Blooy x Anatole Muster – Sleephearts (Spotify)

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“Just feel how your hearts scatter on small particles and fall on white sand at the foot of the ocean. Music, which can deeply relax your consciousness. Shake on the waves of Chill-Hop & Lo-Fi rhythms and enjoy every second.”

“Просто почувствуйте, как ваши сердца рассыпаются на мелкие частицы и ложатся на белый песок у подножья океана. Музыка, которая расслабляет, делая вашему сознанию глубокий массаж. Покачивайтесь на волнах ритмов chill-hop & lo-fi и наслаждайтесь каждой прожитой секундой.”

Blooy – School Is Out (Spotify)

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“"School Is Out" invites you in a trip to the past. Memories from our childhood come into life in this unique Downtempo masterpiece. Nostalgic moments which will never came back, but they'll always remain inside us. Follow these magic soundscapes from an experienced artist.”

Blooy says about his latest work: “’School is out’ takes you back to your childhood. Reminiscing the moment when the last school bell rang, and freedom beckoned. For one child it meant six weeks of sheer joy, while the other had to cope with difficult home situations or prolonged loneliness.”

Blooy captures this mood in his distinctive style of writing and producing music. This time it’s a blend of lo-fi and grungy vibes. “School is out” slows down time, just like the first weeks of the holidays never seemed to end. With a touch of carelessness mixed with melancholy, the music takes you on a trip down memory lane. Almost forgotten by some, but for others fresh in their memory like it was yesterday.

Blooy – Carousel (Spotify)

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“There are days when there is only one thing in the list of desires - to relax and do not think about anything. It is at such moments that fill such works as -Carousel-. Feel the Lounge and Chill-Hop rhythm, which will take you away from any, seemingly inevitable problems.”

“Бывают дни, когда в списке желаний есть лишь одно - отдохнуть и не думать ни о чём. Именно в такие минуты сердца заполняют такие работы, как -Carousel-. Почувствуйте пьянящие ритмы Lounge и Chill-hop, которые в мгновение уведут вас от любых, казалось бы, неминуемых проблем.”

Blooy worked with the acclaimed jazz/pop guitarist Anton Goudsmit on the song “Carousel” which has its very own pace, soothing and dreamy, and somewhat reminiscent of oriental scales.

Blooy Interview on Nagamag

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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Blooy's sound is its own unique flavor of chillout that’s fueled by dreamy electronics, lo-fi hip-hop beats, drama-filled instrumentation and melancholic soundscapes.

Few words about your musical background and career?

In the nineties I was inspired by the emerging trend of house music and started working together with producer and composer Dorian Broekhuyse, with whom I collaborated on several dance projects.
In the beginning of this millennium our musical style evolved to chillout music. Dorian and I launched our nu-classical project “Bardo State” in 2008, especially known from the internationally acclaimed song “Sospiro” (album “Mariposa”). Several Bardo State songs were licensed to well-known samplers such as Buddha-Bar and Supperclub. The track "Kosovo" was the soundtrack of the Hollywood film Jekyll and Hyde.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I'm the son of Jan Wijn, a famous Dutch concert pianist. Raised on musical influences such as Chopin, Ravel and Saint-Saëns, I became interested in experimental jazz throughout my teenage years and I started playing drums. In my late teens, I also started singing and playing keyboard in the new wave band The Primrose Path. The often dark and gloomy sound of new wave music has continued to inspire me throughout my musical career.

What exactly inspired you to start with Blooy?

I started working on my solo project “Blooy” during the Corona period. Inspired by the imperfection of lo-fi music, I combined chillout with jazz and classical influences, sometimes accompanied by spoken word. As the strongest form of art, I use Blooy’s music to express myself and always try to embellish my compositions with layers of heartfelt emotions.

What are your musical plans for the future?

During 2021 I will be releasing my first two Blooy EP's on the label Sine Music and I'm planning to release my first album by the beginning of 2022.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Thomas Newman "Revolutionary Road (End Title)"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Kupla "Roots"

Discover & Listen to Blooy

Blooy on Spotify

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Blooy's Website

Blooy – Demain Dès L’aube (Spotify)

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“The composer with the deepest meaning, draws a single artistic image. As if the fragment of your memories that you revise again and again. The light inactiveness in -Demain Dès L'aube- only awakens the desire to listen and enjoy every second.”

“Автор с глубочайшим смыслом рисует единый художественный образ. Словно фрагмент твоего воспоминания, который ты пересматриваешь вновь и вновь. Лёгкая недосказанность в -Demain Dès L'aube- лишь пробуждает желание слушать и наслаждаться каждой секундой. ”

On June 25th, 2021 Sine Music released Blooy’ssecond single “Demain dès l'aube” of his upcoming lo-fi chillout debut EP “Elegies to Spring”.

Blooy, based in Amsterdam, is Sine Music’s freshly signed new lo-fi chillout artist. Blooy (Frank Wijn) started working on this solo project during the Corona period. His sound is its own unique flavor of chillout that’s fueled by dreamy electronics, lo-fi hip-hop beats, drama-filled instrumentation and melancholic soundscapes.

“Demain dès l'aube“ starts off with the first two verses of the poem of the same name by French poet Victor Hugo. The words and the music form a unity that is absorbed in thought and melancholy. “Demain dès l'aube“ means “tomorrow, at dawn”.

The entire EP “Elegies to Spring” will be out on July 16th, 2021.

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