук и красивая мелодия дополняют друг друга.”

With the first release of 2021 Estella is in a reflective mood. Like many of her previous releases she touches on the intricacies that most people face in their daily lives. This time it is about the complexities of a friendship where you feel that you became the support person for someone and, in hindsight, they were not as caring or supportive in return. Someone that you once defended tirelessly is now the one throwing jabs at you and it can be difficult not to want to retaliate.

The breakdown of a relationship whether it be platonic or romantic is a tough and turbulent time. Often fueled by both the emotional and irrational, there are so many moving parts and when you’re dealing with peoples core feelings, things can easily sour. As someone that has always been fascinated by diverse relationships and how they play such an integral role in the individual and collective human experience, Estella has now candidly touched on some of her own.

Simply put, Petty is about the breakdown of a friendship, knowing someone’s intimate secrets and wanting to use them in retaliation but ultimately realizing that you are better off moving on and being a better person for it.

du0 x Trenton – Shadows (Spotify)

“Producer du0 and Trenton, featuring vocals in their collaboration Shadows, is the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax with your favorite drink.”

“Дуэт продюсера du0 и Trenton, вокал которого звучит в их совместной работе Shadows, это прекрасная возможность откинуться на спинку вашего кресла и расслабиться наедине с любимым напитком.”

Remember when 2020 stood for perfect vision? Now it stands for a time when our lives were turned upside down.

For Brisbane artist, du0, 2020 was more upside than down. His track, Come Home, hit a million plays on Spotify and revealed an emerging artist with his finger on the zeitgeist. The awards, accolades and a growing online fanbase have followed.

du0’s latest release, Shadows, a collaboration with alt-pop artist, Trenton, sees him hitting the groove once again. Like his name implies, du0’s new duo works beautifully. His signature infectious rhythms and whimsical melodies combine with Trenton’s moody vocals to provide reflective lyrical gems like “yesterday the future slipped away". And they take it from there, producing a confident, hopeful and uplifting start to 2021 that promises things will only get better from here – for all of us.

NEIMY – LIMBO (Spotify)

“Listening to the works from the LIMBO single you concentrate your attention on how easily and accessible NEIMY addresses us, the listeners, through the lyrics of her compositions. The author very competently uses all the main genre features of Electro Pop. Lightness and beauty in every note.”

“Прослушивая работы с альбома LIMBO концентрируешь своё внимание на том, как легко и доступно NEIMY обращается к нам, слушателям, через текст своих композиций. Автор очень грамотно использует все главные жанровые особенности Electro Pop. Лёгкость и красота в каждой ноте.”

After topping UK Charts, artist NEIMY drops her new single “LIMBO”.

The success with “Dancing In The Moonlight”, took NEIMY and Swedish artist Jübel all the way to the top of UK singles charts, peaking at #11. Their cover of King Harvest's classic song has racked up over 160M streams to date. Now she’s ready to release her next original single “LIMBO”, a song with dark and playful lyrics and a glimpse of humor and sarcasm.

“I’ve always had a passion for storytelling lyrics and catchy melodies. This song came about at a speed writing session with me and my co-writer and producer Eric Wictor. Within an hour we had the whole topline, and the lyrics simply poured out of me”, NEIMY explains.

"LIMBO is about being stuck at a place where you just don't wanna be, being controlled and haunted. It can be a relationship, a workplace or in your own head” she continues.

NEIMY launched her career after her demo ‘I’ve Learned’ was discovered by The Chainsmokers. The song ended up as a soundtrack to the Italian movie ‘Succede.

In 2018 she released “Dancing In The Moonlight”, together with Swedish duo Jübel. The song made it all the way to the top of UK singles charts, peaking at #11. Their cover of King Harvest's classic song has racked up over 160M streams to date.

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