Damien Sebe, Chill Moon Music – Lavender Blue (Spotify)

“Soft chill-hop rhythms and a singing guitar melody. A state of calmness, pacification and enjoyment of being. Music, which conquers any negativity, paints a smile on the face with an invisible brush and accompanies its listener to the very end. Necessarily to acquaintance, sincere work.”

“Мягкие ритмы Chill-hop и поющая мелодия гитары. Состояние спокойствия, умиротворения и наслаждения бытием. Музыка, которая побеждает любой негатив, рисует невидимой кистью на лице улыбку и сопровождает своего слушателя до самого конца. Обязательно к ознакомлению, душевная работа.”



Flo Fi – She Whispers (Spotify)

“Minimalistic calm sound with measured softness and serenity. Here you do not need to look for a deep meaning, because the whole essence of pleasure lies on the surface. Just swim downstream and let the Chill-Hop & Lo-Fi rhythm take you on its waves.”

“Минималистичное звучание, звук седативный, размеренный, лёгкость и безмятежность бытия. Здесь не нужно искать глубокий смысл, вся суть наслаждения на поверхности. Просто плыви по течению, пусть ритмы Chill-hop & Lo-fi покачивают тебя на своих волнах.”



Flo Fi said: "Wrote this song after having a very chilling beach day on ile rousse ,a place like paradise on the island corsica"

Tauk – Chandara (Spotify)

“Far out sounds that seep through the chakras. Your pineal glad will respond if you allow it. A modern take on a classic trip of free rhythm and jazz vibes. ”


"Chandra" is a chill track from TAUK's latest LP, Chaos Companion.


flamingo zamperoni – fernweh (Spotify)

“The simplicity and atmosphere of this composition makes the soul fibers respond. The work is balanced and very emotional. Music, arrangement, rhythms and chill-hop melody, each element in the right place. A present miracle!”

“Простота и атмосфера композиции заставляет откликнуться все фибры души. Работа сбалансирована и очень эмоциональная. Музыка, аранжировка, ритмы и мелодия Chill-hop, каждый элемент на своих местах. Настоящее чудо!”


"fernweh" is a laid-back chillhop lo-fi track with dreamy guitars embraced by a warm soundscape of piano and Rhodes. The "Guitar" is actually a Fender BassVI, a rare instrument which ranges between bass & guitar (used by Robert Smith of The Cure) and adds this melancholic Touch. Spiced up with a bouncy Drum Groove and a Jazz-Ride Toploop. After the recent Spot in 2 big Editorials flamingo is super motivated to follow his path in the global beatmaker game


Ogi Feel the Beat – Chillin in the Game Boy (Spotify)

“What's better than a smooth Chill-hop track, to end your busy day? Writen from a really experienced artist, "Chillin in the Game Boy" has an air of melodic simplicity enclosed by rich instrumental elements. Quite attractive sound for most listeners.”



Here is the new album from the one-man beatmaker project from Serbia - Ogi Feel the Beat. This is downtempo and abstract hip-hop, embodying the spirit of the 90's. Minimalistic, overall kind, with interesting melodies and samples. This is the author's third solo album released on Label Cantroll.

From the author: "Endless Searching is probably one of my best albums. I often post new music on my Soundcloud - and what got the most response - was selected for this release. It's old-school, even timed like it should take up a full CD. Thanks to the musicians who joined the recording: Marko Smiljanic and Aleksandar Cupara (from my hometown Paracin), as well as Mark Shishlev from Russia. Keep the Retro alive!".


rocomoco – Years (Spotify)

“Tired of the usual, typical sounds? Then, "Rocomoco" has a surprice for you. Grab the chance to chill up for a moment with this sophisticated multi-styled track. "Years" is a soft blend of percussion and melodic elements, carefully chosen for our ear pleasure.”


Electronica meets Lofi Hip Hop. „Years“ is a walk down memory lane. An accessible experimental sound collage of broken pianos, raw guitar sample cuts and synthetic sounds glued together by a laid back hip hop groove.


Fransoafran – Summer Child (Spotify)

“The unimaginable beauty of the ballad in the genre of Downtempo, Jazz and Lo-fi Hip-Hop. It stands only to include -Summer Child- and it will always remain in your heart, as a reminder of the warm and unforgettable summer days. Deep sound, soft sound palette and unobtrusive stylistic procession.”

“Невообразимой красоты баллада в жанре Downtempo, Jazz и Lo-fi Hip-Hop. Стоит только включить -Summer Child- и она навсегда останется в вашем сердце, как воспоминание о тёплых и незабываемых летних днях. Глубокое звучание, нежно звуковая палитра и неожиданные стилистические повороты.”


Very chilled and slightly nostalgic track with trumpet and electric violin, evoking the long summers Fransoafran spent with his family in the french alps as a child. Fransoafran feels very lucky to have been able to record this theme in studio, with the trumpet masterfully performed by Nguyễn Hoàng Thiên Ân from the Saigon Conservatory.


Davide Perico, Yoshimitsu4432 – I Wake Up And You’re Not Here – song by Davide Perico, Yoshimitsu4432 | Spotify (Spotify)

“This is a beautifully crafted, laid back piece of guitar melancholia. The Benson-like passages fall from the fretboard with a smooth, yet plucky style. Reverb rippled cadences with just enough gain to enhance the expressive articulation. The background has a swirly, almost surreal ambience that makes for a classic sounding track with a bang up to date vibe.”



Toranpetto, Farnell Newton, lofijazzsoul – Twilight (Spotify)

“Nostalgic, atmospheric loops mix with beautifully understated trumpet and beats in Twilight by Toranpetto, Farnell Newton and lofijazzsoul. I challenge you not to bop your heap to this beautifully restrained track. In a groove that could go on forever, my only complaint is it’s brevity.”


Toranpetto (トランペット) has teamed up with Trumpeter Farnell Newton to create atmospheric instrumental mixes sampling from hip hop, soul, funk, and jazz. Toranpetto and Farnell first met online while on Instagram and decided to collaborate on an album of music sharing their love of jazz, soul and lo-fi hip hop.


Bowsa – Lima (Spotify)

“This extraordinarily thin and tender composition enchants with its sweet sound. If you like harmonious sound and calm Jazz-hop without dynamic drops, then -Lima- will definitely satisfy you!”

“Необычайно тонкая и нежная композиция очаровывает своим сладким звучанием. Если вы любите гармонично звучащий, спокойный Jazz-hop без динамичных перепадов, то -Bowsa - Lima- вам определенно понравится!”



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