Edvard Borneo – So Lonesome I Could Drive

“Song that feels so positive, but at the same time it is much more deeper and melancholic. Song and instrument like a metaphor of life and all that it brings, good and bad moments, but you keep going, because, you can choose the soundtrack of life as well the life itself. ”



Steve Jinski – To The Saint Of Lost Causes

“Soul vocals -stee jinski-, reviving everything around itself, the ringing of acoustic guitars and absorbing the atmosphere of high -quality, live folk rock sound. All this is created in order to stay in your memory forever and echoing everywhere and everywhere wherever you go and whatever you do.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Душевный вокал -Steve Jinski-, оживляющий всё вокруг себя фоновый хор, звон акустических гитар и поглощающая атмосфера качественного, живого Folk Rock звучания. Всё это создано для того, чтобы остаться в вашей памяти навсегда и звучать эхом везде и всюду, куда бы вы не пошли и чем бы не занимались.”


A track from Steve's EP 'Hope Street' on Lucky Smile Records/Proper Music Distribution. The song brims with positivity and good things to come, no need to give up yet! Soulful vocals, jangling guitars, thumping piano chords and a steady backbeat all combine to make this a memorable classic tune ... oh and somebody mentioned that Tom Petty might be a reference point too!

asleepinplanes – Devil In Your Mind

“If your thoughts are confused, black clouds are thickening over your head and there is no mood to do anything, it means that it is time to plunge into the new track -sleepinplanes and feel how the atmosphere of Folk Rock and All Country will do all the work for you. Music capable of cure, warm and restore order in the shower.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если мысли ваши путаются, чёрные тучи сгущаются над головой и нет настроения делать что-либо, это означает, что пора погрузиться в новый трек -asleepinplanes- и почувствовать, как атмосфера Folk rock и All Country сделают всю работу за вас. Музыка, способная вылечить, согреть и навести порядок в душе.”



Dewey Parker – Citrus Waltz

“Dewey Parker shares a representative example of his inventive mind sculpting catchy instrumental sounds and merging together different rhythmic patterns! Idealy suitable for the Folk Rock audience, this single can easily affect any other kind of listener too.”


Packed with catchy, vintage-feeling guitar riffs and inventive, out-of-the-box rhythms and drumming patterns, "Citrus Waltz" feels familiar and soothing, while keeping you guessing. Just when you get into the 4/4 groove, the track switches into another time signature ("Is it a 3/4 waltz, or is that 6/8ths?!"). But, wait... time for a killer 80s sax solo! Explains Dewey, "I wanted to write a song that had a bridge in a different time signature. This song is actually two separate ideas that magically were able to come together."


Caroline Kid – Wyoming

“Summer is a great time for a romantic journey, love and sincere feelings between two people. -Caroline kid- shares with you a huge bouquet of emotions that bloom like roses at your feet, and live music Folk Rock elegantly emphasizes its entire depth.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лето — прекрасная пора для романтического путешествия, любви и искренних чувств между двумя людьми. -Caroline Kid- делится с вами огромным букетом эмоций, которые расцветают словно розы у ваших ног, а живая музыка Folk rock элегантно подчёркивает всю его глубину.”


Vince Vanguard – Broken Bones

“The melody of guitar strings, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of Folk Rock, the voice -vince vanguard - sends us to a recent past when the sun shone brighter and the grass was greener. The ideal pace of the narrative pleases your soul well and gently lays down.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия гитарных струн, которая идеально вписывается в атмосферу Folk Rock, голос -Vince Vanguard- отправляет нас в недалёкое прошлое, когда солнце светило ярче, а трава была зеленее. Идеальный темп повествования хорошо ублажает вашу душу и нежно ложится на слух.”



Kieran Dacey – Grown Like a Petal

“An unusual work in the Folk Rock and Indie Pop genres, with an interesting sequence of chords and unusual hearing of tonality, which creates something irretical. Voice and instrumental part are very beautifully harmonious and echoing with each other.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Необычное произведение в жанрах Folk Rock и Indie Pop, с интересной последовательностью аккордов и непривычной слуху тональности, от чего создаётся впечатление нечто ирреального. Голос и инструментальная часть очень красиво гармонируют и перекликаются друг с другом.”



Balto – Spanish Wine

“The poor bottle of Spanish wine, a heavy night of thought and a stream of memories in a love cycle of events. The elegant Folk Rock in melancholy tones from -Balto- will help to plunge into this light atmosphere, in which the unhurried flow of the river will take you into the distance.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Недопитая бутылка испанского вина, тяжёлая ночь размышлений и поток воспоминаний в любовном круговороте событий. Элегантный Folk rock в меланхоличных тонах от -Balto- поможет окунуться в эту лёгкую атмосферу, в которой неспешное течение реки унесёт вас вдаль.”



Ásgeir – Snowblind

“There is something cinematic in this music, where something incredible, magical and attractive is happening in the atmosphere of cold ice. Incredible atmosphere Indie Folk with hypnotic vocals.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Есть в этой музыке нечто кинематографическое, где в атмосфере холодных льдов происходит нечто невероятное, магическое и притягательное. Невероятная атмосфера Indie Folk с гипнотическим вокалом.”


Ásgeir’s absolutely magical new record, “Time On My Hands” out October 28 on One Little Independent. Alongside the announce he’s also released the first listen from the LP, single (and stunning video) “Snowblind”, an icy electronic ballad that fuses crisp beats with elated, expressive intensity. Driving synths rise dramatically while drums crack through the layered production beneath them – and amidst it all, Ásgeir’s singular, pure voice weaves a narrative that recalls the sparse and dark roads of his Icelandic hometown.

As one of Iceland’s most successful exports, Ásgeir has spent the time between his record-breaking debut (now celebrating its 10th anniversary) and today pushing the boundaries of his textured, thoughtful brand of folk-pop. ‘Time On My Hands’ sees Ásgeir in a state of self-reflection and experimentation. On this album he’s entered new realms of composition, sensitively layering acoustics with electronics and brass. As with some of his previous work, Ásgeir plays with euphoric and choral elements of electronic pop music while keeping a tight grasp on the introspective, vocal-lead style of the acoustica that made him famous.

It’s clear from the beginning that the collection is built around visuals of glacial scenery as Ásgeir soars above a frosty terrain of enchanting melodic soundscapes with cinematic lucidity. The rolling landscapes aesthetic of the record was inspired by Ásgeirs own relationship with music over the last two years, consuming mostly while he was running outdoors, or while on long drives. He says that “some of the albums or music that stand out from that time were Caribou’s album Suddenly, Caroline Polichek-Pang, Dijon, Altopalo, Big Thief, Michael Kiwanuka, Sault, Ethan Gruska, Blake Mills and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. This music probably has something to do with how the record came out, combined with earlier influences.”

The whole album asks us to allow ourselves to glide over borders, both the physical, the ones we put up ourselves, and those between reality and imagination. It’s about freedom, the desire for adventure, and taking flight to escape isolation, as well as appreciating the natural wonders that surround us every day.

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