Moonview – Frost (Spotify)

Moonview – Frost

Frost was part of the Chillhop Discord weekly showcase and received a lot of positive feedback. This track is a good representation of the direction Moonview is heading, with a focus on chillhop beats, mellow synths, samples and live instruments.

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AdimProd, Faceless – All I Need (Spotify)

AdimProd, Faceless – All I Need

A constantly changing Jazz-Hop/Lo-Fi beat taking you on a journey!

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64 Rockets – Ruhleben (Spotify)

64 Rockets – Ruhleben

This retrowave track is inspired by frequent trips on U-Bahn, Berlin’s rapid transit system, in particular, the famous U2 line that starts in Pankow and runs through the city to the Ruhleben terminal station.

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