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Major Spark – Beautiful Noise

“Find out some crazy psychedelic elements fused with Trip Hop and Rock ideas in “Beautiful Noise”. The different voices alternating in the performance, show bursts of inspired lyricism and create a formula of sheer ear pleasure. A must to listen!”

Major Spark is Mark Goodman and producer Brian Charles. Their debut album Beautiful Noise is a stirring amalgam of garage rock, power pop, psychedelia, and synth-drenched textural soundscapes, all lovingly detailed, sturdily composed, and immediately catchy. Mark and Brian used drum loops and improvisational techniques to break free of their solid backgrounds producing dozens of indie rock albums.

Mark previously formed Magnet in 1995 when Moe Tucker from the Velvet Underground agreed to dust off her drums from the VU European reunion tour to record a full length titled Don’t Be a Penguin (PC Music/ADA). Mark also teamed with other talented musicians such as David Lowery (Cracker, Camper van Beethoven), Matt Wilson (Trip Shakespeare), and Steve Steve Schiltz (Longwave) for subsequent Magnet releases. Brian Charles is the owner of Zippah Recording Studio where he has produced and engineered excellent artists including Chad Stokes (Dispatch), The Sheila Divine, and Weakened Friends.

Major Spark aims to bring a positive vibe with lyrics that are plainspoken, sharp-witted, and instantly memorable. But there’s more to Major Spark than catchy melodies, and “Beautiful Noise,” the title track from the group’s debut, combines a classic EDM beat with vintage guitars and keys with vocals that pay homage to Hope Sandoval and James Murphy. Brian’s production on the track is spellbinding, wholly immersive, and marvelously moody. Goodman’s sense of play producing the videos shines through. For “Beautiful Noise,” director Roger Metcalf blended studio moments with female circus artists performing high above the ground, radiating grace and power with every move.

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Iskwe and Tom Wilson – Long Way Down

“The melody and the sound of the bass gitars are more impressive than the view of the ever-falling Pisa tower. The deep atmosphere of alternative rock is felt in every note, so everything is correctly done in terms of arranging. Great work of sound engineer and performers! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия и звук бас-гитары впечатляет сильнее, чем вид вечно падающей Пизанской башни. Глубокая атмосфера Альтернативного Рока чувствуется в каждой ноте, настолько всё грамотно сделано в плане аранжировки. Великолепная работа звукорежиссёра и исполнителей!”

Gran Noir – Empty Heart

“Saturated musical content in which a bright course of guitar chords is replaced by unexpected pressure and powerful climax! A great example of alternative rock, in which each sound element is in its place. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Насыщенное музыкальном наполнение, в котором яркое течение гитарных аккордов сменяется неожиданным напором и мощной кульминацией! Прекрасный пример альтернативного рока, в котором каждый звуковой элемент на своём месте.”

Gran Noir are back! The Zurich rockers with the big hooks landed their first indie hit with the song "On and On" shortly before the Corona party: radio plays in the big stations, tons of YouTube streams, great Spotify playlists and sold-out concerts. And suddenly there was a standstill. OK. Time to devote yourself to new material: "Empty Heart" is the name of the first single from the creative phase caused by the pandemic in 2022 and is a powerful number with catchy vocal parts and a big chorus. Like «On and On», the track was created with Philippe Laffer in Basel. "The song is about my children," says singer Pascal Schulz: "They, like all children, are just annoying from time to time. But then comes the moment when the little monsters have fallen asleep, I'm standing next to the bed and despite everything I only feel love - Empty Heart is that moment."

Gran Noir sind zurück! Die Zürcher Rocker mit den grossen Hooks landete mit dem Song «On and On» kurz vor der Corona-Party ihren ersten Indie-Hit: Radioplays in den grossen Stationen, massig Youtube Streams, tolle Spotify-Playlisten und ausverkaufte Konzerte.

Und plötzlich war Stillstand.

Na jut. Zeit, sich neuem Material zu widmen: «Empty Heart» heisst 2022 die erste Single aus der pandemiebedingten Schaffensphase und ist eine druckvolle Nummer mit eingängigen Gesangsparts und grossem Refrain. Entstanden ist der Track wie schon «On and On» mit Philippe Laffer in Basel.

«Der Song handelt von meinen Kindern», sagt erklärt Sänger Pascal Schulz: «Die wie alle Kinder ab und an einfach nur nerven. Dann aber kommt der Moment, in dem die kleinen Monster eingeschlafen sind, man ich neben dem Bett stehe und trotz allem nur Liebe empfinde t - Empty Heart ist dieser Moment.»

Just 4 Tonight – Awkward

“Real cultural shock and euphoria. It is such associations that occur when you include a new track group -Just 4 Tonight-. A song that really clings to absolutely everyone: wonderful music, interesting text and emotional vocals. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Настоящий культурный шок и эйфория. Именно такие ассоциации возникают, когда включаешь новый трек группы -Just 4 Tonight-. Песня, которая реально цепляют абсолютно всем: замечательной музыкой, интересным текстом и эмоциональным вокалом.”

Harri Georgio – Badness

“With a big dose of playfull spirit, multi-coloured sound and personal touch, "Harri Georgio" can lift you from your chair. kicking Ska and Reggae combination presented in a single that will keep on playing in your sound system for a long time.”

Badness' is reggae infused, indie rock crossover roller featuring Harri Georgio's potent lyrics and anthemic choruses, laid over spiky instrumentation provided by his band, 'The Well-behaved Young Men'. The song playfully pokes fun at manufactured pop music.

ROKI – Take Me

“A solid composition that envelops your body from all sides. You will feel full with peace of mind, serenity and hope. A song that can captivate your heart forever. Don't miss this gem.”

“Тягучая, словно густая, обжигающая плазма композиция, которая обволакивает ваше тело со всех сторон. Вы почувствуете, как бокал душевного покоя будет заполнять вас до краёв. Песня, которая способна пленить ваше сердце на века.”

Jem – Lost

“The new release of “Jem” can draw the line between typical and sopnisticated music. Sentimental chords of guitar accompany some of the most memorable lyrics, while the artist’s fathomless voice adds a kind of unearthly aura in the whole mix.”

Beguiling, alluring and utterly captivating, alternative rock artist and all round mystic Jem has returned with his second cinematic single, the mesmirising ‘Lost’. Following on from the November 2021 release of the spellbinding ‘Secrets’ which marked a rare and enticing debut, Jem partners this initial enchanting entrance into the industry with the next authentic taste of his artistry.

Often writing from the perspective of another and having drawn inspiration from the incredibly moving BAFTA and Academy Award winning film, The Pianist, ‘Lost’ explores the concept of a dystopian world of a man who lost it all. Referred to as the ‘negative realm’ by the artist, Jem shares,

‘The desperation I’ve felt while watching the Pianist stuck with me until recent years, so I’ve started journaling, and the sentiments I’ve felt became real within this song.”

Accompanied again by another visual of momentous beauty, ‘Lost’ is haunting and thick with emotion, directed by Jems older brother Necip Karakas. Taking place in an ancient church, accented with gold and dotted with the warm, gentle glow of candles, a soft spotlight pierces through the windows casting a stream of incandescent rays onto Jem illuminating him against the heavy dark shadows while Jem delicately begins ‘Million years without the sun’.

Almost dreamlike ‘Lost’ is the perfect melismatic blend of Jem’s vocals and the sound of Oud (native Middle Eastern instrument). Layered with undulating electric guitars that call out into the distance as they build and grow into a cathartic release, Jem states that, “Feeling lost is a common theme; it is okay to feel like that; there is nothing wrong with it. When I say it out loud, it makes me feel better. I would want people to take this away.”

Utilising his fluency in vocal registers, Jem travels between them with an unforeseen ease and grace. Pushing the boundaries, both his head and chest voice come together in perfect synthesis creating a tone that speaks to his audience not only musically but also on a spiritual level.

It’s clear that Jem is not here simply to create music; with every release he dives even deeper within himself, each time returning with a new world to bring to the surface. Unafraid to visit places and play with intonations that may be unfamiliar, unusual or even uncomfortable for some, Jem is unapologetic in his authenticity, therein lies the true definition of an artist, one Jem lives and breathes.

“I always felt I was different. I didn’t fit anywhere. And to be fair, I never bothered to be a perfect fit for anyone or anything. Over the course, music happened to be a lens for me to share my alienation.” – JEM

With his debut EP release just on the horizon, ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ represents an eclectic medium of transportation whilst showcasing Jems innate ability to display sensitivity within his expression, this project serves as a delicate bridge between worlds just waiting to be explored.

EL Swing! & The Alchemists – Y = f (X) – Celina

“Taste the difference in this team work single, especially if you prefer some kind of Alternative Rock sound. “Celina” is strong enough to lift you from your chair as its catchy guitar, bass and soaring vocals can pull like magnet. Do you think you can escape? Just click play and find out!”

Sierra – Make You Stay

“The multi-talented artist "Sierra" shares a part of herself in this unique Pop Rock release. Nobody can resist in such an expressive voice, lyrics of strong emotion and charming atmosphere. Sound which can leave you speechless and keep playing inside your mind.”

Sierra is an American singer/songwriter, actor, and stuntwoman. The multi-talented starlet started her journey starring in 2014’s #1 in box office “Ouija” to then go on to act in multiple films and tv projects including starring in "The Detective" with Micheal Madsen. Sierra also has stunt doubled in movies such as “The Terminator”, “Annabelle Comes Home”, “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it ” and much more.

Sierra’s musical sound thrives on emotional connection, catchy hooks, and unique melodies. Her music draws influence from artists like Sia and Radiohead. Sierra has played venues including the Verizon Amphitheater with Alt-rock band MUSE, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), and more. With multiple songs signed to publishing companies such as Kobalt, Pink Shark, and Masterphonic, her music, and songwriting can be heard in movies such as “Bite”, “The Sound of Settling” and more. Sierra is also a proud alumnus of The Recording Academy's Grammy Next program.

Sierra’s mission is to expand the joy she feels while performing, help others process their emotions through her music, help others heal, and love all parts of themselves through feeling and letting emotions be a guidance system through transformation and growth.

Capital Theatre – Delicately Poised

“Bright and dynamic track, with exceptional plot, powerful rhythm and inimitable melody. A striking dancing hit, with its deeply genuine sound and high-quality performance.”

“Яркий и динамичный трек, со своей исключительной историей, мощным ритмом и неподражаемой мелодикой. Перед вами настоящий хит, поражающий своей глубиной, неподдельной искренностью и качественным исполнением!”

New Zealand alternative rock trio CAPITAL THEATRE showcase a melodic and edgy guitar/keyboard-driven sound on their debut full-length album A HERO’S JOURNEY out this summer. It was recorded with Grammy Award-winning legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Steve Vai) at NRG Studios in Los Angeles, CA (along with some guitar recordings being completed at Slash’s Snakepit Studio) and lyrically takes inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s’ book The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

The band has shared a provocative music video for its latest single, “Delicately Poised,” underlining the track’s exploration of the human identity. Filmed at an adult entertainment club in Barcelona and with live footage taken in New Zealand, the video highlights authenticity and diversity. CAPITAL THEATRE co-directed the video with Bruno Amaral Pereira and Julie Gomez of Kapala Studios and also by Alex Hargeaves who shot the NZ-based content of the band’s performance. “Delicately Poised” is available March 1, across all digital platforms.

From song to song, A HERO’S JOURNEY delivers unbridled energy drawn from guitarist Roy Oliver’s electrifying solos and sequences, drummer Paul Reid’s furiously pounding rhythms and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Adam Stevenson’s graceful and soul stirring piano work. The realm of their sound is further expanded with cinematic string arrangements completed by guest composer David Campbell (The Rolling Stones, U2, Beck) to add to its multi-dimensional otherworldly perception. Its 10 tracks reveal the undeniable chemistry they’ve honed through years of playing local pubs back home in Auckland, with A-list guest musicians including Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney and Bon Jovi lead guitarist Phil X.

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