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Jay Gudda – Gudda Tarantino

“Traditional for -jay gudda- nuclear rhythm-section with a beautiful melodic pattern and a specific performance manner of execution, which, like a steel needle, sews its feelings under your skin. Powerful HIP-Hop track, with a beautiful lyrical filling.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Традиционная для -Jay Gudda- ядерная ритм-секция с красивым мелодическим рисунком и специфической манерой исполнения, которая словно стальной иглой вшивает свои чувства вам под кожу. Мощный Hip-Hop трек, с красивой лирической начинкой.”

Broughton – Harpy (Feat. Cut Lewis)

“This dynamic track is not designed for a background perception, it fully concentrates the attention of everyone who will hear it at least once. A magnificent reading, a simple, but memorable melody and fat rhythm of HIP-Hop sound!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот динамичный трек не рассчитан на фоновое восприятие, он полностью концентрирует на себе внимание всех, кто его услышит хотя бы один раз. Великолепная читка, простая, но запоминающаяся мелодия и жирный ритм Hip-Hop звучания!”

Coconut Wolf – Krohmeconut Wolf

“Classic in its manifestation of RAP, in which the era of the old school is felt. You can hear how the authors know what they do and are able to show all fans of the genre what they are capable of. A chic track for real experts!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Классический в своём проявлении Rap, в котором чувствуется эпоха старой школы. Слышно, как авторы знают то, что делают и способны показать всем поклонникам жанра, на что они способны. Шикарный трек для настоящих знатоков!”

Matt Nye – Bugs to the light

“HIP-Hop track that purposefully seeks to bring you to a positive wave and help to pause all your problems and wake up a child inside you. Music, which is able to bring out of any and please a huge portion of a good Waib!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Hip-Hop трек, который целенаправленно стремится доставить вас на позитивную волну и помочь поставить на паузу все ваши проблемы и разбудить внутри вас ребёнка. Музыка, которая способна вывести из анабиоза любого и порадовать огромной порцией доброго вайба!”

K Harrison – Love Me Leave Me

“Easy, romantic melancholy in vocals, the heady rhythm of Latin Pop and a soft melody. -K Harrison- to compose good, memorable tracks and his new work of this vivid confirmation!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкая, романтическая меланхолии в вокале, пьянящий ритм Latin Pop и мягкая мелодия. -K Harrison- под силу сочинять хорошие, запоминающиеся треки и его новая работа тому яркое подтверждение!”

We all know the UK rap scene is very London-centric. Even with reams of talent, it can be difficult for an artist to crack the mainstream from less central locales. So, when an MC on the scene isn’t from Manchester, London or Birmingham: they’re fighting two battles.

Hailing from Derby, East Midlands, rising wordsmith K Harrison is next up to bat in the UK rap arena. Despite only having a couple of tracks under his belt — he’s already been co-signed by Compton rap titan The Game and worked side-by-side with the nation’s favourite redhead Ed Sheeran.


With superstars in his corner and two summer anthems in the air — ‘Fire Fire’ and his seismic debut ‘Boss (Call Away)’ — K Harrison is back with a fresh hit in the making titled ‘Love Me Leave Me’.

Selecting a sultry sound pool once again, K Harrison deploys his nocturnal, pop-friendly delivery across a bulk of the runtime, before changing gears to his rapid-fire flow.

Bringing the summer heat to the Derby streets, ‘Love Me Leave Me’ is the perfect conclusion to K Harrison’s party-starting trilogy. The Magic Hour-produced beat is home to soft, melodic guitar licks, layered vocal riffs and Latin and trap-adjacent kicks. Smooth.


‘Love Me Leave Me’ follows the aforementioned singles ‘Fire Fire’ and ‘Boss (Call Away)’ which dropped earlier this year. Currently, both tracks have amassed over 220,000 streams in totality on Spotify alone.

Outside the studio, K Harrison is anchored by his deep-rooted love for performing — rocking international stages in Europe and Asia. The spitter also fronted the stage at BST Hyde Park festival in front of 70,000 people, performing a full set on the Barclaycard Stage to roaring crowd applause!

Often nicknamed “The Fresh Prince of Derby”, K Harrison has developed somewhat of a cult audience over the years. With over 20k followers on Instagram, the rapper-turned-vocalist regularly engages with audience, sharing previews of new music, gigs and slice of life content to flesh out his music journey so far.

Currently, K Harrison is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut LP. With a high benchmark set by tracks like ‘Love Me Leave Me’, fans eagerly anticipate his next move!

Stay up to date with K HARRISON by following his socials for news about upcoming releases & more:

Vee Calixte – Make You Proud

“What is pleasure for you? Something tells us that -vee Calixte knows how to achieve the highest point of bliss and enjoy a well-deserved harmony. A real rhythmic wyb, in the cocktail of which the genres of Tropical and Afro-Fusion, a beautiful melody and voice mixed. I want to listen carefully to this pleasant intonation and timbre.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Что для вас удовольствие? Что-то нам подсказывает, что -Vee Calixte- знает, как достичь высшей точки блаженства и насладиться заслуженной гармонией. Настоящий ритмический вайб, в коктейле которого смешались жанры Tropical и Afro-fusion, красивая мелодия и голос. К этой приятной интонации и тембру хочется внимательно прислушаться.”

Ev Malone – The Journey

“You simply have to take this track with you on the road so that it decorates your journey with your bright rhythm of HIP-hop, beautifully and professional selected seeds and, of course, the voice -ev Malone-. His manner of execution is worthy of a separate praise!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек вы просто обязана взять с собой в дорогу, чтобы он украсил ваше путешествие своим ярким ритмом hip-hop, красиво и профессиональном подобранными семплами и, конечно же, голосом -Ev Malone-. Его манера исполнения достойна отдельной похвалы!”

G33 – Son

“The author and performer can create atmospheric layers of sound, and the basis of his next work is the chic lyrics and smooth rhythms of HIP-hop. The track that will make you plunge into melancholy and think about those who are next to you. Take care of them, because any day can become for you and your loved ones - the last. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Автор и исполнитель умеет создавать атмосферные слои звука, и основой его очередной работы является шикарная лирика и плавные ритмы Hip-Hop. Трек, который заставит вас погрузиться в меланхолию и задуматься о тех, кто рядом с вами. Берегите их, ведь любой день может стать для вас и ваших близких — последним.”

G33 Lost his Father to a tragic car accident on October 5, 2021. The grieving process is always difficult, however, being able to express his feelings into his craft G33 has created what some have said is 'a bit of a masterpiece.' We really hope you enjoy this works composure and look forward to sending you his next release next month. I have also copied in his bio for you below.

"I don't care who you were, it's who you are that counts..."

G33, raised in a scene consistently south of the law, his younger years spent shifting numerous houses & schools. His ‘Papa was a rolling stone,’ and rolled his way to prison eventually. His mother lost her brother to a foul play incident and took off heading for Australia, 'G' aged 2.

After 13 schools in different regions, G33 grew up with a young crew listening to hiphop. At the time Slimshady (Marshal Mathers) was coming up. Who always felt relative. They spent most their time street racing, drinking & partying. Burying 13 friends along the way. "That was just life at the time. We didn't give a f**k if we lived or died."

A natural talent for writing and poetry, G33 passed most school certificates, however, failed to pay certificate fees and therefore did not graduate. 'G' linked up with his Father and made a living in construction, and as a front man in a metal band. "All of my lyrics would turn into raps."

Later, he underwent spinal surgery after 15 years in trade. He now stands with 6 titanium bolts. These injuries gave 'G' the recovery time to reconnect with his creativity, and time to make music, he then went on to study real estate to fund a career as an independent artist. 'G' now spends his time focused on music as his work with a few side hustles, "My family play a huge role in my mindset and creativity"

G33 is currently working with Henry AZ, TY & Tom Francis to name a few…

@The Vinyl Cut

Mythaes – Arigato

“In this Hip-Hop track, the rhythm and melody are not trying to intercept the initiative from each other, creating a well-balanced mix. A chic leading recitative and good work with a backing vocal create the desired vector for your pleasure. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом Hip-Hop треке ритм и мелодия не пытаются перехватить инициативу друг у друга, создавая отлично сбалансированный микс. Шикарный лидирующий речитатив и хорошая работа с бэк-вокалом создают нужный вектор для вашего удовольствия.”

Alonzo Fibonacci x Kool G Rap x First Name Shayne x Left Lane Didon – What You Want

“HIP-Hop track with his unique energy, which undoubtedly greatly pleases and distinguishes it against the backdrop of the like. Deep bass lines, multifaceted transitions, very good vocals, skill performed and its own charisma. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Hip-Hop трек со своей уникальной энергетикой, что, несомненно, очень радует и выделяет его на фоне ему подобных. Глубокие басовые линии, многоплановые переходы, очень хороший вокал, мастерство в исполнении и своя харизма.”

3rd single from production duo's upcoming "3" EP. This time they recruited Kool G Rap, Left Lane Didon and First Name Shayne over a smooth jazzy vibe.

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