Blaiz Fayah – 10/10 (Video)

“Stunning rhythmic vibrations in a track that instantly captivates the listener with its memorable melody and lyrics. Sold your pulse? Yes! Raise the mood and forget about all the problems? Yes! And these are only a few of the advantages that “10/10” possesses. It’s like a hot mug of invigorating coffee!”

“Сногсшибательные ритмические рисунки, трек берёт слушателя в плен своими эмоциями, текстом и запоминающейся мелодией. Раскачать ваш пульс? Да! Поднять настроение и позабыть о всех проблемах? Да! И это лишь малая доля из всех достоинств, которыми обладает этот трек. Словно горячая кружка бодрящего кофе!”

Blaiz Fayah, the most exciting artist of the moment and author of the international hit “Bad” returns with a new song between dancehall and kompa that will turn in clubs and in all playlists.

The English-speaking artist is now a must in the Afro dancehall scene, each of his tracks leading to an incredible virality with several hundred thousand covers on Tiktok and millions of views for his festive and original videos.

Periklis Biskinis – Atlantis (Video)

“There is music in the world, which seems to be a guide star that leads its listener everywhere, wherever he would go. Look at the sunrise, live and enjoy every moment and remember that sound leads you in search for your Atlantis.”

“Есть в мире музыка, которая словно путеводная звезда ведёт своего слушателя везде, куда бы он не пошёл. Смотрите на восход солнца, живите и наслаждайтесь каждым прожитым моментом и помните, что музыка ведёт вас на поиски вашей Атлантиды.”

A jazzy reggae tune for a better world

RAFA – Modelo (prod. by redy) (Video)

“-Modelo- pleased with the unexpectedly high-quality sound of all instruments: from keyboard to the eccentric rhythm section. Feel the romantic mood of the composition in which smooth and lyrical vocals combined with light text carry a simple, but tempting semantic content.”

“-Modelo- порадовала неожиданно качественным звучанием всех инструментов: от клавишных до эксцентричной ритм-секции. Почувствуйте романтический настрой композиции, в которой плавный и лирический вокал в сочетании с лёгким текстом несёт в себе простую, но заманчивую смысловую наполненность.”

Modelo lässt sich in keine Schublade stecken. Er vermischt zwei Sprachen: Deutsch und Griechisch.

Modelo ist sehr Sommerlich, ist leicht und macht spaß. Die Hook regt zum Tanzen an und nistet sich wie ein kleiner Ohrwurm ein. Eine Mischung aus Pop, Rap & Dancehall runden den Song komplett ab.

Modelo cannot be pigeonholed. He mixes two languages: German and Greek.

Modelo is very summery, light and fun. The hook encourages you to dance and nests like a catchy tune. A mixture of pop, rap & dancehall round off the song completely.

Godwin – LOWA (Spotify)

“Excellent, smooth sound, cheerfully listened and in one breath. The distinguishing feature of the track -Lowa- is its breathtaking energy and a powerful positive promise to the audience! Real triumph in the genres of Dancehall and Afrobeats!”

“Отличное, ровное звучание, слушается бодро и на одном дыхании. Отличительная черта трека -LOWA- это его умопомрачительная энергетика и мощный позитивный посыл в массы! Настоящий триумф в жанрах dancehall и afrobeats!”

Godwin is a specialist in R&B infused with Pop and ensures that his music is more exquisite, brimming with nutritious flavors and abundant in textures.Taking up a multi-linear role in the music industry, Godwin wins the hearts of his audiences as a singer, songwriter, producer, and the owner of his own record label, AMIL Productions.

Born to Nigerian parents in his hometown of Atlanta, Godwin began experimenting with instruments and his vocals therapeutically. Music helped him overcome his personal conflicts and struggles, allowing him to triumph over the challenges that held him down. Today, music courses through his veins and allows him to speak to the world.

Vana Liya, Pepper – Round n Round (with Pepper) (Spotify)

“Yes, no doubt, -round n round- is able to charm and tear you away from reality. The composition is very well arranged and you listen to it easily in one breath, a must for your music list.”

“Да, без сомнений, -Round n Round- способна очаровать и оторвать от реальности как минимум на несколько суток. Композиция проработана очень тщательно, слушается на одном дыхании и вычёркивает из вашего списка все проблемы и заботы.”

Genre-busting female artist of color Vana Liya releases single "Round n Round" (Featuring Pepper) in advance of her upcoming debut album on LAW Records

The daughter of immigrants from Guyana, genre-defying pop reggae/dancehall artist Vana Liya made a serendipitous recent arrival on the national music scene in recent years after several of her covers of popular reggae songs went viral, gaining her the support and encouragement of top reggae artists and eventually leading to a record deal with L.A.-based LAW Records as their first-ever female solo artist.

As a young female artist of color in the heavily male-dominated world of reggae and dancehall, Vana has quickly earned a rare respect and a reputation among many of her well-established musical peers as a solid collaborator who always brings a fresh take and positive energy to the mix with her distinct yet not easily classifiable “island” vibe.

Case in point: Vana Liya’s new single "Round n Round” featuring iconic American reggae rock legend Pepper, (out now on LAW Records). Produced by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and Stick Figure member Johnny Cosmic, the single pays homage to LAW’s free spirit of collaboration between major and emerging artists with Vana’s raw, sweet, and ethereal vocals cascading over a meandering electronic reggae groove, and paired with Pepper frontman Kaleo Wassman’s iconically bold lyrical delivery.

Thematically, “Round n Round” relates that mystifying mix of loneliness and wanderlust familiar to the timeless wayfaring traveler and the roving artists who stray far from home to follow their muse across the globe. When Vana first started touring, far away from the familiar and often spending long hours by herself, she developed an overwhelming feeling of loneliness:

“I remember being at this house party somewhere in the Virgin Islands, people were all around me but I was still feeling so homesick that I suddenly walked outside and just started crying. But in that moment, I looked up at the sky and I saw the constellation Orion. Growing up, it was always my favorite because every time I would pull into my driveway in my house in New York I could see it. Gazing up through my tears to see Orion suddenly just made me feel like I was at home. It was this really empowering moment of peace and becoming settled in the unsettled. I'm really lonely but I'm doing what I love to be doing and everything is eternally ok.”

For Vana, having a Pepper feature on the track was a no-brainer, especially considering the song’s subject matter and the fact that Pepper’s music was instrumental in helping her overcome anxiety as a teenager.

“I remember one time when I was driving,” reflects Vana, “I heard Pepper’s ‘Sitting on the Curb’ and was like, ‘This is a really happy song so next time I have an anxiety attack, I'm gonna listen to this song.’ And that's literally how I got over the anxiety. I just put the headphones on and play it over and over and over again. This feature is such a big deal to me because Pepper is such a big part of me ...and the fact that that song was about touring and feeling okay when you're not okay kind of made for the perfect storm. As soon as I wrote it, I just heard Kaleo’s voice on the song. He did his little soft Kaleo thing and then he did his hard Pepper thing where he raps, so I feel like I got the best of both worlds with his feature!”

Upcoming live dates for Vana Liya:

7/10 San Diego, CA - Bay Fest
7/24 Orlando, FL - Dirty Heads Vacation
10/21St. Petersburg, FL - Reggae Rise Up

A!MS – HONOR ft. AV Allure, Projexx, & Julian Marley – (Video)

“”A!MS” delivers a strong Rap vibe, which shouldn’t miss from your music collection. Working together with three other artists in the scene, produced the ultimate ear addiction. Do you think that have already heard everything? Then, you should try “Honor”!”

In a sensational international link up, multi-platinum, award-winning rapper, record-producer and entrepreneur A!MS enlists Projexx, Julian Marley, AV Allure and super-producers Cool & Dre §x for breakout record ‘Honor’.

Echoes of afro-swing, Caribbean progressions and melodic rap chords lay at the heart of ‘Honor’ as it sits effortlessly on the Hip-Hop spectrum, capturing the diverse and culturally rich melting-point of London within its fabric. Teamed alongside a daring visual that sees a London City heist take place, the artists brave their way through the capital’s streets with high-speed chases and helicopters in hot pursuit, as they battle for Honor. Boasting an exceptional hook, passionate lyricism and a wave of global accents, it is the mutual respect and international currency of ‘Honor’ that is celebrated in this masterpiece of a single.

Produced by Grammy nominated Cool & Dre, ‘Honor’ features the duo’s Midas touch, which has been responsible for millions of sales and hits from the rap world’s elite, including DJ Khaled’s recent gold selling album ‘Khaled Khaled’. Opening the record, emerging UK artist AV Allure delivers a soulful, powerhouse hook that binds together the verses that follow. A!MS offers the first verse with gusto as he lays down his bars with determined strength and confidence, setting a tone of integrity and distinction. Drawing on the island vibes, Grammy Award winning reggae artist Julian Marley blesses the record with his spirituality bringing good intention, love and freedom to the record, whilst Jamaica’s hottest, rising, dancehall star, Projexx, delivers the perfect accompaniment in his patois, soulful flow.

Renowned for his rap anthems including Supreme, Run and Diablo, A!MS is an internationally acclaimed rapper, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur from the UK who has built an extensive career that houses over 50 million YouTube views and 20 million Spotify streams. Through the vehicle of lyricism and visual art, A!MS tells vivid accounts of his own realities that are rooted deeply within family, respect, morals and a flamboyant lifestyle that isn’t for the faint hearted. With close connections to Cyprus, the Mediterranean culture and the jet-set lifestyle, adopted by so many of the modern world’s stars, his entrepreneurial flair places him central to the music and entertainment business across the globe. Over the course of his career, A!MS has worked and introduced uncountable artists , including the likes of Afro B, The Game, Cool & Dre and many more. He is regularly featured across world music platforms including, MTV, BBC, Global and Bauer radio channels and recently featured his penchant for cars alongside the release of his single ‘Diablo’ for an exclusive glimpse around his personal car collection and home for ‘Trace Yards’.

Making worldwide connections, A!MS independently and effortlessly slots together styles, vibes and some of music’s MVP’s for his latest single. Both revolutionary and visionary in his business acumen and musical capability, ‘Honor’ signifies the evolution of A!MS and opens the floodgates on a whole new wave.

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Josh Harris, Norris Man – This Morning – Original (Spotify)

“Imagine that you awake, open your eyes and see humming birds hovering outside your window gathering nectar. The sun is rising into a clear blue sky & the scent of gardenia, honeysuckle, Jasmine, orchids and many more wonderful fragrances fill air. On the cool breeze you hear the addictive vibes of a reggae redemption song. Welcome to Jamaica, Enjoy ‘This Morning’ by Norris Man & Josh Harris.”

A morning song of redemption

Dede K Interview on Nagamag



Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Dede K:
Afrobeat, Afropop, pop, afrohipop, reggae, dancehall

Few words about your musical background and career?

Dede K:
Started music as Lil Bideo back in 2009 (while I was still in college). Had to drop music for some years to finish up my Bs.c education. In 2017, I returned to the musical world with a new stage name (Dede K aka De King Vibez). Music has always be part of me and I don’t see myself doing something else whilst I’m steady discovering new vibe.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Dede K:
Not sure.. grew up listening to legends and tbh, I’m not sure when I actually had interest in music but I do remember when it was time for me to record my first track in 2009

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Dede K:
I’m a storyteller and my music cuts across many genres. Rhythm, Melodic & lyric-intensive. Every song is a story or a poem told through music.. even in my party songs, I still fix in some meaningful words

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Dede K:
Young M.a. "Kween"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Dede K:
Bella Shurmda "World"

Discover & Listen to Dede K

Dede K on Spotify

Dede K's Signature Track

Dede K on Social Media


Tyshan Knight – Special (Spotify)

“"Tyshan Knight" strikes with his "Special" track! Enjoyable hot atmosphere full of melodic patterns and funky beat. With its light Rap/Afro-pop style and special singing effects, you can escape from maddness and every state of anxiety.”

Tyshan is born and raised outside of Toronto, Canada. With his parents both being ministers Tyshan is no stranger to Church. He developed his relationship with God at the age of 18 after a potential life-threatening car accident.

While, on his way to a local singing competition Tyshan was prepared to sing secular music and desired to be the next Usher, Chris Brown. However, on his way there a car ran a red light and stuck Tyshan's door. After missing the competition and nearly loosing his life Tyshan decided to dedicate his talent and gifts to God.

Currently, he is beginning to change the sound and look of gospel music. His music is an open book to his life and experiences. It is also described a relevant source of inspirational music that relates to a wide audience.

Pressure Busspipe – Jerusalem Mountain (Spotify)

“Emotional vocals, pleasant rhythms of reggae and proprietary track structure which is common in all tracks of -Pressure Busspipe-. Mostly avant-garde and surprisingly multi-faceted work, which is a pleasure to listen.”

“Эмоциональный вокал, приятные ритмы регги и фирменная структура трека свойственная всем трекам -Pressure Busspipe-. Местами авангардная и что удивительно — многогранная работа, слушать которую одно удовольствие.”

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