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Fast Guns – Thylacine

“If you do not have enough feeling of freedom in your life, then the new single from the group -fast guns will decorate it in all the colors of the rainbow. In this Indie Rock track there is a spirit of liberation from everything that can be captured by your own complexes. The track is reduced in such a way as to give it the atmosphere of the 60-70s and this only adds heat to him.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вам не хватает ощущения свободы в вашей жизни, то новый сингл от группы -Fast Guns- разукрасит её во все цвета радуги. В этом Indie Rock треке присутствует дух освобождения от всего, что может вас держать в плену ваших собственных комплексов. Трек сведён таким образом, чтобы придать ему атмосферы 60-70-ых годов и это лишь добавляет ему теплоты.”

Mellow – A Whole Truth

“This track carries a huge charge of positive energy. Warm and care come from each of his notes. The atmosphere of Pop Rock is pounced on you as a wild beast and you have no chance - you are completely in its power. This melody is not just music - this is a place to relax with the whole family or with friends.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек несёт огромный заряд положительной энергии. Из каждой его ноты исходит тепло и забота. Атмосфера Pop Rock набрасывается на вас как дикий зверь и у вас нет никаких шансов — вы полностью в его власти. Эта мелодия не просто музыка — это место для отдыха всей семьёй или в кругу друзей.”

SEA GIRLS – Falling Apart

“The vocal unique in its perception, which affects important topics and drives the whole female half of its listeners crazy. Just a magnificent Alternative Rock, with a chic feed, high -quality text and meaning, which was put in the author in his brainchild!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Уникальный по своему восприятию вокал, который затрагивает важные темы и сводит с ума всю женскую половину своих слушателей. Просто великолепный Alternative Rock, с шикарной подачей, качественным текстом и смыслом, который был вложен автором в своё детище!”

Off the back of a rapturous summer of festival dates, and looking ahead to their highly anticipated UK headline tour in November/December, indie pop heroes Sea Girls have dropped their exquisite new song ‘Falling Apart’ - listen here.

Coming as a brand new track, recorded with producer Pete Robertson (Beebadoobee, Alfie Templeman) in just one day, front man Henry Camamile said “I got the idea for ‘Falling Apart’ after watching Jimmy Fallon and seeing Steven Van Zandt playing guitar in Springsteen’s E Street Band. That same day I had watched him in character as Sil in The Sopranos, so the inspiration was to write a song from that character's mother’s point of view, along with mine, watching him play guitar on the TV and letting the art blend with reality. The emotion radiates loss and revenge in a murky underworld.”

'The Hometown Tour' kicks off mid-November with recently added shows due to phenomenal demand, and culminates with a massive show at London’s Alexandra Palace on December 1st.

Secrets Of Fire – Runes

“This Indie Rock has its own charm, magic and magic. The vocalist's voice works real miracles, breaking into your consciousness and reflecting in it loud echo of emotions. Listen to what she sings about, in every word there is a certain sign that you will have to solve.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом Indie Rock есть свой шарм, магия и волшебство. Голос вокалистки творит настоящие чудеса, врываясь в ваше сознание и отражаясь в нём громким эхом эмоций. Прислушайтесь к тому, о чём она поёт, в каждом слове есть определённый знак, который вам придётся разгадать.”

Secrets of Fire Band Release New Single ‘Runes’

Step into the Fire. Magic Inspires a New Mystical Release by Midlands Based Goth-Rock Act!

Birmingham, UK 2/9/2022 - Secrets of Fire (SoF) this week launch their hotly anticipated new single Runes. Recorded and mixed across two locations in 2022, the track is the first release from the band’s upcoming album. The song laments how the duo came together through their passion for music, and under the guidance of mysterious rune stones, it spurred them on to become SoF.

Runes delivers emotional, heart wrenching rock vocals that soar over a background of crashing indie-rock guitars.

“We aim to write beautiful songs with a dark edge and harmonious melodies. Powerful music that’s difficult to ignore” - Astrid, SoF


SoF are Astrid (vocals) and River (guitars/production). Astrid’s name derives from her Nordic roots. Growing up in NZ and identifying as a witch from a young age, her mystical energy and charismatic vocals form the spiritual bedrock of SoF.

River is a prolific songwriter who’s recorded over 1000 songs. He brings the element of fire to SoF through a maze of layered guitar tones and uplifting musical soundscapes. Their two powers combine to create Secrets of Fire.

Imagine Britney meets Siouxsie Sioux fronting Foo Fighters, and you’d be half way there!

The band cite their influences as: Pixies, The Cure, Blondie, Nick Cave and filmmaker David Lynch. The duo embrace a DIY ethic as they write and record their own music as well as shoot and edit their own images and short films.

Download press photos and logo files at

For more information visit:


The Luka State – Stick Around

“”The Luka State” are back with extra strong sound and lyrics of true meaning. “Stick Around” questions relationships, while seeking a balance between thinking about life and actually living it. Fast, dynamic and quality Pop Rock production which can easily become viral.”

Today, the working class band The Luka State, hailing from Winsford, Cheshire – located between Manchester and Liverpool – are back with a new song, “Stick Around,” in advance of their upcoming North American tour. The single is a welcome return for the band, showcasing their signature blend of angular, anthemic rock and roll, and salt-of-the-earth, in-your-face lyrics and attitude.

Bonze – A Place (Inside My Head)

“Such music will remain in the history of the alternative Rock genre forever. This is a strong, emotionally thought -out work from -Bonze-, which can charm you and provoke strong emotional shocks inside your heart.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такая музыка останется в истории жанра Alternative Rock навсегда. Это крепкая, эмоционально продуманная работа от -Bonze-, которая способна очаровать вас и спровоцировать внутри вашего сердца сильные эмоциональные потрясения.”

Proof I Exist – Hard to Believe

“The melodic Indie Rock, whose instrumental passages are beautifully woven into the overall structure of the song. Cuts and priests are clearly heard here and all together creates a very soft, relaxed and warm sound.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичный Indie Rock, чьи инструментальные пассажи красиво вплетены в общую структуру песни. Здесь отчётливо слышны куплеты и припевы и всё вместе это создаёт очень мягкое, расслабленное и тёплое звучание.”

"Hard to Believe" is the first track on the upcoming EP, White Picket Fences by Proof I Exist, a one-man band from Cleveland, Ohio. Follow the link below for a private listen of all 4 songs on this release. We hope that you will consider sharing this song or writing a review of the full album. See the artist bio below for more info on Proof I Exist. Thank you!

1st Base Runner – Planter

“An unlucking, practical immortal post-punk genre in a modern arrangement from -1st Base Runner-. A positive track, the atmosphere of which captures you and, pulling into the fog of its melodic wyba, falls in love with yourself once and for all!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Нестареющий, практический бессмертный жанр Post-Punk в современной аранжировке от -1st Base Runner-. Позитивный трек, атмосфера которой захватывает вас и, затягивая в туман своего мелодичного вайба, влюбляет в себя раз и навсегда!”

1st Base Runner’s 3rd EP “Light Roars” was released on June 13th and it continues to climb both the Commercial Specialty Charts (where it’s currently the #17 album) and the NACC Radio charts (where it’s currently #101, and the 5th highest EP). Now, the prolific, mysterious artist has released an intense official music video for the up-tempo post-punk anthem “Planter”, directed by frequent collaborator Heather Gildroy.

The Caughtery – 99 MPH

“Music lies extremely well on the soul and is perceived very easily and all this thanks to positive vocals and live music. With such an original execution and the recreated atmosphere, Alternate Rock can only admire!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка крайне хорошо ложится на душу и воспринимается очень легко и всё это благодаря позитивному вокалу и живой музыке. Таким оригинальным исполнением и воссозданной атмосферой Alternative Rock можно только восхищаться!”

Texas-based duo The Caughtery (Lisa Tingle and David Gayler) share a common thread of loving diverse musical influences that include Rock, Indie, Fusion, Jazz, Blues & R&B. It’s that connection and mutual addiction to creating unique music that really moves their storytelling note by note. In 2020, David called Lisa to record a song he knew fit her vibe. What started out as a single song collaboration has turned into an EP release ‘The Caughtery’. Their latest alternative rock track, ’99 MPH’, is the second song off the upcoming EP (July ’22). The players involved in the song & EP include Tom Brechtlein, Ricky Phillips & Tim Palmer. These players/producers have worked with Robert Plant, Chick Corea, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Styx, The Babys, Tears for Fears, Kenny Loggins and many more. To say Dave and Lisa are in good hands is a monumental understatement. The Caughtery hopes you enjoy your journey into what they like to call their “musical paintings”.

Jenna Soroka – I wanna be ok

“Melodies and harmony in this track as a whole, chic timbres and atmosphere Alternate Rock. Each element, whether it is vocals or melody, are in their places. Music, which wants to enjoy for a very long time!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодии и гармония в этом треке как одно целое, шикарные тембры и атмосфера Alternative Rock. Каждый элемент, будь то вокал или мелодия, находятся на своих местах. Музыка, которой хочется наслаждаться очень долго!”

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