Jake Aaron – Give Me Your Horse (Spotify)

“Reading like a British musician’s who’s who cast, the line-up of the band includes among other celebs, non-other than Pink Floyd bassist ‘Guy Pratt’ Don’t let that fool you into thinking Psychedelic Rock though. Think instead a Hammond organ right out of the 70’s, and Mexican style western movie theme type trumpet. ‘Give Me Your Horse’ by Jake Aaron is creative & a lot of fun.”



Jake Aaron is a British guitarist and songwriter whose first EP of acoustic pieces was released in 2015 to positive reviews from folk and indie reviewers, gaining him a small, appreciative audience.

His 2018 single “Give Me Your Horse” was a bigger, jazzier number which had airplay on both Folk stations as well as Jazz including the BBC’s Jazz Nights. His debut album “Fag Ash and Beer” was released in September 2019, a collection of songs, longer lyrical offerings and instrumentals. It was nominated for Debut Album of The Year by Fatea Magazine.

"One of the most surprisingly good albums I've heard in a very long time.” Roots & Fusion

"Simply calling Aaron a guitarist and songwriter is a little like calling Warhol a painter - it misses the mark by miles." Tim Carroll - FolkWords

"This next one is a treat. It's fun, it's creative, it’s written very intelligently, it's played very well by Jake Aaron the guitarist and the band - Steve Lodder on Hammond, Guy Pratt on bass, Marc Parnell on drums, Steve Waterman on trumpet - some of the best players in the UK. It's unusual, it's also gonna put a smile on your face. Think Mariachi, think 1800s, kind of Western, America, Mexico and this will finally seal it for you - the track title - Give Me Your Horse! Give Me Your Horse! What a brilliant name! I think there's a Movie Soundtrack in this one actually..."" Linley Hamilton, BBC Ulster Jazz World with Linley Hamilton