Vasco – Like That (Spotify)

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Experimental Electrop Pop procucer VASCO returns with his new genre defying "The Butter Love Mixtape" on Big Beat Records.

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard from the internationally-acclaimed rising producer Vasco, who most recently released his latest single “Two Shots” (feat. Nikki Vianna) in late 2019, but that doesn’t mean the Danish producer hasn’t been hard at work honing his unparalleled sound. Vasco re-emerges today with the release of a surprise new five-song release called The Butter Love Mixtape, which showcases his uniquely inventive sound more than anything else in his catalog. Out today through Big Beat Records, The Butter Love Mixtape is an affectionate display of his unique production skill and effortless ability for creating catchy, emotional melodies -

Featuring experimental yet hook-laden production, The Butter Love Mixtape melds undeniable electro-pop with avant-garde melodies and captivating toplines from a slew of seductive guest vocalists, including STELLA, Rozzi and Scarlet Pleasure through its five tracks. According to Vasco, “focus track ‘Like That’ is the calm banger - about haters and lovers, and keeping true to yourself.” From the ethereal opener “Just Say” with pitched-up vocals and alluring instrumentation to the banging R&B-infused mixtape closer “Another Night To Forget” (feat. Scarlet Pleasure), The Butter Love Mixtape is guaranteed to electrify existing fans, and enchant new fans alike.

Born Nick Labajewska Madsen, Vasco is the once-cryptic production force behind many critically-acclaimed artists in recent past. His productions have been released and supported by the likes of Baauer, MØ, Terror Jr, Scarlet Pleasure and Soleima. But not surprising, considering his penchant for crafting smart, innovative electronic compositions in the vein of Mura Masa and Cashmere Cat.

Establishing himself as your favorite producer’s favorite producer, Vasco’s new Butter Love Mixtape is an undeniable fusion of classic electronic music with an enigmatic, captivating twist that is a massive step forward in making Vasco a household name among the top elite producers world-wide.

Dax – BLACK LIVES MATTER (Official Music Video)

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Remember when we were kids and didn’t see color? A song meant to bring everyone together during these tough times of racial tension.

I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
ay ya
I can’t breathe

This a (r)evolution (i)n (o)ur (t)ime everybody’s fighting
change coming, YES!
that’s why it’s an acronym for riot
Everybody has a voice don’t you dare stay silent
if you say nothing you are an accessory to violence
let these words dry the tears of my people who are crying we can bring back hope but not people that are dying
This is what happens when the people you’ve oppressed ask for change in a country that they built but you ignored and deny it
This for Sandra Bland, George Floyd, and every single family police brutality has intervened in and destroyed
couple bad cop couple can’t define all you other boys so every good COP needs to stand up and make noise
Black, white, asain doesn’t matter cause we can’t avoid so let’s all come together join hands and yes get annoyed at people who believe racism makes sense in a country built off minority slave work employed
see nobodies born racist man it’s something you learn
Deep rooted in your brain from the day of your birth
I think it’s time that we repair All of the bridges we’ve burned
And let love out of our hearts onto cheeks we turn
Spread love, show love, lets get rid of this curse,
Don’t wait for anyone to act man you go first
400 years wasted let’s get rid of this hurt cause that’s the only way we’ll ever see peace on earth

I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I, I
I can’t breathe

Change is what we need
Cut me open, cut you open Red’s the color every single human beings bleeds,
Let’s come together cops citizens and in between and rally for the rights of everybody in humanity
Black, blue, white, green,
Playing for the seam the team
I’m not MLK but boy that doesn’t mean I Can’t dream
Black lives matter shouldn’t anger you or make you scream all lives matter cause we aren’t treated equally
Remember when we were kids and didn’t see no color and when we played in kindergarten and I called you my brother
Then we grew up and they taught us we should hate on each other even though
We one in the same and we all came from our mothers
I hope y’all understand
Hate is not a trait it was learned man
Equality is the quality we need inside this earth man
Give and receive it’s the karma that you earn man

I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I, I
I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I, I
I can’t breathe

MONOIR & JFMee & Ameline – Love Me (Video)

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MONOIR & JFMee & Ameline – Love Me

Like all the Thrace Music releases, Love Me respects the same rule: the more you listen to it, the more you get hooked on the groove. With the song mood set by Ameline’s sensual voice and Monoir’s warm pads wearing his uniquely shaped Balkanic influences, one can expect the same level of success as their previous collaboration, Midnight In Norway. Only this time, they join forces with JFMee’s strong voice, adding a new layer of deepness to the song. Call it Arabic Deep House, call it Oriental Electronic Dance Music, you’ll surely put it on repeat this summer.

About Monoir
Cristian Tarcea aka Monoir is the name behind huge hits like The Violin Song, Lost In Instabul and Sugar & Brownies. A master in combining Eastern folk influences with modern dance grooves, Monoir started his own record label, Thrace Music. Thrace is a musical project that brought together fresh names with a huge potential. As a measure of Monoir’s success, the Thrace Music Youtube channel is now getting close to 1 million subscribers, as we speak.

Marco Ardani – Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa (Spotify)

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Marco Ardani – Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa

Marco Ardani is a Sacred Musician, Voice Worker & Ecstatic Poet. His music fuses chanting and rap with themes of the Heart. In his live meditative music experience, he fuses ancient traditions with modern technologies. His album, 'Listen Deep', draws from different traditions such as Sufism, Buddhism and Native Lakota and it is intended to bring the listener to their feeling, a depth space of presence. He holds singing circles, leading people in chant and movement as well as facilitating group & 1-2-1 voice work, using the voice as a tool for self-care, radiant wellness and somatic embodiment. His latest project is using his voice in particular ways as an immersive therapeutic sound experience.

I Am Waiting for You Last Summer – ​​Foundation (Spotify)

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I Am Waiting for You Last Summer – ​​Foundation

This track is a a part of EP "Turn off the lights for the next 20 minutes"

Turn off the lights for the next 20 minutes is a kind of mechanism with a manual attached to it. Its main function is to start the listener's journey through the gates of their consciousness in search of figural, figurative and abstract artifacts. It can be fragmentary memories, moments of insight, random visual images, short bursts of sensations and feelings caused by long-forgotten events emerging from the depths of memory, places, smells, and social contacts. A short briefing tells three things: to achieve the maximum effect, the album should be listened to alone, with the lights off, with a couple of minutes in silence on top of it (this is important).

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