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Ziearre – Cherry on Top (Video)

“We will not lie to you, the playful vocal intro of Ziearre was the one which stick us here initially, then the song moved into solid mixed beats and driving upbeat vocals, everything under a pleasant visualy videoclip. A soulful heartwarming track which tickles ears and eyes. Exactly like a cherry on top.”

“Cherry on Top” is a creative unique hip hop tune. Ziearre is a Brooklyn born rapper who makes music to express a message to the world. The sounds are engaging, featuring an exciting mix of beat boxing, vocal samples, percussives, and synths. The melody is creative mix of contemporary rap, conscious rap, with some 90’s vibes coming through in the pre-chorus.

A New York boy, who grew up in Brooklyn was destine to become the young warrior of words and inspiration to youth. Ziearre expressed a love for music at the early age of 3. This sparked the beginning of Ziearre’s journey. As he matured and his gifts were revealed, he proved that he was not your typical entertainer, but a creator and a messenger. He explains, “I started to hear melodies and music in my head, and began to write songs. The musical ideas just came to me, and I couldn’t turn it off.”

Christian Cohle – Drown Me Slow (Spotify)

“Christian Cohle with his new single -Drown Me Slow- under N-6 Records impress us with his exuberant vocals with a partly tender roughness in some tension chorus, pushed above a minimal music layering which is the right one for the wide depth of this vocal atmosphere. Mesmerizing!”

Drown Me Slow, is Cohle's final single release of 2020 after releasing a brace of debut singles, that have made waves on the music blogs. Early next year will come Cohle's debut album Holy Trouble, where Cohle will continue to cement himself as one of the most exciting electronic artists to land into music this year.

Full of ear candy and electro heartbeat like arpeggios, Drown Me Slow is cinematic and rich in its soundscapes, all layering and moving under Cohle's immensely powerful vocal, beautifully melodic and intricate, the song eventually drowns and trails out into the abyss into a gorgeous Brian Eno like soundscape.

One central idea to Drown Me Slow, is the unwillingness to let go of something, even after it has long left you. You become fixed on it and stare at it often as one can do with a distant star. The longing for it becomes more special than the reality of it itself, because perhaps it’s not even there anymore.

Tropic – Down (Spotify)

“What we initially loved here is that Tropic, was not afraid to step bit out of the usual form of pop music, and experiment more with the sound and style of the beats and togher with their hookiest qualities on their vocal performance, offered us a beautiful memorable song with their new single -Down-”

Brooklyn-based duo Tropic have made an impressive return with new single “Down”. Tropic, which is formed of electronic producer/DJ Phuse and R&B singer-songwriter Jo-B Sebastian, once again showcase the stunning lyricism and sensual vocals that have garnered support from industry tastemakers and helped them amass millions of streams across Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more since their 2018 debut.

Blending R&B textures, electronic landscapes, pop hooks and funk rhythms courtesy of Phuse's slick, luscious production and Jo-B's poetic lyrics and irresistible melodies, "Down" looks set to be another hit to add to the duo’s striking collection. It follows previous 2020 releases "Lights Out (Redux)", "Always Be My Baby", "Secret" and "Paradise".

Speaking on “Down”, Tropic explained, "‘Down’ is a coming of age story, written from the perspective of someone forced to grow up too soon. The transition of summer to fall always leaves us with a lingering melancholy, and with ‘Down’ we mirror the changing of seasons with a song that laments the memories and people we try so hard to leave behind but can’t seem to let go of."

“Down” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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Lainey Dionne – Skin (Spotify)

“The first impression you receive with Lainey Dionne on her new single Skin, is the quality and softness of both vocal and music/groove layering. Sensual, elegant and memorable with chorus of saying -Skin- giving you goosebumps, a song where harmonies and qualities are abundant. ”

Skin is about what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. You are depressed and hiding it, becoming numb, and then being in denial about how toxic this is and you don’t know how to get out.

Lainey Dionne is a Providence based cover artist and singer/songwriter. Her debut record, Can't Refuse - EP, was released in 2016 and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services. She writes the "sort of music that immediately makes you forget that you left a burning oven on, or should be doing something productive. Music that will make you forget about everything else and just listen" (Verge Media). Can't Refuse- EP is an honest and vulnerable look at love and life through a twenty-something singer/songwriters eyes.

Her debut album was featured on HomeBru'd, a segment for New England's leading alternative radio station, WBRU. In 2018, Lainey was nominated for Best Solo/Acoustic Act, Best Americana Act, and Best College Act at the Worcester Music Awards, along with Best Breakthrough Act at Rhode Island's famed, Motif Music Awards. She is also a 2016 Semi Finalist for the International Songwriting Competition. Laineys songs "Can't Refuse" and "Even If" have been featured in the Berklee Singer/Songwriter Showcase '14 and an independent film from Harvard University. As a performing artist, Lainey has been invited to play at famed music venues such as The Strand, regional festivals such as The Big E, PVDFest and the Newport Film Festival, private events & benefit concerts, and over 60 venues in Rhode Island. Her band toured the East Coast in the summer of 2017 debuting new material along with her EP. Originally from Smithfield, RI, she has been studying the piano since the age of six, and along the way, has picked up several other instruments including violin, ukulele, harmonica, mandolin, dulcimer, cajon, and guitar. Lainey provides private lessons of vocals and the instruments she plays at True Music Studios.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2015, receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Music Business with a minor in Music Production and Engineering. While attending, she had the pleasure of learning from industry professionals such as Grammy Award winning producer, Jason Stokes and Grammy-nominated hit songwriter, producer, and Warner Brothers Records executive, Kara DioGuardi. She was also accepted into Warner/Chappell Publishing Group executive, Judy Stakee's Songwriting Retreat in France and is currently working with a team in Nashville for her sophomore album. Lainey's music is inspired by the lyrics and compositions of Gabrielle Aplin, Vance Joy, and The Lumineers. From her notable education and musical inspirations, Lainey has acquired her own unique sense of artistry.

Bradlee the Rapper – end of time (m.t.) (Spotify)

“Bradlee the Rapper releases his new single, -end of time-. There is no time to think, there is only pure love here. The real one. Charming voice of 23 year old Manny Davis will help us to feel it stronger. Heartwarming! ”

“Нет времени на раздумье, есть только чистая любовь. И если любить - то по настоящему. Обворожительный голос 23 летнего Manny Davis поможет нам почувствовать это.”

Stella Soul – Part of You (Video)

“-Stella Soul- with -Part Of You- deliver us her funk neo-soul jazzy grooves to bright your night, make your favorite corner more comfort and cozy and let you enjoy your favorite cocktail in a total positive mood. Upbeat music, music which invites you to step into your favorite bar. ”

This song is a pop/soul with dance vibes. It is about having something that was so good, but they are no longer there and you want them back and you want to be with them, and be part of them because that is what you need.

Gina Naomi Baez – Christmas Candlelight (Spotify)

“Under this hard situation world lives now, what make us see forward is the hope and holidays as Christmas gives us this warmness. Same does here also Gina Naomi Baez with his new single - Christmas Candlelight, offering you a warm sound hug these days.”

Gina Naomi Baez is an actress, singer/songwriter, YouTuber and influencer from New York City. With a flourishing acting career having landed roles in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, Orange is the New Black and numerous Off-Broadway and Regional theatrical productions, Baez has been a name on everyone's radar. However her love and passion for songwriting and music has always been the true driving force behind her creativity, with the artist using her platform to spread messages of positivity. Pushing boundaries and defying genres, Baez’s music beautifully blends pop, country and folk, creating a sound reminiscent of Sia meets Taylor Swift.

Her upcoming christmas song “Christmas Candlelight” is Baez’s way of offering some light during such dark and unprecedented times. The song is inspired by the beauty of simplicity, with Baez sharing, “The holidays might feel dark and cancelled in a sense this year, and I hope this song reminds others of the importance of the season and what truly matters most.” Through poetic, storytelling lyrics, sweeping, organic instrumentation and warming vocals, the comforting song is sure to bring christmas cheer to even the coldest of grinches.

Acting as a glimmer of hope, Baez dedicates the song for everyone who is struggling with the repercussions that 2020 has thrown at us - for those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs and lost a sense of purpose amid the uncertainty. “Christmas Candlelight” not only offers a shimmer of light, but also gets us into the holiday spirit

Baez has also seen great success with her YouTube channel which has built an impressive following. Her infamous "Lizzo's Truth Hurts x Hocus Pocus" parody music video went viral after LIZZO herself reposted it, as well as Bette Midler. The channel features creative, unique original music videos, covers and parodies of popular songs and has garnered worldwide recognition from the likes of PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood, The Huffington Post, MTV, Perez Hilton, FOX, E! ONLINE, Ryan Seacrest, Yahoo News!, Stylist and much more! Propelling in all areas of the industry, Baez is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Rik Rivera – Welcome Back (Spotify)

“Rik Rivera with his new single Welcome Back under his synthpop flavors push us into wonderful grooves and beautiful synthwave vocal chorus. Warm sound for your ears and heart!”

A collaboration between Rik Rivera (Sweden) and Eugene Golobokin (Lithuania), Welcome Back attempts to describe the longing for some resemblance of peace in a turbulent time, be it lockdown, a broken relationship or just the general mess we call our life. Tinged with 80's synth flavours, it merges contemporary pop sentiments with those of a bygone era.

Ruben Young – Flower Girl (Spotify)

“The hot sun will offer you a beautiful dark tan, and the south wind will mess your hair with the playful groove of this song! The new single of Ruben Young, -Flower Girl- under Young + Lucky / Create Music Group Inc imprint.”

“Жаркое солнце поглотит вас темным загаром, а южный ветер будет развивать ваши волосы под игривые ритмы этой композиции!”

“Flower Girl” is a psychedelic, 70’s influenced soul single by Canada's rising R&B artist, Ruben Young. It's loaded with a lush brass section, hypnotic sitar, washed out boom-bap drums, and odes to the iconic free spirited 'flower girls' of new and old. Zoe Kravitz & Lisa Bonet, Margot Robbie & Janis Jolpin - something new, something classic. She comes into your life like a trip and teaches you to breathe the stress away.

"Flower Girl" is the first single following Ruben Young's debut EP, Dreamstate which dropped late 2019 - earning him nods as Apple Music Canada's New Artist of the Week, and features by Ones To Watch, Beats 1 Radio and BBC Radio One.

Produced by Ric Notes (Shad, Keys N Krates)

Blurring lines between his motown roots, a love for hip-hop and his charismatic pop-sensible penmanship, Ruben Young is a modern Soul/R&B artist and budding songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. His musical DNA is laced with influence from the likes of James Brown, Justin Timberlake and Mac Miller, but his stories are his own - a mixed race kid from humble beginnings who has dedicated his life to realizing his dreams. What began on a keyboard in his Trinidadian single momma’s basement has blossomed into Apple Music Canada's “New Artist of the Week” attracting +5 million streams and the stages of industry tastemakers such as Live Nation's ‘Ones To Watch’, as well as direct support slots for international icons such as Keisza, Akon, The Chainsmokers, Jarreau Vandal, Nelly, Phony Ppl, Classified and Jocelyn Alice.

In 2019, Ruben dropped his debut EP, Dreamstate, which featured American rapper Hodgy Beats from Odd Future and Grammy nominated producer, Lord Quest leading to features on Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio One Extra, CBC, and FM and satellite radio across Canada.

In Fall 2020, the next chapter in Ruben’s career begins. Something new, something classic

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