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Sayved – Doppler (Spotify)

“The amazing mood of -Doppler-, makes its sound very pleasant and leaves only positive emotions. Techno & House melodic rhythms with very interesting mix. Also those artifacts in the second half of the track are crazy! It's obvious that -Sayved- know their business. Brilliant result!”

“Потрясающее настроение композиции, музыкально она звучит очень приятно и оставляет только положительные эмоции. Мелодичные ритмы Techno & House и очень интересная работа со звуком, интересные артефакты во второй половине трека сводят с ума! Видно, что -Sayved- знают своё дело. Блистательно!”

Blending an ethereal atmosphere with dynamic yet driving rhythms, the beautifully hypnotic soundscapes of "Doppler" simultaneously move hearts and feet.

Blinding neon light and the urban jungle of Zurich are the stage on which the musical drama of Sayved unfolds: Rufus and Billy conjure up electronic rock songs that are equal parts disturbing and beguiling. The tools that they make use of are analogue artifacts and digital devices, which serve to counterbalance the pathos and pop appeal of Rufus’ haunting voice.

This blend of analogue and digital also extends into their on-stage incarnation, in which two voices are joined by electric guitar and vintage gear. All of these organic sounds are further augmented by contemporary digital tools and gadgets.

Ecstatic and electrifying, their live-performances are exorcisms of the demons of modern metropolitan life.

Currently, the duo is moving further away from conventional song structures to maximize the impact of their music clubs and on stage

Phonez – Secret Pot (Spotify)

“An Imaginative, guaranteed floor filler that is easy on the ears. ‘Secret Plot’ by ‘Phonez’ will appeal to your mellow side and your get up & dance side in equal measure. Extremely well produced, this thoughtful, gently appealing, melodic track has a hypnotic, (trance anthem like), continually shifting rhythm. True progressive House with ever changing sequences & dynamically haunting vocals. Ibiza bound.”

Mazoulew – Ditto (Spotify)

“Imagine yourself lying on a hill with flowers, while a little cool breeze slightly eases the head and fingertips. That general condition is comparable to full and controlled bliss. Such sensations appeard when we first heard -Ditto-. We ended up in our rule of majesty, melody and rhythm.”

“Представьте, что вы парите в вакууме. Вам немного прохладно, слегка немеет затылок и кончики пальцев, а общее состояние сравнимо с полным и подконтрольным блаженством. Именно такие ощущения нас не покидали, когда мы впервые услышали -Ditto-. Мы оказались во властвовании её величества мелодии и ритма.”

Ditto is the debut single from Mazoulew's 'Movements EP'. A collection of works that transcend genre from Downtempo-Electronica to Ambient-Neo Classical.

Isaiah Saturn, Hugo Villanova – The Sea (Hugo Villanova Mix) (Spotify)

“-The Sea- has an atmospheric scale. A composition that introduces into ecstasy, into something abstract and weightless. Mysterious space sounds cause a persistent effect of intoxication. Energetic music impregnated with a very bright living atmosphere, possesing something light, good and eternal.”

“-The Sea- это масштаб и атмосфера. Композиция, которая вводит в экстаз, в нечто абстрактное и невесомое. Таинственные звуки витающие в пространстве вызывают стойкий эффект опьянения. Энергичная музыка, пропитанная очень яркой, живой атмосферой нечто светлого, доброго и вечного.”

The Sea is an enchanting house record that explores infatuation and confusion when feeling the onslaught of what is believed to be love. The production and vocals consist of the contrast of whimsical elements with a heavy bass, coinciding with the melodic verses and bold choruses.

Adibanti – The Overflow (Spotify)

“"The Overflow" is a mix of House with Garage influences. The artist has combined his soft, elusive voice with some catchy synth loops. A very nice example of personal creation, which has nothing to do with typical music patterns.”

With the world finally starting to slowly recover from a year of a global pandemic, raging protests, and toppling economies, 2020’s silver-lining was that it gave people time to reflect on what is truly important for the future. For Adibanti, aka Rory J Nelson, he took the time to double down on himself musically and craft some of the best records of his career. One of those recordings, entitled “The Overflow”, is set to come out on June 18th and is a layered composition built on a garage beat but contains thoughtful songwriting that muses about the volatile nature of our current world.

’This tune has been on a real journey and is about living in the modern era. With so much difference of opinion, 2021 is a notoriously tricky age to navigate. Express and love’

- Adibanti

Alande – Why (Spotify)

“Intersting new House vibe from the upcoming artist "Alande". Starting fast, into the point, it can obviously catch our attention. Are you ready to move in the rhythms of beat and follow those bold melodic patterns? A summer energy booster which you shouldn't miss.”

WIESE – Hear Me (Spotify)

“Excellent use of EDM harmonies, fast and emotional rhythm, good and positive lyrical energy. Competent work with quality samples and structure with a memorable melody. The alternation of soft versions and loud chorus is a bright example, that -wiese- with love oriented to a wide audience.”

“Прекрасное использование гармоний в стиле EDM, достаточно быстрый и эмоциональный ритм, добрая и позитивную лирическая энергетика. Грамотная работа с семплами, структура с запоминающейся мелодией. Чередование мягких куплетов и громких припевов яркий пример, как -WIESE- с любовью ориентируется на широкую аудиторию.”

Hear Me' is a bright pop, deep house tune exploding in colour and life. The track touches on the freedom after post-lockdown confinement and the excitement at the prospect of travel and adventure coming back into full swing. Explored through the male and female vocals the track leans towards their future of exploring again, with WIESE sharing: 'The song is telling a story about what lockdown has done to us as human beings, our ability to be close to each other and our need to explore things the way we used to.'

As we all get ready to burst out of lockdown hibernation, this single is the anthem to lead you out into the jungle of life again. 'Hear Me' is a summer breeze, bursting with exotic flavours and tropical soundscapes. The main synth melody is highly catchy, carrying a flow of energy and keeping you feeling happy and alive. WIESE's influences and inspirations include Imanbek, R3hab and Hedegaard, mixed with a timely blend of storytelling lyrics and infectious pop. WIESE explains: 'After a year in lockdown and finally starting to see things opening up again, the vibe I felt was uplifting, energetic and happy.'

Matt FX, Melika – A Love Beginning (Spotify)

“Happy and playful song ideal for the dark moments of loneliness we may experience. "Matt FX" uses his sound producing skills in the service of the Deep House scene, while "Melika" unfolds her singing artistry to complete this masterpiece. The result is only one clik away!”

“A Love Beginning” is a cool, crisp, neon single dripping in vibrant dynamics and lush additional instrumentation from saxophonist and producer Braxton Cook. It is about that special moment when you walk into a party and see someone that makes time stop-and what happens after that moment.

Reminiscent of Disclosure, Melika ’s sleek vocals glide over the beat to create an energetic pulse, accompanying the rise and fall of the track's melodies.

Jan Blomqvist, Bloom Twins – High On Beat (Spotify)

“"High on beat" is a call for endless dancing, a real upcomming hit for our ear pleasure. Balanced mix of Techno & House elements with the sensual voices of "Bloom Twins" raising the summer temperature even higher. The result is something more than attractive. Enjoy!”

This is a creative get-together with London-based Bloom Twins, Berlin’s Jan Blomqvist and an Israeli electronic DJ/producer and musician who works in the underground techno scene. ‘High On Beat’ brings with it a hypnotic sound blend that takes centre stage in both the track itself and the accompanying music video.

KLANGPLANET – Stardust (Spotify)

“"Stardust" is a track which can promise a trip to the stars. Happy Melodic Techno with variety of sound effects, popping kick and unpredictable progression. The solo artist has also given a retro character in his mix, which will obviously bring nostalgic memories.”

Back with another space misson. Astronaut Ed White being outsite the Gemini 4 capsule back in 1965 probably taking a look at the STARDUST

Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry working a few years for labels like Warner Music Germany.

Over the years he has been writing music for several projects signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001.

2017 marks his personal milestone as a solo-artist with the launch of his own project KLANGPLANET.

His self-released album "Voyage" is a retro dipped melodic Deep House journey.

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