Object Truth – Dawn

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“Darker, slower and very powerful sound, amazing vibe it gives. Production is perfect, editing and sound layering is done so well. It have subtle eastern touches in melodic structure that adds more wonderful atmosphere to the track. ”


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Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/18JGw8xmfMJrAFB7DYI6Nx

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/object.truth/

Agniy – Mistral

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“A beautiful, mystical and very deep work in the World Music genre with a huge variety of sound elements. Ethnic motifs, a chic-spelled rhythm-section and extraterrestrial beauty of vocals, which, like angels descending from heaven, warms and soothes.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивое, мистическое и очень глубокое произведение в жанре World Music с огромным разнообразием звуковых элементов. Этнические мотивы, шикарно прописанная ритм-секция и внеземной красоты вокал, который словно ангелы спустившиеся с небес — согревает и успокаивает.”



Ben & Vincent – Pavamama

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“The smooth rhythms of Organic House, melodic, light ethnic vocals and symbiosis of virtual and living instruments. Feel yourself alive and real, outside of time and laws of physics, feel how your body rushes upward and inflated in the zero gravity of cosmic open spaces dissolves into oblivion.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Плавные ритмы Organic House, мелодичный, лёгкий этнический вокал и симбиоз виртуальных и живых инструментов. Почувствуйте себя живым и настоящим, вне времени и законов физики, почувствуйте, как ваше тело устремляется ввысь и воспарив в невесомости космических просторов растворяется в небытие.”



Kundalini Project – Déjà Vu

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“Music that arouses primitive instincts in you. The rhythms of Global Bass and Organic House excite, the flame of fire flares up inside and flows of ice rain break out. If you are ready for loss of self -control, then turn on louder and go on a trip.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая пробуждает в вас первобытные инстинкты. Ритмы Global Bass и Organic House возбуждают, внутри разгорается пламя огня и наружу вырываются потоки ледяного дождя. Если вы готовы к потере самообладания, то включайте громче и отправляйтесь в путешествие.”


Kundalini Project’s new track 'Déjà Vu" is a mesmerizing blend of shamanic drums, non-linguistic phrases, and ethereal sounds.

The drums and percussion are sharp and driving, while the calls of non-linguistic vocals and lush synth retro-pads add an element of mystery and intrigue. Kundalini Project says it’s a track that will “transport you to other realms and leave you feeling immersed and invigorated”.


Periklis Aliopis – A Lot of Me

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“The melody of a wind instrument like a flock of fish swims around you, urging you to dance with them. Music causes many associations, draws in your head a complete and bright image. This is not just a melody for one evening, it is a whole story.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия духового инструмента словно стая рыб плавает вокруг вас, призывая вас потанцевать вместе с ними. Музыка вызывает много ассоциаций, рисует в вашей голове полный и яркий образ. Это не просто мелодия на один вечер, это — целая история.”


Punku – Pukllay

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“The splendor of ethnic motives, melodies and rhythms of Global Bass with interesting elements of the Trip-Hop genre and the atmosphere of something unusual and original. The variety of sound instruments and their synthesis are incredibly good!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепие этнических мотивов, мелодии и ритмов global bass с интересными элементами жанра trip-hop и атмосферой нечто необычного и оригинального. Разнообразие звуковых инструментов и их синтез — невероятно хороши!”



julianne – Ong Namo

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“So only a professional in his field could fill the melodic canvas with a huge variety of sound elements. Such a large -scale work has been carried out on the track that it envelops you with ethnic vocals, amazing percussion and effects with effects. A rich track, for real connoisseurs of high -quality sound! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Так наполнить мелодическое полотно огромным разнообразием звуковых элементов мог только профессионал своего дела. Над треком проведена настолько масштабная работа, что тебя окутывает со всех сторон этническим вокалом, потрясающей перкуссией и работой с эффектами. Богатый трек, для настоящих ценителей качественного звучания!”


The arrangement took about 7 hours for us to finish, Karissa laid the vocals in less than an hour, we edited for 3 hours, and sent it off to Sterling Sound for mastering. 3 days later, our track was back in our hands. I am honored and humbled to share this medicine with you on June 3rd.


Punku – Tutamanta (Bang Data Remix)

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“Some crazy combination of various genre vocal parties, ranging from ethnic motifs and ending with recitative from HIP-Hop music. We advise you to do as louder as possible to feel all the power of the rhythm of Global Bass and Downtempo. Your ears will thank you! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Какое-то сумасшедшее сочетание разно жанровых вокальных партий, начиная от этнических мотивов и заканчивая речитативом из Hip-Hop музыки. Советуем сделать как можно громче, чтобы ощутить всю мощь ритмов Global Bass и Downtempo. Ваши уши скажут вам спасибо!”


Six Degrees Records is proud to announce the second single from Punku, a new project created by Sylvia Falcón and Grimaldo del Solar (Novalima) that mixes Andean traditional music with ancestral instruments and modern genres including electronic music and rock. “Tutamanta” is the follow-up release to their debut single “Ancestral,” and further teases their upcoming album dropping in June. The single is out on May 10th and will later be followed by a remix from Bay Area duo Bang Data.

Sylvia explains the inspiration for the song, “‘Tutamanta’ means dawn or darkness in Quechua. The lyrics are a musical interpretation of a Quechua poem called ‘Pachapa Warmi Churin’ (Daughter of Time) by Nora Alarcón; an organic farmer, journalist, composer and dedicated to the defense of Andean intangible cultural heritage. The lyrics evokes the story of a woman that finds inspiration in nature (dawn/darkness) to create (in this case writing) and help her find inner peace.”

“Tutamanta” is different from anything either artist has created. The single isn’t exclusively what Sylvia or Grimaldo would create by themselves, but a blend of both of their styles and a reflection of their influences. They explain, “The main idea of the song was created at Grimaldo´s home studio in Lima and then finalized during recording sessions at Kanaku Estudio; which belongs to the critically acclaimed band Kanaku y El Tigre. Their studio has a certain vibe being located 100 feet from Huaca Pucllana, a pre Inka temple in the center of the commercial district Miraflores in Lima. In addition, their studio has a vast array of analog equipment from preamps to channels to compressors that create a unique sound.” The result on “Tutamanta” is a mesmerizing track that pulses with deep tones, hypnotic qualities, and Sylvia’s striking voice.

Sylvia Falcón is a vocalist who brings a wealth of talent and history to the duo. Her music has travelled from the traditional songs of the Peruvian Andes, through the mestizo folk melodies and the Andean coloratura repertoire. Sylvia’s impressive vocal range (4 octaves) can be appreciated in her four solo studio albums; Killa Lluqsimun "When the Moon Rises" (2008), Inkario (2014), Fantasía Pokcra (2016) and Qori Coya "Golden Lady” (2018). Sylvia Falcón was born in Lima and has developed a strong bond with the Andes due to the influence of her parents, who were born in Huancavelica and Ayacucho provinces. Sylvia Falcón is also an anthropologist focused on the study of traditional musicians in the Peruvian Andes. As an artist she is devoted to capturing and projecting the beauty of the ancient Inca culture.

Grimaldo is a Lima born producer and musician, who started playing guitar at 14. Soon after he worked with many bands that played a pivotal part in the 80s underground metal hardcore punk, and the 90s psychedelic/acid-rock Peruvian scenes. During the late 90s, Grimaldo started exploring traditional Peruvian music through an electronic music lens, which led to creating Novalima, a collective that fuses traditional Afro Peruvian music with DJ culture. Their discography spans 5 albums, which led them to touring internationally. Novalima has inspired a generation and has revolutionized the music scene in Peru by bridging a longstanding divide between the mainstream and the minority Afro-Peruvian community, who have struggled against discrimination and cultural dissolution for generations.

As Grimaldo was experimenting with new Quechua rhythms in Novalima, he found Sylvia Falcón and invited her to collaborate on the single “Chusay.” After working together at several concerts with Novalima, Grimaldo and Sylvia wanted to join forces to continue a new sound they were developing and Punku was born.

The duo concludes, “we hope our entire musical project contributes to reflecting a tiny ray of light to uplifting the spirit in these times.” Stay tuned for more music, videos, and the debut album from Punku dropping June 17th on Six Degrees Records.


Captain Planet, Zuzuka Poderosa, Raphael Futura – Moqueca

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“The vocals in such tracks are the most important, because it is he who tunes in the right way, removes gray clouds above your head, and a carpet of flowers blooms under your feet. Feel this music with all your guts, feel how the Global Bass rhythm masters your body and nothing stops you to start dancing to the beat of this melody. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вокал в подобных треках является самым главным, ведь именно он настраивает на нужный лад, убирает над вашей головой серые тучи, а под вашими ногами расцветает ковёр из цветов. Почувствуйте эту музыку всем своим нутром, почувствуйте, как ритм Global Bass овладевает вашим телом и уже ничто вас не остановит, чтобы начать танцевать в такт этой мелодии.”


Just in time to kick off the Summer, Captain Planet has teamed up with 2 long-time collaborators Zuzuka Poderosa & Raphael Futura for a new Brazilian disco funk song, "Moqueca.” The song harkens back to Brazil's legendary funk parties in the 70's and early 80's - where sound systems bumped legends like Tim Maia, Sandra De Sa & Gilberto Gil - while infusing some fresh contemporary energy and extra thump for today's dancefloors. Zuzuka's bright vocals bounce over a bubbly bassline, syncopated percussion and wormy vintage synthesizers, while an additional punch is brought in the form of horn arrangements by the prolific maestro Todd Simon, another frequent Captain Planet collaborator.

“Moqueca” takes inspiration from the Brazilian dish of the same name, a nationally famous fish stew that varies across the regions of Brazil. In her lyrics, Zuzuka talks about the origins and variations of Moqueca, starting with the style from Espirito Santo, her home state, and continuing to Moqueca Baiana, from Bahia, which incorporates African influences and ingredients. The result is a song that is as much an homage to Brazilian music as it is its food, culture and people.

The song is the first single from Captain Planet's upcoming "Sounds Like Home” EP, which finds the producer turning towards more retro, analogue and live band elements, all with an eye towards his signature “Gumbo Funk” of global sounds. “Moqueca” is out on Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings May 27th.

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