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Civy C-del – Hope Your the One (Spotify)

“It's true that most of us live in a constant rush. Too fast everyday routine where time flies and we can hardly follow. "Civy C-del" does not exclude himself from all that hurry and wants to slow down with some nice Funk sound. Now is your chance to take a deep breath and relax too.”

About a man living life so fast, he just want's a queen to slow him down so he can live life at a normal pace.

Civy C-del is a lyrical artist, known for his diverse witty lyrics, grungy attitude and high confidence, he continues to strive to create futuristic, uncommon flow pattern and styles that his fans view as inspirational. His musical approach is a fusion of Notorious B.I.G’s unpredictable technique mixed with J.Cole’s storytelling abilities.

Having worked with Cash Money A&R's in 2016/17 to create his first professional mixtape "The Civilian; to having the president of Roc Nation call him "Talented" Civy is definitely a hip hop artist to look out for in 2021.

Matt Nye – Hell of a Guy (Spotify)

“-Matt Nye- shares a very charismatic voice and a particular style of performance, which distinguishes it from others. The song -Hell of a Guy- is strong and sturdy, full of ambition, courage and, most importantly, professionalism in production.”

“Оригинальный голос -Matt Nye- и мы получаем очень харизматичный тембр и специфическую манеру читки, которая выгодно отличает его от других. Трек -Hell of a Guy- сильный и крепкий, полный амбиций, смелости и, что немаловажно, профессионализма.”

Joseph Matthew Not Alone Official video. (Video)

“With a positive vibe through a light groove which set back a smile in your face, influenced from afrobeats, world pop and gospel music, taking them to a new level. Joseph Matthew besides the wonderful visuals offer us in this new video clip which syncs wonderful on this endlessly fascinating song, performs palpably reveling with soulful vocals. Elegant song!”

Joseph Matthew is an Award winning UK based Afro gospel artist with a distinctive contemporary sound. A mixture of Ghanaian high-life, contemporary Afro beats and Rap.

Born into a Christian musical family Joseph quickly learnt to play various musical instruments from a tender age and sang in the church choir which was led and directed by his father.

Joseph developed into a unique rapper, singer song writer who gained the attention of many. He caught the attention and was featured in a local Magazines in 2007 after a captivating performance at London’s Stratford Rex.

Joseph was awarded Best International Artist in 2020 at Ghana’s Emerging Music Awards. He has once more been nominated for Best International Artist Diaspora for the 2021 Ghana National Gospel Music Awards after only his third single release.

At this rate, it appears it wont be long before Joseph takes the African Afro Gospel scene by storm. show your support by following Joseph Matthew on all major platforms as we embark on this incredible journey together.

JidScan, MzHayes – Everyone I Know (Spotify)

“One-of-a-kind collaboration stuff in strict Rap style. Two super voices join forces to achieve the result, which worths hearing. After dozens of tracks, what will be your next music preference? We don't know everything for sure, but some of us may know a lot more.”

"Everyone I Know" is a tranquil vibe featuring New Jersey artists JidScan and Mz Hayes touching on the traps and pitfalls that many youths succumb to in their efforts to rise from unfavorable circumstances. Produced by Active By Night.

Born of two immigrant parents from West Africa’s Sierra Leone, and hailing from New Jersey, JidScan is all about defying the odds. Born Majid Jalloh, JidScan initially pursued a career in music as journalist writing and interviewing for several digital publications before he saddled back into his original love.

Philly Billy, Trippz Michaud – Sometimes (Video)

“-Sometimes- despite its dynamism, contains the essential, delicate and easy lyrical mood. A kind of aesthetic in the world of hip-hop music. We strongly recommend to pick this miracle for your sound collection.”

“-Sometimes- несмотря на свою динамичность, содержит в себе эфирное, такое тонкое и лёгкое лирическое настроение. Своеобразная эстетика в мире hip-hop музыки. Настоятельно рекомендуем забрать это чудо в свою коллекцию.”

Philly Billy’s musical journey started at the age of ten. His first recollection is his father playing jazz on an old piano. By fourteen-years-old he handled the guitar so well, that he became the musical director of the local rock band Pale. His life in those days mainly revolved around a Gibson Les Paul guitar, a Marshall amplifier and a record player. By age 18, Philly Billy discovered his talents for producing and songwriting. He has been part of the Norwegian music scene ever since. After high school, he moved to Oslo to work at Disclab Studio.

His first official release was a UK remix of Lene Marlin’s debut hit single “Unforgivable Sinner.” Shortly after, he founded the Audioklinikken Studios – a complex consisting of five different studios located in Norway. He produced and co-wrote Norwegian artist Erik Faber’s debut hit-album Between The Lines. Four top-10 hits were the result. Philly Billy has since then worked with some of the biggest names in the game.

Expect som major noise from the humble producer now that he is focusing on his own artist brand, Philly Billy. CALL 1- 800 Philly Billy

Btw, Philly Billy is stuck in a time rift in 1988!

Izu Osirus – Fire Hot (Spotify)

“Few songs have the fresh air and friendly impact of "Fire Hot". Heart-warming sensation, love and hope, all included in this special release, which mainly aims to the Afro-fusion community.”

Fire Hot is the lead single from the album "Culture Shock" by Izu Osirus. It is a unique jam that deserves to be at the top of every playlist. The producer Kryp2Nite remarked, "this is the best writing I've seen in a while, it carries meaning & imagery in every word." Followers of the artist on social platforms, such as Instagram, started a #FireHotChallenge and some popular faces have participated in the challenge as it continues to gain traction around the world.

Jessie Spartano – Are You Mad? (Spotify)

“Do you prefer Hip-Hop? If yes, this is far from the usual sound. Stunning vocal performance from a female artist who has the ability to shape the sound of her voice! Are you mad? Warning; This track is possible to drive you crazy.”

Already drawing the attention of A&R's around the country for singles due to come out later this year, Jessie Spartano is starting to earn lofty comparisons being called "the female version of NF." Jessie wants to be a female representative for rappers that addresses deeper topics than some of her female rapping peers. This first song "Are You Mad," is doing exactly that. Mental health spans from anxiety, to self-hate, to suicidal thoughts. It can silently creep into so many of our lives. The best way to fight these so-often unaddressed killers is to bring these conversations and thought into the open. This is Jessie's attempt to do so in her life.

Watson – James Brown (Spotify)

“Watson in his new single - James Brown - under Trucolors imprint could be easy a reference of how a good flow of a hip hop song should setup. You float on an endless groove and melodic harmonies where powered by the hookiest vocal capabilities of Watson. ”

American recording artist WATSON (@theonlywatson) releases his single, “James Brown,” on all major DSPS today via indie-label TRUCOLORS. Produced by PrettyBoyRon, the hip-hop track is Watson’s latest effort - showcasing the range of musical intuitiveness LA’s emerging talent has to offer. With a discography that mixes between Future R&B, Indie-Pop, and Emo-Rap - Watson’s artistry does not stick to one tune. “James Brown” is a bass-bumping party anthem made to blare through even the most exquisite of speakers.

In support of the release of “James Brown,” Watson will be officially partnering with subscription content service OnlyFans to premiere the music video’s uncensored version on March 19th of this year. A portion of the subscription, gift, and merchandise proceeds for “James Brown” through the OnlyFans platform will be donated to the Urban Justice Center's Sex Workers Project. UJC works to protect the Human Rights of Sex Workers, while simultaneously battling the problem of Sex Trafficking. Watson values and respects the OnlyFans platform for not only being a place to market your content and business, but for promoting safe, positive sex work empowering body-owners themselves. At the end of the day, this is not a standard "music video premiere," it's part of an overall mission to normalize sex work and safe work environments for their community.

Last year Watson had released his debut EP “Hallelujah, I’m Free,” whose single “Dance Alone” became an instant Tik-Tok sensation.

Follow @TheOnlyWatson OnlyFans to get an uncensored look of the music video release, set for premiere March 19th.

“Excuse my language but my new song James Brown fucks. The video fucks basically. this whole shit fucks baby, I’m acting up. And I hope you enjoy the ride.” - Watson

About Watson:

WATSON is the sub-ego of an Automation operating as an American recording artist. Influenced by a palate of diverse music, Watson touches all genres including a mix of Eclectic SadBoi Pop, Sex Rap, Future RnB, Internet Alternative and Post-Pop Indie. Through modern engineering, WATSON has pioneered a revolutionary method of melody. Innovative proprietary technology allows him to cut out the middleman by always sanitizing his hands directly instead of his music—so you never have to question whether your intelligence is being insulted. You can find WATSON now in the astral plane, west of the 101. He’ll be back in 10.

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