Inf, gHSTS & gUITARS, Tomas Delfgaauw – Drop Out (Spotify)

“-Drop Out- is real poetry in the framework of Jazz and Chill-Hop music genre. Tightcloth in your discography. Smooth, melodic rhythm, excellent work with samples and live instruments and an amazing aftertaste. It's exactly what you will need during your lonely evenings.”

“-Drop Out- настоящая поэзия в рамках музыкального жанра Jazz и Chill-Hop. Лакомый кусочек в вашей дискографии. Ровный, мелодичный ритм, прекрасная работа с семплами и живыми инструментами и удивительное лёгкое послевкусие. -Drop Out- именно то, что с любовью скрасит ваши одинокие вечера.”

Sometimes music just exceeds every expectation one might have. And this track might be the perfect example. Starting out as a smooth and jazzy encounter it naturally morphs into this funky reggae style beat with a horn section that's going to get stuck in your head for days. Perfect summer jam.

Blooy – Carousel (Spotify)

“There are days when there is only one thing in the list of desires - to relax and do not think about anything. It is at such moments that fill such works as -Carousel-. Feel the Lounge and Chill-Hop rhythm, which will take you away from any, seemingly inevitable problems.”

“Бывают дни, когда в списке желаний есть лишь одно - отдохнуть и не думать ни о чём. Именно в такие минуты сердца заполняют такие работы, как -Carousel-. Почувствуйте пьянящие ритмы Lounge и Chill-hop, которые в мгновение уведут вас от любых, казалось бы, неминуемых проблем.”

Blooy worked with the acclaimed jazz/pop guitarist Anton Goudsmit on the song “Carousel” which has its very own pace, soothing and dreamy, and somewhat reminiscent of oriental scales.

Täpp – Aquaria (Spotify)

“Equally suitable for relaxing, studying to, or turned up louder to exercise your body & mind to, ‘Aquaria’ by Täpp is a genre blending feast of a myriad of styles, skilfully crafted to retain your interest & capture your imagination, in a unique & exhilarating way.”

Taken from debut album 'i like what i do // i do what i like by'

Featuring musicians from London and Manchester, Täpp are releasing a twelve track, genre-defying debut album, that effortlessly blends influences from classical music, jazz, hip-hop, electronic music and folk/world music to create unique and exhilarating sound worlds that capture a listeners' imagination.

Blooy – Demain Dès L’aube (Spotify)

“The composer with the deepest meaning, draws a single artistic image. As if the fragment of your memories that you revise again and again. The light inactiveness in -Demain Dès L'aube- only awakens the desire to listen and enjoy every second.”

“Автор с глубочайшим смыслом рисует единый художественный образ. Словно фрагмент твоего воспоминания, который ты пересматриваешь вновь и вновь. Лёгкая недосказанность в -Demain Dès L'aube- лишь пробуждает желание слушать и наслаждаться каждой секундой. ”

On June 25th, 2021 Sine Music released Blooy’ssecond single “Demain dès l'aube” of his upcoming lo-fi chillout debut EP “Elegies to Spring”.

Blooy, based in Amsterdam, is Sine Music’s freshly signed new lo-fi chillout artist. Blooy (Frank Wijn) started working on this solo project during the Corona period. His sound is its own unique flavor of chillout that’s fueled by dreamy electronics, lo-fi hip-hop beats, drama-filled instrumentation and melancholic soundscapes.

“Demain dès l'aube“ starts off with the first two verses of the poem of the same name by French poet Victor Hugo. The words and the music form a unity that is absorbed in thought and melancholy. “Demain dès l'aube“ means “tomorrow, at dawn”.

The entire EP “Elegies to Spring” will be out on July 16th, 2021.

Project AER, Hoffy Beats – You (Spotify)

“Summer is the best time to climb on a tall hill with flower bedspreads, plunge into the composition -You- in modern Rhythms of DownTempo and Chill-Hop. Everyone finds a little time to admire the shapes from the clouds, and -Project AER- with -Hoffy Beats- will help you with this.”

“Лето наилучшее время для того, чтобы взобраться на высокий, пушистый холм, постелить покрывало, налить кружечку прохладного чая и погрузиться вместе с композицией -You- в современные ритмы downtempo и chill-hop. У каждого найдётся немного времени, чтобы полюбоваться на фигуры из облаков, а -Project AER & Hoffy Beats- помогут вам в этом.”

The second song from upcoming independent album Motions in collaboration with Hoffy Beats.

Impakt, W/U – Journey (Spotify)

“Too good to be true, Electronic release from some masters in the scene. Elusive and light soundscapes, full of melodies and inspiring mood. Are you ready for this magic "Journey" in a world of harmony? We couldn't resist to play on repeat too.”

A virtual collaboration between two friends. Inspired by forest bathing, spirituality, and a desire to reconnect with nature.

Sound is healing.

Project AER – Lark Rise (Spotify)

“Goosebumps appear under the skin, your heartbeat becomes rapid and there is no possibility to breathe. After a moment, it is felt like a glass of mental peace filled to the edge. Rhythms of Downtempo, Jazz and Chill-hop formed by the talent of -Project Aer-, which goes beyond our world.”

“Ощущение мурашек под кожей, учащённое сердцебиение и нет возможности вдохнуть. Через мгновение чувствуется, как бокал душевного покоя заполняется до краёв. Ритмы downtempo, jazz и chill-hop и талант -Project AER-, который выходит за рамки нашего мира.”

Lark Rise is the first single from the first Project AER full-length album 'Motions'. Out now ahead of the album launch on July 15th.

Lark Rise is the first track on the album and the first track I wanted people to hear, and sets up the album's tone and exploration of nostalgia, sadness, and getting through each day.

Musmah – YKTV (Spotify)

“Are you a fun of Hip-Hop? "Musmah" is here with his cozy style, pleasant mood and positive thinking. Whether during or after a typical, tiring day such kind of song could be just what we need to listen. "YKTV" can promise you a cool break.”

YKTV is all about vibes, a fun track that encourages people to enjoy life and live good. Very relaxed lyrics coupled with calm instruments to give the listener a calm listening experience.

Musmah is a New York based Nigerian alternative artiste with a few solo projects namely Missisauga & Hotel: Hamdala, and joint projects which include FEA with David Angel, and Wavy Problem with a Cyprus based Nigerian Afrobeat Artiste, Lil Teey.

Musmah has worked with some of the most successful artistes on the African continent, including a song with Mr Eazi, going on tour with and opening shows for Davido and grammy winner, Burna Boy across different cities in the USA. He also performed at the SXSW Festival in 2019.

Following the success of his projects and singles such as Spicy, Don't Know ft Mojeed, Monday ft David Meli, Musmah has dropped his latest EP, Hotel: Lafayette.

Hotel: Lafayette is a EP showing Musmah’s growth and transition from his time in Nigeria (Hotel: Hamdala) to his experiences and challenges he’s facing with adulthood in (Hotel: Lafayette). Musmah delves his struggles with alcohol, fast women, adulthood and morality

Citrus Avenue – Julia’s Toes (Spotify)

“The bright acoustic guitar sounds and the meditative xylophone melody are waiting for us. Beautiful patterns, westering percussion and acoustic arrangement aiming to please the ears. -Julia's Toes- is exclusively positive, in a way that brings real and sincere emotions.”

“Яркие звуки акустической гитары и медитативная мелодия ксилофона. Красивые ямы, западающая в голову перкуссия, радует наличие акустики в аранжировке. -Julia's Toes- вызывает исключительно положительные, такие настоящие и искренние эмоции.”

Flo Fi – Yum JPG (Spotify)

“-Yum JPG- this is a real emotional sound massage, completely relaxing, makes you plunge into subconsciousness and surrender to his will with your imagination. Music, which was born for the background, a trip with car along a dusty highway or become your soundtrack on a warm romantic evening.”

“-Yum JPG- это настоящий душевный массаж, полностью расслабляющий, заставляет окунуться в подсознание слушателя и отдаться воле его и своей фантазии. Музыка, которая рождена для фона, поездке в автомобиле по пыльным шоссе и стать вашим другом в один из тёплых романтических вечеров.”

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