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“This melody is able to touch you to the core with its simplicity, jazz accompaniment and warmth of vocals -max retaino-. Each of you will be able to find something of its own, so close in spirit and, possibly, something native. Real music with genuine energy! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта мелодия способна тронуть вас до глубины души своей простотой, джазовым сопровождением и теплотой вокала -Max Restaino-. Каждый из вас сможет найти что-то своё, такое близкое по духу и, возможно, что-то родное. Настоящая музыка с неподдельной энергией!”

Released 11th Feb, Girl Of My Dreams is track #7 on the new Jazz/Pop Album, Another Rainy Night In Paris by Max Restaino . A fun, spritely, upbeat song, with a big band, swing vibe and great Jazz/Pop vocals. This is a toe tapper that leaves you singing the chorus out loud all day. If you need a song to lift your mood, sing along to in your car, or dance around your kitchen with your kids, your partner or even your granny, this is the one for you. It is great for any Jazz, pop, party or mood enhancing playlist - has a vintage vibe with an extra modern twist thrown in for good measure.

myks – Storm

“A most fitting title for a deeply emotional song that carries you with faith and virtuosity through the vision of passing storms and tribulations. A haunting, repetitive piano, a heart gripping, lamenting trumpet with accents of hope, distant nature like effects, together they create a strong, cinematic, memorable experience.”

We have all been trough a few storms during our lifetime. Standing in the midst of difficult things does occasionally make it difficult to put words to describe your feelings and this track is a result of such circumstances. This song tells a story, from the first breath of wind, through the storm and out on the other side. With the amazing Espen Westbye on trumpet this track tries to tell this story in an interesting way that makes the listener come back for more.

Tetel Di Babuya – Clean Cut

“All you need to do is to lay all the pressing affairs, pour a glass of your favorite drink, throw off tight shoes and turn on the new composition -tetel di babuya-. Enjoy the charm of the rhythm and melody of Jazz Fusion and remember that your mood is in your hands. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Всё, что вам необходимо сделать, это отложить все насущные дела, налить бокал любимого напитка, скинуть с ног тесную обувь и включить новую композицию -Tetel Di Babuya-. Насладитесь очарованием ритма и мелодии Jazz Fusion и помните, что ваше настроение в ваших руках.”

Tetel says "Clean Cut is a Shaft soundtrack inspired tune sung from what seems like a femme fatale perspective. SPOILER ALERT, it’s really about my 14-year-old diabetic cat who was in a bad place and in need of reassuring."

She continued "It's the cutest story. My oldest cat got sick almost three years ago. It was sudden and he had to stay in the hospital for a week, and he came back much weaker and thinner. I thought, I’m going to write a song that reverses the roles and it turned into as if she were a femme fatal. I wanted words and phrases that were related to feline animals, but I still used the word mutt. He’s a tiny cat but he sees himself like more than he is, like a ferocious panther."

HENRY ABERSON – Hang It Up (feat. Nariah Taylor & Korey Keys)

“The talented is not the one who calls himself a musician, but the one who knows how to, with the help of the sound, affect the deepest strings of the human soul. The authors of this charming Neo-Soul, with a slight flavor R&B and jazz will find a gold key to the hearts of everyone who will listen to this composition. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Талантлив не тот, кто называет себя музыкантом, а тот, кто умеет с помощью звука затрагивать самые глубокие струны человеческой души. Авторы этого очаровательного Neo-Soul, с лёгким привкусом R&B и Джаза найдут золотой ключик к сердцам каждого, кто послушает эту композицию.”

Tetel Di Babuya – Someone To Watch Over Me

“If you have never heard the vocals -tetel di babuya-, then we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself, since in this composition its talent has opened like a flower bouquet. The classic melody of jazz with a velvet and very soulful voice! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы ещё никогда не слышали вокал -Tetel Di Babuya-, то настоятельно рекомендуем к ознакомлению, так как в этой композиции её талант раскрылся подобно цветочному букету. Классическая мелодия джаза с бархатным и очень проникновенным голосом!”

This George and Ira Gershwin standard is the one non-original on the Meet Tetel album. Her love of Ella Fitzgerald (as well as Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, and Sarah Vaughan) helped her reach for the musical stars.

As she demonstrates on "Someone to Watch Over Me," Tetel has more than a "good" voice. Her lustrous, affecting, utterly distinctive treatment of the Gershwin classic finds her in total command of her material – an emotional world away from her "Breezy, upbeat, merry / Happy, free, and easy" tunes, to steal a lyric from her "Upright Lad Blues."

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Stu Summers – The Best of Me (feat. Chris Maddock)

“Music, which surprisingly combined the calm rhythms of Jazz music and the mood of Bossa Nova. Gentle sound goes well with a calm and soft melody and with a touching vocals -stu summers-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая удивительным образом объединила в себе спокойные ритмы Jazz музыки и настроение Bossa Nova. Нежное звучание хорошо сочетается со спокойной и мягкой мелодией и с трогательным вокалом -Stu Summers-.”

Artist said about this song:

"The song was written by my friend Paul Tibbey. He plays guitar on the track, I do the vocals, drums, percussion and piano with Berni Georges on bass. It also features the UK's rising sax star, Chris Maddock."

Alive & Well – A Game for Two

“Wonderful, exciting jazz rhythms, with a unique charm and romanticism. Instrumental music leaves an indelible impression and leaves no chance to everyone who heard it for the first time. Justifies all applause from the feather notes. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чудесные, захватывающие ритмы джаза, с уникальным шармом и романтизмом. Инструментальная музыка оставляет неизгладимое впечатление и не оставляет никаких шансов всем, кто впервые её услышал. Оправдывает все овации с перовых нот.”

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Uncle Nef – That Was That

“Classic rhythm and blues, with a warm atmosphere of cozy evenings, capable of please connoisseurs of high -quality, instrumental music. Velvet vocals as a way to plunge into the unique atmosphere of jazz music. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Классический ритм и блюз, с тёплой атмосферой уютных вечеров, способный порадовать ценителей качественной, инструментальной музыки. Бархатный вокал как способ погрузиться в уникальную атмосферу джаз музыки.”

Fuensanta – Cuándo Te Voy a Decir

“The composition sends you at the very beginning of the time where the rhythm was and remains the most important engine uniting the hearts of people. Live performance, instrumental music and state of unity yin and yang. Feel the rhythm and taste of life. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Композиция отправляет вас в самое начало времён, где ритм был и остаётся самых главным двигателем, объединяющий сердца людей. Живое исполнение, инструментальная музыка и состояние единения инь и ян. Почувствуйте ритм и вкус жизни.”

A homage to Fuensanta’s upbringing in the water forest of Mexico: colorful, beautiful, brutal, and raw.

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