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Noom, Cuebur, Bokkieult, Marie Jay – Purple Neon (Spotify)

“What happens when more than three artists work for the same track? "Purple Neon" is the result of such an instance. Attractive singing, uplifting House beat and smooth sound progression, from an impossible to skip masterpiece.”

Butch – Testarossa (Spotify)

“The fresh Tech House arrival from a real expert is called "Testarossa". Endless variety of electronic goodies, perfectly organized and mixed up. Enjoy the variety of rhythmic patterns, which carry some kind of mystery and keep you stimulated until the last second!”

Germany-based Turkish producer Butch becomes the next artist to join the fledgling MDLBEAST Records with his new track "Testarossa," bringing underground vibes to the Saudi label. Opening with tech-house-inspired minimal percussion, Butch artistically ups the ante by weaving in moody synths and increasingly progressive basslines. The result is a dark but euphonious and dance-worthy tune that also represents a cultural connection between Butch's own heritage and MDLBEAST's mission to expose the talent of the Middle East region, burgeoning a new era of discovery for that part of the world. The label's first release was R3HAB, Fafaq & DNF's "Ringtone," and Butch's "Testarossa" continues the strong start for Saudi Arabia's most exciting brand in music.

"It's been a full year without clubs, locked in a studio for introspection, and I'm happy to present 'Testarossa' as a result of that time. I think that as artists and fans, all we want is to drop some sonic bombs, future club classics, and make things better so we can all dance together again soon." - Butch

Butch has one aim with his music - to take listeners on a sonic journey. Whether he's dropping eastern-inspired psychedelia or pounding prime-time techno, fans can only be sure that they are at the mercy of one of the industry's most creative selectors. If he's not honing his sounds in the studio, he's channeling his wit into the Butch TV series (always with a healthy dose of sarcasm). Butch's exploration into the trippier side of house and techno led him to collaborate with a fellow master of the psyche, Riccardo Villalobos. The duo has produced deep, experimental EPs under the combined alias ButRic. Now, officially as a part of MDLBEAST Records, Butch adds to his discography "Testarossa," in addition to earlier releases on such labels as Watergate, Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Drumcode, Desolat, Hot Creations, Rekids, Saved, Rebirth, to name a few.

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Monocule, Nicky Romero – You Don’t Know (Spotify)

“Collaborative release from "Monocule & Nicky Romero", just ready to shake the dancefloor. Sometimes music can offer more than we may expect and this is the case here! Fascinating mix of melodic Techno, with catchy loops and the hookiest wave sample qualities.”

Nicky Romero returns as Monocule with his newest dark progressive gem "You Don't Know," the leading single from his forthcoming "Monocule Volume 2" EP. The track creates a moody nighttime ambiance with undulating melodies and a deep, muted bassline, conjuring memories of hedonistic club nights and hazy mornings. Paired with its nifty, distorted vocals, "You Don't Know" makes for a versatile track that is both danceable and easy-listening. The world heard for the first time from Monocule in 2020 with the release of "Monocule Volume 1," which debuted Romero's underground project and featured Tim van Werd and Mosimann. Keep an eye out for the full "Monocule Volume 2" EP and its complete tracklist coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy "You Don't Know."

After taking the world by storm with early hits such as "Legacy" with Krewella and #1 single "I Could Be The One" with Avicii, Nicky Romero quickly proved that his talent is ever-evolving and here to stay. After launching his Protocol Recordings imprint in 2012, the renowned performer, producer, and label head continued his personal successes with a string of high-profile releases, ranging from collaborations with Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, DallasK & XYLØ, Timmy Trumpet and Steve Aoki & Kiiara to remixes for the likes of Robin Schulz, Kygo, Rita Ora, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Jess Glynne and more. While showcasing his label's roster via his weekly Protocol Radio show, Nicky Romero continues to innovate and evolve during these unprecedented times in the music industry. He debuted his ultra-modern "Another World" live stream concept last summer and keeps proving his ability to turn into gold everything he touches.

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End of Code – On to You (Video)

“We need unity of body and soul to plunge headlong into something integral and spiritual. The track -On to You- can push us to our unthinkable limit boundaries. This is something incredible. The core of this work is the electronics, modestly reminding that this is our time, this is our music.”

“Каждый так или иначе окунаясь с головой в нечто цельное и духовное хочет единства души и тела. Трек -On to You- раздвигает все немыслимые границы. Это что-то невероятное. Фабула этого произведения скромно напоминая нам – это электроника, это наше время, это наша музыка.”

On to you takes you on a musical journey created by Nicolas Saad’s mesmerizing piano and Shawn’s vocal finds a way to ride that melody. Together they transport you to a deep reflective musical state.

The imagery of ON TO YOU demanded something special and Thomas Concordia and Rainer Hosch did not disappoint . These 2 incredible visual artists have a pedigree ranging from Valentino to Nespresso. Their vision captivates and captures the pure essence Nico and Shawn intended and allows you to truly feel the energy of ON TO YOU…

The song travels through the weight of your mentality when you know you didn’t win didn’t create it didn’t play fair and someone else suffered for your actions .. you may feel like the king or Queen initially but soon you will be the pawn . You will not get the gold but rather slip into the fold . Your kingdom will be full of nothing and your power will be removed at every level .. if you have every tried to fake something you understand and if you haven’t you will know why you shouldn’t .. This is ON TO YOU !!!

TWO LANES – Reflections (Spotify)

“Some super kind of melodic Deep House is out now. All the beauty of harmony hidden in a short track. Soothing, soul-touching, daydreaming composition with piano melodies. The glory of "Reflections" revealing directly from your speakers.”

TWO LANES - Berlin-based siblings Leo and Rafa Schmid - today announce the June 3 release of their forthcoming ‘Reflections EP’ on San Holo’s beloved bitbird imprint. Alongside the news of the full EP, TWO LANES are giving fans a taste of the new music with the release of the title track available to stream now.

The new single, ‘Reflections’ is a soothing masterpiece for those early Sunday morning vibes or late night summer sessions. It is a calming and reassuring track that adds more beauty and delicacy into this world. The instrumental and electronic melodies join to convey pure emotion and, of course, the piano heard throughout the song ties it all up for a relaxing feeling that stays long after the last note is played.

“We really got into a deeper level on the production for this EP. We brought this weird piano into the studio during the lockdown and had a lot of time to really work on sounds and integrate the piano more into the tracks. We used the time in lockdown to really develop the studio and work with modular gear and synthesizers which had a great impact on the music you’ll hear.”

“We look at the new EP as an extension of the ‘Lights EP’ which came out last year on bitbird. it's about how a creative outcome can shape you emotionally, how you travel with your creative thoughts and how this reflects on how you are as a person.”

With ‘Reflections EP,’ TWO LANES showcase their strong and unique production prowess that’s ever-evolving. Take a moment to enjoy ‘Reflections’ and prepare for the EP that will be here shortly!


Perfectly balancing live-instruments, analog synthesizers and electronic sounds, Berlin-based siblings TWO LANES started making indie-electronic music in 2018 as their outlet of an always evolving stream of ideas and their love for music. While Rafa has always been more into electronic music and music production, Leo was classically trained at The Juilliard School in New York City, which can be both heard and seen back in the live-versions they make of their songs, their music and the wide variety genres they produce. When graduating, the brothers decided to move to Berlin because of the city’s dynamic and young art scene.

The duo’s distinctive classically-influenced electronic music and their successful remixes including Odesza, RÜFÜS DU SOL, ZHU and Skrillex have resulted in great support from industry tastemakers such as Sirius XM Chill, Kasbo, Zeds Dead, YourEDM, Dancing Astronaut, DA, Trap Nation, and Mr. Suicide Sheep. TWO LANES released their latest EP ‘Lights’ in 2020 on bitbird, which was highly successful, garnering over 25 million streams and counting across platforms.

NORYA – City of Love (Spotify)

“NORYA has just released her new single "City of Love". A very promising House vibe for the dancefloor fans. Enjoy the variety of beat sounds and her charming voice enriched by an echo effect in this endlessly fascinating song.”

Norya is a 24 years old singer, DJ, songwriter and producer. She's part of DeMoga Music team since 2016 and has evolved from a singer to a full music creator. NORYA prepares her first dance album and introduces herself to the world through City Of Love, while preparing her next dope radio single - Idk but ili (I don't Know, but I like it). Her DJ-ing skills have evolved and she has a full one hour set of original songs combined with catchy timeless hooks. Her first song was chosen as a soundtrack of the movie "Faci sau Taci", available on Netflix.

Bomat – Doing All Right (Spotify)

“Rustling vinyl needle effect, characteristic deep house depth and atmospheric vocal sound samples. The single -Doing All Right- fulfills its name at 100%. Bomat is dictating his carefree, ethereal and almost unearthly mood.”

“Шелест виниловой иглы, характерное для deep house углублённое звучание и атмосферные вокальные семплы. Сингл -Doing All Right- на все 100 отрабатывает своё название, диктуя своё беззаботное, эфирное и почти что неземное настроение.”

"Doing All Right" is the second release of Berlin based house producer Bomat and released on the New York City imprint Nervous Records.

Moritz Bommert aka Bomat is a German composer, producer and DJ based originally from Cologne but based in Berlin. Moritz’s passion for house music started at a young age when he moved to Berlin to study and deep dive into the city's vibrant musical landscape where he worked for several years as a music producer and DJ releasing music under various monikers until 2015. After a creative break Moritz returned to the studio in 2018 to discover his very own sound and start his Bomat alias before teaming up with the legendary NYC label Nervous Records for his ‘Classy Talk’ that came out in 2020. In 2021 he returns to the NYC imprint with his second single ‘Doing All Right’.

Verdance – Is and Is Not (Spotify)

“Stunning sound magic delivered by "Verdance". Interesting Downtempo blend with some House elements. Your new favourite track "Is And Is Not" has come to stay for long. From the intro utill the last fading seconds, your amusement is guaranteed!”

Verdance' is the Downtempo/Electronic alias of Instrumental Hip Hop Beatmaker 'Handbook'; Jake Brown from York (UK). Bonobo-esque sampling techniques and danceable grooves give this project a familiar feel, but through unique soundscapes Jake creates worlds that only he could.

Verdance: "this project is a gateway to another world. Music has been that kind of salvation of late. If I can't find a musical world I want to escape to, I create one of my own. Plunge is my retreat, and hopefully listeners can escape there too"

'Is and Is Not' is the first single taken from the forthcoming album 'Plunge'

In no way inferior to some of the greats (Bonobo, Emancipator, Tor, Maribou State, Tycho), Plunge is a timeless project that you will keep coming back to time after time after time.

The full album 'Plunge' will release on limited edition 10" blue vinyl as well as digitally on March 31.

UK-based act Verdance is the newly born side project of Hip Hop instrumentalist Handbook. However, in this new expedition Verdance (Jake Brown) goes beyond the confines of genre in order to heavily emphasize imagery and mood by exploring the depths of electronica, deep house, and downtempo music.

Generally, when we thinking of the term ‘verdant’, our imagination is immediately wrapped by images of green, lush, nature, or perhaps the viridescence of spring – and that’s exactly the kind of garden-fresh aesthetic Verdance acquaints us with through his organic, yet lively soundscapes. City life for Jake has detached him from nature so Verdance creates an aural link to a world that we don't always get the opportunity to enjoy.

It’s only a matter of time until Verdance blossoms into a big fixture in the electronic and dance music domain.

Peter Sax – Golden Lights (Life Is Better @ Palma Beach) (Radio Edit) (Spotify)

“Shinny creation from Peter Sax, creates a heart-warming atmosphere for your full enjoyment. Deep House sounds mixed with saxophone samples, can promise to lift up your spirit. This is probably what you need to keep yourself active.”

Peter Sax, a passionated artist and performer, enters the international stage. By combining his rock-oriented voice and his talent as a powerful saxophonist he brings live performance to another level.

His songs and his album Evolution have been released in major territories: from Austria to Canada, India, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and many more, growing his community and fan base. His music videos already got more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Music has been a big part of his life since his childhood. Alongside to the completion of his biotechnology studies and having an ongoing career at one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, his love for making music grew steadily. In 2011 he finally quit his job to dedicate his life fully to music.

Right now Peter Sax is ready to tour throughout the world to share his music, sound, performance and love to show the audience a different way of enjoying music.

Elliot Fitch – The One (Spotify)

“A Techno candy for your playlist is "The one" from Elliot Fitch. Mix with rich percussion, beat and some vocal taste, which keep the dancing spirit alive. One of the best ways to welcome Spring and regain your lost optimism.”

Because it’s all about the groove with Elliot Fitch, you instantly know that ‘The One’ could be just that when the Eindhoven producer’s glitterball begins its latest swing towards paradise. Glammed up and glorious, ‘The One’ is a filtered disco-house love-in, full of 24 karat strings, and a bassline that’s stern yet supportive and ultimately too damn funky. Lower down in the mix, a supporting cast of frisky horns and feelgood guitar twangs and keys, plus vocals happily swimming in the vibe, help the unifying feel of ‘The One’ looking out for each and every dancefloor diva and don

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