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SHUN x Monty Wells – Chasing Stars

“Beautiful transitions from the chorus to the verse, which throughout the track will not let you rest, so they are so emotional. Nostalgic waves Pop Rock from -shun and Monty Wells-, which leaves no one indifferent!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прекрасные переходы от припева до куплета, которые на протяжении всего трека не дадут вам передохнуть, настолько они эмоциональны исполнены. Ностальгические волны Pop Rock от -SHUN и Monty Wells-, который не оставляет никого равнодушным!”

The first steps into this future-retro pop-rock/rnb-song started with compiling background melodies from 80s Finnish rock influenced by some Central and South American tunes. From there, the song began to mold into its form with an intentionally contemporary production blended with 80s to early 90s elements.

After getting the track ready for vocals, the songwriting continued in the Netherlands by a talented topliner, Monty Wells. He created his characteristic and catchy “The Weeknd/Michael Jackson”-style lead vocals and lyrics. The final vocal arrangement was finished in Finland at Soulhouse Unit studio.

To us, the storyline follows a theme of warning about the dangers of getting lost or selling your soul in show business. Still, on the other hand, it gives confidence that taking the longer and a bit harder route often can pay off better—many first-alluring things can turn out to be just one big illusion. The song’s lighter side is simply having fun and taking chances: “chasing stars on boulevards” with friends.

Chasing Stars contains many secret “easter eggs” as tributes to the famous artists and their music styles that influenced SHUN’s music-making over the years (Billy Ocean, Lionel Richie/The Commodores, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Phil Collins, among others). There is even a tiny part where the drum style was momentarily drawn from the early 2000s UK/garage (which maybe nobody notices =D). And finally, as the style was meant to be 2022 future-retro, some contemporary electro/pop production methods were included in the final fusion.

This SHUN song was mixed primarily with vintage gear this time, the main console being a uniquely modified Soundcraft SAC2000 analog radio station console (special thanks to a great Ukrainian-Finnish musician, Andre Solomko).

The mastering was done by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios, London.

Chasing Stars is a pop/rock/rnb- retro-contemporary-fusion with many elements and sides brought together!

Annabel Gutherz – Retrograde (Epic Remix)

“There are never many beautiful, instrumental Soft Rock. Soft vocals, ringing of guitar strings, dynamic rhythm and your mood already soars somewhere under the clouds. Are you still not enough? Then put this track to repet!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивого, инструментального Soft Rock никогда не бывает много. Мягкий вокал, звон гитарных струн, динамичный ритм и ваше настроение уже парит где-то под облаками. Вам всё ещё мало? Тогда ставьте этот трек на повтор!”

Montreal-based singer and songwriter Annabel Gutherz returns with a reimagined version of her latest single, “Retrograde (Epic Remix).”

For the remix, Annabel worked with Los Angeles-based producer Bret “Epic” Mazur to put a lively new spin on the track. While many know Epic from his role in the band Crazy Town, he is also an accomplished producer who has helped develop some of the biggest names in music (Black Eyed Peas, New Edition, BBD).

"It was so amazing and humbling getting to work with Bret 'Epic' Mazur on this remix," Annabel says. "I am so grateful for his talents and for the summer spin on he put on the song."

Listen to "Retrograde (Epic Remix)" on all streaming platforms:

ARIA – Broken Hearted

“Multiple accent on the chic tamped color of the vocals and the repetition of some phrases - such a technique produces an indelible effect during listening. Easy POP Punk from -Aaria is all you need today!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Многократный акцент на шикарной тембральной окраске вокала и повторение некоторых фраз — подобный приём производит неизгладимый эффект во время прослушивания. Лёгкий Pop Punk от -ARIA- это всё, что вам нужно сегодня!”

Produced by Boston & Pat, who are fresh off co-producing MGK’s “Die in California” and co-writing Bazzi’s top 40 radio hit, “I Like That,” “Broken Hearted” hits hard, like a Mike Tyson left hook.

“Broken Hearted” is at once reminiscent of the great punk pop era bands like Blink 182 and Sum41, while at the same time feeling totally modern via ARIA’s edgy rap-flow and pop-culture references.

ARIA makes his state of mind clear with the very relatable lines:

“make it hard to dream when you get no sleep, Maybe I feel better when I’m lonely, when she say she love me, I get cold feet… Maybe it’s cuz I’m so Broken Hearted”

It’s phrases like that, which showcase ARIA’s ability to touch upon things we all feel at times and for this reason we can see why his fan-base is such a global one.

ARIA’s 2020 single Bleu Chanel - (NA-NA remix) hit 150 million combined streams, an impressive feat for an independent artist with no management and no label!

Olivier Gronier – Stories of Our Lives

“-Livier Gronier- created in his Pop Rock composition a very warm nostalgic mood, which will well resonate with the soul of most of the listeners. Pay attention to a very interesting text, how many important words, meaning and personal history in it.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Olivier Gronier- создал в своей Pop Rock композиции очень тёплый ностальгический настрой, который будет хорошо резонировать с душой большинства из слушателей. Обратите внимание на очень интересный текст, как много в нём важных слов, смысла и личной истории.”

Layer Cake – Baby Baby

“A high -quality track in the Pop Rock genre, rich in a variety of arrangement, which positively affects the supply of material in instrumental and vocal terms. This is not just another track from -lyer cake-, this is a real gift for connoisseurs of the beautiful.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качественный трек в жанре Pop Rock, богатый на разнообразную аранжировку, что позитивно влияет на подачу материала в инструментальном и вокальном плане. Это не просто очередной трек от -Layer Cake-, это настоящий подарок ценителям прекрасного.”

Harrison Kipner – I’m Not Breathing

“Sound quality, Pop Rock atmosphere, Epo -nickety and melodism -all this is at the highest level and in a living performance from -harrison kipner-. Take a breath to let a new portion of oxygen into the blood, otherwise you will be breathed breathing with pleasure.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качество звучания, атмосфера Pop Rock, эпохальность и мелодизм — всё это на высочайшем уровне и в живом исполнении от -Harrison Kipner-. Сделайте вдох, чтобы пустить в кровь новую порцию кислорода, иначе от удовольствия у вас перехватит дыхание.”

RedrumSociety – I Like You, You Like Him

“Do you feel how the body itself begins to beat off the rhythm of this Indie Rock track? Is something light up inside, buzzes and itchs and tries to break out? Oh, yes, this melody is able to wake up even forever sleeping Mi to make him dance until the morning!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чувствуете, как тело само начинает отбивать ногой ритм этого Indie Rock трека? Внутри что-то загорается, гудит и зудит и пытается вырваться наружу? О, да, эта мелодия способна разбудить даже вечно спящего ми заставить его танцевать до утра!”

Blackbird Green – Higher Ground

“If you carefully listen to vocals, it seems that on the other side of the microphone a very deep person, which is naturally reflected in his work. The words of his songs are stuck in memory, and the calm melody Pop Rock serves as an excellent decoration, complementing and embellishing the overall picture.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если внимательно прислушаться к вокалу, то создаётся впечатление, что по ту сторону микрофона очень глубокий человек, что естественно отражается в его творчестве. Слова его песни застревают в памяти, а спокойная мелодия Pop Rock служит прекрасным украшением, дополняя и приукрашивая общую картину.”

Blackbird Green have ridden the whirlwind of pandemic mitigation and have arrived with a batch of new songs. Taking the lead is the single Higher Ground, enlightened indie rock intended to uplift and soothe.

No stranger to the stage, Blackbird Green were playing live in bars around Melbourne, including the Last Chance Rock’n’Roll Bar, Mr Boogie Man Bar, and the Tote. When the pandemic hit, life as Melbournians knew it disintegrated, and so did that version of Blackbird Green.

Come late January 2022, primary songwriter Simon Ferwerda enlisted Manny and Andy of Good Morning Kaos and the three recorded a 6-song EP, at Studio 52 Melbourne, working with Trevor Carter as producer. Higher Ground came about from an unsuspectingly inviting riff which forms the spine of the song. Focused on empathy and trying to elevate others to ‘higher ground’, the single is a tender and genuinely encouraging song, its cascading and gritty riff offset by Simon’s ascendent and melodious vocals.

Higher Ground is the first single to be released off the forthcoming self-titled Blackbird Green EP, a body of work filled with clever songwriting set to lively guitars and alluring rhythms. This lead single holds a refreshed outlook on Melbourne’s appreciation of cultural practice and the celebration of live music. Higher Ground’ single release is May 7th.

Tanner Massey – Break Me

“Incredibly juicy Electro Pop from -tanner Massey-, with a powerful vocal and a professional approach to your business. It becomes immediately clear that you have extremely high -quality work. This is a very powerful, energy cocktail. It's time to drink it to the bottom!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Невероятно сочный Electro Pop от -Tanner Massey-, с мощным вокалом и профессиональным подходом к своему делу. Становится сразу понятно, что перед вами чрезвычайно качественная работа. Это очень мощный, энергетический коктейль. Пора его выпить до дна!”

Recording artist Tanner Massey’s first independent original single “Break me” is set to release on June 24th, 2022 on all major platforms. The now 18-year-old Oklahoma City native has released multiple singles over the past 6 years and is working hard in (and out of) Los Angeles on his first album. 'Break Me' is a pop song that talks about overcoming situations or anxiety.

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