D!lemma – the wizard’s den

“A snow avalanche of IDM and Glitch music awaits you, in which it is simply an incredible palette from diversity and experiments. D! Lemma a real master of synthesis of the crazy sounds that can drive you crazy!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“На вас ожидает снежная лавина из ломаных ритмов IDM и Glitch музыки, в которой просто невероятная палитра из разнообразия и экспериментов. D!lemma настоящий мастер синтеза самых сумасшедших звуков, которые способны свести вас с ума!”

Comakid – Full HD Hugs feat. Brooke Howard

“Yes, you fell into the arms of the broken rhythms of IDM and Glitch music. If you manage to solve this incredible riddle and catch each sound, simultaneously laying it into components, then you are exactly the same genius as the authors of this amazing track!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Да, вы попались в объятия ломаных ритмов IDM и Glitch музыки. Если у вас получится разгадать эту невероятную загадку и уловить каждый звук, попутно раскладывая его на составные части, то вы точно такой же гений, как и авторы этого потрясающего трека!”

“Full HD Hugs”, which is also the title track of Comakid’s upcoming EP, is one of the most alluring songs out of his latest releases.

Understated and dusty, yet also elegant and driving, the single features Brooke Howard on vocals and the result of this collaboration is nothing but memorable.

Supported by the throbbing, somewhat industrial rhythm, Brooke’s voice floats effortlessly over a mix of gritty and mesmerising synths, drawing the listener in during the verses then launching into the open chorus hook.

One can definitely hear Comakid’s versatility and wide range of influences through this tune which can easily fit in selections from lovers of various electronic music genres. The producer also just dropped "Hyper Real" on Ableton, a pack of instruments, effects and live sounds that has been making waves among the community of music makers.

Preceding the much anticipated EP, “Full HD Hugs” ft Brooke Howard will be out everywhere on July 13th via DRRT Records,

"What started the process of writing this song was a feeling of being observed, spied on, constantly scanned by technology. I imagined two lovers living the beginning of their story in a state of complete secrecy. Trying to keep everything hidden from both people around them and from that ever-present feeling of a third party ,“entity”, constantly spying on them through technology. Ultimately, the song plays on the contrast between a very modern topic and a deliberately old and out-dated overall aesthetic as it sounds dusty, lo-fi and somehow belonging to a different era." // Comakid

Advanced Suite – I’ve Went Into Lights

“If there is too little variety in your life, then this track will pleasantly surprise you. The state of intoxication in the rhythms of PSYDUB and PSYCHILL, the variety of sound elements simply affects the imagination and introduces into the inexplicable, but such pleasant state of hypnosis.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если в вашей жизни слишком мало разнообразия, то этот трек вас приятно удивит. Состояние опьянения в ритмах Psydub и Psychill, разнообразие звуковых элементов просто поражает воображение и вводит в необъяснимое, но такое приятное состояние гипноза.”

This is a song that drifts between reality and imagination. Its got a driving bass paired with a danceable rhythms that are just hypnotic enough to keep you glued to your seat. Its from my upcoming album Hidden In Plain Sight. Hidden In Plain Sight is inspired by the world we live in, kindness, love and fear. It’s an album for the mind travelers, conscious expanders and entities with candor.

Bad Proxy x Social Kid – Break Away

“Just a thermonuclear Dubstep with the atmosphere of Cyberpan! Plunger into the funnel of low -frequency bass, sound distortion and glue and do not think that you are safe. At any second, detonation can occur and the beast inside you will break out! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Просто термоядерный Dubstep с атмосферой киберпанка! Погрузитесь в воронку низкочастотного баса, звуковых искажений и глитча и не думайте, что вы в безопасности. В любую секунду может произойти детонация и зверь внутри вас вырвется наружу!”

This song represents a chapter in the proxyverse which follows a dystopian storyline in which social kid helps an AI escape imminent death. The track is comprised of synths arranged in a melodic plucking fashion paired with neuro glitches, and stabbing basses to give it an almost mob like mentality.

Sagans – Coherence

“IDM amazing genre. This is an uncompromising journey to other worlds, with its own laws of sound synthesis. All that must be done before listening is to throw out all existing thoughts out of your head and completely immerse yourself in the boundless bowels of this track. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“IDM удивительный жанр. Это бескомпромиссное путешествие в иные миры, с его собственными законами синтеза звука. Всё, что необходимо сделать перед прослушиванием, это выкинуть из головы все существующие мысли и полностью погрузиться в безграничные недры этого трека.”

Employ AI technology to create otherworldly visuals for 'Coherence'

Enigmatic multi disciplinary creative collective known as Sagans, have employed the use of artificial intelligence technology, to create a stunning, otherworldly Blade Runner-esque music video metaverse for their latest single 'Coherence' due this June.

They say: "The first video is called 'Coherence' and it is about a city that is constantly changing and evolving. The video shows how the city changes over time, and how the character gets lost and adapts to the changes. The video is a mix of different styles using the latest AI algorithms, some latent diffusions but also using a neural-style transfer algorithm, similar to the algorithm used to create the 'DeepDream' images. It's really interesting to see how the AI collective was able to create something so unique, definitely an interesting take on the cyberpunk genre."

About Sagans:

The group known as Sagans is made up of music artists, graphic designers and AI researchers who create music and visuals with the help of artificial intelligence. The group was formed in 2022 and consists of members from all over the world. The AI Collective is dedicated to creating new and innovative ways to create music and visuals, and they believe that artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking new creative possibilities, something that is truly unique and expressive.

Coherence / 3 June

STEREOV – Birds in Rain (Video)

“Breaking beat, pulsating bass and unexpected flow in a track that strikes like thunder, disturbing every lazy mind. Glitch style, full of creativity and unique energy as “STEREOV” knows. Presented with a highly artistic clip which you should watch too!”

Artist said about this song:

“I wrote my first songs in FL Studio but switched to Ableton Live a long time ago. To bring a slightly different sound to the album, I wanted to work with FL again. The different workflow always results in a different sound for me and I inevitably use different tricks.

I based the style of “Birds in Rain” on my older song “We”, maybe with a bit more glitch. But this time with a rap part of the vocoder voice. I already had the melody from the intro in my head before I started writing the song.

I wanted to avoid a long intro and wanted an unexpected hard drop at the beginning. Then the vocals start right away. The lyrics are about a very strong character fighting against others and himself. The charcter is at a difficult point in its life. To get on, the character has to suffer. She feels like a bird in the rain. There is no way out but to fly into the protective burrow despite the hammering beats of the raindrops. It has no other option.

The verses are basically just some drums and the voice layered with the bass. Again a little unexpectedly then comes the main melody. To make it even more unexpected, I even changed the key from E minor to A minor. After a short bridge the voice comes again with a chord change. That was based on the lyrics – there the song goes into a more hopeful direction. After the second verse there is another short bridge and we come back to the main melody. Afterwards I teased a ska part, but then come to pure glitch at the end.”

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