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Eric Papilaya – Getting Pretty Loose (Spotify)

“The quintessence of this track is splendor in its purest form! A chic idea, which very successfully combined Funk and Pop Rock. Energetic, bright and very charismatic vocals instantly create the right mood. There is a slight breeze here, an unusual and memorable song.”

“Квинтэссенция этого трека великолепие в чистом виде! Шикарная идея, в которой очень удачно совместили Funk и Pop Rock. Энергичный, яркий и очень харизматичный вокал мгновенно создаёт нужное настроение. Присутствует какое-то лёгкое дуновение ветерка, необычное и запоминающееся произведение.”

At a time when the whole world is stuck at home, creative musicians actually be grateful. At what other time, do you have so much time to produce songs, write lyrics and think about your projects. Eric had massive issues with this statement: “I missed my band and the live sessions a lot. I write a lot of material, but first and foremost I am someone who has the most fun on stage or in the rehearsal room ”

After a very contemplative album, the Upper Austrian wanted to go back to his musical roots and have fun with music. It was all about getting creative in the home studio.

Eric listened to a lot of music from the Motown era: Stevie Wonder, Prince, old Michael Jackson albums. The kind of music that made him feel like he was in a jam session, even if he was just sitting alone on the electric piano or guitar.

When Eric started to write, the return to the English language came naturally. Since his hit “Get Alive”, Eric has been almost exclusively German-speaking. But, when it comes to the fun of making music, the simplicity and ease in phonetics, it is just easier to do this in English. And, it also was great for his record company based in Munich and Nashville. So Eric is back at writing more international works and introduces them by releasing the funky soul pop track “Getting Pretty Loose” as the first single on his next album.

The track pays homage to Prince, one of the artists who shaped Eric the most. “Getting Pretty Loose” is simply meant to convey the feeling that Eric had when he bought his first Prince album. The driving groove, edgy Fender Rhodes sounds, funky bass lines, and then Eric's distinctive voice spiced with a fine twang.

“Getting Pretty Loose” is the perfect appetizer of his upcoming album that puts Eric Papilaya's greatest qualities as an artist first: Passion and Entertainment!

Blue Light Bandits, Ricky Duran – She’s Not The One (Spotify)

“Whether looking for something to express inner thoughts or just please your ears "She's Not The One" may be the right choice! The single that came to stay in your music list for a long time. Rock influenced style and dominating guitar chords that we loved from the first seconds.”

“She’s Not The One” is our fourth single and it’s a co-write with former band member, Ricky Duran. Ricky moved to Austin, TX to chase the blues, and shortly after became the runner-up winner on Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice. The three verses are lead by each writer/singer as personalized accounts of frivolous relationships and the emotional aftermath. As expected, this collaboration comes with a catchy group chorus, rich vocal harmonies, and a soaring guitar solo to finish.

Sofi Bonde – On Fire (Spotify)

“The brand new hit "On fire" from the fantastic Sofi Bonde is finally out. Get ready to enjoy with this super hot song. A balanced combination of Rock and Pop elements, guided by the artist's charming voice. Highly recommended.”

Sofi Bonde is back with her new killer single, On Fire. It’s a powerful pop song with the timeless echoes of Roy Orbison and Peggy Lee. The title embodies choosing fire in life, making a leap of faith and coming through to the other side. Angels Above, her single released in 2020 has been a Swedish radio favorite. Sofi's earlier music can be heard in the series The Hills, Vampire Diaries, Entourage and 90210. Sofi is inspired by the fifties and the grace, charm and strength of Marilyn Monroe - who always walked, talked and acted through the fire of life.

Colour Tongues – Wasted (Spotify)

“The song -Wasted- contains a balanced tempo, pleasant bass and one tone vocal echo quartet -Colour Tongues-. Sparkling blister base, warm chillwave synthesizers and indie rock atmosphere.”

“Песня -Wasted- содержит в себе размеренный темп, приятный бас и одинокое вокальное эхо квартета -Colour Tongues-. Прочная блюзовая основа, тёплые синтезаторы chillwave и атмосфера инди-рока.”

“Wasted” is the first track from our upcoming debut LP Midnight Island. Think of “Wasted” as an electric dream… flowing through you with a sense of hope, warmth, and belonging.

Produced in collaboration with the brilliant Matt di Pomponio, who will burst into the room and shout something like “Ok! Here’s what we are going to do: James is going to wrap a frayed patch cable around an old telephone, face north, and bite a pretzel into a microphone!” And yes...that is buried in the track somewhere.

Each of us has our own story of living through a powerful, but toxic relationship. The moment you realize that you deserve better, you reclaim your agency and the whole world opens up again—like when you were a child or a teenager discovering things for the first time. Once you know it, you can’t turn back.

What’s next is anyone’s guess, but for now life is an adventure again— and it’s all yours. Embodied in the lyric “Finding the sun means you need to leave home”, this track takes you on a trip of romantic nostalgia, forcing you to look deep and look ahead – to find your own sun, wherever that might take you.

We’ll see you on the journey

-Colour Tongues

DREAMERS, Big Boi, UPSAHL – Palm Reader (Spotify)

“The track titled as -Palm Reader- from the homonymous EP can not be perceived as just another job from Trio -Dreamers-. Dynamic and vibrant representative of indie rock, which will certainly stay with you for a long time.”

“Заглавный трек -Palm Reader- с одноимённого EP невозможно воспринимать как просто очередную работу трио -Dreamers-. Динамичный и яркий представитель indie rock, который непременно останется с вами на долгие времена.”

New York, NY, March 5th, 2021: Los Angeles-based alt-rock trio DREAMERS debut their five song EP titled Palm Reader out today on all streaming platforms. The spotlight track “Palm Reader,” is an infectiously catchy love song mixed into a world of modern pseudo-spirituality and features the legendary rapper Big Boi of Outkast and acclaimed alt pop disruptor singer/songwriter UPSAHL.

“‘Palm Reader’ is a song about an LA woman, adorned with all the crystals, sage, tarot cards and sacred intuitions,” explains lead singer Nick Wold. “I was almost poking fun at her when she said she could tell my fortune.. but then I realized while writing the chorus that maybe she can tell my future, since she decides it.

Ever since the early 2000s, Outkast was my favorite hip hop group, and I’ve been having my mind blown by their lyrics and

styles for a long time. The fact that Big Boi is on the track is like a surreal dream for me and connects me to my wide-eyed

earlier self before we ever started the band. Add in the powerhouse energy and voice of UPSAHL - I’m such a fan of these 2 artists and what they brought to our song. ”

The Palm Reader EP is the culmination of the band's hits from 2020 and 2021 and dives deeper into ideas about mortality, gratitude for existence, and the need for knowledge. The projects features standout tracks “Still Not Dead” ft American Teeth and Wes Period, and “True Crime” ft DeathByRomy which speaks about breaking hearts. The EP also includes “Heat Seeker” ft. grandson and a classic Dreamer’s track “Teddy Bear.”

“I think this year of quarantine has been a time of reflection and perspective, of realizing what’s really important,” says Wold. Ultimately it’s been really positive, because I know that I have life and good people in my life, and that's what really matters. This EP is some kind of a twisted diary on the way to that realization. Additionally, it’s been our first stab at branching out and collaborating with other amazing artists that we’re lucky to know.”

Avion Blackstone – Archangel (Spotify)

“A celestial song with plenty of different elements tied together in a very talented way. Avion Blackstone brand new arrival, which you shouldn't miss. Remarkable sound transitions accompanied by an expressive voice too.”

Gooey, vibey, dark music with sad, ethereal vocals. Sour cherries in dark chocolate. Dedicated to survivors of addiction.

Side By Side (One For All And All For One) – Project United – A Song For The World – Corona-Crisis (Video)

“The song Side By Side has already turned 30 long years and today, in this difficult time for each of us, with the support of 70 musicians from all over Europe, it is reviving in our hearts. We are not alone. We are together.”

“Песне Side By Side уже исполнилось 30 долгих лет и сегодня, в это нелёгкое для каждого из нас время, при поддержке 70 музыкантов со всей европы, она возрождается в наших сердцах. Мы не одиноки. Мы вместе.”

“Side By Side” is performed by 70 musicians from all over Europe. From Portugal to Lithuania, from Ukraine to Italy, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea and from Berlin to Vienna: Corona may force us into isolation – but we are not alone.

The video to the song was shown in tv-stations in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Spain. The ARD named it an “Anthem for unity”. Also many radiostations had the track in their rotation.

Evie Irie – Misfit (Video)

“So what if you are a misfit? The different always engages reactions, yet the different does the changes. If you dont step out of the flow of a river, sea is the only truth for you. Evie Irie with her hookiest qualities and abundant vocals sings about -misfit-, a pop songs which sounds as classic allready! ”

Today, seventeen-year-old Sydney-born singer/songwriter Evie Irie releases the official music video for her new single “Misfit” from her recent The Pessimist EP, sister EP to The Optimist EP. Watch the music video HERE.

Evie is launching her own “Official Misfit Scholarship” in partnership with to support misfit high school students with a passion for arts and music. Evie will be involved with both the interview and selection process, check out more information HERE.

Evie was most recently featured on Dillon Francis’ “Be Somebody” – Listen HERE

An Optimist by day, Pessimist by night… well more like a pessimist after 3am, Evie Irie has been hailed as “one to watch” by her peers and music blogs alike blogs. Like some sort of pop alchemist, the Australian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist turns self described “weirdness” into universal wonder within her music. By 15-years-old, her talent and drive convinced mom and dad to allow her to move to Nashville where she cut her teeth at countless open mics before winding up in Los Angeles for a short time—a journey chronicled on her 2019 debut EP, 5 Weeks In LA.

Tallying 25 million streams globally to date, she garnered widespread acclaim from the likes of Refinery29, Idolator, Notion, LADYGUNN and Atwood Magazine who christened her “one of the most promising teens of pop music today” on its “2020 Artists to Watch.” Simultaneously, she shared the stage with everyone from Sigrid to Bastille. The year to come will certainly see Evie continue to bring new light to popular music and culture.

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