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Side By Side (One For All And All For One) – Project United – A Song For The World – Corona-Crisis (Video)

“The song Side By Side has already turned 30 long years and today, in this difficult time for each of us, with the support of 70 musicians from all over Europe, it is reviving in our hearts. We are not alone. We are together.”

“Песне Side By Side уже исполнилось 30 долгих лет и сегодня, в это нелёгкое для каждого из нас время, при поддержке 70 музыкантов со всей европы, она возрождается в наших сердцах. Мы не одиноки. Мы вместе.”

“Side By Side” is performed by 70 musicians from all over Europe. From Portugal to Lithuania, from Ukraine to Italy, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea and from Berlin to Vienna: Corona may force us into isolation – but we are not alone.

The video to the song was shown in tv-stations in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Spain. The ARD named it an “Anthem for unity”. Also many radiostations had the track in their rotation.

Evie Irie – Misfit (Video)

“So what if you are a misfit? The different always engages reactions, yet the different does the changes. If you dont step out of the flow of a river, sea is the only truth for you. Evie Irie with her hookiest qualities and abundant vocals sings about -misfit-, a pop songs which sounds as classic allready! ”

Today, seventeen-year-old Sydney-born singer/songwriter Evie Irie releases the official music video for her new single “Misfit” from her recent The Pessimist EP, sister EP to The Optimist EP. Watch the music video HERE.

Evie is launching her own “Official Misfit Scholarship” in partnership with to support misfit high school students with a passion for arts and music. Evie will be involved with both the interview and selection process, check out more information HERE.

Evie was most recently featured on Dillon Francis’ “Be Somebody” – Listen HERE

An Optimist by day, Pessimist by night… well more like a pessimist after 3am, Evie Irie has been hailed as “one to watch” by her peers and music blogs alike blogs. Like some sort of pop alchemist, the Australian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist turns self described “weirdness” into universal wonder within her music. By 15-years-old, her talent and drive convinced mom and dad to allow her to move to Nashville where she cut her teeth at countless open mics before winding up in Los Angeles for a short time—a journey chronicled on her 2019 debut EP, 5 Weeks In LA.

Tallying 25 million streams globally to date, she garnered widespread acclaim from the likes of Refinery29, Idolator, Notion, LADYGUNN and Atwood Magazine who christened her “one of the most promising teens of pop music today” on its “2020 Artists to Watch.” Simultaneously, she shared the stage with everyone from Sigrid to Bastille. The year to come will certainly see Evie continue to bring new light to popular music and culture.

KAY JAM feat. NALU | Hollow (Video)

“KAY JAM with NALU in their new song Hollow, invite us into an emotional diving, deep and entrancing harmonic journey through a fathomless choreography visual. ”


« Un morceau qui parle du vide ressenti lorsque la distance s’immisce entre deux personnes. Un lien invisible difficile à délaisser ».

(Kay Jam)

En collaborant sur ce titre composé quelques mois plus tôt, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) mêle son univers habituellement plus rock à la sensibilité et à la voix réconfortante de Nalu (Noa Zalts). Cette rencontre artistique donne naissance à une ballade folk touchante, remplie de douceur et d’une tension habilement distillée. Le duo nous emmène délicatement et nous raconte une histoire. Celle d’une rupture entre deux individus qui tentent de suivre leur propre chemin en l’absence de l’autre.


« A song about the emptiness felt when two people are apart. An invisible connection remains and it makes it hard for them to move on ».

(Kay Jam)

By composing this track, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) melts his usually more rock universe with the sensitivity and the comforting voice of Nalu (Noa Zalts). This artistic collaboration gives birth to a touching folk ballad, full of softness and skilfully distilled tension. The duo delicately takes us along to tell us a story about a separation between two people who are trying to follow their own path, while missing each other.

The Wild & Free – Fire [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Video)

“”Fire” from The “The Wild & Free” is the first single off their debut full length album, “Fight Back” set to release on Sep 30th, 2020. A pop punk rock track which gets you quick into the mood and set you in fire with the passionate performing of instrumentalists and the glowing lead vocals, glued together perfectly both in terms of sound mix and harmonics.”

The Wild & Free, are an upcoming Pop/Rock band from St. Louis, Missouri.

The Wild & Free came about as a studio experiment that Mike and Dan came up with that they ended up liking so much that they decided to pursue the project full time. This is where they brought in Rachel as a powerhouse front woman and Marc on the drums to fill out the perfect lineup. After tracking their debut LP the band decided to add Bassist Zach Shaw to the lineup!

RUNWAY FOR 2 – It’s a Runway for Two (Official Promo Video) (Video)

A bright guitar riff combined with powerful electronic sound that wins your interest from first second and keep your mood and groove on until end.
A solid mix nd production and with wonderful harmonic layering.

Few words about RUNWAY FOR 2:
Over the years Alexander has written and produced over 60 songs that were published in 16 countries. Since 2009 Alexander Maltsev worked on the creation and development of his own big IT project. After a 7-year break in his musical career he decided to return to producing and creating music. As a result, in April 2020 a new musical project RUNWAY FOR 2 (RF2) was created. In May 2020 the first single It’s a Runway For Two was recorded. July 24, 2020 single It’s a Runway For Two was released by German label KHB MUSIC.

Download or stream now at

The style of music of the RUNWAY FOR 2 is Electronic dance blues Music (EdbM), Indie Dance, with elements of Electronic Alternative Music and Electronic Indie Pop-Rock.

Brooklyn Hills, Jhasiere – Bad News (Spotify)

Brooklyn Hills "Changes" is a wonderful new pop rock / indie electronic, lush in harmonic music layering and which spiced with epic vocals that catch your attention quickly. Musicality here is rich.

Brooklyn Hills shared with us:
"My idea in this track is - I see all those terrible events in United States as a total crisis of our thinking system.
We have a chance for a better tomorrow only in one case - if we massively cultivate the idea that the root of any problem exists inside ourselves"

About Brooklyn Hills:
Brooklyn Hills (aka Brooxxy) - musician, producer, designer and video maker.

Brooxxy was born in the Balkans, the Europe’s hottest spot, but at an early age left the country to Russia due to the Civil war in Yugoslavia.

Came to music in 2007 - the guitar became his first musical girlfriend.

In 2008, he created a rock band called Sittin' Bull, where he was a frontman and vocalist.

Over the years, he played hundreds of live shows, went on tours, and also suffered many failures, gaining extensive experience in the music industry. Collabed with a lots of artists and Grammy nominated producer Chris “Zeus” Harris. In 2016, he left the band and started his own business.

Despite active growth in the advertising business and regular participation in major international projects, he decided to quit this area and return to the music industry - in 2019 he started to work with Warner Music Russia as a design studio.

In early 2020 he launched his project as an artist.

The Brooxxy's debut video had more than 100K views on VK, and the demos of its upcoming tracks were well-rated by specialists of the major label Warner Music Group.

The story of Brooxxy is the story of a simple guy who started from nothing. He failed a lot of times, but never abandoned his dream. Each of his steps is a desire to prove that a single person is capable of much more than he is used to thinking about himself. And the "Brooxxy" is a big trip for a great Dream.

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