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Dj Frankie Green x Jeff bordes – Of Days Gone By

“With loose instrumental concept and cool Jazz spirit, "Of Days Gone By" could be the best piece for your precious moments of relaxation. Prepare your favourite drink, switch off your phone and let those frequencies rejuvenate your body.”

Its a picturesque day next to your favorite body of water. The sun tickling your skin as you sip on a cold drink. Alone or with your favorite person, it doesn't matter because your mind is drifting to a vibe of nostalgia. After 4 hours of this song on repeat, you blink and the last 4 hours seem like only 1 minute has passed. You have just added 15 years onto your lifespan because you have zero worry and its all because "Of Days Gone By".

ZOiD x Dorota Konchevska – Looking In The Rain

“The real process of the outpouring of copyright feelings and emotions with the help of the synthesis of sounds and voice. A peculiar and very extraordinary rhythm and a melody, in the framework of which genres such as House and NU Jazz elements get along. You are provided with a highly concentrated portion of positive! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Настоящий процесс излияния авторских чувств и эмоций с помощью синтеза звуков и голоса. Своеобразный и очень неординарный ритм и мелодия, в рамках которого уживаются такие жанры, как House и элементы Nu Jazz. Вам обеспечена высококонцентрированная порция позитива!”

Dublin electronic artist ZOiD brought us two beat-filled psalms of positivity towards the end of a long 2021 when he dropped ‘Wish You’ (featuring Esosa Ighodaro O’Brien) and ‘Static’ (with Belfast vocalist Suzanne Savage), both taken from his upcoming long player, ZONGS.

Fusing elements of jazz, techno, idm and house, ZOiD’s music exists on a pioneering soundscape that simultaneously manages to be bold and interesting with a pop sensibility. ZOiD’s latest track, ‘Looking in the Rain’, continues his collaborative verve, co-written by Polish vocalist/producer Dorota Konchevska.

ZOiD met Dorota when he was teaching jazz at Newpark Academy of Music in the late 2000s while Dorota was a student there. Hitting it off as they both had interests in jazz and electronic music, they started a collaborative process that resulted in a critically well-received EP, released in 2019 ZOiD Vs Dorota Konchevska.

For their ZONGS collaboration, Dorota was based in Poland and they worked remotely, sending files back and forth. The track draws strong influences from house music, jazz, and classic songwriting. Dorota is releasing the first single from her own solo album on February 18, ‘Gold Goes Out’ (

“When I got the Dorota’s melody part back for Looking In The Rain I was blown away," says Daniel. "I love the vibe and the lyrics. It’s always so fun collaborating like this, never knowing what’s going to come back when you send someone a track. Usually it’s a nice surprise!”

The much-anticipated ZONGS was launched at The Grand Social in Dublin on Sunday April 3. The gig featured four of the vocalists from the album - Aoife Doyle, Jenna Harris, Suzanne Savage and Miriam Ingram - a live re-imagining of one of this year’s most adventurous and experimental dance albums.

RE:UM – Coffee & Tequila

“Nice fatigue after a hard day is well diluted with golden tequila, and the pleasant Study Beats rhythms and the intoxicating melody Jazztronica will create the right mood for you to relax. And do not forget to drink a cup of invigorating coffee in the end. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Приятная усталость после трудового дня хорошо разбавляется золотой текилой, а приятные ритмы Study beats и опьяняющего мелодия Jazztronica создадут нужное настроение для того, чтобы вы расслабились. И не забудьте напоследок выпить чашечку бодрящего кофе.”

RE:UM – A.K.A multi-instrumentalist and producer Elliott Eriksen – has been active since early 2019, building his own virtual orchestras, droning soundscapes and experimental dance tracks which blur the lines between electronic genres. RE:UM's influences range from downtempo electronica and soul to drum and bass and folk, colliding to shape bittersweet ambiences out of his apartment in London, UK.

Timothy LaRoque – Strangers

“How often do you have in the rays of spotlights, whose diffused light breaks through smoke clubs in the night, jazz bar? You have a unique opportunity to get into this wonderful world, in which the acoustic melody and vocals -timothy Laroque are for the aircraft with a real revelation. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто вы бываете в лучах прожекторов, чей рассеянный свет прорывается сквозь клубы дыма в ночном, джазовом баре? У вас есть уникальная возможность попасть в этот чудный мир, в котором акустическая мелодия и вокал -Timothy LaRoque- станут для вс настоящим откровением.”

Close your eyes listening to "Strangers" by Timothy LaRoque and you might picture yourself in a French Cafe right out of a film like Hugo or The French Dispatch. Inspired by Django Reinhardt and the soul of gypsy jazz, this ballad tells a tale as old as time: the deterioration of a relationship (of any kind) and the aftermath, mourning a love that's no longer there. I will be releasing a music video for this song on Vevo, YouTube, Tidal & Facebook on April 29th so I would love to build some hype around this song!

Gianni Brezzo – Rising Of My Mind

“Pretty measured Rhythm Nu Jazz, which merges into a single palette of sounds - live tools, pulsation of deep bass, soft melody and the state of complete calm. There is everything you need for a good pastime. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Довольно размеренный ритм Nu Jazz, который сливается в единую палитру звуков – живой инструментарий, пульсации глубоких басов, мягкая мелодия и состояние полного спокойствия. Здесь есть всё, что нужно для хорошего времяпрепровождения.”

Third single from Gianni Brezzo LP “Tutto Passa” is the stunning, swirling, thematic track “Rising Of My Mind”.

Layers of harmonized brass, flutes, percussion ebb & flow, bubbling up to the acoustic surface like sonic ripples effortlessly bursting from Gianni’s auditory palette. Only crescendoing more than 2 minutes in, “Rising Of My Mind” is on that finest jazz tip, raising Gianni’s musical caliber into the skies.

"Tutto Passa" is a promising album with a sonic wave similar to some Matthew Halsall, Surprise Chef, El Michels Affair and BadBadNotGood all rolled into a beautifully luscious, career-defining work.

Stream / Pre-order:

Full album available May 6 via Jakarta Records.

Paris Combo – Cap ou pas cap (Nicolas Repac Remix)

“Cardiac bits, which is characterized by increased vocal emotionality, live tools and deep sensory sensitivity. Enjoy gentle percussion, flexible vocal, wondrous melody and mood FRENCH POP and NU JAZZ and feel how inside you goes back to the whole body sun! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сердечный бит, который отличается повышенной вокальной эмоциональностью, живым инструментарием и глубокой сенсорной чувствительностью. Наслаждайтесь нежной перкуссией, гибким вокалом, дивной мелодией и настроением French Pop и Nu Jazz и почувствуйте, как внутри вас восходит обжигающее всё тело солнце!”


From band:

« Nicolas Repac and I have worked together on various projects in Paris over the years and his strong connection with

with acoustic music, whether it be jazz, latin or traditional genres, made him an obvious choice to remix Paris Combo’s songs.

He worked on our « Remixed » project in 1918, remixing a couple of songs from our previous album « Tako Tsubo ». We loved what he did so we asked him to collaborate on two songs on our last album « Quesaco ? »,

interweaving his samples and grooves with the existing group arrangements and providing a strong inspiration for the rest of the album.

From there it was a natural progression to ask him to Remix « Cap ou pas Cap ». Nicolas brings not only his amazingly rich collection of sounds, his strong jazz and groove culture, but also a sensibility as a singer-songwriter in his own right.

He remixes the song but also throws a new light on the vocal performance and the composition itself. »

Marta Popovici & On The Fly – River In The Sea

“An open letter to the gentler side of the jazzy lounge of love. It is delicate and embraces instrumental precision. We enjoyed the drop off with the buildup that opened the door to artistic interpretation of rhythm. ”

River In The Sea speaks about finding the purest form of love, be it in a romantic relationship, in a divine presence or somewhere else.

Nathan Ornate – Greyhound

“This track is a teleportation to the desired world of tranquility, positive vibrations and harmony. Its Neo-soul melody and Nu Jazz rhythms are intertwined, leaving an indelible impression. In a few minutes you feel something unearthly on yourself and irrevocably fall in love with the performer of this charming composition.”

“Этот трек телепорт в желанный мир спокойствия, позитивных вибраций и гармонии. Мелодия neo-soul и ритмы nu jazz переплетаются между собой, оставляя неизгладимое впечатление. За несколько минут ощущаешь на себе что-то неземное и уже безвозвратно влюбляешься в исполнителя этой очаровательной композиции.”

Jason LaPierre – All in My Head

“A stroll through an old town square where one’s steps glide to the rhythmic jazz beat. We feel the classical approach with a new school twist. It’s romantic lyrics and really well built solos contribute to a fine piece that this is. ”

The song had been described as a gorgeous blend of deftly chosen jazz chords, hushed and soulful deliveries. With each play you discover new, half-buried textures, a shimmering piano-line drawing the ear, a distant vocal harmony coloring the edges, tasteful percussive punctuation, and bass lines which pop and pulse in all the right places.

Oan Kim – Agony

“The Bass and mellow hi hat take us in. His voice carries across the chords supported by complex rhythms and trumpet additions. Clever, clean, and yet so dirty, we dig. It speaks to us with the darkness of a mysterious moonrise. ”

Oan Kim releases debut album ‘Oan Kim & The Dirty Jazz’

‘Every now and again something comes through that opens a musical window that was previously closed to you, and Oan Kim‘s ‘Mambo’ fits firmly into the latter camp’ – Joyzine

Fusing together his different musical influences, Oan Kim takes us on a journey of stylistic exploration with his new album Oan Kim & The Dirty Jazz. The former Film Noir and Chinese Army members’ new direction is jazzier and more experimental, whilst nodding to his past so far in contemporary classical music and electro rock. Oan explains ‘ It was a deliberate decision to give the jazz saxophone a front position on what would otherwise be an indie music album’.

Writing, recording and producing the record in his home studio in Paris, the multifaceted musician and filmmaker’s DIY approach allowed the tracks to evolve freely ‘without ever knowing where they would take me, operating almost in a vacuum of space and time gave me a lot of freedom’.

‘Pop music will never have that miraculous improvised flair of a good jazz solo, while jazz rarely has the enthralling efficacy of pop music. But who said music had to be as polarized as politics? So I wanted to bring together the best of both worlds.’

From the memorable motifs of ‘Agony’ to the atmospheric noisy sound beds heard in ‘Smoking Gun’, and free flowing jazz saxophone of ‘Quintet’, Oan’s music feels assured yet honest, imaginative, boldly creative and daring. Also contributing to the album are acclaimed French jazz musicians Edward Perraud, featuring on The Judge and Wong Kar Why, and Nicolas Folmer playing trumpet on Quintet, Symphony for The Lost At Sea, and Fuzzy Landscape.

Throughout the album, Kim takes influence from a range of artists including but not limited to Kurt Vile, Stravinsky, and James Holden, whilst taking note from classic jazz artists such as Miles Davis. On his style, Kim explains he puts himself ‘somewhere between Pharoah Sanders and Radiohead’.

Such influences can be heard throughout the album, with an array of different sounds and styles established. The latest single from the album ‘Agony’, inspired by Cold War Kids, features a catchy ostinato with the piano neatly interplaying throughout. Further along the album tracks such as Thelonious are more atmospheric, with intricate details and noises, and an emotive ambience with delicate vocals to match. The track, titled referring to his son’s second name (a homage to the great Thelonious Monk) is described by Kim as ‘like a lullaby’.

Having also worked as a photographer and filmmaker, receiving awards such as Swiss Life 4 Hands Award, Silver Horn of the Krakow Film Festival, Emerging Documentary Filmmaker at DMZ festival and more, Kim also takes inspiration from films throughout the album. Reflecting on his writing process, he explains ‘Hitchcock used to say: once you’re finished with the screenplay you can write the dialogues. I feel the same way about songwriting. Themes of each song come out of the music itself towards the end of the song writing process’.

With a visually driven imagination, film references to Wong Kar Wai, Fight Club, and Naked Lunch emerge on the album. The first two singles from the project Wong Kar Why and Mambo also followed with music videos directed and filmed by himself. The video for Wong Kar Why? A documentary short described as a chronicle of a romance, features candid shots of his wife Katherine that have been taken between 2016 to 2021 in various locations including Paris, Seoul, New York and Marseille, described by Kim as a ‘video of a portrait of the person I met and fell in love with over the years’.

A melting pot of sounds and influences, Oan Kim & The Dirty Jazz is sure to set Oan Kim as one of the most exciting talents to emerge on the jazz scene.


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