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dennis farnon x Sound Studio Orchestra – Tournament

“Blues from -dennis farnon and Sound Studio Orchestra-, which leisurely pours into your consciousness, hugs and presses to itself. The arrangement contains unique melodic moves that sound beautifully and professionally against the general background, slowly dissolving in the rustle of percussion.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Blues от -Dennis Farnon и Sound Studio Orchestra-, который неторопливо вливается в ваше сознание, обнимает и прижимает к себе. В аранжировке присутствуют уникальные мелодические ходы, которые красиво и профессионально звучат на общем фоне, медленно растворяясь в шелесте перкуссий.”

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Suwon Yim – Cast In Heaven (feat. Wonmi Jung)

“A bit different than what I expected. Apart of strange but beautiful vocals and a lot of jazz influenced piano parts, different styles, but arranged great. Love the piano solo in the middle, pure jazz mood on the rainy day, while staying at home with a good book and music to relax to in the background. ”

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Jacob Roved Quintet – Breeze

“Never and no one has time to enjoy the taste of life flying past. And only Jazz, only his inexorable improvisation can fully allow how beautiful this sunny day is. Music, which can revive any, even the most unfortunate person to make truly happy.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Никогда и ни у кого нет времени на то, чтобы насладиться вкусом пролетающей мимо жизни. И только Jazz, только его неумолимая импровизация способны в полной мере дать прочувствовать, как прекрасен этот солнечный день. Музыка, которая может оживить любого, даже самого несчастного человека сделать по-настоящему счастливым.”

Drummer and composer Jacob Roved is educated from Royal Conservatoire, Netherlands and Sibelius Academy, Finland, and has studied with jazz icons like Joe La Barbera (Bill Evans Trio), Ed Thigpen (Oscar Peterson Trio), Eric Ineke, and Jukkis Uotila. He is a familiar face on the Danish jazz music scene, who has led numerous projects and served on the board of Danish Jazz Musicians’ Society and on the committee for Danish Music Awards Jazz.

Jacob Roved Quintet was formed in 2008 and features the phenomenal American clarinet and saxophone virtuoso John Ruocco, multi-award winning Danish trumpet player Thomas Fryland, and the internationally renowned bass player Jesper Bodilsen. The music is rooted in the American jazz tradition, but not shy of its heritage from European classical music.

Jacob Roved Quintet has released the album Remembering Billy Strayhorn (Gateway 2015), commemorating the 100th anniversary of Duke Ellington’s famous collaborator – one of only few significant LGBT artists in jazz history. Remembering Billy Strayhorn was well received by critics and has played on radio in several continents.

Jacob Roved Quintet has given concerts in France, Sweden, and Denmark, including several international jazz festivals.


John Ruocco (US) - clarinet & tenor saxophone

Thomas Fryland (DK) - trumpet & flugelhorn

Rasmus Ehlers Nielsen (DK) - piano

Jesper Bodilsen (DK) - double bass

Jacob Roved (DK) – drums

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Jerk – II. Sunshower

“Open the windows, pull the curtains and let into your house a contrast, sunny shower. Let him warm your heart and fill it with the jazz melody of music, and the sounds of the breath of the saxophone will remind you that life is just beginning and a long day filled with emotions.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Приоткройте окна, отдёрните шторы и впустите в свой дом контрастный, солнечный душ. Пусть он согреет ваше сердце и наполнит его мелодией Jazz музыки, а звуки дыхания саксофона напомнят вам, что жизнь только начинается и впереди долгий, наполненный эмоциями день.”

Written in the late spring of 2021, ‘Il. Sunshower’ demonstrates the boundless virtuosity of the Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, playing every instrument on the track (and the album for that matter) completely themselves, minus the programmed drums. The track offers a tantalising glimpse at what Jerk has created across the album and sees the polymath step into an exciting new zone of rawness and musical purity ahead of the album’s unveiling.

Speaking on the single, Jerk went on to say; “This was the first piece I had written in months, it seemed to pour out of my fingers. The melody, harmony, and textures felt so fresh and invigorating. I exported the demo to my phone and took a walk to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to listen. Mid-walk, it started pouring rain, but there were hardly any clouds in the sky - a Sunshower. I was soaked head to toe, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t even be upset. It was a renewal - a washing away of the old and embrace of the new.’

The album itself follows a period of change, understanding and coming of age for Jerk, which clearly transcends within the music, and sits fittingly within the album's title - Bloom. The music from beginning to end is raw in form and profoundly personal, as Jerk articulates:

“When a flower blooms, it’s a sign that everything went right - the soil was fertile, the sun and water met its needs, and the plant was nourished. Bloom is a collection of music I wrote when I was embracing my queer identity and coming out of the closet. Coming out wasn’t something I wanted at the time, but rather something I needed. In the same way, I didn’t intentionally write this music, it just seemed to pour out of my fingertips. This album is my bloom - proof that owning and embracing my truth was necessary to be nourished.

Bloom is very raw and very personal. The songs captured real-life moments of beauty, euphoria, fear, and awkwardness. When I decided to make this album, I wanted to capture that rawness. The drums are programmed. Everything else is a live instrument - you can hear my mistakes, my breathing, the piano bench squeaking, and the warm and hissy sound of signal pouring through vintage instruments, microphones, and preamps.”

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Anna Cuomo – WHAT IF

“Never cease to believe in fairy tales, your dreams are all that you have, they are like a tool for realizing all your desires. This will help you with the light notes of Jazz music and the atmosphere of Chillwave, and the captivating voice -anna kuomo will do everything so that you relax and rest.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Никогда не переставайте верить в сказки, ваши мечты это всё, что у вас есть, они как инструмент для реализации всех ваших желаний. В этом вам помогут лёгкие нотки Jazz музыки и атмосфера Chillwave, а пленительный голос -Anna Cuomo- сделает всё для того, чтобы вы расслабились и отдохнули.”

vale – Anything

“A little acoustic jazz and crystal vocals, a cup of morning tea cools on the table, and a odorous and lush lilac blooms outside the window. This day will give you an unforgettable impression, because with you today a real miracle is a new track from -vale-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Немного акустического джаза и кристального вокала, на столе остывает чашечка утреннего чая, а за окном расцветает пахучая и пышная сирень. Этот день подарит вам незабываемое впечатление, ведь вместе с вами сегодня настоящее чудо — новый трек от -vale-.”

Eva Schubert – Dark Star

“Somewhere there, in the distance, on the black canvas of the night sky, your lonely star shines, in the rays of which a jazz melody plays and sings a charming -eva Schubert-. Let this evening become unforgettable to you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Где-то там, вдали, на чёрном полотне ночного неба, сияет ваша одинокая звезда, в лучах которой играет джазовая мелодия и поёт очаровательная -Eva Schubert-. Пусть этот вечер станет для вас незабываемым.”

Jazz vocalist and songwriter Eva Schubert is a fresh new voice, whose sound blends seamlessly with the classic style of jazz greats like Helen Mirrell, Peggy Lee, and Nat King Cole.

Her fourth album, The Feel of Your Love, is a sultry, hypnotic collection of songs that effortlessly shift the colour of your mood. Beautiful piano stylings, guitar riffs and saxophone grooves mix classic jazz sounds with a distinctly modern sonic palette.

Eva was inspired to write the wistful and haunting “Dark Star” one summer evening when she was walking in the park and heard a man singing in a distinctly Latin style. As she walked on, a few of those notes began echoing in her mind, and she started adding to them.

However, when she brought this song to her producer, he wasn’t really sure how to arrange it. They ended up heading into the studio without any rough arrangement prepared, though they had sketches of all the other songs on the album. Eva just walked up to the mic and sang the lyrics a capella in the studio, for the other musicians. There was complete silence.

Then, when she sang it again, they started to play along… And right there the song blossomed in front of them, like a flower emerging from the soil and maturing in mere minutes.

Find more information, photos and links for Eva Schubert here:

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Efajemue – Finite Spaces [Ft. J3PO]

“A little intoxicating Neo-Soul and Lo-Fi Hip-hop will not hurt you and only emphasize your independence, filling crystal glasses with the breath of your melody. Calm music to preserve the balance of your soul and body.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Немного опьяняющего Neo-Soul и Lo-fi Hip-Hop вам не помешает и только подчеркнёт вашу независимость, наполняя хрустальные бокалы дыханием своей мелодии. Спокойная музыка для сохранения баланса вашей души и тела.”

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