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FREEDOM TREE – Cold Shower (ft. Steinar Aadnekvam, Rubem Farias, Deodato Siquir) (Video)

“Live musical performance always causes a special storm of emotions and this work is not an exception. As a result, you can only enjoy musical accompaniment. Excellent symbiosis of jazz and alternative rock, which will delight his sound even the most sophisticated listeners!”

“Живое музыкальное исполнение всегда вызывает особую бурю эмоций и данная работа тому не исключение. В итоге музыкальным сопровождением можно только наслаждаться. Прекрасный симбиоз джаза и альтернативного рока, который порадует своим звучанием даже самых искушённых слушателей!”

LEAD SINGLE FROM THE UPCOMING ALBUM (Sept 24) “Modern Acoustic World Jazz Rock”

This multicultural group has achieved international popularity among music fans for their eclectic performances, drawing from 3 continents. Together, guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam (Norway), bassist Rubem Farias (Brazil) and drummer/singer Deodato Siquir (Mozambique) have performed hundreds of concerts in some 17 countries across Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the USA before making this album.

Performed in studio in one take, originally intended as an online stream during the 2020 pandemic. However, when we heard the result we realized that the recorded music needed to be treated properly and presented as an album. After all this is a band that has played several hundreds of concerts all around the world over the past 5 years and we feel you can hear that in the maturity of these performances, the tightness of the interplay, the effortless manner with which the songs unfold. Just as they were always intended.

I.M YONI & Sarah Maison – Déjà Vu (Video)

“A well balanced & dynamic production that because of the care given to stereo placement & definition, the wearing of headphones is compulsory. The track never stops moving forward as layer upon layer of fresh ideas are added. The vocals seamlessly knit together, cascading through a range of styles & creativity, with many interesting timing variations.”

I.M YONI (Independent Musicians of Yoni) is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who are united to address gender equality through art. The collective was formed as a musical group that produces original songs in multiple languages, within the genres of Funk, R&B, Dance, and Pop among others.

Sarah Maison has transported her magnetism and multifaceted creativity within multiple and varied musical universes: with Lenparrot (in their duet on “Paladines”); in the “Hommage à Léo Ferré” project with La Souterraine, alongside Pépite (for “Sensations” Remix); or even in the company of Anoraak with whom she offered in 2020 the seductive electro-disco song : “Gang” and its unstoppable widely welcomed groove.

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Sissysocks – Augsburg (Video)

“”Augsburg” is real anti-nightopia in the world of music. It is clearly intertwined by Indie Electronic elements, which are accompanied by a measured rhythm and barely invisible, but very memorable synthesizer melody. 100% dive!”

“-Augsburg- это настоящая антиутопия в мире музыки. В ней отчётливо переплетаются элементы indie electronic, которые сопровождаются размеренным ритмом и едва незаметными, но очень запоминающимися нотами мелодии синтезатора. 100% погружение!”

This song is about looking for things in the wrong places, and making the same mistakes again.

Stars and Rabbit – Pretty Anticipated (Live) (Video)

“Instantly memorable melody, rich instrumental parts and very soulful vocals from -ELDA SURYANI-. Strong lyrical promise, which is most fully expressed and revealed in the chorus. The pleasant sound of -pretty anticipated- does not leave anyone indifferent.”

“Мгновенно запоминающаяся мелодия риффа, мелодичная инструментальная составляющая и очень душевный вокал -Elda Suryani-. Сильный лирический посыл, который наиболее полно выражается и раскрывается в припеве. Приятное звучание -Pretty Anticipated- не оставляет никого равнодушным.”

Indonesian duo Stars & Rabbit have announced their new album ‘On Different Days’. The album will be their first with UK label, Trapped Animal Records.

Arriving June 25, ‘On Different Days’ is an introspective look into the last twelve months, finding the rare gleams of light that crept through the dark. As human contact and the possibility of unloading our problems to others disappeared, we all had to become our own islands tending to our own mental health – lead singer, Elda Suryani celebrates her newfound self-reliance as well as noting the acts of the community that have got us through. With ‘On Different Days’ they create a community resource all of their own.

Though the band are household names in Indonesia, their music has also transcended well beyond those borders; they attract almost 250,000 monthly listeners, they’ve toured the UK and played a prime slot at 2019’s Iceland Airwaves.

Focus track, ‘Pretty Anticipated’ deals with the moments between the ups and downs of life where you can sense that everything always works out one way or another. Somehow it makes you trust what life brings. And that moment is something worth a celebration

Writer and singer said on the track: “Have you had that moment when you realize how far you’ve gone with your life? That is when “Pretty Anticipated” was written down in my journal. Oh man…went through all the ups and downs but still managed to keep my sanity and being able to find joy on the ride is something to appreciate over time. It’s one hell of a life coping skill and I’m taking this opportunity to celebrate it. Also because I feel that within each celebration there’s a cultivated sense of deeply feeling O K. To be or not to be. Two things I found. One, my foundation. Second, all emotions are valuable information of where I am right now and where I want to go.”

April’s single, ‘Merry Alone’, a nod to the interconnectedness Suryani felt when the whole world became lonely overnight – “Lonely people, I can feel you more”, she sings.

Speaking about the track, she said: “At this point in time, have you ever felt irrelevant to the world around you? Disconnected. It left you a little lonely. How about knowing the truth, that you’re not the only one. Will it make a difference? To be able to see, hear and feel the loneliness of others. Will it make you less lonely? By being alone together. Will it spark a smile even a little?”

There was a part of lockdown when the whole world seemed to start playing Animal Crossing. It was as if the trees in full blossom, the golden sand and the shimmering blue of the sea circling the picture-perfect islands provided soothing as the real world imploded. ‘On Different Days’ is its aural equivalent. Suryani sings of beautiful gardens, lavender wilds and ‘roses bigger than my head’, and her partner in crime, Didit Saad concocts soundscapes that adds to the vividness of her lyrics.

When our world is reduced to little more than our bedroom, we have to create worlds of our own. Soon the world Stars & Rabbit created for their own sanity will be ours to lose ourselves in.

Kendra & the Bunnies – So Hollywood (Spotify)

“In -So Hollywood- all necessary components and the relationship between them, are in perfect harmony. It amazed us with that well-chosen singing voice, suitable temperament and tone. She creates a highly artistic atmosphere, full of meaning and special mentality.”

“В - So Hollywood- все необходимые составляющие находятся в удивительной гармонии и взаимосвязи между собой. Поражает, как грамотно подобран голос вокалистки, подходящий по темпераменту и тембру. Он создаёт атмосферу композиций и наполняют её смыслом и особой ментальностью.”

The edgy underbelly of Hollywood speaks up in these lyrics. It is dark and captivating, intriguing and manipulating. It's rock 'n roll for the living. Recorded at the infamous Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, Kendra & the Bunnies takes the listener into the depths of a decision-making process. What is she willing to do for fame? What has she already done? Outfitted with a large arena size sound, electrifying lead guitar, and haunting vocals "So Hollywood" is the hit you've been dreaming of.

townsend – Face (Spotify)

“-Face- is lively complex and unpredictable in its beauty. You can hear that on the other side of the microphone stands a singer with great experience. The combination of rock music and dynamic vocals creates an amazing euphony, from which the soul is infinitely set free.”

“Ритмика в -Face- живая, сложная и непредсказуемая в своей красоте. Слышно, что по ту сторону микрофона исполнитель с огромным опытом за спиной. Сочетание рок музыки и динамичного вокала создаёт удивительную эвфонию, от чего на душе бесконечно легко и свободно.”

The Secret Things – Selfie (Spotify)

“The vocals are truly incredible, beautifully rich & melodic, slutty, sleazy & oh so easy to fall in love with. A commentary on how difficult it is to say the right thing on social media in these difficult times & the lengths people will go to for an extreme selfie photo. ‘The Secret Things’ are a trio that sounds so much bigger & ‘Selfie’ is an impressive song by a great band. ”

Originally developed as a simple commentary about the lengths people will go to take "extreme selfie photos," the song evolved into a discussion about how difficult it can be to say the "right" things on social media - during incredible times politically and during a global pandemic - in turn, actually saying nothing and in the case of this story, putting up a selfie instead.

The Secret Things was formed out of friendship, a common love for playing loud, trashy rock’n roll music, and a pure meeting-of-the-minds wavelength the band has been thriving on since their inception in early 2016.

Influenced by artists like PJ Harvey and Nirvana, their songs and sound came together organically during those early jam sessions. Their debut EP, Shock Diary, was released on October 27th, 2016 via olivoiL records. The single & video “Down By The Water” released last September, accrued 119 thousand views on FaceBook & 35 thousand streams on Spotify respectively. (View it HERE). The band held a video party and benefit for the Trans Community in Los Angeles at The Hotel Cafe. Shepard Fairey donated two prints to the cause for auction, and the near-sold-out benefit distributed donation monies to their chosen non-profits, It Gets Better Project, TeenLine, The Van Ness Recovery House and TransLatina Coalition. After this hugely successful event, the band flew to Toronto to film a segment with Canadian favorite son and radio personality, George Stroumbouopoulos. The Secret Things segment for “The Strombo Show” was aired earlier this year, nationwide in Canada.

On July 6th, the trio will release their newest single “Bully” via iTunes and Spotify. Taking a turn toward material with strong political content and commentary, this track has an anti-Trump message. “Si Se Puede” the ironic hook and backbone of the Bully chorus has a timely irony that points its finger toward the unfair treatment of Mexican immigrants, the un-safe passage into the US, and newly established practices that separate children from their parents.

A satirical lyric video, directed by Sue Ann Pien, will be released soon!

The trio’s hypnotic vocals are courtesy of Cynthia Catania, a veteran singer-songwriter who has played to crowds of 100,000 with her former project Saucy Monky. She has shared festival stages with Wilco, Metric, PJ Harvey, Pink, and other contemporaries. An invitation to play with the TST rhythm section came the same week Cynthia’s partner in Saucy Monky left the United States to move abroad.

It was during the Saucy Monky era that Steve Giles, joined Cynthia as SM’s bassist, coming out of a record deal and radio hit with ‘The Lemming Song’ by 3 Penny Needle. The common denominator, Steve, also shared success with Dream Life Misery drummer Dan Nelles, who signed with powerhouse Morey Management Group (Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, etc.). Both Steve and Dan went on to tour New Zealand, opening for The Bangles with Canadian artist Amy Hef.

The mastermind behind TST is drummer Dan Nelles. His secret vision to rally Cynthia and Steve into a band (since 2011) finally came true in late 2016, and the three bandmates have been enjoying a spark of universal flow ever since. Their first gig in Temecula, CA, took place on a festival stage with Jimmy Eat World & Neon Trees, after winning an iHeart radio contest for the coveted slot!

Monelise – Silver Lake (Spotify)

“Monelise knows very well how to attract and captivate your mind. Different sound styles have been used to produce something unique and "Silver Lake" is the final result. The artist's epic voice and the clarity of mixing, are basic elements of success. Good job!”

Shapeshifting, genre-bending and aesthetically captivating artist Monelise releases ‘Silver Lake’, the latest product of her evocative mission to bring a new, refreshing and mystical quality to the world of experimental dream pop. ‘Silver Lake’ follows the release of ‘Sliding Worlds’ in February. Monelise’s music has gained over 250,000 streams in less than 9 months, and she is becoming known for entrancing audiences with her mysterious audio-visual live shows - both in person and online.

Speaking on the track, Monelise quotes: “Silver Lake is a mythical story as old as time itself; yet woven into a shimmering, kaleidoscopic soundscape that occupies a world of its own. When writing I was inspired by the song ‘Mysteries of Love’ from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. I wanted to create something transcendent, celestial and unlike anything else out there. A soundscape that blends all of life’s most intense and moving experiences - life, death, love, loss - into one, ultimately beautiful and complete whole. Lyrically, Silver Lake tells the story of a woman who, upon losing her lover, discovers his spirit floating above the mystical silver lake. Their worlds momentarily collide in this liminal space and they manage to touch one last time before she is able to ‘release him’. Yet, we are left with a cliffhanger - during the song’s last moments, does she follow him into the afterlife or accept the fact she can now ‘find’ him only at Silver Lake?

Monelise forges a unique blend of nostalgia and futurism in her work. It is as though she stands at the gateway of past and future as her music weaves an uncanny yet beautiful dance between the two. She proudly defies singular categorisation, having been compared in equal measure to Kate Bush, David Lynch and Sevdaliza. Recently, she began to release a series of singles that mirror the zeitgeist of 2020 -2021 in creative and unprecedented ways. “Clockwork Heart”, “Insane” and “Sliding Worlds” echo the signature hypnotic quality of Hauntology (2019) yet surprises listeners with industrially inspired beats, kaleidoscopic sound mixing and more prominent, cinematic strings.

All The Queen`s Horses – Raised By Wolves (Video)

“This song will stay with you forever, even if one day will be lost in your playlist, -Raised By Wolves- remind that myself suddenly burst into life. Dark energy waves of mainstream rock music.”

“Эта песня останется с вами навсегда, даже если однажды она потеряется в вашем плейлисте, -Raised By Wolves- напомнит о себе внезапно ворвавшись в вашу жизнь. Тёмные энергетические волны мейнстрима рок музыки.”

Artist shared few words with us behind the inspiration of this song:

“I tried to colour in a scenario of someone who has been constantly let down. They can usually just swallow it and are resilient but on this occasion something changed and they’re not accepting it and they go very dark and no matter where they go their baggage comes with them.” All The Queen’s Horses


All The Queen’s Horses is a dark indie project by Cork artist Sean William Murphy. A signature blitz of sadness, darkness and poetry esque lyrics to a backdrop of piano, cello and some Joy Division synths. All The Queen’s Horses recently signed and teamed up with Echoism and Motor Music to release the new upcoming album, ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’. The poetry of Leonard Cohen, the madness of Tom Waits and the intensity of Joy Division with subtle hints of Bright Eyes and Damien Rice. A Hieronymus Bosch hellscape transmuted to music, but there’s more, like Freidrich Neitze taking a day off to pick flowers, making sure he wasn’t followed. All The Queen’s Horses’ gothic folktronica evokes a desperate and beautiful darkness, a world we can escape to, where our fears and desires intertwine like rope around the subject of an Araki photograph. A very unique, out of box experience for those that enjoy different takes on the singer songwriter genre. After a year of global turmoil singer-songwriter Sean Murphy, has channeled this swirling darkness into a hauntingly beautiful album: ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’. Originally from Cork, Ireland, living in Dublin and having spent the last 12 months in London, Sean Murphy has seen this last disastrous year through the lens of an artist. Working under the moniker ‘ALL THE QUEEN`S HORSES’, Murphy has crafted a raw, guttural and emotive response to what he has observed as a darkness bleeding across the land and in to all of our lives. A twisted narrative is weaved in folktronica-rock; a patchwork of poetry, cello, synths and mournful pianos. A kind of warped, contemporary tapestry, the story of 2020 unfolds in low light and fun-house mirrors.

DREAMERS, Big Boi, UPSAHL – Palm Reader (Spotify)

“The track titled as -Palm Reader- from the homonymous EP can not be perceived as just another job from Trio -Dreamers-. Dynamic and vibrant representative of indie rock, which will certainly stay with you for a long time.”

“Заглавный трек -Palm Reader- с одноимённого EP невозможно воспринимать как просто очередную работу трио -Dreamers-. Динамичный и яркий представитель indie rock, который непременно останется с вами на долгие времена.”

New York, NY, March 5th, 2021: Los Angeles-based alt-rock trio DREAMERS debut their five song EP titled Palm Reader out today on all streaming platforms. The spotlight track “Palm Reader,” is an infectiously catchy love song mixed into a world of modern pseudo-spirituality and features the legendary rapper Big Boi of Outkast and acclaimed alt pop disruptor singer/songwriter UPSAHL.

“‘Palm Reader’ is a song about an LA woman, adorned with all the crystals, sage, tarot cards and sacred intuitions,” explains lead singer Nick Wold. “I was almost poking fun at her when she said she could tell my fortune.. but then I realized while writing the chorus that maybe she can tell my future, since she decides it.

Ever since the early 2000s, Outkast was my favorite hip hop group, and I’ve been having my mind blown by their lyrics and

styles for a long time. The fact that Big Boi is on the track is like a surreal dream for me and connects me to my wide-eyed

earlier self before we ever started the band. Add in the powerhouse energy and voice of UPSAHL - I’m such a fan of these 2 artists and what they brought to our song. ”

The Palm Reader EP is the culmination of the band's hits from 2020 and 2021 and dives deeper into ideas about mortality, gratitude for existence, and the need for knowledge. The projects features standout tracks “Still Not Dead” ft American Teeth and Wes Period, and “True Crime” ft DeathByRomy which speaks about breaking hearts. The EP also includes “Heat Seeker” ft. grandson and a classic Dreamer’s track “Teddy Bear.”

“I think this year of quarantine has been a time of reflection and perspective, of realizing what’s really important,” says Wold. Ultimately it’s been really positive, because I know that I have life and good people in my life, and that's what really matters. This EP is some kind of a twisted diary on the way to that realization. Additionally, it’s been our first stab at branching out and collaborating with other amazing artists that we’re lucky to know.”

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