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Ovie – One More Time (Spotify)

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“Not in the right mood? Hit play on the new single of Ovie , -One More Time- through Universal Music Ireland, and be sure will fix your mood as the right medicine.
A sound pill that not hurts to take it one more time, or more times. Beautiful beats and soulful vocals erupting to a sweet upbeat vibe! ”

Following the success of his first single ‘Dublin Girl’, Ovie (oh-vee-ay) returns with his new single ‘One More Time’, an addicting Pop, RnB and Afrobeat record written about not knowing what you have until its gone.

While it has been almost 12 months since the release of Dublin Girl, and certainly a different year for most, Ovie has been busy creating and directing while also reflecting on the release of his debut single “It was really positive. Even now people are still messaging me about that [Dublin Girl] song. I was very happy. If I can't control the outcome, I just focus on making the track as good as it can be, the video as good as it can be. I realise that there's an element of hard work and an element of luck. You can't control the luck, only the hard work so I just do that bit to the best of my ability and hope it pays off”.

A producer, video director, and writer that centres powerful and emotive song writing at the forefront of all of his music, ‘One More Time’ was written alongside Jay Pizzle, and captures the idea that while someone might seem to have it all, they are not necessarily happy.

Talking about the new single, Ovie explains “The first two lines of the song are ‘I wish I knew then what I know now, I didn't see clear but see now’. Lyrically I tried to be very honest. I think many people can relate to the feelings I'm describing in the song. I told the story of a guy who seemingly has everything but is unhappy because he lost what really mattered in the process of getting everything he thought mattered”

The sensational video for One More Time, premieres TBC, and is directed by Ovie.

“Production wise I wanted to create a Juxtaposition between the lyrics on paper and the vibe of the song. It's really a sad song but if you were to listen passively, I think you'd probably miss that. That's what I wanted, an honest sad song that you could dance to.

My scenes were full of muted colours, sadness, rain, lightning and rigidity and the scenes of the person I'm missing are happy, colourful, dynamic and she's dancing etc. She's what is missing, and I wanted to make that really really clear. I hope that came across…”

So if 2020 has been a different year for Ovie, it’s also been one that might well prove to be crucial in his development as an artist. It has been a year to allow him figure out who he is as an artist, to allow him to discover that feeling about music that he has never felt before, something that he is now ready to share with the world.

Armaan Malik – How Many (Video)

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“With a fathomless production, Armaan Malik with his characteristic heartwarming signature vocal style sing to us – How Many- a profoundly impactful song. Through a top notch melodic lines and beats arrangement creates a magic atmosphere which mesmerize the listener.”

Today, multi-faceted singer-songwriter and musician, Armaan Malik, releases a spellbinding new track titled “How Many” via Arista Records. Watch the electric music video HERE. This latest earworm arrives on the heels of the 25-year-old’s major MTV EMA win as ‘Best India Act’!

Talking about the emotion behind his new single, Armaan says, “‘How Many’ is about complex relationships where you’re constantly fighting making up, taking the hits but yet carrying on. It describes the cycle of events that take place during the course of a relationship. One of the hardest decisions is when to call it quits and close a chapter for good. It’s really tough when you love somebody to just give up… even after the 100th time, the truth is, as long we love them, we try one more time. The question is how many times are you willing to try?”

“How Many” marks Armaan’s third English single preceded by the MTV EMA winning, “Control” which Clash deemed a, “brilliantly effective pop song”, and “next 2 me” that helped him lead the top spot on Billboard’s inaugural Top Triller U.S. and Global charts for three consecutive weeks.

With over two billion global streams, 17 million followers across social media platforms, and a mile-long musical resume, he has cemented his position in the South Asian music industry, and now, Armaan sets out to be the first Indian artist to break into the global pop market. It has been a lifelong dream for Armaan to sing and write English music as well as be the first musical artist to truly represent India on a global stage. “This music is inside of me, it’s my DNA,” says Armaan. “This has always been my trajectory.”


Armaan Malik is one of the youngest and most successful artists in the Indian music industry. He has garnered north of two billion streams, performed 200 + shows around the world, and sung more than 150 songs in almost a dozen different languages, all by the age of 25! With over 17 million followers across all social media platforms, he has second-to-none fans called Armaanians.

Fondly referred to as the ‘Prince of Romance,’ his YouTube has 2 million subscribers and over 25 million monthly listeners across all music streaming platforms. At the age of 23 years, he became the youngest Indian singer to ever be a coach on the Indian version of the internationally renowned reality show, ‘The Voice.’

Armaan is the youngest singer of Indian origin to have performed at The SSE Arena, Wembley, London, and win the SSE Awards Live Act (4th in the world and best from India) that year. He was the voice of Aladdin in the Hindi dubbed version of the live-action remake of the Disney classic, ‘Aladdin,’ and the singing voice of Simba in ‘The Lion King.’

Hailing from a renowned musical family, spanning three generations of Bollywood music, Armaan Malik continues his family’s musical legacy to emerge as one of the brightest talents in India. His versatility as a singer is exemplified not just in his multi-lingual lyrics, but also in his exploration of diverse styles and approaches to creating music. Though entrenched in Bollywood culture, Armaan always knew English music was his true passion. In 2011, he received a full-tuition scholarship to attend the Summer Programme at Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts) which he completed with honors. Soon after the program, he realized that this is his calling, to write and sing his own songs in English.

After cementing his position in the Indian music industry, Malik has now forayed into the global music circuit with Arista Records (Sony Music Global). Armaan’s first international single, titled ‘Control’, has been streamed more than 35 Million streams across platforms to date and was declared Platinum in India. He also became the first Indian singer-songwriter to be featured on the coveted Spotify’s Time Square billboard in New York. Malik’s second English song, ‘next 2 me’ led Billboard’s inaugural Top Triller U.S. and Global charts for three weeks. The song was completely conceptualized, written, and released during the global lockdown.

While Armaan has written close to 50 English songs to date and eagerly waiting for the right opportunity to showcase them, he has been consistently putting out chartbuster music in multiple languages. His song ‘Butta Bomma’ has become the most viewed Telugu song ever on Youtube. With Hindi songs like ‘Zara Thehro’, ‘Beech Raaste’, and ‘Mera Intezaar Karna’, he has consistently trended on streaming platforms and established himself as one of the most popular multilingual singers in the world.

“I’ve always wanted to take India to the world and this has been my lifelong dream. I wanna be a global musician in the truest sense.” – Armaan Malik

Rumour – Make Love (Video)

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“-Rumour- with their new single -Make Love- under SpacedOut Studios Entertainment imprint easily could be a pop reference in terms of production and layering arrangement. A song with a wide elegant vocal performance and upbeat vibes.”

For singer and songwriter Rumour, the inspiration to pursue music originated when he won his first singing competition at 17.

Growing up in Waldorf, Maryland his dad taught him to play the guitar at a young age. His love of music led him to teach himself producing and sound engineering, all while composing his own lyrics. He’s spent years making music in a multitude of genres and performing with many local artists, with each experience contributing more to his voice and passion as an artist.

Modeling his music off the creative tones of The Weeknd and The Chainsmokers, Rumour adds his own elements of ambient vocals and EDM to produce his unique spin on current Pop and R&B.

Ziearre – Cherry on Top (Video)

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“We will not lie to you, the playful vocal intro of Ziearre was the one which stick us here initially, then the song moved into solid mixed beats and driving upbeat vocals, everything under a pleasant visualy videoclip. A soulful heartwarming track which tickles ears and eyes. Exactly like a cherry on top.”

“Cherry on Top” is a creative unique hip hop tune. Ziearre is a Brooklyn born rapper who makes music to express a message to the world. The sounds are engaging, featuring an exciting mix of beat boxing, vocal samples, percussives, and synths. The melody is creative mix of contemporary rap, conscious rap, with some 90’s vibes coming through in the pre-chorus.

A New York boy, who grew up in Brooklyn was destine to become the young warrior of words and inspiration to youth. Ziearre expressed a love for music at the early age of 3. This sparked the beginning of Ziearre’s journey. As he matured and his gifts were revealed, he proved that he was not your typical entertainer, but a creator and a messenger. He explains, “I started to hear melodies and music in my head, and began to write songs. The musical ideas just came to me, and I couldn’t turn it off.”

Mathien – So (If I Can’t Have Your Love) (Spotify)

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“Mathien and Sam Hudgens with their new single -So (If I Can't Have Your Love)- under WURLITZER CROWLEY imprint invite us into a lush groove of funky beats and harmonies, with vocals performance been soulful and elegant, hitting in the right places both in music layering and heart. While it gives you a laid back listening experience, not misses parts that you will feel the energy inside you to move and groove. ”

Sam had made this beat in 2017 and played it for me during a session in Evanston. He was staying with his mom for a week and didn't have anything but a guitar and his laptop when he made it, so the entire beat was dozens of layers of nylon strings over a drum machine loop. Even in its early sketches it was so good, I told him I wanted it but it seemed like he was writing to it. Fast forward to this September he stopped by my studio to record some ideas, and he ended up playing the beat for me again, it was exactly the same, "I've been stuck on this beat for years now" he said.

After he left I wrote "If I can't have your love" to it and sent him a demo of it that night, and he called me freaking out (happy). The next day he came back at 6:30 am to help finish it. we decided Sam would sing the first verse and I would do the second, but we're both on all 3 of the hooks. Then he played his Sax on it. I wrote a little instrumental bridge section to break up the loop a little, and added some additional synth and guitar/bass... I figured I'd send it over to Brooklyn so Devon Yesberger (Cory Wong, Lohaith, Caleb Hawley,Grace Kelly) could play piano on it. It came back and that piano part you hear that opens the track was actually at the end of what he sent but it was so striking I threw it on the front. Took 3 years but the track is finished.

Twitch 4EVA – Chaskele | Ground up Tv (Video)

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“The groove here is so minimal but in a good, very smart way, becoming soon very addictive and leaving the right space of these spacious sensual vocals, why someone been angry with love? Twitch 4EVA explains…”

Fresh on the back of the success of his recently released debut EP LOST, which has been garnering strong support and critical acclaim since its release, adding to the over 3 million plays already under his belt, and with his latest collaboration with revered UK producer Juls (Kojey Radical, GoldLink, Mr Eazi, Ms Banks) titled ‘Mmayewa’ starting to heat up with over 300,000 streams in two weeks, Ghanaian artist, songwriter and musician TWITCH 4EVA is excited to reveal the music video for one of the standout tracks from his EP titled ‘CHASKELE’.

Produced by East London musician Rayf (Kwollem, Kwesi Arthur, PBGR), ‘Chaskele’ sees Twitch 4EVA in fine form once again, as he brings his genre-bending ‘Coastal Music’ fusion sound, driven by his lush R&B, pop and afrobeats sensibilities, to the forefront. Twitch 4EVA’s excellent vocal prowess, captivating singing style and delivery, and honest songwriting, as can be heard throughout ‘Chaskele’, continues to set himself apart as one of the best new artists crossing over from West Africa into the global music landscape, and certainly one to watch for 2021.

The cinematic and emotive music video for ‘Chaskele’ sees Twitch 4EVA collaborating with burgeoning video director Andy Madjitey to offer a compelling tale of black love and heartbreak, driven by stunning cinematography and landscapes – from its veiled homage to Black Panther, to how the visuals beautifully capture the Aburi Botanical Gardens in the coastal city of Tema in Ghana, to the contrasting colours throughout the story, the ‘Chaskele’ visuals rely on symbolism to show us how love and relationships can be an emotional roller coaster.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Chaskele’, Twitch 4EVA says, “With this ‘Chaskele’ track, I wanted to be more open about my love life – I really loved this girl and thought it was true love, but apparently she was just in for fun. I was heartbroken, and for someone who finds it difficult to express his feelings, I really let out my emotions on this song. I kept asking myself when this pain in my heart would end and I believe this track was the only way I could describe my hurt since I couldn’t show it physically. It’s a piece of me and how I really felt at that time, because I was really in love with this person and never wanted to lose her, but it is what it is”.



Khamari – Other Side (Spotify)

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“Khamari and Jae Stephens team up and deliver you a heartwarming R&B, called -Other Side-, the 5th track of Khamari's album -Eldorado-. Through a top notch production and soulful vocals making the right soundtrack for your night rides or night hugs ;) ”

Other Side brings the narrative arc of Khamari’s debut project into its nostalgic post relationship state. The final single from his Eldorado EP reminisces back to how they were, how they felt, and leaves the door ajar in case it's worth revisiting. Over production from Alex Delicata and Trackside, counterbalanced with Jae Stephens’ vocal harmonies, he continues the intimately musical vibe of the project. As a body of work, the full sequence of songs illustrates the rise and fall of love, expectation, and fulfillment.

Khamari's career debuted with a trio of Spotify New Music Friday placements, including a #10 spot with his sophomore release The Heat. His editorial support rounded out as the cover artist for Spotify's Fresh Finds, and further playlisting on Apple Music FEELS, Amazon's The New Black and Breakthrough R&B, and as cover artist for Tidal's Pop:Rising. With over 4 million cumulative streams in his first 3 songs - including 500k in The Heat's first week on Spotify alone - Khamari's first chapter is off to a powerful start.

A multifaceted independent artist, songwriter, and producer, Khamari grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, MA. His first project wraps his powerfully earnest songwriting around contemporary sonics, with stellar production from Trackside throughout, as well as his own production. Skilled as a vocalist, pianist, and guitarist, Khamari's music is distilled from influences ranging as wide as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Sly Stone, to Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and Mac Miller.

Paddi – Let’s Work on Us (Video)

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“Paddi with Let’s Work on Us gave us a slight resemblance of the king of pop Michael Jackson.We are impressed with its rich yet minimal beauty, all about love!”

“Let’s Work on Us предлагает нам Paddi. Я слышу легкую схожесть с королем попсы Майклом Джексоном. Мне импонирует это, это красиво, это о любви!”

Having recently unveiled his eagerly-awaited debut album ‘P.S. I Love You’ to critical acclaim last month, US singer and songwriter Paddi now looks to showcase his latest full-length by sharing the beautiful new single ‘Let’s Work On Us’.

Reminding us all of that smooth and sensual feel he brought to his latest LP, ‘Let’s Work On Us’ looks to show us more of his tender side. Filled with a sweet and sombre flow, mixed with bold yet pulsing production, his latest gem highlights why so many have been flocking to support his new material of late.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “Let’s Work on Us is one of my top three favorite songs on my album. It has such an experimental style of beat production and a captivating hopeful story. This song is something I was never able to express to my girlfriend at the time. I tend to find when I’m at a loss for words or expression, my music is able to provide me with both. This song holds weight and releases emotion. I think people will be able to relate to this song, and find it entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.”

From the deserts of Southern California emerges the sole rose to bloom under the starry nights of Joshua Tree. Paddi offers his audience the transcendent experience that many listeners long for by allowing them to escape into his ominous and ambivalent world. Listeners will have much to dissect as they explore his realm of love, passion, and heartbreak veiled by his uplifting beats and enchanting melodies. Paddi juxtaposes his sweet vocals with the deep lyrics in his songs, creating the perfect blend of R&B and Pop that is guaranteed to keep listeners captivated throughout his discography.

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