Himmat Singh – Gulabo Meri

“-Himmat Singh- holds the balance between two faces- the rhythm and the indie R&B melody and such a lyrical, romantic manner of performance. The feeling that you sway on the waves of the Pacific Ocean and, together with charming music, everything is perceived very naturally and convincingly. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Himmat Singh- удерживает баланс между двумя гранями — ритмом и мелодией Indie R&B и такой лирической, романтической манерой исполнения. Чувство, что покачиваешься на волнах тихого океана и вместе с очаровательной музыкой всё воспринимается очень естественно и убедительно.”



Himmat Singh - a singer and multi-instrumental artist - is known for his vocals and blend of multiple cultural styles. Born and raised in the Bay Area, California - he fell in love with music at a young age learning Indian classical music and developed a passion for creating in Los Angeles, California. Himmat makes a unique twist of English and Punjabi music that falls into the genres of Neo-Soul, Alt/Indie RnB, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop + Punjabi Folk. Lyrics are in English, Punjabi, and Spanish.

Himmat is fully independent - directing and composing his own music videos and song melodies and lyrics.


NEO NOIR – Always You (2022)

“Similar tracks are often devoted to each other in love couples, who are associated with deep and sincere feelings. The successfully selected arrangement in the Dream Pop genre and warm vocals -neo noir- can serve as an ideal gift to your loved one. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Подобные треки часто посвящают друг другу влюблённые пары, которых связывают глубокие и искренние чувства. Удачно подобранная аранжировка в жанре Dream Pop и тёплый вокал -Neo Noir- могут послужить в качестве идеального подарка вашему любимому человеку.”


Always You was originally released in 2020 for a brief period of time. Written in Los Angeles during the turbulent times of the COVID Pandemic, Systemic Racism & rampant Climate Change, “Always You” was inspired by the beauty of everything around us that we’ve taken for granted. Whether that’s a significant other, the world, etc. it was an influence in crafting the messaging and music, lyrics and overall vibe of this song. Musically we went with a more organic approach as we’ve both been playing guitar lately. We wanted to get back to our roots that got us into producing in the first place.

NEO NOIR is an LA based Future Music collective based around producers Bradley Allan & Greg Ogan. Some notable credits between them include Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, Brandi, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and more. They formed NEO NOIR at the start of 2017 as a passion project to create music collaborations with talented singers that share their artistic vision. This enables them to experiment freely and push boundaries more so than when producing specifically for other artists. Their first song “When I Was Young (ft. Brooke Williams) broke a million streams and is currently at 2 million. They currently have 8.5 million streams on Spotify combined as of 2020. Also worth noting is that they’ve been a featured artist on MTV's “The Challenge” as well as featured in an international Hershey’s Chocolate commercial campaign since the start of 2020. They’re also in rotation on the NFL on Fox - NFL Kickoff this season.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/soundsofneonoir

Twitter: www.twitter.com/soundsofneonoir

Instagram: www.instagram.com/soundsofneonoir

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/soundsofneonoir

Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7fTqY9BUStjrd1OoBwV3UO?si=EtYN8MLITxGs7FaupdNrxg

Zoe Zobrist – Better

“Inspired by the way we grow up and change ourselves in the journey of life, this Indie Folk candy left us a strong impression and a feeling of direct connection with the singer. Those echoing vocals expose the emotion in her lyrics and the instrumental arrangements match perfectly with the main concept.”


Following wide-spread acclaim for “Oh, Baby,” the single written for her yet-to-be-born son Beau, Dallas recording artist Zoe Zobrist has spent the past few months cultivating tracks that speak to fans on an intimate level. Today, the young songwriter has dropped her new single “Better” on all streaming services, after exclusively premiering the song’s music video–directed by Shan Dan Horan (Demi Lovato, Julia Michaels)–via Hollywood Life.


“Better” serves as a reminder that our pasts do not define us — we must allow ourselves to grow and change in order to open our life’s next chapter. In the outer layer of the track’s production listeners can find comfort in its indie folk softness, nestled with Zobrist’s sincere and vulnerable lyricism. The swooning track will certainly move audiences; “Better” is the perfect anthem for personal growth this spring.

“‘Better’ is a diary-like, coming of age expression of the realization that some things in life aren’t what you expected them to be. It’s about healing. It’s about letting go and moving on.” - Zoe Zobrist

Crafting songs that are as personal as they are dynamic, Zoe Zobrist is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas. A life-long musician, Zoe has spent the better half of her career performing and touring across North America. She has graced the stages of iconic music venues throughout the Southwest including Los Angeles’ The Viper Room, The Troubadour, and Dallas Fort Worth’s Six Flags Amphitheater. In 2019, Zoe was featured in John Mellencamp’s tour documentary which played on-screen during his “John Mellencamp Show” North American Tour.


Zoe has spent the past few years refining her sound and experimenting with different styles, ultimately leading to her unique blend of classically inspired indie music. In her most recent single, "Oh Baby" Zoe shares a diary-like expression of unconditional love and anticipation for the future to her first child. Deeply personal, Zoe’s latest work is the musical embodiment of her very existence and journey to self-discovery.

“Better” is raw and honest, Zoe has learned from her previous mistakes and she’s not afraid to tell the world what she’s learned. After releasing “Fire” and “Oh Baby” in 2021, Zoe is back with her first release of the year. Discussing vulnerability and maturity, Zoe’s soft acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals are ready to show the world what she and her music are truly capable of.

Be sure to check out the new track, “Better,” across all streaming platforms and stay up-to-date on all things Zoe Zobrist here.


Liz Cass – Human

“This music presses the invisible keys inside your heart, exposing it and filling Electro Pop with good vibrations. Vocal -Liz Cass is a real decoration, in the presentation of the material of which you feel a deep soul and a wonderful musical taste. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта музыка нажимает на невидимые клавиши внутри вашего сердца, обнажая его и наполняя добрыми вибрациями мелодии Electro Pop. Вокал -Liz Cass- настоящее украшение, в подаче материала которого чувствуется глубокая душа и прекрасный музыкальный вкус.”



Liz Cass is a London based alternative pop artist. Winning over her listeners with heart on sleeve lyrics and honest, relatable story telling, her captivating vocals are displayed among expansive, electronic orchestral tones.

She began her musical journey as a young choral scholar, penned her first song in her teens with Fraser T Smith and as a featured artist has collaborated with Hot Since 82, Matador and Nora En Pure.

After a chance meeting with Bath-based producer Ed Graves, Liz embarked on two years of writing sessions at Rainbow Wood Studios for her solo album - due out autumn 2022 on Ultra Records/Sony. Killers - the debut single - was released in October and was championed by Wonderland Magazine who said, “Gently easing us into an alt-pop soundscape filled with minimalist production and building synths, the artist puts her soothing vocals on full display while addressing mental health through emotive lyricism.” A Matador remix of the track proved a radio hit with spins on Radio 1, BBC 6Music and BBC Introducing London.

Her highly anticipated second single Human is out now.

Kisos – wish u were around (feat. Zach Benson)

“The qualitative level of combining two genres is a commercial sound and melodic Synthpop. A pronounced rhythm-section and explosive energy is a postulate on which the professionalism and talent of performers are located. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качественный уровень объединения двух жанров — коммерческое звучание и мелодичный Synthpop. Ярко выраженная ритм-секция и взрывная энергетика — это постулат, на котором расположились профессионализм и талант исполнителей.”


Kisos & Zach Benson are bringing wholesome, springtime love (with a hint of drama) to streaming on April 28th with "wish u were around" - produced by Zach and mixed by Kisos. A DIY record capturing growing up while hopefully not growing apart.

The duo met in 2019 through mutual friends soon after Zach moved to NYC and bonded immediately. "When you move away from your partner it's so bittersweet. We wanted to tell the story of a couple who are deeply in love and supportive of each other pursuing their dreams, but share that honest jealousy and fear of losing each other that comes with watching the other person's life change drastically while you're so far away," says Kisos.

The duo are releasing weekly skit episodes that show an inside look into how they're dealing with their long-distance love, and minted some single art postcards to send to early supporters. You can also catch Kisos live in Brooklyn on May 19th (tickets).

Lyrics on Bandcamp: kisos.bandcamp.com/track/wish-u-were-around-ft-zach-benson


“A creative approach to creating an arrangement in which the spirit of the French Pop genre is felt. The enveloping atmosphere and the specific voice of the vocalist give a very pleasant effect. You are provided with pulsating waves of heat and endorphine under the skin, like flocks of small fish in your personal ocean. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Творческий подход к созданию аранжировки, в которой чувствуется дух жанра French Pop. Обволакивающая атмосфера и специфический голос вокалистки дают очень приятный эффект. Вам обеспечены пульсирующие волны тепла и эндорфина под кожей, словно стаи маленьких рыб в вашем личном океане.”



“Come on!” with its loud and repetitive bass line, instantly projects us into the darkness of a club where the party is in full swing.

Last Single of the group MOTEL CLUB before the release of their First album scheduled for May 6, 2022, this title evokes the abandonment of oneself, the total inability to resist the fleshly call of the night and all its excesses.


“Viens! ” avec sa ligne de basse tonitruante et répétitive, nous projette instantanément dans la pénombre d’un club ou la fête bat son plein. Dernier Single du groupe MOTEL CLUB avant la sortie de leur Premier album prévue pour le 6 Mai 2022, ce titre évoque l’abandon de soi, l’incapacité totale de résister à l’appel charnel de la nuit et de tous ses excès.


Martin Buster – Shitty Tradition

“Immerse yourself in this bottomless ocean a flurry of emotions and euphoria and enjoy its extraordinary gifts. This is a journey into a stream of sound maze, which helps to completely immerse yourself in an indescribable, deep and such hypnotic atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Погрузитесь в этот бездонный океан шквала эмоций и эйфории и насладитесь его необычайными дарами. Это путешествие в поток звукового лабиринта, который помогает целиком погрузиться в непередаваемую, глубокую и такую гипнотическую атмосферу.”



Martin Buster is ready with his second single "Shitty Tradition" - a heartfelt and at the same time magnificent indie-pop song that questions the gender traditions of 2022.

The opening line in “Shitty Tradition”

You are better at dancing than I am, but I'm the one who's supposed to lead, “Shitty tradition”

The lyrics of "Shitty Tradition" was written in response to the debate in Denmark about gender equality in the music industry. The list of most played artists on Danish radio had just been published and there were no women in the top 10.

"When I know so many absurdly talented female artists, why are they not played on Danish radio as much as men? It made me, in a bigger picture, think about how my gender has influenced my upbringing and who I have, become as a human being. And at the same time how the traditional gender understandings in these years are being phased out, and that we are on the way to a much higher degree of equality. But the absence of women on the list for most played Danish musicians, shows that there is a long way to go.”

Lerocque – Flatlined

“Track make thinking, delve into the text, empathize and causes exceptional emotions and associations. Sometimes the song helps to discover something inexplicable, incomprehensible, but such a close, important and necessary one. Elegant Indie Electronic with excellent sound decoration. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек заставлять думать, вникать в текст, сопереживать и вызывает исключительные эмоции и ассоциации. Иногда песня помогает открыть в себе нечто необъяснимое, непонятое, но такое близкое, важное и нужное. Элегантная Indie Electronic с прекрасным звуковым оформлением.”


Do you know that feeling? You met someone and you think you two are the best fit the world has ever seen. Well, it can go wrong though. And as life’s a ride you can only ride once, time is quite precious. Flatlined is about not sticking to something that is obviously lost. A happy electro pop song with a deeper meaning.


st.James – Liars

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Initially a calm track, in which an emotional explosion is closer to the middle! Moderate, but expressive bits, beautiful effects and a memorable chorus and a verse. The melody remains consciousness forever, constantly accompanying you everywhere and everywhere.”

“Изначально спокойный трек, в котором ближе к середине происходит эмоциональный взрыв! Умеренный, но выразительный бит, красивые эффекты и запоминающийся припев и куплет. Мелодия остаётся в сознание навсегда, постоянно сопровождая вас везде и всюду.”


The featured track from the Netflix reality soap Byron Baes

Liars come from within the chaos of “reality”.

Intentionally stepping into the spotlight has highlighted my own hypocrisy and shortcomings, that I've had to publicly face.

I am in a place where my own reality and at times fate moves through the hands of others.

Liars was written in a place of overwhelming isolation and uncertainty about decisions, but also an opportunity to hold onto some of my own narrative.


BYRNE – Where The Wild Things Are

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Easy and cheerful POP Rock with a tasty filling from a modern arrangement, a pleasant melody and high-quality vocals, which will taste to any music love. Music that encourages your consciousness to action!”

“Лёгкий и жизнерадостный Pop Rock со вкусной начинкой из современной аранжировки, приятной мелодией и качественным вокалом, который прийдётся по вкусу любому меломану. Музыка, которая побуждает ваше сознание к действию!”


This song is about escaping the mundane for a hot minute

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