Kobi Jonz – DADA (Video)

“Rhythmic work, whose musical structure is immediately captivating and does not let you go until the last second. -DADA-; brilliant and expressive song, like a bright star in your collection.”

“Ритмичное произведение, чья музыкальная структура мгновенно заводит и не отпускает до последних секунд. -DADA- блестящая и выразительная песня, как яркая звезда в вашей коллекции.”


DADA meaning ‘good’ envelopes the idea of “manifesting into reality” characterized by the poetic image of a woman. A metaphorical representation of actions and reactions solidifies the ethic of doing good and receiving good.


Kobi Jonz, best describes himself as making “conscious dance music”, feel-good music that reinforces a positive message. Moving to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria, Kobi did not so much discover music, he says, as music discovered him. His passion ignited by his force to bring his dreams to life fueled his music career.

His sound is full of life, spirit, and an energy that keeps you coming back for more. With influences like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Sade Adu, Damian Marley, and Burna Boy, Kobi’s music brings out in his listeners a vigor that can only be described as lust for life, hope, love, and self-motivation, wrapped in a zesty hip vibe that is fresh and genre-defying.

His lens into music is one energized by influence, as he sees music as a way to better people. This fresh perspective is Kobi’s way to spread the word that self-sufficiency in pursuit of one’s dreams is possible.


PAPA Sound, Jamkid – Mannen (Spotify)

“Caution! The music that can drive you crazy! This single brought the dynamic genres of dancehall and afrobeats together. High energy supply and hot lyrics. If the nature of music had a name, this would be "Mannen"!”

“Осторожно! Эта музыка вас может свести с ума! Этот сингл собрал в себе динамику жанров dancehall и afrobeats, энергию и зажигательную подачу текста. Если у музыки характер, то это -Mannen-!”


PAPA Sound are a Swedish producer duo, consisting of Patrik Arve and Paolo Albo formed in 2020. Patrik Arve has a lot of songs in his bagage, amongst the hit ”Cobrastyle” with Teddybears which has topped lists worldwide. Also Pablo Albo (Wavedogs) have reached previous success with hiphop/RnB artist Rawa who climbed at Spotifys playlist Top 50 Viral Sweden immediately after release of the song ”Jag vill vara med dig” PAPA Sound have cooperated with singers from Jamaica and Africa at the earlier released singles. The new song ”Mannen”, with release date 26th of March, is a collaboration with Jamkid who is a dancehall/Reggae artist from Rågsved, earlier played frequently at P3. In the song ”Mannen” he sings about a beef between two friends in the suburb. In the music video you can see a tribute to his hometown, where he still live and create, through a dance battle between Jamkid and ”the red guy” at a square in Rågsved. Jamkids own words about the song: ”Mannen is about loyalty and suburb friendship that leads to disappointments. Many guys call each other ”bro” ”fam” ”akhi” and so on, but when the backsides of the streets such as money, hype or drugs shows they turn their backs at each other instead of remember that you belong and have shared experiences and success. The word ”Mannen” means in the rough ”Hey, what are you doing!” in an upset way. With their common passion for the raw and warped PAPA Sound creates bass driven tunes inspired by Afrobeat, reggae and dancehall and we can look forward to continuous releases in the near future.


Preethevibes – Like Flies (Spotify)

“Preethevibes with his new single - Like Flies - into VA Records/PARA Aris imprint please us once more with his solid harmonic vibes and his raucous, wide, sensural vocals.”


Preethevibes opens this song with a cry for social justice in Dance Hall fashion. Jamaican producer Jungle Ratt partners with the group for this Dance Hall anthem against police violence and international injustice. The single is geared to hit Jamaican airwaves within the next month.


A combination of heart, mind, body & soul, Preethevibes consists of bandmates PARA, KNGLVN, JUS-Q and MILIO. The NYC based indie group emerges out of a multi-cultured melting pot of sound and visuals, combining the foundations of Jamaican Dance Hall and Ghanaian based Afrobeats with the electronic dance culture of NYC’s Lower East Side.

Their "go against the grain" attitude and defiant vocal styles create the perfect recipe for unheard, undiscovered musical patterns and ear-bending audiences.

The group continues to compose and collaborate as an independent entity, releasing projects such as their debut singles "Good Good", "Get Down" and "New Day". The four man band persists to make an impact on the independent scene as they plan the release of their debut EP.


Dr Mikey – I’m Proud of It (Spotify)

“- Dr Mikey - on his new single - I'm Proud Of It- , released on Musical Gift Records, delivers a hypnotic groove, melodic element that capture your attention quickly. Through his solid beats and hookiest vocal capabilities with a beautiful story line, you almost forgot you have listen this on repeat so many times until someone wake you up from your daydreaming. ”



@Vana Liya “Come Away” with Half Pint (Video)

“Get into the gentle flow of “Come Away”. Concentrate on the soft lyric sounds and clean your mind at the end of a tiring day. No pain lasts forever, no effort is worthless and the long-awaited result can unexpectedly come. This is the message of Vana Liya.”


Eclectic Reggae/Island-Fusion Artist Vana Liya Releases Single “Come Away” (Featuring Half Pint) via LAW Records
Genre-busting vocalist, songwriter, and ukulele maverick Vana Liya www.vanaliyamusic.com/ made a serendipitous recent arrival on the national music scene after she posted several ukulele covers of popular reggae songs to social media, which garnered the support of top original artists and led to a 2018 record deal with L.A.-based LAW Records. She has since been quickly earning a reputation among many of her well-established musical peers as a solid collaborator who always brings a fresh take and positive energy to the mix with her distinct yet not easily classifiable “island” vibe.

That free spirit of collaboration between major and emerging artists is nowhere better illustrated than with Vana Liya’s new single “Come Away” featuring Jamaican dancehall and reggae legend Half Pint, (out Feb. 12, 2021, on LAW Records). halfpintmusic.com/ www.law-records.com/

Produced by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and Stick Figure member Johnny Cosmic, “Come Away” had originally been constructed by Vana and Johnny as a reggae-pop club track before Half Pint was asked to collaborate on it. Yet when Half Pint sent the stems with a section of the vocals back with the lyrical tagline ‘come away from the land of the sinking sands,’ Vana was so blown away by those foreboding words, almost premonitory of the racial and political strife yet to come in 2020, that she decided to scrap everything she’d written and go with the more heavy-hitting, politically relevant storyline.

“I think musicians have a really important role to speak up about what they believe in. And it’s not necessarily like you have to get super political or anything. But I definitely think that if you don’t use your platform, you’re missing out on an opportunity. The song isn’t explicitly about racism, or politics, or any one thing. But it reflects the times that we’re in and the racial violence and political injustice is just something that hit me really heavy. This was the year I woke up and I realized that the world was corrupt. I’d had a shield over my eyes where I thought everything was fine before. So I wanted to address that in the song but it in a light way. So that if you wanted to just chill out and listen to the song, you could chill out and listen. But then, if you had your thinking cap on, it also hits you a whole different way.”

The release of “Come Away” serves as a sample of what has been a consistent flow and wide range of new material Vana Liya has had in the works over the past year and foreshadows the broad stylistic eclecticism and bold subject matter that can be expected on Vana’s upcoming projects. It is also indicative of a deeply personal renaissance Vana has been undergoing with her evolution as an artist.

Born Nirvana Goberdhan, Vana grew up just east of New York City in Deer Park, NY. As the daughter of parents from Guyana (located at the southernmost end of the Caribbean), Vana was surrounded from a very early age by soca, calypso, dancehall, and reggae music and began singing at the age of 12. At age 19, Vana’s mother recognized her daughter had a gift and love for music and bought her a guitar. However, playing the acoustic guitar was difficult for her small stature, so for the Christmas of 2014, her mother gifted her a ukulele instead — a gift that ultimately changed the course of her life and journey.

A couple of years later, Vana began posting ukulele covers to YouTube and Instagram of songs by her favorite reggae artists like Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, and Pepper. Her magnetic personality and smooth voice combined with the novelty of a reggae-rock-ukulele chick belting out fan favorites and soon enough her videos started taking off and getting lots of views and engagement Before long, artists like 311, Rebelution, Stick Figure, and SOJA were sharing Vana’s covers across various social media platforms, which was the beginning of Vana finding her audience. However, what would become a career-defining moment came in June 2017 when she put up a cover of Pepper’s “Too Much”. Within a week, the band had reposted it and taken keen notice of the young artist and her unique approach.

In April of 2018, Vana signed with Pepper’s LAW Records — becoming their first female and first solo artist — and subsequently released 4 singles within a year. In November, Vana visited Great Stone Studios owned by Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure in Oakland, CA. At that time, she recorded “Go For It” with Johnny Cosmic of Stick Figure and also did a duo song with Happy Madison star Peter Dante called “Give Love Get Love”.

That year, Vana made the business decision to move from her native New York to California, eventually settling in Los Angeles, where she formed her band, including Steve Shaw (keys/sax), Kenny Nishikawa (bass), Logan Tyler (drums) and Eli Reskow (guitar). Much of 2019 was spent touring relentlessly with bands including Expendables, KBong, and Kash’d Out, and opening for such noteworthy artists as Pepper, Ballyhoo!, Badfish, Oogee Wawa, Tunnel Vision, and Tropidelic.

After meeting Johnny Cosmic on tour, Vana asked him to team up with her in the studio for this single and the two worked closely through 2019 to develop Vana’s unique island fusion sound. While much of her work falls into the reggae category, Vana asserts she is not a straight-up reggae artist. For the “Come Away” single, she was successful in demonstrating an authentic stylistic eclecticism by creating a track that has a reggae basis but is, in essence, more of a heavy pop-reggae tune that even manifests elements of trance.

Says Vana, “Working with well-established and respected artists like Half Pint and Johnny Cosmic has been a rewarding and validating experience for me at this early stage in my career. I think one of the things I’ve been kind of struggling with is that a lot of people used to pigeonhole me as like ‘the ukulele chick’ who just does covers and stuff like that. I’m really trying to stray away from that and coming into my own now. So with this single, I want to let people know I didn’t come to play; this is legit!”

Sergio T feat. Steven Aderinto – On My Mind – Lyric Video (Video)

“This time Sergio T joins forces with Steven Aderito for another success. If you are an afrobeats/afro pop fun you must include this track in your favourites list. It can rise up the mood from the first seconds, while progressing gradually with a gentle flow of travelling sensation. Listen once and there’s no doubt that it will keep playing in your mind!”


Sergio T (Sergio Tanidis) was born and raised in Katerini Pierias (Greece). Since he was young, he showed his love for music and started guitar lessons. At the age of 15 he composed his first own music and by 18 he signed his first contract with My Group, one of the biggest record labels in Greece. In the summer of 2014 he made his first big hit with the all famous single “Don’t Go” ( goo.gl/zxJphK ) with countless airplays in greek radio stations. At 2015 My Group also released another single, “Fighting 4 Love” ( goo.gl/IEShmD ) – making its way to the top from the first month of release! His last hit with many airplays in Greece (No. 33 Shazam) and foreign countries (No 28 shazam in Turkey) is “Secret” ( goo.gl/zRCJ2o ). Sergio T retains an unbreakable relationship with djing. He is resident dj at many clubs and bars at Thessaloniki, as well as many other cities in Greece (Rhodos, Serres, Katerini etc). In this page, you will find all the latest news from Sergio T!


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