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Mauricio Morales, Roni Eytan, Al Joseph – Garden of Hope (Spotify)

“A walk among the rhythmic meadows of complex Jazz inspired riffs. They flow seamlessly together like the rivers of time. ”

Artist shared with Nagamag a very instersting story behind song inspiration:

"As we grow we reach moments in our life in which we make mistakes. In which we challenge the principles that work as the foundation of who we are and that eventually continue to build our character. I think there are times in everybody’s life in which we question our own nature. In this particular case I want to convey a specific emotion that I have felt.

It starts with me and a friend spending some time at his house. We drink and end up going out. We end up drinking more and spending money.

At the moment I was unaware or didn't care of the consequences, I just continued behaving as if I owned a world that I didn’t earn myself. But it really did hit me the moment I opened my eyes the next day. For starters, I used my fathers money. He found out of course.

At this moment I felt absolutely lost. First of all I was embarrassed and assumed my dads perception of me had changed completely. I was uncomfortable around my family because of it. I also felt like I had lost whatever innocence I had left in me and that I was turning into someone without proper direction. I felt like the child that wished for the moon was gone and had turned into something else. Something I didn’t like.

A few weeks later, I was sitting down in my pijamas, playing a Nintendo game called Pikmin. After playing it for a couple of hours I realized that for a very short period of time, I didn't think about it at all. In fact I didn't think about anything at all. I was enjoying the game, and it was the most childlike experience I have had in a while. It made me happy. And it was not the video game itself, but the idea that I was still me, and that I am in control of the decisions I make from now on. It was not a matter of neglecting whatever I had done, it was a matter of learning from it. Trying to become the best possible version of myself and be conscious of my ideas and principles and live by them.

I thought it would be a good way to end the record because I believe we are born children, and that in a lot of cases we live our lives pursuing feeling like children again. NOT being children, but feeling like children.

The level of the video game I was playing then was named "Garden of Hope". "

Squeeze Me/ Official Music Video / Sweet Megg & Ricky Alexander (Video)

“The original jazz composition -Squeeze Me- convincingly breaks all visible and invisible patterns, once again proving that jazz is an immortal classic. Virtuoso, expressive improvisation in its best manifestation!”

“Оригинальная джазовая композиция -Squeeze Me- убедительно разрывает все видимые и невидимые шаблоны, в очередной раз доказывая, что джаз это бессмертная классика. Виртуозная, экспрессивная импровизация в своём лучшем проявлении!”

Sweet Megg and Ricky Alexander give their take on the Louis Armstrong classic, “Squeeze Me” in the latest cut off of the duo’s new album, “I’m in Love Again”- a delightful compilation of 20’s and 30’s jazz songs.

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Jon Thorstensen – Secret Place (Spotify)

“Norwegian composer, guitarist Jon Thorstensen has gathered around him a band of superb musicians to deliver this modern day Jazz / Funk classic. Positively oozing with quality, ‘Secret Place’ is everything you would expect from such an accomplished ensemble. It’s creative, inventive it’s familiar and above all, it’s class.”

Secret Place is instrumental jazz created by the Norwegian composer and guitar player Jon Thorstensen. The reminiscence of Steely Dan might come to mind in the harmonic language and the interplay between guitar and horn section. Inspiration comes from different musical sources for instance guitar slingers like John Scofield, Mike Stern, Jim Hall and John Abercrombie to The Meters and Earth Wind & Fire.

Anton Commissaris – That Look About You (Tropicale) (Spotify)

“Take a trip back to the 1940’s with Anton Commissaris & ‘That Look About You (Tropicale)’ a rhythmic reminder of the jazz infused, latin style cha cha cha music so popular during that era. Think Hollywood, Frank Sinatra, Veronica Lake, dancing to Bossa Nova music in a bar in Havana. ”

The song is a rhythmic jazz infused Latin cha cha cha. It is based on a glamorous Hollywood 1940s starlet who could dance like no other and who, though appearing otherwise caucasian, had a Latin father. She intoxicated men with her looks, flamboyant dancing style, and independent attitude.

Anton Commissaris is a music composer, pianist, and vocalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anton loves all music but has a special place in his heart for Jazz, which he acquired from an early age. Anton’s inspiration comes from some of Jazz music’s greatest composers: Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. But it was the amazing music of Lennon and McCartney that first inspired Anton to try his hand at music composition. Among Anton's favorite male vocalists are Frank Sinatra, Nat King Kole, and Ray Charles. His favorite female vocalists are Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse. In Anton's debut album/EP "On A Bright Note" he's sought to explore some different genres/styles of Jazz with a Latin number, a swing tune, a ballad, and a blues piece.

Biskinis Mantras – GAIA | Official Music Video (4K) (Video)

“There are a lot of genres included in Gaia, the spiffingly awesome track by Biskinis Mantras. It is Jazzy, Funky, & Dubby, it has elements of Rock, Afro Rock. It has an Eastern vibe & a Psychedleic flavour too. This track is like a musical birthday present that includes all of your favourites in one package.”

Gaia is an instrumental track.

Gaia is a genre of a mixed Psychedelic Eastern Afro-Rock style.

The main theme is written at a Byzantine scale and the second theme is at a Dorian scale which is one of the Ancient Greek scales.

The mood is a mystical dance and a different style of meditation

Gaia is the sound of the 3rd Ray,

Gaia is the vibration of the personality of the earth.

Daniel Szebenyi, Mike Gotthard, Peter Papesch, Gergo Borla – Money .Rae. – song by Daniel Szebenyi, Mike Gotthard, Peter Papesch, Gergo Borlai | Spotify (Spotify)

“Super collaborative creation full of colour and positive aura. If you're an acoustic maniac, "Money .Rae." won't dissapoint you at all. Featuring elements from Jazz, Funk and Blues, it can satisfy a great number of listeners. That electric guitar part also raises the production level even higher.”

Rebecca Conner – California Weather (Spotify)

“Few songs can truly affect our music taste and "California Weather" could be one of them.”

Rebecca Conner stands out in the world of singer-songwriters. As a jazz-trained guitarist and vocalist she utilizes her breadth of musical knowledge to draw from a multitude of genres and influences. World-beats and funky grooves intermix with soulful horns and folk delicacy. Rebecca’s heart centered, velvet vocals are delivered with a vulnerability that unravels listeners down to their core. With music as her catalyst for transmuting pain into healing, she holds space for the embers of gratitude and optimism to be ignited into a flame you can warm your soul to.

Lisabel – The Way You Look Tonight / Will Stay in My Heart (Spotify)

“Luxurious philosophical Neo-Soul and Jazz, in which the lyrics and melancholic ballad are intertwined. The mood of weightless party is an important component of usual -Lisabel- sound. The composition -The Way You Look Tonight / Will Stay in My Heart- succeeded in glory, becoming another fine creation for contemplation in your discography.”

“Роскошный философский neo-soul и jazz, в которых переплетаются лирика и меланхоличная баллада. Парящие в невесомости партии являются важной составляющей традиционного звучания -Lisabel-. Композиция -The Way You Look Tonight / Will Stay in My Heart- удалась на славу, став очередным прекрасным творением для созерцания в вашей дискографии.”

This is a cover of the 1936 jazz standard 'The Way You Look Tonight', it has an added song attached to it which was created as an added verse from Lisabel

Lisabel is a singer-songwriter whose intimate stories revolve around nature, love and unearthly beliefs.

Lisabel's sound is influenced by all genres mixed in a unique blend of soulful hazard, jazz harmony and contemporary production.

Jake Aaron – Give Me Your Horse (Spotify)

“Reading like a British musician’s who’s who cast, the line-up of the band includes among other celebs, non-other than Pink Floyd bassist ‘Guy Pratt’ Don’t let that fool you into thinking Psychedelic Rock though. Think instead a Hammond organ right out of the 70’s, and Mexican style western movie theme type trumpet. ‘Give Me Your Horse’ by Jake Aaron is creative & a lot of fun.”

Jake Aaron is a British guitarist and songwriter whose first EP of acoustic pieces was released in 2015 to positive reviews from folk and indie reviewers, gaining him a small, appreciative audience.

His 2018 single “Give Me Your Horse” was a bigger, jazzier number which had airplay on both Folk stations as well as Jazz including the BBC’s Jazz Nights. His debut album “Fag Ash and Beer” was released in September 2019, a collection of songs, longer lyrical offerings and instrumentals. It was nominated for Debut Album of The Year by Fatea Magazine.

"One of the most surprisingly good albums I've heard in a very long time.” Roots & Fusion

"Simply calling Aaron a guitarist and songwriter is a little like calling Warhol a painter - it misses the mark by miles." Tim Carroll - FolkWords

"This next one is a treat. It's fun, it's creative, it’s written very intelligently, it's played very well by Jake Aaron the guitarist and the band - Steve Lodder on Hammond, Guy Pratt on bass, Marc Parnell on drums, Steve Waterman on trumpet - some of the best players in the UK. It's unusual, it's also gonna put a smile on your face. Think Mariachi, think 1800s, kind of Western, America, Mexico and this will finally seal it for you - the track title - Give Me Your Horse! Give Me Your Horse! What a brilliant name! I think there's a Movie Soundtrack in this one actually..."" Linley Hamilton, BBC Ulster Jazz World with Linley Hamilton

Marius Billgobenson – Let Me Know (Spotify)

“If it’s possible to sound unique & familiar at the same time? This soulful fusion of jazz, blues, pop & R&B with a twist of afro-beat certainly gets close. Marius Billgobenson’s rich vocals are a perfect fit for the harmoniously layered, mostly acoustic, slow burn rhythmic instrumentation. “Let Me Know” is a superbly produced late night tear jerker that also has a feel good factor if that makes sense?”

Marius Billgobenson is a true musical citizen of the world committed to bridging longstanding cultural divides by creating a soulful and empowering fusion of jazz, blues, pop, R&B and the dynamic rhythms and vocal sounds indigenous to his homeland of the Congo. His invigorating blend of jazz instrumentation and African music seeks to bring awareness of disenfranchised communities. "Let Me Know" is a ballad about trying to salvage a broken relationship.

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