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Atomic – Where I’m At (feat. Joe Bruce) (Video)

“Hip-Hop is one of the immutable genres, who once won a huge number of listeners. Rap artist Atomic and its joint with Joe Bruce song Where I’m At invites to him to feel the taste of the native scope of Rhode Island.”

“Hip-Hop один из незыблемых жанров, который в своё время покорил огромное количество слушателей. Рэп-исполнитель Atomic и его совместная с Joe Bruce песня Where I’m At приглашает к себе прочувствовать вкус родных простор Род-Айленда.”

Where I’m At is a high-energy Hip Hop single produced by DJ Pain 1. It features verses from Atomic and Joe Bruce, two of the nicest young MCs in the Rhode Island area.

Darrin Willz – Freedom (Animation Music Video) (Video)

“Enjoy the latest work of Darrin Willz via this great Hip-Hop song and animated clip. Sometimes music communicates important messages and this is the case here. How free are we in real life? Do we really feel free? Find your answer in this track.”

This song reflects the current state of the times and is great timing for Black History month. So far the song has got a well response from digital radio, fans and test markets we played the song in. Great response from fans and music lovers.

Darrin Willz is a rap and hip-hop artist with a twist of soul from Oakland, California.

In early 2021, the rapper released his single ‘A Kid From Oakland’ featuring Oakland’s legendary Freestyle King, Mistah F.A.B. Both rappers reflect on life growing up in Oakland, how they fought through adversity and have experienced success. His debut album, ‘The Beautiful Storm’, is set for release in March 2021.

Darrin began making music at 9 years old, inspired by the thought of bringing his “Oakland” worldview to the rest of the globe through song. After multiple late nights rapping and blasting music in his teens, Darrin’s father took him to his uncle’s studio for his first recording session. The rest is history.

Inspired by his real-life experiences, independent rapper says: “I want to make music for everyone in the struggle. If you’re working everyday, sun up to sun down, my music is for you. If you’re feeling hopeless, lost and not sure where this life will take you, my music is for you. And if you just want to feel good, my music is for you.”

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Twitter: @dwillzmusic
Instagram: @dwillzmusic

Broughton Interview on Nagamag



What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Rap, Hip-Hop is what I create. From R.I.P Joyce a deep, heartfelt song about my Nan who died because of cancer to Ocean Thoughts a wavy banger with bars. I don't make the same song over & over I create different songs with different vibes for any moment.

Few words about your musical background and career?

I've been making music since 2015, I'm one half of the collective NQH. (Not Quite Human)
I've got two EP's on SoundCloud, 24 Singles on all digital platforms & 18 music videos on YouTube. NQH YouTube channel.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I've loved music my whole life, music is life.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on a new project & I can't wait to share this new music with you. I will be releasing more music videos in the next few months so look out for that, follow me on socials to keep up to date. @broughtonnqh on Instagram & Twitter. Subscribe to my YouTube channel NQH.
Check out my latest music video Ocean Thoughts, waviest video I've ever released.
Peace & Love

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Majid Jordan "Gave Your Love Away"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Brydon "Beast Mode"

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Canna Man x Filuka x Kaser – Atshitshi (Spotify)

“Atshitshi is a delightful song of like minded artists who share their love on music through the sound qualities delivered here. Canna Man, Dark Matter, Filuka and Kaser warm with a soulful way the cold days of winter. A beautiful new hip hop single from Camarilla label. ”

Sense Offence – Slipping Up (Spotify)

“Make sure to do a pause on what you are doing now, especially if is the s--t you don't want to do and listen to the new single of Sense Offence, -Slipping Up-. Feel free to volume up loud, skip any worries for your annoying neighbor. The hookiest sound qualities of production are here and will fix your monitors performance! Sense Offence knows how to tell a story along with beautiful grooves and top notch sound quality!”

Slipping Up is a rap about picking yourself back up after you fall and finding hope when everything feels hopeless. It goes out to anyone struggling with mental health and addiction.

Sense Offence is a New Zealand hip-hop artist and genre fluid rapper.

His music covers topics such as mental health, drug addiction, relationship difficulties and suicide, tackling these heavy topics with a brutal realism about their realities balanced with a strong belief that recovery is possible and offering encouragement to anyone battling these demons to keep fighting.

He is an extremely versatile artist often incorporating elements from different genres and a highly technical rapper with a mastery of complex flow patterns, strong delivery, powerful story telling and intricate multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.

All of the links to his music and social media platforms can be found here:

J’Moris – Off the Porch (Video)

“”Of the Porch” meaning not depended on your parents anymore, being out on the streets grinding. Original Rap taste through the artist’s daytime reality. Worth to listen.”

Off the porch.

Enigmatic Hillsboro, TX Hip Hop Artist J’Moris crafts punchy, authentic Southern Rap shaped by sly street smarts and a love for the hustle. His first new music since 2020’s full-length album “Blac February”, “Off the Porch” is a certified jolt of adrenaline and a taste of J’Moris’s realness.

When asked about the meaning of the term, J says “Off the Porch means I’m not dependent on my parents. I’m out of the house and in the streets grinding. Basically, you put in work and didn’t wait for handouts. Since you’re in the streets grinding and putting in work, you’ve “jumped off the porch.”

Ever the hard worker, OTP is the first of a string of new singles Moris recorded during the 2020 pandemic. Moris’s vocals were self-recorded at his home studio, while music/beats are provided by frequent collaborator Supamario Beatz.

“Off the Porch” comes out Friday, August 14th. Watch the brand new music video on J’Moris’s Youtube Channel.

Like a suave, street-wise prodigy of Master P and Gucci Mane, J’Moris’s style is all killer, dripping with heavyweight swagger and grit.

A self-dubbed ‘product of environment’, J’Moris has been drawn to music since he was a young boy. While battling the trials and tribulations of life, he’s always found music to be an unrivaled outlet of expression. During his college venture at Lamar University, Moris co-founded the organization Tru Misfitz. Continuing to maneuver more into the music industry, Moris found his southern influence played a heavy part in what he does, deeply embedded in his music and persona.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas during the 90’s exposed J’Moris to a lot growing up. The drugs, pimps & thugs flooded the streets.

“My family moved to Hillsboro texas to try and get away, but to no avail. The crack epidemic consumed Hillsboro also. Watching my loved ones fall victim to the drugs or the streets, I felt he only had one choice. Use them both to My advantage & find a way out. My older brother, Crunch, looked out for me alot. He never wanted me in the streets but he also knew the outcome was inevitable. He showed me how to finesse the game more, how to be apart of the game but also be hands off.. Unseen.. The lessons he taught me molded me into who I am today and also gave me the opportunities to graduate high school. Something he, or my little brother J Hodge, never did.”

“I tell God to watch out for me while I chase the route of evil…” (from ‘Extra’)

J’Moris’s no-holds-barred style is inspired by hip hop greats/moguls like Master P (“his grind was great”, says Moris), Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, T.I., Kevin Gates, Nipsey Hustle & Biggie Smalls.

Atomic – Hip Hop Til We Die (feat. Queen Azurine) (Video)

“Atomic and Queen Azurine present “Hip Hop Til We Die”. Obviously dedicated to the Rap scene and fans outhere, this dancefloor hit can surely bring in mind the 90’s gold sound.”

18 year old rapper’s heartfelt tribute to 90s Hip Hop

KAS RIGHT BACK ft Kaye Fox (Video)

“KAS teams up with Kaye Fox into their new release RIGHT BACK. Starting with the soulful vocals of Kaye Fox and coming next quick into the chorus theme from KAS which turn quickly to a memorable, addictive one. The production is solid and the vocal performances hypnotize you/ From the tracks that hit your “on repeat” list. ”

With the release of his 2020 breakout EP, KAS wasted no time gaining more momentum and soon earning the title of ‘Artist to watch.’

Now, we’re excited to share Kas’ new visuals for the leading record ‘Right Back’ from his EP “Long Story Short.”

With his recent track ‘Right back,’ Kas paints the scene of the gritty, raw struggles one may face while striving towards greatness. Kas’s artistry is unmatched, the music video’s symbolic yet simplistic feel is eye-catching.

When speaking about the record, Kas comments “Right Back is the slogan for hustlers, dreamers, and grinders. We have to leave home to strive for something greater, but the main objective is to come back home safely and better than how you were when you left.”

The talented rapper delivers his message on a warm baseline and a dabbing guitar beat. The production and visuals for the track are desirable.

Be sure to listen to his EP ‘Long Story Short’ and the first track of the project ‘Right back’ !

Duwende – Fantastic (Spotify)

“Light and cheerful R&B from Duwende. Don't forget to add this in your playlist as it brings a positive feeling and you will definitely want to listen again!”

‘Fantastic’ is a Hip-Hop ode to transparent intentions, consent, and to socially awkward folks shooting their shot.

In creating their debut album, Duwendé set out to make a body work from the perspective of a night out complete with friends, drinks and good vibes. A challenge was presented to the band to make a Hip-Hop drenched track from a different perspective. That led the band to the inception of their third single from the upcoming album, ‘Fantastic’.

With a sound described as a 'grown and sexy Pentatonix', the NYC-based sextet doubles down on “their fiercely original, bass-and-beatbox-driven style of music” with their latest release.

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