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Leila – By You Now (Spotify)

“-By You Now- is the new single of -Leila- under SubtleFreak Studios imprint, a blend of bright sound elements and heartwarming vocals generating the right good atmosphere for all the background moments with friends, your love or holidays shopping.”

Leila couldn't be further from your typical indie artist. Hailing from Neverheardofit Pennsylvania, her sound and lyrics carry their humble roots. A little Jazz, a little soul, a hint of strange and three shots of romance will keep this spellbinding cocktail of uncanny ballads in your head forever. Having grown up playing piano, singing, and dancing in recitals and competitions she was exposed to the industry at an early age, setting the stage for this artistic endeavor. Her love for Chopin and Debussy heavily influences her songwriting, infusing her sound with a musical maturity and sophistication.

Primarily inspired by late romantic classical composers and vintage Italian film scores, Leila describes her sound as "Subtle Freak Hawaiian Prom." A syrupy vocal and hypnotic wave of guitars wash you away from wherever you’re sitting and into a velvet armchair at a sparkling B-list dinner party.

All songs, artwork, and music videos are painstakingly created by the artist herself by way of a full time career in software engineering. Her sheer determination is the driving force behind her upcoming debut album Glass Highways. Produced with Tim Carr (The Americans, Fell Runner), the ten-track release is a breakup album exploring the stages of romantic loss. Beginning with doubt and moving all the way through to reflection. Leila confides, “I tried not to be too prescriptive in my lyrics, but rather acknowledge the varied and at times dissonant emotions we face amidst heartbreak.”

Glass Highways is a vocal-heavy album, featuring bittersweet lyrics, inviting the listener to consider the dark and light of life in tandem, adding candor and humility to Leila’s story. Thematically, the album is romantic and lush, consisting of long, dramatic songs oozing with cinematic flair. The songwriter reveals, “During production of my songs, I try to feel like I’m enveloped by them. I want them to wrap me in sound and feeling, as if pulling me into a daydream, or LeilaLand, for that matter.”

Single “Missing You” describes a narrator aching with nostalgia musing over the next time she’ll encounter her lost love. She imagines running into them in various scenarios, describing how they’ll react with each other in this new and uncertain distance they’ve created. Then there is “By You Now”, a two-phase epic of wistful confession. Leila expresses, “Despite how emphatically we attempt to distract ourselves, the reality of heartbreak inevitably sets in. That’s the arc I was going for in ‘By You Now’ with a vibrant upbeat opening that ultimately leads to a somber and lonely ending”.

Upon moving to LA, Leila joined the Angel City Chorale touring England and ultimately performing with the London Philharmonic and recording at Abbey Road Studios. While singing in this choir, she began writing and producing original songs, many of which are included in Glass Highways, slated for release in fall 2020.

Erika Soteri – The American Dream (Spotify)

“Erika Soteri through a jazzy cozy sound atmosphere with her new single -The American Dream- and her hookiest vocal performance qualities, offer as a soulful chill song full of sweet harmonies. ”

The song is reminiscent to Hollywood's golden age. From the sound of the instrumentation to the texture of the vocals. From the style in which it was recorded in the studio, to the aesthetic of the cover art. The lyrics of the song shed a light on the corruption of the music industry and the sacrifices one must make in order to attain 'The American Dream'. It carries a melancholic tone, as it plays with the innocence of a child's dream versus the dark reality of trying to work towards achieving that dream. The track has a raw, authentic feel, in its lyrics, instrumentation and production that will speak to people's souls.

Erika Soteri is a powerhouse performer and a jazzy, soulful singer-songwriter who was born in London, England and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The up-and-coming artist recently gained exposure following her success on the talent show The Voice of Greece. All 4 judges instantly turned around and fought to have Erika join their team. After her decision to join Eurovision’s sweetheart, Helena Paparizou’s team, Erika made it through the semi-finals of the show.

Born into a family of musicians, Erika began dancing, acting, singing and playing the piano at the age of 3 and began writing music by the age of 10. Her musical influences consist of Jazz, Funk, Neo-Soul, Latin and RnB and include artists such as Sade, Amy Winehouse and band Hiatus Kaiyote. Erika’s rich tone and retro, sultry, silky vocals, as well as her lyrics make her seem wise beyond her years. Her style is classically elegant and refreshing; an artist that will in no-doubt be cutting through mainstream and introducing the industry to a sound that is timeless yet still thoroughly original.

Delphine Maillard – Garçon timide (official video) (Video)

“Ever wonder how a jazz piece could unite rhythm and serenity into a soft warm embrace? Then you should better listen to the latest release from French songwriter Delphine Maillard who captivates melodies by steady bass and subtle drums supported by harmonious guitar and a funky videoclip ”

The first single from the album “Paris”, released on on Timezone Records. Enjoy!”

It all starts with a sensation: the first rays of the sun after a summer rain. The softness of the voice of Delphine, very close and unpretentious. Sensual and light, clear and without rushing, her voice oscillates above the music and refined rhythms.

Delphine Maillard is French and Berlin has been her home for over 10 years. She has released her second studio album. Many things happened since her debut in 2015. The bassist and jazz school student became a mother. The songs from her new album seduce thanks to richer arrangements, without losing the lightness of their beginning. She unwraps for us her personal universe in which aerial sounds are carried by subtle texts. The carefree early days gave way to clarity and maturity. It gives off a feeling of love, trust and closeness. The girl in love has given birth to love.

Delphine Maillard talks about the love so great it surpasses us, about the love between a mother and her child or the love of the people she trusts the most.

But sometimes wounds occur too: the song “Paris” was written after the terrorist attack on the Bataclan. Delphine sings her sadness confronted with the unimaginable and her refusal to accept violence and weapons. “Paris, my heart, Paris, my pain, Paris, I cry, Paris”.

Delphine Maillard writes her own texts and music. We hear dancing and captivating melodies carried by her steady bass and some subtle drums. The guitars weave effortlessly through the harmonies while supporting them. This second album ranges from french song to folk and to jazz. Rhythm and serenity unite and bring the soft warmth of an embrace.

Delphine offers us 11 songs which by their musicality, their virtuosity of language and their touching intimacy act on us like an island: a place where everything is close, where any encounter is possible.

Hugh Klein – Quand C’est Mou (Spotify)

Melbourne artist Hugh Klein eases into the world on a cloud of delicate piano chords with debut single "Quand C’est Mou" (out via Lekker Collective). Directly translated to "When It's Soft", the track is a delicate, piano-led offering on the borderline of jazz and classical - offering a wonderful simplicity of melody and mood.

"Rebirth & intimacy: the "Quand C’est Mou" theme intends to shine light and sink into the moments of awakening, rebirth and the ignition of genuine intimacy.

Rebuilding, redefining and coming alive into one’s self with ease & delicacy.

Almost certainly all of us will encounter points during our lifetime where we must take steps away or outward, and redesign how we place ourselves in this world. Whilst living in Paris, France, this movement was drenched in passion, excitement and what felt like eyes seeing the world and the souls in it as if they were meeting for the first time. Finding intimacy in more than surface encounters... desire, words, conversation, romance, sounds, environment, expression.. - Hugh Klein

Who Is Hugh Klein?Raised in Melbourne Australia, following his ongoing career in film composition, Klein found himself living in the city of Paris, and soon giving birth to his loveliest and most realised project yet…

Sourcing inspiration from romance, warm evenings, chilled red wine, floral scents, clothes waving and wrapping the curves of your body, gold and tobacco, "You go your way, I go your way too", low light amongst white flowers, fingertips and of course... the look of love. Hugh directs his musical exploration to his deliberate fascination with intimacy and romance.

With wide-spanning influence from pockets of Blue Note jazz & neo-soul to feature film scores, Hugh Klein is much more than his recorded ideas - rather, an ongoing story to be swept into and carried along.

Upcoming record ‘No Plans, No Rules’ moves through themes of intimacy, adoration, the rebirth of desire and genuine romance, engaging each mood with floating vocals and guitar, brushed percussion, lush string arrangements and rich Rhodes & Wurlitzer’s.


Sharman – We’re Not Together Anymore (Spotify)

The song is sung by a sad, melancholy lonely, newly separated woman who is almost numb when she tells friends 'we're not together anymore." A well recorded/mixed song with a cinematic jazzy cozy feeling without missing partly some more funky harmonies.

Sharman is a NJ musician with a varied background in lots of different genres. Best fit in the light vocal jazz genre. Also a songwriter having co-written a song for Sinatra called Here's to the Band. Currently has a one-woman show of original stories and songs called Live Your Bloom, in the process of recording.

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Urban Gypsies Quartet – The Prophet (Spotify)

The propher bright our day here in Nagamag headquarters with its sound clarity and harmonic sensation. Thre are so many details to discover in this deep forest of melodic instrumental. An original Latin guitar piece fused with jazz improvisation. Two guitars, Cello, and percussion.

Urban Gypsies are an instrumental Jazz/Latin/contemporary band. They represent an exciting direction in Latin / jazz mixed with world music influences. The music varies from fiery guitar virtuosity through to lounge Bossa Nova. They have supported Buena Vista Social Club, Cassandra Wilson, and many more…

The Album Samsara is a beautiful eclectic mix of jazz Latin and contemporary guitar music. Astonishing versatility and technique, a shimmering high class act.

Shigar Interview on


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

I am influenced by many genres and sounds, you can hear it in my music. My debut album 'EarGasm' is a mixture of different genres that include elements of blues, jazz, nu-soul, classic music, rock, and more. I never create music with an initial idea of a specific genre. Each one of the tracks in the album reflects the mood that I was in at that particular moment, I let the music lead me and not the other way around.

Few words about your musical background and career?

My parents had me take piano lessons since I was 5 years old. 3 years later I joined the local conservatory where I played the trumpet and drums with a big band and an orchestra for 10 years. With the orchestra, we would mostly perform classical pieces, and with the big band, it was all about classic jazzy tunes. After graduating I took a break from playing instruments, that allowed me to rediscover my passion for music. I started developing a vocal ability from scratch, and work on my songwriting skills in search of my own sound. I picked up the electric guitar and collaborated with different musicians and artists, which all led me to work on my own album.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

When I was a teen I played many solo shows as a trumpeter in different events, I think the turning point for me was when I got to play in a holocaust memorial day ceremony in front of 1000 people. I remember feeling an intense overwhelming sensation in my body that gave me shivers. I can't say I knew back then that I wanted to be an artist but that was definitely a milestone in my perception of what music is, and how it affects us as humans.

what are the most important aspects for you in making music?

The 2 main things for me are originality and personal connection. Creating and combining original and different sounds while staying true to my art, never compromising on the end result, although it is extremely hard sometimes. I have to feel a connection to my own music and be able to vibe with it after it is complete. I've talked to a lot of artists that say they prefer not to listen to their music after it is released. For me, that contradicts the whole purpose of creating your own music if you cannot connect to it and enjoy it in your spare time. As an independent artist, I have the advantage of full creative control of all my music, from the production to mixing and mastering, so the end result is exactly how I envisioned it to be.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Etta James "At last"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Radiohead "Street Spirit"

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Ada Morghe – Water Lilies (Video)

When you are an actress, a scriptwriter, a children’s author and a jazz singer, not to mention a mother, a friend, a lover and plenty else besides, how do you describe yourself? As Ada Morghe, Alexandra Helmig has the answer. Don’t put her in a box.

Today Ada Morghe releases the second single ‘Water Lilies’ from her new album ‘Box’ which follows on the 14thAugust. Listen HERE: ‘Water Lilies’ is a track influenced from her teen years when she moved to Paris at 19 and lived the bohemian dream of reading Sartre while hanging out in the cafes of the Left Bank, smoking Gitanes and wearing a lot of black. A soulful jazz glide and one of the most romantic songs on the new album, with something of the spirit of the great Chanson singers Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco. Watch the new video HERE.

“A long time ago I had a love story that was body-driven, a chemical romance,” she says of the song’s inspiration. “It should have led to something more, but it was too destructive. That kind of love affair is addictive, I guess. I had the image of water lilies on the ground — something that is doomed.”

The new album was launched by the release of first single ‘Oh My Love’ – watch the official video HERE. Elsewhere, ‘Box’ stretches from the tight, upbeat funk of ‘Wake Up’ to the melancholic elegance of ‘Rainy Day’, or the jazz seduction of ‘Sugar Lips’, a perfect vehicle for the warmth and smokiness of her voice. Another highlight, ‘Don’t You Put Me In A Box’, was co-written with a kindred spirit in the shape of Andrew Roachford (‘Cuddly Toy’). Ending with the beautiful ‘Demons’, an orchestral epic with shades of Scott Walker and a message of self-acceptance, ‘Box’marks a true coming of age.

Alexandra’s career in music began in earnest three years ago, after she wrote and starred in a play, then a film, called ‘Mother Bee’. A pun in its German title, Frau Mutter Tier, refers to an overprotective mother. Having been encouraged to also write songs for the film, those compositions fell into the hands of former Prince collaborator Hans-Martin Buff and just six week later, Alexandra found herself recording at Abbey Road. That ultimately putAlexandra in the relatively unusual position of releasing her debut album ‘Pictures’ in her 40s, which has gained over a 1 million streams across DSPs.

For someone who cannot be put in a box, how does Alexandra feel about being labelled as a jazz singer of verve, passion and elegance?

“Music makes sense to me because everything is in there,” she replies. “There is the writer, the musician, the performer. And this album is about where I am now.” As Box demonstrates so gracefully, Alexandra, as Ada Morghe, is in a very good place indeed

Markos Chaidemenos, Alexis Delis, Panagiotis Kostopoulos – Aai (Live) (Spotify)

Aai, is a wonderful, performed live with passion live Jazz track from Markos Chaidemenos with contributions of Alexis Delis and Panagiotis Kostopoulos, recorded/mixed with clarity and delivering a colorful pallette of emotions.

Markos Chaidemenos Is a Jazz musician who discovered his love for piano at the age of 16 (2005) and his passion for jazz piano at the age of 22. Although he earned his first bachelor at Informatics & Telecommunications in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, he never worked at this field. After he mastered the classical piano in Athina Conservatory he completed his Jazz piano studies in 2,5 years at Athina Conservatory. Finally, he received a master degree in Jazz Performance after graduating from Ionian University of Corfu and that exact year (2016) he recorded his first album Remains (Live) at the radio show “Jazz in the City”.His inspirations growing up as a Jazz musician was mainly from the traditional jazz scene. Oscar Peterson played a major role such as Chick Corea and Mulgrew Miller.

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